The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

Taking steps to destroy the slavers

0104 (aka the night Matt's computer was down)

Gelid has arrainged to meet the transfer ship of the slave traders, we are looking to intercept it with the Gray Corsairs. Skeet’s missing family is on the ship, they seem to be in good helth. Gelid has schmoozed the slave shipping company owner pretty well. He can get a ride to meet up, and bring his bodyguards. There will be the slave ship, and the broker’s transport, we can call on Jasper’s ship, and one other gray corsair ship in the area to help. Gelid, Skeet, and Bonk will take 2 gray corsair redshirts with them on the broker’s ship. The rest of the party will be headed out on the corsair ship, and will intercept the slave transport after Gelid’s group does it’s inspection meetup. Jasper is very interested in doing this plan. He’s been in contact with the other corsair ship in the area, they want in on the raid, and will be in the area when we find the slave ship. He’s got some folks ready to go, Jarra is one. Rheinar Cubit (the slave broker) sends Gelid a sealed scrollcase. “dear alloicious, thank you for your interest in our inventory. we will set sail from Magnimar on the 24th, and will meet the ship carrying the merchandise on the 27th” Gelid sends back a confirmation. Sunash is picking up some vials to hold samples for locating missing party members. Jasper’s ship wil be leaving the evening of the 21st We will be laying in lots of good food and drink Leave, and get into position near where the slave ship is likely to meet Gelid 2 days early. The other corsair ship is captained by an andoran Eagle knight human female paladin of Iomedae. She’s completely comitted to ending slave trade around varisia, and destroying the burnt safron. She wants the burnt saffron, but is willing to go along with our plan to use the flying millsome as a way to get at the slave ring, and hurt the slavers on the saffron, even if it’s indirectly. Gelid’s party gets on his ship on the 24th. He gives ‘alloicious’ a tour of the ship, he’s fine with Gelid bringing appropriate bodyguards. The ship is sail driven, and has oars rowed by indentured servants. They were watching the corsair ship, but it was headed away from where the meetng was going to occur. THey are sure there aren’t any corsairs in the area. on the 25th, the 2 corsair ships are watching the coves that the meeting is likely to happen in. The cove Jasper was checking was empty of ships, but there’s a longboat pulled up on shore near the mouth of the cove. this could be the slave ship making some preparations for the meeting. Muginn goes in to look around, there’s a small cabin on shore 150~200 yds from the boat, looks occupied. Seems to be 12 or so pirate sailors on leave, drinking, playing cards, Jasper thinks they’re just there for leave, and a ship will be retrieving them. Late on the 25th, jasper brings us to his cabin, the other ship has spotted a ship anchored outside of the other cove we were watching. it will take until morning to get there. the ship that Gelid’s group is on is taking a careful route over to the meeting. It’s avoiding other ships and shipping lanes, In the morning, the corsair ships meet up, the captaing of the other ship describes the ship they spotted, she’s not convinced that it’s the milsome. we tell her about the pirates that we spotted, the lookouts confirm that the ship they spotted was missing a longboat. It’s not likely that the slave ship would be letting crew off to party if they had cargo. Gozzar uses a scry scroll to check on the direction of gelid’s ship, it’s headed the proper direction, The 27th, a ship appears, headed north toward the cove. ~1hr later, another ship is headed in from the southwest. It’s flying the colors that the milsom should be. The milsome is avoiding the paladin’s ship, it passes closer to jasper’s ship. it’s an armed merchant ship. It’s large, and heavily loaded. 3 ballistae, on its decks. it probably has 50-75 crew jasper’s crew is 45, and his ship is 25ft shorter. the paladin’s ship is as large as the milsom, and she has a crew of 100, 20 are dedicated marines. the corsair ships give the milsom a head start, then turn to follow. the milsom passes the southern cove, and heads for the other one. it enters and anchors in the northern cove. the ship that had been anchored in the southern cove has moved to anchor outside the northern cove, and has retrieved the longboat. both corsair ships sail on by, to let the ships calm down. the ship carrying Gelid’s group passes in the morning. they meet up with the milsom ~1pm on the 27th.


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