The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

Making the Drop in Korvosa


We are going to visit Pait’s relatives, drink a toast to them for their help getting us an excuse. Sunash makes the drop, while looking like he’s blessing a grave. We make the drop, and drink a couple kegs. We’re left alone, since Sunash can run interference. As we leave, Sunash and Gozzar notice that the drop has been collected. didn’t see who took it. Time for some r&r! Pait and Bonk are going to go on a bar crawl. Skeet is going to look for collectibles. Sunash is watching the cemetary. Bonk andPait actually stay out of trouble. Sunash goes on a patrol with the locals, they don’t find any undead. We need to head to the ship, it’ll be leaving mid-morning. As we’re headed back to the ship, we arrive at a crossroads, and… 3 things appear out of nowhere, and all the civillians scatter. the female human that appears points at us and orders “KILL THEM” 2 brown shaggy, horned, hoofed things 8 ft tall facing us. Sunash know that they are Daemons, ceustodaemon, NE, large outsiders, some spell-like abilities, and a breath weapon. the first one runs up and bites Pait, the second one puts slow on a bunch of us. Bonk smacks the biter with his glaive. It seems to have some DR. 6<dr><17>s shaving mug 0 Ioun stones pale blue +2 str (bonk) pink and green +2 cha (gozzar) scarlet blue – sphere +2 int (skeet) 2 incandescent blue +2 wis (sunash gelid) deep red sphere +2 dex (pait)


strahd1969 strahd1969

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