The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

The Party of the Year!


30 Desnus, 4712 Planning for the party. Sunash will be the host, Bonk is bouncer, We’ll bring in guards from the dock workers and caravan guards. The mayor has stationed some of the city watch around the neighborhood, and a couple with him. Some of the ladies are showing up dressed as Eryines… Sabrina is here, as is the high priestess of Calistria Tiffreya shows up after about an hour. Talks to Sunash for 15 minutes. He spins a story about the trip back along the coast Compliments her on her gown. They will be dancing tonight. The house is set up as neutral ground, no fighting allowed. Gelid is waiting for the crowd before mingling. get some cover by blending in even while being seen. Jarra has come in from Sandpoint, she arrives with Jasper. she’s dressed nice. Lord glorio arrives after 1.5 hours. Sunash is sure to greet him. pleasantries. Asks after Gelid, Sunash assures him that they will have a chance to speak. Glorio sees Tiffreya, makes comments about needing to see her. Sunash checks if he’s in thrall to her. Doesn’t appear so, she seems to be here by her own methods, not summoned. He has not found anything about her age, or any children in his research about her. He presumes that she could reproduce with a human, but not sure. Various people on the ruling council show up through the night, Reinarr Cubit arrives about an hour after GLorio. Introduces himself to Sunash, remarks that this is the party of the month. Asks after Mister Foppington. Sunash hasn’t seen him yet. Thanks for the invite, hopes to talk later. Assorted minor nobles are arriving No one is too drunk, no fights, the patrols outside haven’t seen anything. The high priestess of Calistrea and the high priest of Iomedae start talking philosophy… we have to interrupt, and remind them that this is a party. Tiffreya abducts Sunash to dance. They go to the center of the dance floor, and the band starts up. The croud opens a space for them. Sunash is rolling 20’s for his dancing. Dance for 30 minutes or so, She was genuinly enjoying herself. Everyone seems to be having a good time, ther’s no arguments, Gozzar gets snarky… Sabrina and the mayor talk a bit. there’s enough muscle that no one is causing trouble. Lord Glorio eventually finds Gelid, he’s concluded business with Avery Sleeg, will be going to riddleport to sign papers with him shortly. Gellid gets the impression that Glorio is being a bit slicker than usual because of the party. Sunash gives a gift to Tiffreya, she’s really taken with him. Perception check against hearing. Everyone but Bonk hears a boom, Skeet and Pait at the door hear it, look out the door and see a yellow light. several houses down, and across the street. Light at first, then yellow tinged, and smoke starts up. After a short while, the watch calls out the fire brigade. Leave the party in the hands of Jasper, head sowthwest, a nice house has started on fire, clerics are on site, creating water to fight the fire. Sunash doens’t thinkg that magic started the fire. Fire is under control and out after 30 minutes. It’s Reinar Cubit’s house. Use the fire as an excuse to look thru the house really quick The investigation shows that someone broke in, set up an arson with alchemist fire. not much damage. Reinar arrives soon after. Tell him what we found, hope everything is ok, let us know if we can help. The next couple hours are uneventful. Jasper and Jarra managed the entrance while we were gone. No one arrived, few left. Glorio was mingling, Tiffreya was talking. Jarra and Pait found time to hang out. Gelid mingled. Mayor, Glorio, Tiffreya get together on second floor to talk. The second floor wsa the spot for council members to talk business. Sunash serves them, so that they are left mostly in private. M,T,G talking: The corsairs have hit lots of slave shipments recently, The mayor is happy to see the slave trade being removed from town. He’s happy to have the goblin grinders and other groups have been working to make town safe for legitimate businesses. sunash agrees that the businesses will do better. Glorio is glad for securing trade deals between korvosa and Magnimar. Sunash can’t see much annoyance in Glorio while talking about the corsairs. G is doing the full politician thing. Tiffreya isn’t bothered, she doesn’t seem to care for money as an end in its self. She is listening more than talking. THe party is winding down, the mayor takes off near the end. Glorio is also one of the last. Jasper stays to the end. Gelid is talking to the high priestes of Callistrea Only a few left, and most on the fisrt floor, the second floor only has us, priestess of callistrea, just left, GLorio, tiffreya, and some guards. Glorio looks around, to check for observers. I think it’s time for a short discussion with all of you. first, wonderful party, it rivals anything in korvosa. Sunash and tiffreya dance wonderfully. but I must mix business with pleasure. The incidents this last week have not gone unnoticed. Congratulations for your dilligence and steadfastness. but, stand down for a time, it will be in your best interests. Gozzar asks why he’d be interested in our best interests. Glorio doesn’t consider us allies, but also not enemies, we are aware of the real world, and can be a force that can be useful. It’s foolish and counter productive to work at cross purposes. He thinks that the interests of MAgnimar, Korvosa, and RIddleport are together in the future. Sunash exsplains that an attack on family will be met with any required retribution. Glorio admits that people have stepped over the line, he does not consider that acceptable. Gozzar offers Magnimar as neutral, Glorio agrees that no merchandise will be brought through. Gozzar asks if glorio has any ‘distractions’ to occupy us away from his business. He does know of a loose end to the east of Magnimar. It’s an annoyance to both him and us. Glorio thanks us, and appreciates the understanding. No longer speaking as a representative of Korvosa, he would extend another offer, (to Sunash) the beginning of the path into the pathfinder society. Sunash thanks him, we’ve been working toward this, and we will discuss with him when we have made the accomplishments that would be necessary. Glorio would support us if we seek a full comission, not just a field comission. Glorio enjoyed the party, would like to see the next one, he is glad that we were able to agreee. Close down the party. Everyone is gone, the house is empty again. Not long after going to sleep, Sunash gets a visitor, no extra curriculars, just sleeping. Tiffreya seems to be showing genuine interest.


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