The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

Questions for Brinewall's populace


A couple members of the Brinewall garrison remember some unusual undead happenings. 6-8 monyhs ago, a village to the south of Brinewall was attacked by an undead thing. It killed several villagers. The Brinewall garrison was able to track it for a bit, but lost it in the mountains. The villagers killed were from the Varga family. VIsiting the village will add 2 days to the trip to RIddleport. Leaving Brinewall on 15 Calistril We arrive at the village on 17 Calistril. The village is about 10 buildings, fields and pastures. No real name for the town, 2 structures are unkept, and falling in. There’s a shrine for Desna, no formal graveyard. no other shrines. Sunash asks about the killed villagers, wants to do Pharasma’s work to see them to their final rest. Shown in to see Urien, the elder. It’s a one room hut, with a central fire we heard from Brinewall that some folk were murdered, we’d like to help see them to rest, and try to protect the village. All the dead have been buried properly, they were all from one family. Not good to speak ill of neighbors, but the Varga family was doing poorly, and may have been going down an unrighteous path. The Varga’s that were killed were the last in town. One of their neighbors saw the creature that killed the Vargas. 2 huts of the varga’s to look into. #1, it is unkept, there is snow that has blown in, the belongings have been gathered into a more sheltered area, and covered up. there is a table, a center fire pit. the chest doesn’t have a lock. there’s some clothing, documents, property deed, a very old diary, farming almanac. No magic or secret doors. the diary belonged to a Bianki Varga. the entries stop at 4651, 150 pages, 2/3rds are used first used was dated 4641. Hut #2 has more furnature, it’s got a writing desk, in addition to a chest. It’s in slightly better condition. the chests are cedar, and match in age and construction. general household goods, no magic. a good pen, scroll cases, inkwell, silver flatware. it does have a false bottom. Gelid doesn’t find any traps, opens it, Ewwwww. A book in it. the leather binding doesn’t look normal, it looks… unpleasent. it’s marked for Norgorber. It’s bound in demon skin. Detect evil and magic. The Norgorber book is magic and evil , the only thing in the huts that is either. It is a norgorber ceremony book. written in abbysal. Sunash is looking through it for rites that might be relevant to undead rimmer. looking through for if it’s a standard, or ‘high level’ ritual book, Does it have any connection to an owner? No direct connection to a specific owner. It does seem to be a book for a higher level priest. Some of the rituals are 14-15 lvl. We need to get this home to look through it in a safe envorinment. After we stow the nasty book, the elder brings the neighbor who saw the undead killer. Lets talk to him in the other hut, the not-evil one. Tell the elder that we’ve found some terribly evil things, and we should take thejm to be destroyed. Rolm is the 16-17 yr old farmer who saw the goings on. “We’re very disturbed by the Varga family, what did you see on the night they were attacked?” it was late evening, he woke up because of screams. His hut was nerest to Varga #1. When he walked out, he saw a strange creature wearing black armor, glowing red eyes, it looked at him, and them turned and walked away. The description matches undead Rimmer. Who had relationships with the Vargas? The relationships were normal for a farm village. the couple that were close to his house was a younger man married to a varga woman. Her family had died recently. No real organized religion. Desna and Erastil, but unorganized. The other hut #2 was a middle aged woman, the aunt of the young woman. she was a spinster. the aunt was strange, kept to herself, had become more odd in the recent months. The aunt was named Mirla the niece was Paula We’d like to exhume the bodies, to examine them, and rebury them so that they can’t rise as undead. the elder doesn’t want to disturb the dead. He’s not convinced that a priest of pharasma can do more to settle them than the village did already. Sunash, says that the undead thing coming here was a great evil, and may have caused a lingering evil over the village. he’d like to sanctify the aunt’s grave. Sunash shows the elder the Norgorber book to prove that there was great evil going on here. The elder wants to think on it for an hour. His daughter will show us to the gravesite. It’s on the Varga’s land, simple markers. The burial was performed well, clearing the snow, it seems like someone with pharasma clerical training did the burying. Sunash is satisfied that they were buried with the proper precautions. a detect evil on the graves doesn’t find anything. The elder was only a bit into his pondering, Sunash complements him on the villages’ attention to burials. He thaanks us for not making him make that decision.


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