The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

Magnimar Happenings


26 Gozran, Early morning. It seems like we need to do some info gathering, to see who this delagation is, and what they’re up to. What has Gabby been up to. Gelid is going to check his informants, Sunash and Skeet are going to try for a meeting with Sabrina. Bonk and Pait are going to cruise the pubs to meet contacts. Upon our return to our traditional inn, Gelid is stopped by the inn keeper and handed a scroll case that is sealed with a wax seal with the signet ring/seal of Avery Slyeg. Pait and Bonk’s info: The Korvosan ship is carrying pickles, clothing, distilled spirits, and indentured servants. Gelid: The norgorber cult hq has brought in a bunch of people from up north. His dad-in-law Avery Slyeg has sent him a letter asking for him to set up a meeting with lord glorio. Dear Gelid, I hope that this finds you well and in good spirits. I have a a request for you. I would like for you to try to arragne a meeting with Lord Glorio Arcona and me to discuss business and perhaps a discussion of trade possiblities between Riddleport and Korvosa. I will come to him or if willing, meet him in Sandpoint if he is willing to do so. If you are albe to do this for me simply break the wax seal at the end of the letter and I will make arrangements for my arrival in Magnimar to be swift. To show you are working for me you will find a letter of rht emark from me certifying you to make these arrangements for the meeting. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Best regards, Avery Slyeg. Sunash and Skeet: There was an undead attack on the pharasmin temple, and something was left that we need to investigate. Sunash, This morning a large group of undead attacked the temple from within. We are not sure how they entered the temple. We are investigating that now. The threat was easily neutralized. However, there was something left behind that after looking at it, I think that your group needs to see it. Please come to the temple this evening. Bring all of your friends. Best Regards, Myrrhne Dakul Skeet: her family’s house was burned down, her oldest sister and younger brother were kidnapped. The stables, herbalist, some other homes, and the towns main temple were burned too. Skeet, My dearest daughter. we are doing ok under the circumstances. I wanted to write you this as I know that you are working hard making your way and that you have found some good friends. However, I have some bad news for you. Our family’s home in Whistledown has been burned down. The house was not a total loss. you mother was able to get most of the valuable things out before it burned too badly. Even more disturbing is the fact that your older sister and your youngest brother are missing. They were not in the house when it caught fire. Finally, about a dozen younger gnomes from other families in town went missing that same night. All were friends and they were hanging out on the north side of town that evening before the fires started. Noone has seen any of them since. I will update you as soon as I can with more news. I know you are busy with your friends. Please be careful. Mom. Pait’s meeting with Jarra: Gabby met Jarra on the street, and ‘invited’ her to coffee. She gladly recounted our exploits, and wanted Jarra to give us a message about Jasper being vulnerable, people know that we got something for him in Korvosa, they’re threatening Pait’s mom. Gabriella Varga stopped me in the central market today. She made it a point to tell me her name and introduce herself to me. I found that very odd. She then insisted that we have coffee at a nearby cafe. It was hard to refuse as three of her bodyguards made it clear that I had no choice. She gave me a rundown of all of your activities as of late including your adventure in Korvosa. What was most disturbing is that she seemed very happy about being able to tell me all of this. I was and am very disturbed by the fact that she was telling me all of this. The last thing she told me was that she wanted me to give you a message. The message is that: I am happy to see you all back in Magnimar. I hope you had fun in Korvosa. I know that there are several people very interested in what you acquired in the cemetary. I hope that Jasper has taken all of the necessary precautions and that he does not go by himself. All the best, Gabriella PS Tell Paitar that his mother is a lovely woman. We should check out the indentured servants, then look into skeet’s family. The servants look like they’re healthy, mix of races, they have some posessions, not really guarded too heavily. There’s half orcs, who look like gladiators. Follow along, get them some beers, and pump them for info. They are the Korvosan champions, here to challenge the local gladiators. They’ve fought the last 3 years in Korvosa. One was recruited, the other went into the family trade. Catching up with the other servants, they’re being treated well too, don’t seem to be in danger. At the Pharasmin temple, one of the acolytes meets us, takes us back to see the head priestess. There was a small attack of undead, when it was delt with, there was something that we would be interested in. She pulls out a bag, inside is RImmer’s very well preserved head. The head had been inside the ribcage of a giant skeleton. there was a spell in the norgorber ritual book that covered things like this. The head in the skeleton is the control, it gives direct control to the cleric that made the skeleton, and would have given the skeleton the ability to cast spells. The attack wasn’t very organized, there was an assortment of zombies and skeletons, a zombie lord, and the giant skeleton. They semingly teleported into the church. 1 Skeet’s Family Notes Youngest brother and oldest sister disappeared, along with several other young gnomes. Multiple fires around town, including my family home. Stables, herbalist shop, main temple, and 3 other homes.


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