The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

Meetings at Sea


Late morning, the slaver’s private ship sails into a cove where another larger ship is waiting. It’s the flying milsom A schooner, not a traditional merchant. This ship is ment to be fast. meet up and set up the gang planks Savaric Cubitt is the captain. Numerous crew on deck, has several guards with him. offers refreshments before business. Back in his cabin, the server is a halfling slave. Gellid has made a produciton of being paranoid of the corsairs, so he and crew are fully armed. After drinks, go to the hold. Gellid has Skeet and Bonk check the slaves. Skeet is able to slip a magic boat swan token to her eldest sister, and let her know that Skeet is here for her. Gelid makes it known that he has clients that would like the gnomes. They are headed back to the courrier ship, the slave ship will stay at anchor for a while, so that both ships aren’t seen leaving together. The courrier leaves, they see the guard ship anchored outside the cove. it’s heavier than the milsom, still looks fast. As Skeet was passing the boat token, her sister passed her a note. The note is in charcoal, on a scrap of cloth. Being sold to pharoh in Quadira. Slavemaster smudge smudge cruel. Spellcaster*smudge* pain strike. Skeet’s siser can cast message. She used it on skeet so they could talk before the ships separate. Is that really you? yes, and friends. The slave master uses painstrike to punish slaves that cause trouble. did you get note? yes, been sold already? promised, if we aren’t sold first. We will be working on pyramids in Quadira. how big is the magic boat? a dozen people. look forward to seeing you. Blarg is dispatched to tell the corsairs wha’t going on. That the two ships are at anchor. The St. Essail and Jasper’s ship start to pick up speed to come after the slavers. Gozzar has been setting up illusions to conceal the ship. The slave broker courrier ship: ship on the horizon! The captain sets up to outrun them. the other ship is hard to id, it seems to be obscured. It is headed past, not coming at the ship Gelid, bonk, and skeet are on. Their ship is adding sails to run. 3:30-4:00 in evening. Gellid’s fop persona is all panicy that it’s the corsairs. that distracts the slave trader pretty well, and he leaves. the guard ship notices us coming in, weighs anchor, starts to head away, toward the south. the corsairs are headed into battle, rigged to fight. the milsom was just getting ready to leave. it was just at the mouth of the cove when we hit them. Gozzar is prepping a fireball. the other corsair ship is readying chainshot on their ballistae. the marines are readying bows. the obscuring illusion has caused us to be somewhat ignored. The st esaille enters the cove, Jasper tries to block the cove. The milsom tries to make a run. chainshot is launched. the milsom is being slowed considerably. the sails burning or being ripped up has sapped speed. the ships close to grappling distance. Boarding time. the marines can take care of anyone not important to the story. Savaric takes a potion Pait advances, can’t quite make it to him, so misses with a tanglefoot bag. Fight fight fight, Sunash and Pait drop sevaric, but Pait is poisoned. Gozzar went below deck to release the slaves. He opens a door, shield up… and a spell hits him. is able to block the spell, and spots the caster hiding behind a flipped over table. fighting, a barbed devil distracts Pait and Sunash, the caster runs up on deck. She’s disappered, and the marines on deck didn’t see her. Gozzar cast detect magic, see if she’s invisible. Don’t see her, just the normal magic items that people would be carrying. She teleported to the courrier ship. She is warning the captain that the corsairs are in the area. “we need to leave, now!” He sets all the sails, ‘get the item’ ‘We can get out of here soon, the idem will help.’ The corsairs are putting a partial crew on the milsome, and we’re recruiting the half orc gladiators to be marines on board. The courier ship is rigging for speed. they are riging all the sail they can get. throwing ballast overboard to lighten the load. gelid throws a fit about the corsairs the merchant Reinar is reassuring gelid that the captain is bringing out everything. gelid retires to his cabin. Reinar comes into Gelid’s cabin half an hour later. Bad news, I need a drink. Makes skeet fix a drink. The corsairs have taken the milsom, and they were aided by the goblin grinders. Grinders who? they are a group who has aligned themselves with the abolitionists, although they do make a good beer. Gelid: If I wasn’t a gentleman, I’d spit at their name. “Skeet, fix another drink” It’s aobut time for the extra speed, with the item activated, we should be there in 24 hours. (normaly a 3 day trip) it’s terrible to lose such a good cargo. Reinar will talk to the captain, and then return so he and Gelid can drink some sorrows away. The ship jerks, and there’s noticeable g force. Reinar comes in, the item is active, by this time tomorrow, we’ll be back in port. Time for the good stuff, produces a very dusty bottle. He opens it personally, it’s the best rum ever. this is 200 yrs old, and hard to come by now. It was for celebrating a completed deal, but it will be good to wash away troubles. Everyone is dismissed, Bonk is stationed outside the door. As they go on deck, notice that the wind is strong behind the ship, and the sky is darkened. Skeet sees a blue-gray crystal sitting on top of the helm. the colors in it are swirling. Skeet thinks it’s something to do with the weather. the local weather is like a storm front. On the St. Esseile. An hour after leaving the milsom, see a large bank of black clouds to the north. Sunash can sense that the courrier ship is speeding up, and pulling away. Gelid is trying to get info about the mage from Reinar she’s hired on to keep order of the slaves on the slave ships. she’s not been in magnimar long. she probably hasn’t seen the goblin grinders personally before. and Reinar passes out. Gelid has reinar’s servants drag him to bed. As Gelid is questioning, Skeet and Bonk are paying attention. 2 doors astern, and across the hall. see 2 flashes of light under the door, and hear raised voices. Send blarg down to loiter, cast whisper. Blarg hears a familiar voice, male, Khorvosan. Definitly Glorio It’s a heated discussion, she’s reporting in, he’s upset, quoting ‘over 100k gp of merchandise and ship’ ‘how did you let this happen’ Tiffreya is also on the call. Eventually, it comes down to the out a lot of money, the cargo and ship are gone, not happy with Rianni. Just before Gellid calls for Reinar to be called out, there are 2 more flashes, and Riani walks out, muttering to herself. Looks like the other 2 teleported in to talk. She walks past Skeet and Bonk, doesn’t even look at them. The St. Esseile is doing everything it can to go faster, but the cloud bank is moving farther away. It looks like the ship is magically enhanced. See a few things floating by barrels of rum… WE’re not going to catch them, slow down so the other 2 ships can catch up. That night Jasper, Minidirra Ethraiken (capt. of Esseile) Jarra, and us can meet. The Corsairs don’t need the milsom, except for evidence, then they are done with it. WE’re leaning toward turning the ship over to the corsairs, so that we can have a couple favors. Probably set down on the coast, gather a caravan, and head back to magnimar so people think the goblin grinders were doing buisiness on land, as we have been known to do. Bonk and Gelid saw the mage, Riani casting a spell at the bow. it looks like a scrying spell. she watches for 15 minutes, heads to her cabin. 5 minutes there, heads to reinar’s cabin. finds him passed out, goes back to her cabin, super pissed off. Bonk goes to see her. knocks on door. “what do you want, bodyguard?” “you look upset” “perhaps i am” “anything my employer can do?” “perhaps he can, send him over” Bonk lets Gelid know that Riani wants to talk. “Bonk and Skeet come with, and post outside the door, if this goes south, I want backup” Gelid goes to see her. “allouicious, come in” “how can I help” “I’m sure reinar (harumpfh) let you know the bad news.” “yes, he did” “we have a dilemma, have you heard of the goblin grinders? they are troubling people in magnimar” “Reinar has told me of them” “one of them is a cleric of pharasma” “are you sure you’ve never met them?” “not that I’ve ever known” “I’d like you to use your contacts to gather some info on this Sunash fellow for me” “my pleasure, they have cost me too much business” “that would be greatly appreciated, I think Reinar has run out his usefulness” “is there going to be a shift in the envoronment here?” “it’s not much of a shift, you seem to have an eye for the business, I’m sure the higher-ups would be happy to have you with us” “let me ponder, and return to you, it’s been an exhausting day” “I understand, this is a big decision, and not to be taken lightly.” She implys that Reinar will be retired comfortably. “sleep as best as you can.” The ship makes it back to Magnimar, Gelid says he’d be happy to accept, but will have to make arrangements to settle business, and gather information. she gives him a token, that will generate a sending when broken. Reinar has a bad hangover, 2 days later jasper makes port, the St esseile does not come in. The rest of the party comes into town a day later. Jarra is taking the milsom to sandpoint, to be refitted and repaired, and repainted. Some of the slaves went with us to magnimar in the caravan.


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