The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

Picking a fight with the Norgororians


reinforced. They’ve also secured the sewer entrances. Gelid’s contacts don’t know of any unsecured access. The building is in a row of buildings, so no side doors, and it’s back against the foundation of the bridge. It’s one of the better built buildings for under the bridge. Looking at the buildings, they’ve reinforced the house a lot. we could collapse the buildings to either side, but not this building. Bonk and Pait have fund the weakest section of wall that we could chop through fairly quickly. We get the squatters on the one side to clear out, the merchant on the other side to close down for the day, and we smoke the cultists out. We catch several low level cultists, and kill others. No one important. there were 20-25 staying there, the basement had some secret exits, looks like a few got away there. No one that we’d caught last time. We find a few documents on the second floor. One is a memo from Gabby Varga to the head cultist. It directs them to send a few groups to whistledown and collect some victims. They are to use their friend Gralyx to do it. Skeet remembers reading about a red dragon that had died 200 years ago named Gralyx. The building is owned by a person known to be an associate of Gabby Varga.


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