The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

0140 So, What happened to Tiff?

As she was finishing her scrying for the day, to try to find us while we were on the other plane,
Keltanya appeared in the crystal ball, told her it was time to pay up.
3 people teleported in, hit her with a hex, a curse, and the crystal ball hit her with a cone of flame.
Then she realized she’d been turned to stone, but was still conscious. Then, she was forced to watch images of us being tortured, killed, and resurrected, on repeat.
We got Keltanya at least banished from korvosa, and the queen gave us presents.
The box for Tiff, unlock it, there’s a red silk cover, some cash, some diamonds, and a bag of holding.
She goes ‘aha’ when she looks in.
It’s Kel’s head.
Seems like Evenie got her revenge.
The majordomo steps into the room,
“Uh, Masters… Queen Illeosa”
The queen and Sabina step in, We welcome her.
“I wanted to see that the curse had been lifted, and that you’d received our gift”
Thank you for your concern, what’s up with the wings?
‘did someone try them on?’
‘Sorry, the guard packed the wrong bag’
The queen has Sabina swap the bag for another one.
We thank her for her generosity.
It’s a small gift for one who had served, and an investment in the friendship of the Korvosan crown with the Goblin Grinders.
Gozzar asks if she’d be ok with us naming a beer for her. She likes cider, and would like for us to bring our wares to Korvosa.
She is glad that Skeet survived unmaking the doll.
Sabina and the queen leave the room, and teleport out.
They arrived and came in the front door.


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