The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

Riddleport and Exploring the North Cave


Gelid’s prospective dad-in-law was crossed by Varga, she stiffed him on a payment, and pissed him off good. That might explain why he has been freezing her out of riddleport. One of Skeet’s witch friends was harassed by some undead on the road from Magnimar. They were low-level skeletons and zombies being directed to attack travelers. She was attacked at the foothils of the Fogscar Mountains, North of Sandpoint, where the road turns east to skirt the mountains. Sleeg sent Gelid a letter, he wants to talk about a job. Wants him to come by when we get back into town from investigating the cave north of town. We meet up with Sabrina Varga and her attendants at the north gate. They’re set up for traveling, and trouble. The guards are nervous of them… terrified could be a good description. Sabrina is wearing unusual bracers, not something she’d had before, she also has a sack tied to her pack with all kinds of arcane symbols tooled into it. they match symbols on her bracers. Sunash is reminded of an armiger’s panopaly. (self-deploying armor) She now has a greatsword, rather than her sickle or mace. We head out to the N-NE, it’ll be about 6 hours, so we have time to chat. Sunash asks I ask about her family and genuinely try to understand the obligations she has to her deity her family and family honour I am trying to establish what she will and won’t do to deal with her neice Family is super important, it comes before everything but her obligations to her church. Family is a very close second. Gabriella’s name causes her to cool sharply. Does she have a history for Varga before the Shrine. Does she think this is a possession? Is her neice still present? Has her soul been taken over. Gabriella is acting on her own choice, but she’s doing something that none of the family would accept. Sunash gently suggests that they have a common demand by deities they can’t question to kill Varga in all likelyhood. Sabrina isn’t convinced that Gabriella can’t be redeemed (to Asmodeus’ service) but, she’d kill her in an instant if she is convinced that Gabby is not comming back. She understands that many people don’t like Asmo, but they are extrodinarily true to their word. We’re getting close to the cave, there’s a little vegetation, and we hear… metal clanking on metal. it sounds like someone is sparring. We sneak up a bit in what cover there is. In a bit of a draw, we see 2 humanoind creatures, near the cave mouth, practicing with swords. We can’t id them at first, gren-blue skin, pointed ears. about 8 ft tall. Very good condition breastplate armor Gozzar is trying to sneak up on them, and steps on a stick, so he conjures an illusory lame boar, and sends it off to distract them. They look at it, are intrigued, and a human female steps out, speaking Goblin, “where do you think you’re going?” They point and go “Dinner!” She can’t see it, and calls them on it. They reply, “It’s getting away, we want bacon!” She tells them that nothing’s there, stay at your posts. They go to guarding the cave. Them: “she’s a bitch, be glad when this is done.” Gozzar has the illusory boar stumble back into view and collapse from exhaustion. One of them rushes the boar, looks like he’s going to kill it. the other’s staying at his post. Gozzar has it scramble up and squeal it’s way off toward ambush. We gank them. Hard. We disguise Sunash and Pait as the hobgoblins, and go back to the cave mouth. Whisper to Sabrina, “make some big noise” She and her attendants raise a ruckus, Pait and Sunash raise an alarm. We hear “we’re under attack” and a ssss sss ssss-bang! like a porcullis slaming shut. Sabrina is leaving 3 people to guard the cave mouth, and taking 2 with her. We get into the cave a bit, and find a portcullis that’s slammed shut we can see a lever in the room beyond, it’s in the down position. Gelid is going to Indy Jones the lever. cr-Crack! Gelid gets it snagged, and we hear “oh, shit! the four of you, get downstairs!” The portcullis raises. and we rush in. 2 guards Ohhh! Sabrina’s greatsword is flaming. Smoosh. After mangling the guards, we hear a female voice to the west say something about norgorber, and a Bain hits the party. Bonk was the only one caught. It’s invisible, and running! WIlamena runs up, and prays. Boom! It reveals a green, scaly, imp—thing A Quasit? Axes don’t do full damage. It is resistant to physical, and immune? to acid. Knock it down, it’s dying, it tries to heal, Sabrina mooshes it, the body disappears. Wilhemina quick serches the room, there’s nothing else invisible. The only exit from the room is the stairs down, and the hallway we came in. the guards have: 2x MW compoite longbows tunes to 3 str 2x +1 agile brestplate 2x MW spears 2x potion, epeditious retreat, min cl 2x vial of oil of magic weapon 4x thunderstones(skeet). Let’s head down… Gelid is looking for traps, none found. 3 revs around the spiral stairs, there’s a passage, and it goes to a bar portcullis. The gate is locked. Gelid unlocks, and goes through, there’s a wall, at the end of the passage, with an iron door set into it. of course it’s locked. And Gelid sets off a trap while unlocking it. he falls 30 feet into a spiked, acid-filled pit. Fish him out, and patch him up. It looks like there’s a bedroom on the other side of the door. The bed is made, there’s a desk with parchment. a couple secret compartments, one desk leg is hollow, one bedpost is hollow. 2 pieces of parchment in the desk leg: first one is an inventory, counting 10 line items. 1 and 2 are all crossed out, the rest have stock the line items are names of people, with genders, some names are crossed out in red, some are circled in black, some are crossed in blue ink. #10 is our head butler, circled in black ink. we don’t recognise the other names circled in black ink. We have sabrina go over the parchement three of the names crossed out in red ink are ‘natural causes’ deaths of people from her village. the blue ink crossed out were relatives, who are/were still alive 4 months ago. the other parchment is a scroll of bless CL8 no clothes or other indications of the owner’s identity or gender. the room is very clean. head down the passage, past the bedroom. as we round a bend, we see some metal covers over holes in the floor. There’s a trail of blood to the south from the closer one. There’s a side passage, with a barred gate across it. the covers both have unlocked and removed padlocks peeking through the bars in the side passage, there’s a big room, and another barred gate. there’s another room along the main passage, with more, still locked hatches n the floor. there’s ahother side passage, it connects to the room that we’d seen from the previous bar gate. the covers were numbered from 1 to 4, wilhemina recognises the lids, they look like slave pit covers, for holding people untill they can be sold. open the first 2, they are empty, ther’s some blood. sabrina is working to open #4 she’s really excited to see who’s inside. 2 females, unconcious. Ssbrina jumps right in and starts to lift them out. they’ve been beaten, they aren’t well clothed, one is her cousin. They were blue x’s on the list. #3 has one male, #3 on the list had one name in a blue x. Sunash channels, and all three wake up. Sabrina is tending to her cousin. her cousin has been here a while, never saw any faces, doesn’t know how she was captured. Wilhemlina and Verna are going to take the 3 out. we go to open the locked door at the end of the passage. a something jumps out and smacks Gelid with a scimitar. After a 2 week fight, we kill a bunch of skeletons, some cultists, a flesh golem, and capture a priestess. We find a room that has a meeting table, an adjoining chamber has a ritual circle, another adjoining room is like an office, skeet finds: 3x spell books, 3 parchments, divine spells heal, min cl cure serious wounds, min cl flame strike, min cl book of norgorber rituals. 3 bags jewlery 10k gp of necklaces, tiaras, earrings, supeior quality. seems like it was looted from somewhere. coins 3k gp of asst coins non-perishable food Priestess has: 3x glass flasks studded leather armor +2 amulet or nat armor +2 sickle +1 acidic 250gp 2x gems large obsidian 750gp, med size emerald, unusual cut 5k gp 2x sticks wand, cmw, min cl, 15 charges wand, burning hands, cl5, 25 charges cultists had: 4x mw leather armor 4x mw sickels 150 gp bodyguards had: chest in office. 12 flasks of alch fire. 12 thunder stones 12 sunrods 12 flasks of drow poison under the false bottom: crooked pointed stick, wand of fireball, min cl, 20 charges. we rescue 15 people from riddleport from the other pits, some have been tortured, all seem to have been bled. the ritual circle is blue chalk, and the runes are the same ones that were on the doorsteps of the houses. The mundane books in the library are regional histories, adventure logs of the region, lots of them are pathfinder reports. we stash the sleeping priestess in a bodybag. The new Norgorber ritual book contains the spell and ritual to do the mass command. It’s a derivation of a spell to destroy lage masses of undead. eqivalent to a lvl 5 spell. It’s going to be an all day walk to get back, with the injured prisoners. We’re going to charter a boat to get back to Magnimar. The Gray Corsair captain that we’d worked with before just got to port. We’ll pass them some of our masterwork transformed gear, and get them to take us to Magnimar, they leave in 2 days. The winds have been good recently, so they should be able to take us there quickly, if the weather holds. 0 weapons from guards +1 agile breastplate (2) mw spear (2)yu mw composite longbows (3 str) (2) thunderstones 0 loot from cultists 10000 jewellery 3000 gp in coinange non perishable foodstuffs 12 flasks alchemist fire 12 thunderstones 12 sunrods 12 flasks of poison wand of fireballs (20 charges) wand of burning hands (cl5) – 25 charges


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