The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

Loot from the Slavers


2x MW compoite longbows tuned to +3 str (kitty) 2x MW spears (kitty) sickle +1 acidic (kitty) 4x mw sickels (kitty) studded leather armor +2(kitty) 4x mw leather armor(kitty) 2x +1 agile brestplate (kitty) amulet of nat armor +2 (sunash) 3x spell books, (skeet) scroll, heal, min cl (divine) (sunash) scroll, cure serious wounds, min cl scroll, flame strike, min cl (divine) (sunash) wand, cmw, min cl, 15 charges (skeet) wand, burning hands, cl5, 25 charges (skeet) crooked pointed stick, wand of fireball, cl5, 20 charges. (gozzar) scroll of bless CL8 (sunash) 2x potion, epeditious retreat, cl1 (kitty) 2x vial of oil of magic weapon (1x bonk) (1x Pait) 4x thunderstones(skeet). 12 flasks of alch fire. (6x bonk) (6x Pait) 12 thunder stones (kitty) 12 sunrods (kitty) 12 flasks of drow poison (kitty) 3x glass flasks (kitty) book of norgorber rituals. (kitty) jewlery 10k gp of necklaces, tiaras, earrings, supeior quality. seems like it was looted from somewhere. (kitty) coins 3k gp of asst coins (kitty) 400gp (kitty) large obsidian 750gp (use as a focus for the shrine disruptor(foozle device)) med size emerald, unusual cut 5k gp (kitty) non-perishable food (kitty)


strahd1969 strahd1969

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