The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

Setting up a meeting


Gelid is able to make an appointment to meet with Lord Glorio Arcona to discuss business for dad-in-law. Gelid is disguising himself as a fop, and looking into the interests of Lord Glorio. He’d been visiting two shops that specialize in Osirian artifacts. Glorio was looking at very well preserved Ossirian canopic jars, and a mummified cat in a sarcophagus. 10k gp for the set HIs companion Tiffrea was reccomending the pair of scepters. 15k gp Sunash thinks that the scepters are important, the crook has a rune marked at the tip, it might be an immovable rod. They’re going to set up an elaborate plan to send a hell hound in to the shop, so that they can ‘save’ the owner, and get a discount on the rod. And, right as Sunash starts casting, Gozzar sees the Eriene walking toward the shop. Sunash finishes the spell, and expertly redirects the hell hound to cutely run up to her and do a cute puppy routine. Sunash smiles and bows, acting like he’s a performer. She’s… ammused, pets the hound. And walks toward Sunash. He has the hound bring his hat back, and dismisses it. He greets her as a pharasmin cleric. The panic that started when the hound appeared, has died down. The town guard arrives, and is seen off when they see that it’s gone. She’s impressed that Sunash is respectful and interested in talking to her. She invites him to come shopping with her. She goes right for the corner with the canopic jars and sarcophagus. she’s doing a detect magic on the jars. he offers to sell for 9k, they haggle to 8500, and she gets them packed up. Sunash is working hard to ingratiate himself to her and to Lord Glorio. She invites Sunash to be her escort to dinner at the inn that Lord Glorio is staying at. meet up at the rank harlot. the over elaborate plan is now completely shot to hell. Sunash goes in and buys the set of scepters Gelid is still looking for a gift for Lord G He gets a canopic jar, the lord had been carefully examining the inscription on the seal. it’s the heart of a female pharoh. Nafet-ti pharoh of the 4th dynasty.


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