The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

On a Boat to Magnimar


We have an uneventful trip, seeing that we killed the krakens and abboleths already. This time, we get to do some fishing, and catch some salmon, cod, and tuna. We get to Magnimar on 4 Pharast, 4712. Bonk checks in to see if the half orc dockworkers union has any representatives and info here. particualry on anything coming back and forth from riddleport. there were some shipments for Riddlepoint but mostly empty barrels and glass flasks… so unless there are some things put in thaem on the way back… nuttin interesting. and the shipment was sponsored by our lady of the night… Varga One of Skeets witch contacts tells her that one of the magic shop keepers closed up shop like normal one night, and never came back. His shop has a fresh burn mark on the threshold of the door. one of your caravan contacts tells you that Varga sent out two caravans to sandpoint in the last week. one of them was full of barrels that were fulls of some liquid and the barrels were stained brown. The First caravan had empty barrels, the full barrels went out only 2 days ago. We might be able to catch them if the Grey Corsairs can get us there fast. They can! Theres a schooner that can get us there in 12 hours after the tide starts heading out. your caravan contact tells you that the caravan carrying the full barrels had three wagons, 25 guards and were accompanied by 5 women. each wagon has 5 barrels in them. one of your good friends is one of the guards on the caravan. he is also known to skeet so she would be able to scrye on him Pait would guess that the Varga Caravan will need 4 days to get to sandpoint, 3 days if they push, and risk the cargo. Skeet augurs while we’re on the ship, and doesn’t get anything on how far Varga is. We get to Sandpoint @ 1 am there’s a night watch on the docks, they recognize us, there hasn’t been any other ships for a couple days. a caravan came in a few days ago, it already left and headed north. We check in with the duty officer for the sherrif, they have been watching the shrine, no one was at the shrine yesterday, the next report should be coming in soon. skeet gets a ding on her detect scrying, but dosen’t get a distance or direction on the scryer, there shouldn’t be any useful info for them of where exactly we are. From town, there’s only 1 good route to the caravan. They should be going through or past town on their way to the shrine. Nothing on the path to the shjrine. The shrine has a bit of a glow, it is dimmer than last time. the shrine is larger. more skulls and bones piled up. we meet the 3 guards watching the shrine. they have a blind in the brush overlooking the shrine. since we were here last, they haven’t seen anyone physically come to the shrine, but it has gotten larger. not sure how it’s grown, there’s someone here 24/7 for the last 2 months. Skeet scrys on our friendly guard, he’s asleep, we hear guards talking. they don’t like the bosses, they are leaving the job at sandpoint. think they’ll get to town ~noon to 1pm, hear waves. Gabriella Varga just sent a sending to Skeet, asking for a meeting in Magnimar in 5 days. Skeet tells Varga, “Sorry, can’t—busy getting our donkeys polished that day.” Sunash hits the shrine with a consecrate, it greatly dims the shrine, he’s going to try to let out the souls in it, and Kyrene. She is more visible, and more humanoid after the consecrate, she’s calmed down now, and can speak. “you’ve returned, have you brought the armor?” He’s still around “you will need the grave knights armor to free me and destroy this shrine” “they should be coming soon to recharge the shrine” they will be here soon, we’ve hampered them. “good” Sunash gets some info from her on building the sapper. Just before sunash did the consecrate, skeet gets a ping on her scry detector, it’s varga. she’s about to cast, and as sunash consecrates, she screams, and the sensor pops.


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