The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

Meeting Jasper


Pait, Bonk, and Gozzar walk into the golden cup. Pait and Bonk head straight for the bar to get some gobling grinder beer. Gozzar sees Jasper in the corner, he’s dressed to blend into the crowd. Jasper is by the throwing log, so we can do our normal bar activities without attracting much attention. Jasper warns us that there’s problems with the item, and she’s after our families. Alive or dead. Gabby has raised two of Jaspers family members as undead. He’s going to head to riddleport, and deal with them. The recipient of the item was the wife of the mayor of magnimar. Lord Glorio may be able to get Gelid in with the mayor and his wife. He can’t say anything about the item, but he can identify it if we need to go get it. Jarra is going to get out of town, and head to riddleport with jasper. they will be leaving in 4 days. Jasper will be staying on board ship. Jasper pays for some rounds and takes off. Several bodyguards leave with him.


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