The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

Loot from the Brinewall Region


Stash and strongbox from the captain’s office giant 1: Signal Whistle #500gp great axe GIant’s cave: 3 small sacks #1 coins :1000cp, 2500 sp, 1000gp #2 clanky: maching set of jewelry; scepter*, crown, ring*, amulet* metamagic rod: selective, midrange -Gozzar amulet of proof against detection and location ring of spell knowledge type 2 -Gelid #3 gems: 50 gems all types total value 15k gp 2 small boxes: one is cedar, the other is walnut, and locked the unlocked one is not trapped 9 divider slots, 8 potions, 1 vial of either poison or antivenom the ring inside is strongly magical. looks like a ring of freedom of movement, It is a ring of freedom of movement. can’t be grappeled, move better under water, MW Mithril chain shirt 3 ingots of adamantium, enough to make 1 melee weap. #2 ingots of gold 3k gp each – party fund #1200gp of coinage #7x 500gp diamonds White Dragon Skull A militia’s worth of assorted tools and weapons. There’s some MW, silver, cold iron, and magical items mixed in with the mundane tools. ##### Everyone gets 2528gp, 57sp, 14cp + 1 500gp diamond


strahd1969 strahd1969

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