The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

During the dancing


28 Gozran, 4712 Skeet is going to work the room. Gelid approches Lord Glorio, gives him the gift, and introduces himself as an agent of Avery Slyeg. Glorio knows Avery, they agree to meet tomorrow. Glorio is no fan of Gabby, he thinks she’s uncouth. Uh, oh… Sabrina just entered. And she’s printing. Gelid intercepts her, and lets her know that Gabby might be in a bit of trouble, maybe even will disappear with the blessings of the authorities. Now talking to the mayor, and rubbing his position in the face of Gabby. He introduces Sabrina to the mayor. “Gabriella never said she had a sister” Gabby is super visibly pissed now. Sabrina has some info for the mayor, she knows who’s in charge of the slave trade. Gabby excuses herself and finds Tem. The mayor wants to have Tem here to discuss. The mayor figures that they know, but can’t prove, he wants to know who, even without proof. He figures that it’s someone here. Gelid tells him that it’s Gabby and Tem. The mayor believes him, is disapointed that it’d be them. The mayor is going to go after the slave trade. He’s worried about Gabby and Tifrea. It might be good to let Tifrea know who gabby worships. Gelid made a real good show of verbal sparring with Tem. Tiffrea was very interested in the exchange. It would be unusual for a cleric of asmodeus to do things like that. Sunash tells her that Gabby is serving Norgorber. Tiffrea believes him. Tiff wants to to speak to Gelid, she and Sabrina trade dance partners. TIffrea is interested in squashing traitors to her religion. Gelid has got Tiffrea interested in ending Gabby. Tiff returns to dancng with Sunash, and Gelid takes up with Sabrina again. Sabrina and her party are going to move into our inn. Gelid has to brag about how good the intrigue was. Skeet found out that very few of the people at the party approved of trading slaves. We probably could get most of the important people in town to back us. We have some documents that tie Gabby to Norgorber’s cult. We can’t tie her to the slavers strongly. Hey, Tifreya gave Gelid a coin at the party. It’s marked as Korvosa, and the other side is a badge that has some asmodean aspects, but other symbols, as well. it has a little bit of evocation magic on it. Gelid’s appointment with Glorio Lord Glorio would like to talk to Slyeg, he travels up to riddleport for trade, and would take us with him. We can’t go, because of local business. If we can send to slyeg, and he can come down, Glorio can wait for him to get here. On to Gabby, she’s a two-faced liar. She claims to be a cleric of Asmodeus, but actually follows Norgorber. Lord Glorio is glad for the warning, and that we would seek his approval before acting against her. Glorio would be interested in creating a formal relationship between us and Korvosa, after our bkusiness with Gabby is done. He wants us to know that he and Tiffreya are available to help. He’ll send her to help with Gabby, if we like. He’d be glad to help us get rid of a mutual problem. After talking to Tiff and Glorio, we decided that Gabby will be given a sacrifical knife, and a 6 hour head start to give her soul back to Asmodeus with it, before we come to send her to whatever reward she’s earned.


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