The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

Meeting the Pathfinders


The house that we inherited from Tem is in the Alabaster district of Magnimar. The high end of the high end of town. Toilday, 4 Sarenith, 4712 A messenger arrives to speak with the Goblin Grinders as a group. It’s from Sheila Heidmarch, and her husband, Canayvan. She’s taken an interest in our group, and wants to invite us to the Lodge for dinner the next evening. Bring this letter to Heidmarch manor, and we can have an evening to discuss business. When we arrive, Sunash notices that this looks like a pathfinder lodge. The symbols are there, there’s some people hanging around. The first several rooms are fully packed research libraries. our escort leads us back to the middle of the house, and then upstairs. we go up, and down a wide hallway, open doors to a ballroom. turn right into a smaller room set for a meal. 2 people in there. Humans, dressed nicely. Canayvan is tall, muscular. mid 40’s Shiela, tall, well built, mid 40’s There’s shelves with books, scrolls, a very nice owlbear mount. A world-spanning collection of items. Osirian, Katepeshi, Taldan, Andoran, items. Sheila gives us a few moments to take in the room, and greets us. Goes to Sunash, He introduces us. Happy to be invited. THe pleasure of your company is ours, they’ve been following our adventures. Servants bring in refreshments. They’re serving GG ale, and some other interesting microbrews from far off. Beers from Osirian. A pale lambic, A stout from the far north. They’ve enjoyed the beers that 2 knights have been sending out. THey have been looking in on us as we’ve been adventuring. They think that our efforts to remove the slave trade from magnimar were for the best. Our handling of that, while not alienating Glorio was what convinced them to approach us. Canayvan says, Your group has formed a loose affiliation with Glorio, and some contacts with Ridleport. They’d like to gain some info on Korvosan business, and specifically Glorio’s business. There are rumors that he’s manuvering himself to seize control of Korvosa. The society is concerned of what might happen if the korvosan government is disrupted. They’d like to see from a different perspective, They see that our group is mostly noble, and working toward good ends, but can do the occasional underhanded deed in service to the greater good. They may field commision adventurers who are interested in joining the society, Helping with this task would be a big step toward getting one. What would you like to know. What are Glorio’s intentions, does he really want to rule Korvosa. They are also interested in him because he owns several items. The society would like to copy inscriptions from those artifacts. Can we get rubbings of these? Which items? a stone tablet from Osiran. in his personal home. it is supposed to discuss the exploits of a pharoh, that is supposed to increase intelligence, and will also fill in gaps in history. A small stone obelisk, that has similar historical information. There’s no magic known on them, these artifacts were taken from osirion, and the society would like to know where that pharoh fits into history. that into might lead to other history. Sunash says that if we can get some leads, and help to cover expenses, we may be able to use our contacts to help them. Sheila can help cover our expenses. What is Glorio’s affiliation with the society? He is associated with a lodge near Korvosa. if we can get copies of the inscriptions with glorio being willing, the society would be happy. Glorio may not want his collection to be known, because some items may not have uncontested provenance. If we can talk glorio into letting us take copies, perhaps without revealing him as a source, she’d be happy to have the info. We are going to approach Glorio, and work to get accurate info, which we will launder as to the source. This should insulate GLorio from repercussions of collecting illegal antiquities. Sheila understands that our relationship to glorio is fragile, and doesnt want us to harm that. She wants to maintain that relationship so that we can access those resources for the society later. THey are going to give us a bit of time to discuss, and come back to them. They are interested in out light touch. the meal is very nice. We’ll meet again in the lodge officially, to allow the resources to gather that info. They’ll give us more info before we approach glorio. They are willing to get the info the easy way (ask) or the hard way (have someone else steal copies) Everyone has had a nice meal, and there’s been some nice beers. After we get home, TIffreya spends the night (again)… We’re looking at trying to convince Glorio to increase his standing with the pathfinders by letting us sell info from the artifacts, with us insulating him from any repercussions as to the provenance.


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