The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

Questioning the Priestesses


Sunash and Sabrina are going to get some answers out of the two captured priestesses some quiet night in one of Riddelport’s graveyard. 29 Calistril Your interrogation of the captive Priestesses yields some interesting tid bits. From the first one you get the following: They were using the rituals to ensare people to use their souls and blood for some nefarious things. Including setting up another power shrine near Magnimar. During the interrogation of the preistess from the cave. Sunash has to one several occasions keep Sabrina from slitting her throat. However, she ends up in the process cutting off one of her ears, and both of her pinky fingers in the process of getting the information, scant as it is. The priestess from the cave gives you some information that they were going to help maintain the power of the Sandpoint shrine. Lastly, she also gives you that Gabriella Varga is the high priestess for the region. She calls all of the shots and she confirms that she has been in the company of Rimmer constantly for the last seferal months. Previously she was never seen with any body guards. Also that she has gotten a bit paranoid. They have to recharge the Sandpoint shrine every month to maintain it power. You have prevented that form happening so therefore he will be weaker for a while. Also, if they were to complete the Magnimart shrine he will be nearly unstoppable as long as both are running. To recharge the shrines, they drain the blood, and capture the soul of prisoners, and use them to power it. If we can keep them away from the shrime in the material plane, it is harder, but not impossible to recharge. The shrine ritual is a new discovery, it requires a lot of souls to run, and drains power directly from norgorber. Sunash wants to work with the Nethys and Pharasma churches to set up a magical and spiritual drain to deplete the shrine of magic and souls more quickly than they can power it up.


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