The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

Tracking Tem


Late afternoon 29, Gozeran Now that Gabby and Tem have upped the ante by kidnapping Jarra, it may be time to visit him at home. He lives on the north rich part of town. Sunash will send Muginn as a mesenger to Jasper Skeet is going to do an augury to try to find Jarra Tell the mayor that we’ve found fixed books, and evidence of norgorber worship from gabby and tem. The mayor is interested in the ciphered books, he’ll help with funds to decipher them. The mayor didn’t hang out with gabby. He spent time with tem. he can give us the places tem liked to go. a tavern in the north end of town. back at the inn, in a private room. the innkeeper lets tiffreya in pardon the intrusion, i have something to show you, shows a box to sunash. it’s a dagger, do you have the approipriate note to go with it? she knows where gabby is, holed up in tem’s basement. she teleports off to deliver the message, and knife. Tiff teleports back after 10 or so minutes, it sounded like she would decide soon, and not to take the easy way. The innkeeper brings food, and just as we’re setting down to eat, a quasit pops in, on the middle of the table. “Not here to fight! I have a delivery from the master and mistress” sets down a bag, and teleports out. nothing on the outside of the sack. no traps or posion there’s 2 boxes, one was the dagger box. the other is walnut, nice work, hinges and latch are platinum. no traps on the boxes. in the box, a rolled parchment, and a finger with a ring on it. Pait recongizes it, and it’s really fresh. It’s Jarra’s Sunash is going to send the finger to Desna’s temple, with instuctions to help the woman this belongs to. Gelid uses blood bio on the finger, the spell fails, so she was alive when it was cut off. The letter is from Gabby, and it’s sealed with a personal signet, that includes the symbol of Norgorber. Skeet will use the finger to aid an augury to see where Jarra is in relationship to tem’s house. She is not in his house, she’s to the northwest. she seems to be outside of city limits. Sunash will keep the finger in the gentle repose bag, so we can use it to find her later. The Asmodeus dagger is still in the other box.Sunash’s letter is gone. Gabby’s letter: Norgorber tells me it’s not time to die yet, come and kill me if you want to. PS. Jarra says hi" another knock on the door, a few minutes later. Tiffreya and Sabrina. Sabrina was lucky, and got her errands done early. Which is good, since there are numerous watchers following her, and around the inn. One was a rouge, who was following her. but not particularly skilled. Gabby has used him before. There are others outside, one had an exposed norgorber symbol. Sabrina isn’t connected well enough to Gabby anymore to help with what she’d come out of hiding to grab. TEm’s office didn’t have any overt religous symbols. the mayor didn’t know of him following any particular deity, he’d just do the socially appropriate veneration. He might be vulnerable to persuasion. Muginn’s back. Jarra was taken off the docks while she was returning to the ship, the corsairs fought a runing battle with numerous robed spellcasters, Jasper was poisoned, and is not doing well. Neutralize poison isn’t working on him. We’re going to head to the ship, to help Jasper, and maybe distract Gabby from Tiffreya investigating. As we’re exiting, we see 5 figures watching, and following. the greasy, small rouge is not having a good night. 4 others in dark cloaks, not being overly stealthy, like they want to be noticed as following. As we’re headed to the docks, where there’s no crowds, they don’t follow into the alleys we try to lead them into. They are wearing Norgorber symbols, partially in the open. then, they make the mistake of following us into a narrow lane. fireball! And Bonk and Pait do some stabbing. 2 clerics of norgorber, 2 cultists, and the rouge. Loot at end of note As we get to the ship, we find that JAsper just died. He’d been stabbed numerous times, and it was some kind of anticoagulant. There’s something black in one of the wounds. 4 inches long, a broken off dagger, the metal is black. there are faint engravings in the blade, runes. it’s a desecrated dagger for norgorber. Sunash puts Jasper in the bag of gentle repose. His crew will help carry him to the temple of desna. They examine the body, and use one of the resurrection scrolls to bring him back. Jasper asks about the broken off blade. He want’s to come with, GAbby was the one who stabbed him and broke off the blade. That was what killed him. when we’re done having JAsper res’d, it’s ~11pm time to rest, reset spells. Tiffreya will draw out a map of what she saw of the first floor of the house. 2x MW cold iron heavy mace (kitty) 2x MW silver scimitar (kitty) 2x silver norgorber holy symbols (kitty) 600 gp coins & gems (kitty) 2x potions of CMW (Pait and Bonk) 2x flask of alchemists’ ice (skeet) 2x potions of protection from energy (cold CL7) (kitty) 1x flask of green liquid, knockoff stinking cloud. (kitty) 2x norgorber priest costume (kitty) several parchments, with very good drawings of Sunash, Gelid, and Skeet


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