The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

Returned to Brinewall


After you return to Brinewall, and the townsfolk start clearing paths and cleaning up messes. Very soon after, many townsfolk seem uneasy and quite a number leave their homes and come to the fort. They are saying that there is witchcraft/sorcery afoot and they are relictant to go back. Captain Thedeus comes looking for you and asks that the group look at asomething that is odd. He shows you something on the threshold of every door in the fort. it is the faint remains of a symbol containing three runes that you do not remember seeing previously. It is the rune for command followed by the runes for walking and north. After carefull examination of the runes, it is determined that they are all written in an ink made from blood. Gelid does a Blood Biography on the runes. The blood belongs to: question 1: Willemina Vodoor Question 2: female, human, herbalist question 3: was kidnapped by some cultists, and my blood was drained in a ritual question 4: about 4 or 5 months ago Gelid did this in the fort, and it jogged some memories. Captain Thedeus tells you about the ritual murder of a young woman about 4 months ago which he tells you was very strange because her body was unusally pale, like all of her blood had been drained. Further examination of her body revealed that there were six well placed cuts (all quite small but deep) on her body that were used to drain her of all her blood. (neck, wrists and groin). Not too long after that they caught who they thought was the murderer and she was tried, convicted, hanged and her body burned. Her name was Gabriella Varga. Her remains were not claimed and the ashes were scattered into the river. He didn’t think that that was her actual name. He’s heard from his superiors down south of a Varga, who’s description didn’t match. Describe the Varga we know, and Undead Rimmer. He recognises the description, but traveling under the name Adele Thomas She was traveling with a servant, a young woman, and several other women. No Rimmer. She last came through 4.5-5 months ago. Rimmer’s statue was dedicated on 30 Sarenith 4711, about 7-8 months ago Rimmer died 9.5 months ago, we saw undead Rimmer a month after that, this woman was killed long after he was raised, seems like they’re doing more than just powering him with these sacrifices. We are able to destroy the runes with some scrubbing, the fort and village are cleaned up, and the rest of the day goes smooth. Note 0074 says some people were ritually murdered. The captain doesn’t know of anyone other than Willemina who were killed, also doesn’t know of anyone missing. As we’re setteling in for dinner, Skeet sees a scrying disk. She looks into it, and sees a pissed-off Varga, before it pops out of being. The direction and distance is Down near Riddleport. The rest of the night is calm, no more scrying attempts. The next day, around noon, Gelid gets a Sending. “Masters, there is evil afoot. 200 people just got up and walked away from their noon meals and walked north out of town. Also, several of Master Sunash’s acolytes left home and a number of Master Gelid’s squatters are among those leaving town. Finally, there is a strange glowing symbol on the door steps of each house. I am sending acolyte#3 to follow them and to report back where they go.” Removing the runes by cleaning, and scortching, should break the spell on that house’s occupants. Looking into the spot where ’Varga’s’ ashes were spread, Bonk and Pait don’t find jack, Skeet finds not much, Gelid finds a couple teeth, and one has a drop of blood in it. Gelid does his blood bio on it. question 1: Gabriella Varga 2: female, human, cleric of Norgorber 3: hanged and burned 4: 3-4 months ago Curiouser and Curiouser. But we’ve seen Varga before and since… If that person is Gabriella Varga, how could This person be Gabriella Varga? Skeet feels another scrying disk! It’s our head butler, and a cleric of Pharasma from RIddleport! It drops down to where we can talk. THey were able to remove the runes from many of the houses. they were able to take care of about a third of them before the removal didn’t affect them. They were followed to a cave, where some Gnolls, Hobgoblins, and Humans were guarding. Most of the folks that were taken were poor, and most were taken from near our house. The area that isn’t as well patrolled. They were going for unmissed people, and our informant network. We start spreading the news to watch out for runes on doorsteps, With the cart loaded down, we can’t really push too hard, it’ll take us ~6days to get back to RIddleport Gozzar is going to scry to check up with our folks in Riddleport. Midday, 21 Calistril.


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