The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

Heading back to Riddleport


The date is Moonday, 19th Calistril, 4712 It’s about 10 AM, we’re on the road back to Riddleport, As we come around a bend in the road, Skeet sees several humanoid beings silouetted against the sun. Bipedal, cloaked, assorted heights, medium size. They’ve probably seen us, but aren’t speeding up, or acting squirrelly. None of them have their hoods up, 6 women. The four we can see up front all have bows and sickles ‘Sabrina’ has a mace and sickle. there are a couple religions that use sickles. Gozera, N-nature, no major deities. Norgorber favors a short sword. Gelid hails them, ‘Sabrina’ Replies. They are heading north to a small village. It’s too small to have a name. They came into riddleport a week ago, stayed a few days, and headed north. They’ve heard of the goblin grinders. Riddleport is as quiet as it gets, they haven’t seen any bandits or monsters on their way. They are on a job for the high priestes of Desna in Magnimar. Sabrina’s family name is Varga. She is very appaled by the news. She was headed to the village we just left. She was coming to see family, asks about Gabriella. She sees that Sunash is a Pharasma priest, is glad that he had checked on the burials. She isn’t aware of a Varga currently in Riddleport. She has a Niece Gabriella Varga. She is excommunicated from the family, and has gone down a bad path. Gelid just detected them as evil. Sabrina is pale. Her mannerisms don’t give any indication that she’s not truthful, or upset at what happened to her family. We ask her for any help to understand what is going on with the younger varga. She says that Gabriella was following a deity that was too distastful, ‘even for our family’ she isn’t too surprised about Norgorber, but thought that she might have been going even darker. Gabriella was suspected of being involved in the assasination of a Magnimar official. She asked about strange stone shrines, she wants to destroy them. We tell her that Gabriella created a powerful shrine outside sandpoint. She says that GAbriella and some friends build a Norgorber altar, and used animal sacrifices to raise a fairly weak undead. That’s what got her kicked out of the family. We tell her about Rimmer, Kyreen, and that Rimmer has been roaming, killing Vargas. Sabrina will help us try to warn the Riddleport goveror. She is not hopeful about redeeming Gabriella. Sabrina tells us that they had to burn the undead thing on the Norgorber altar to destroy it permanently. Sunash warns her about the Grave Knight’s strength. She would help us to stop Gabriella after she’s done her ‘task’. She has to go north of Brinewall to retrieve something for the head priest of Desna. Is this something pertaining to Norgorber? She eventually says that that’s what she’s after. We tell her that we’ve found papers linking her aunt to Norgorber. “DId you find it in a cedar chest, in a secret compartment? I wish you hadn’t found that, it means my aunt is the one that lead Gabriella down that path” She shows us an unholy symbol of Asmodeus, She hasn’t lied, would like us to turn over the book so she can take it to the priest of Desna. We can’t give up the book, but she can come with us to see that the book is handed over to the priest. She has to complete a job up north, but would meet us in Ridleport in 5 days to go on to Magnimar. We will meet her in a bar (one of the better ones) on the docks. Sunash and she agree to meet, she warns him not to give it to anyone. Bonk and Pait give them some cards, she likes the 2 knights spring ale. The rest of the trip is uneventful, takes 3 days to get back to riddleport. We meet 1 caravan on the way back, nothing unusual.


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