The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

Headed To Sea


Jasper Creezy comes back into town, looks us up specifically, buys some rounds and lets us know that we’re going to be leaving on 7 Gozeran. On arriving, finish loading cargo, rest a bit. Get to the crew quarters below. We leave port midday, head west, then southwest, going around the penninsula. Most of us are doing assorted jobs, Skeet is in the kitchen. 2 days out, 10 Gozran we round Sorshen’s Lighthouse, and are summoned to the captains cabin. He’s well off, the ship is in good repair, he has a large map table, and 6 extra chairs. Rum is served… He promised to tell us about the job, and now that we’re on the water and in his cabin, we can talk. We are headed to Korvosa. It’s Chellish, lots of asmodeus worship, one of the largest Pharasma temples in this part of the world. The wizard acadamy is one of the ‘best’ in the world. Jasper recruited us to do a job. One of his contacts has aquired and item, and he needs us to retrieve it from a dead drop. It is a gauntlet, in a leather bag, hidden in a cemetary. He can’t go to the cemetary because of an incident a year ago. He will have us leave a black velvet bag in it’s place. We also have to maintain the secrecy of the dropsite, don’t run into the groundskeepers. it is in the everyman ward of the cemetary, in the northeastern part. The western section of the cemetary is where the Pharasmin grand temple is, they’re the groundskeepers. The ship will be in Korvosa for 3 days, so we have a little bit of time. The reward for helping him will be ~ 2/3 of a crown royal bag of gems. all types and sizes. in the neghborhood of 30k gp. We’re willing to take the job, so it’s toast time! We dock in Korvosa on 15 Gozran, midday. unload cargo until early evening. now it’s time for shore leave! Jasper hands us the bag to swap at the drop. it’s light, tied and wired shut. weighs maybe a pund, several objects inside. He wants us back no later than 3 days. Walking into town, as we are leaving the docks, there are hellknight patrols, hellknight tariff collectors, they eye us as we head into the city. the ship docked at the far north end of town all the way across from the cemetary at the south. The town in on 3 islands, water almost completely surronds the city. the cemetary is segregated by class. just west of the cemetary is the temple the castle and administration is on the center island. The city ruler is King Eodred population ~ 20k, mostly human. the city is mostly lawful neutral, with lots of lawful evil residents. Lawfulness is a big deal here. Hellknights can’t be bought off for anything too serious. The temple to Pharasma is in the center of the seplchre district. high black marble walls, few windows. Sunash finds out that the cathedral has weathered several sieges by undead, without falling. several of them have ben inside, trying to get out, and the clerics had to form lines and force them back where they belonged. Lots of clergy. 300-500 staying in town, most in the dorms at the cathedral. Bishop Keppira d’Bear runs it. there is a special, heavily guarded crypt that houses the bodies of heros, and leaders. no rumors of recent intelligent undead. the cemetary is patrolled by 3 patrols of 5 during the day, 5 patrols of 5-10 at night. at night, two patrols walk the perimeter, the others walk the grounds, mostly around the cathedral and important tombs. any one area has an interval of 15-20 minutes between patrols. St Elika the Martyr, a Varisian, first Varisian to get citizenship in the chellish empire. She was a master harrow reader. she forsaw the great fire of korvosa, and died fighting the fire. the last time there was a major undead incident was 10 years ago. the area where the poorest are buried was the source for the majority of the uninteligent undead. that atack had a few zombie lord, wraiths, and wights, type intelligent undead in charge. several generals rose as intelligent undead, and organized an army, started by a couple necromancers. the last siege was 25 years ago, started by the cult of lamashtu. the drop is in the poor, but not destitute section of the cemetary. The mornig of the day after we arrived, we have gathered info, toured town and the cemetery. time to decide what we’re doing. Pait actually has a couple distant cousins in the cemetary, they aren’t buried close, but the drop is along the way.


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