The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

Headed back to Magnimar


We’re still a day out, Jasper calls us to his room to discuss things. He needs a day to finish his business with the item we retrieved in Korvosa. The day after, he’d like to meet us in the usual tavern. He’s buying. There’s a ship just docking, as we arrive in Magnimar. It’s flying Korvosa colors. Looks like a heavily armed mechant ship. The deckhands are all in nice uniforms. The ship is fully decked out in Korvosa heraldry. Black and very deep crimson, with a hippogriph on a tower. The town leadership has turned out to meet this ship. THe mayor is here, and Tem, and Gabby Varga. several armed guards at the bottom of the ramp. A very good lookig rep is walking down the ramp from the ship. His companion is a woman with black feathered wings. She’s probably some kind of devil… Gozzar knows that Korvosa’s ruler is King Eodred Arabasti II. The mayor greets the visitor, the winged woman says something, talks to Gabby, and they share the hug of very close friends. the five of them are escorted down the pier to a carriage. Slavery is illegal in Korvosa. We dock, and disembark. One of Bonk’s contacts calls him over to help port a box. “Did you get a good look at this show?” (did you realize who that was) “that was lord Glorio Arcona, not actually the king” He’s not in the court, and he’s the backstabby type. Doesn’t know who the woman is. This ship comes in every 6 months to renew trade docs. This lord does merchanting, and diplomacy. He does more trade, though. It’s unual that the king isn’t on this trip. Skeet remembers a devil called an Erine, that have black feathered wings.


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