The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

Gabby is Dead!


20.8k gp of coins & gems scroll, restoration scroll, dispell magic scroll, dimension door scroll, greater teleport potion, invisibility potion, gaseous form potion, CSW potion, CMW potion, delay poison potion, delay poison wand, CMW, 20 charges wand, invisibility, 15 charges wand, detect thoughts, 15 charges Gozzar cloak of protection +1 Gelid circlet of persuasion +1 Gozzar ring of protection +2 Gelid Cloak of resistance +2 Skeet amulet of natural armor +2 Skeet belt of mighty constitution +2 Pait headband of vast inteligence +2 Sunash Ring of Protection +2 Pait Belt of Giant strength +4 Bonk +4 headband of mental superiority. Sunash Amulet of natural armor +3 Gelid +1 chain shirt +1 Longbow Bonk +3 corrosive unholy heavy mace Sabrina +1 mithral chain shirt Pait Upgraded to +3 in 8 daysS Selling unclaimed gear, and trading stuf to armorer for upgrades, we each get 4000 gp


strahd1969 strahd1969

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