The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

Back in Riddleport


When we get back to our manor, the head butler tells us that the lord mayor was able to take some of his soldiers and go rescue the folks who’d walked off. They are still working on finding how the runes could have been applied to the doorsteps. Even our house had one on it. Haven’t been able to find out what the runes are about, yet. one of your pit fighter contacts tells you that Avery Sleeg was tlaking to all of thepit fighters and telling them to not work for or have any dealings with a one Gabriella Varga.. They are under the impression that she pissed him off for some reason. Gelid finds out that Varga left town 3 days ago, headed for Magnimar, one wagon had an unusual coldness about it. Bonk’s dockworker contacts are now supposed to charge 10x to load any cargo for Varga. The mass abduction hasn’t been widely publicised, most of the folks that were taken are afraid, and they were taken from the unorganized outskirts of town. Gozar hears from a fellow bard that there’s been strange lights in a cave north of town, about the direction that everyone was walking to. The cave is ~6 hr walk north of town. Our researching took us about a day, it’s now 25 Calistril, 4712, and we’re supposed to meet Sabrina in a bar down by the docks. Gozzar is going to send flowers to their inn. Let’s go to the bar round about happy hour. The Rank Harlot Tavern and Inn. Bonk and Pait are well known here, our beer has been selling well. The bartender is Frick, his twin brother, Frack, is the cook. 6’6" human, roundish, his brother is 5’5", about as round. He leans in to pass some info. You guys know a gabriella Varga? She has a relative named Sabrina? She made a reservation, mentioned that they’d be meeting you. He warns us about dealing with the Vargas. After some drinking, and axe-throwing, we notice… Sabrina Varga, and her attendants enter. Small talk, we go to a private room, fresh drinks. Sabrina gets Elven wine. She’s glad that we’d talk to her further, and we need to discuss how to get it to magnimar. Gelid wants to know why Desna would want the book, and would ask a family member, who is a priestess of a lawful evil deity to bring it. She seemed to expect the question, and concern. She has done work for the Desna church before, it is a family heirloom, it was still in the family, so they thought a family member could have taken it more discreetly. Gelid asks about the blood runes, and if her cousin could have anything to do with it. She doesn’t know about those runes, but she sketches out some similar runes, ‘command’, ‘withering’, ‘death’. She’s seen this before, it was put upon the door of her cousin Gabriella’s home. Would that be to affect a guest or occupant? Everyone who entered her home was invited verbally. It seems to be a magic trap. Gelid explains the magic that we dealt with. Sabrina doesn’t know anything directly, but it seems like the runes are connected. She might be able to identify the handwriting if she could examine one. Unfortunatly, they were defaced to stop the spell that was compelling people to walk out of town. We heard about a cave with strange lights north of town, it was similar to what we heard happened to Brinewall. She’s heard of Norgorber clerics doing rituals that produced blue light in the ritual circle. She’s never heard of that being connected to living people. It’s usually been for raising undead. Did you say Frost Giants in Brinewall? Never heard of Norgorber connected with frost giants. It certainly seems like Gabriella is connected, somehow. The conversation hits a lull, Sabrina’s attendant, Lisa comes in to tell her that a message has arrived for her. we get an in-game chance to replicate our meta-game conversation. ‘We think that it is terribly important to take this book to Magnimar, but we’d like to see what was going on in that cave, and what danger it poses the town. WIll you ladies come with us, on this task, as we will come with you on yours.’ “that’s well put, Gelid. And, we know your dedication to the town. I’d like to know what my cousin is up to in this region, and what she’s doing to the reputation of our family.” She’s willing to come with us to investigate the cave, since it is likely to take quite a bit of strength to fight Gabriella and RImmer. She has a task tomorrow in town, can we wait a day to go to the cave? We will leave the 27th for the cave. She has one more question. is GAbriella still in town? Our informants tell us that she left 3 days ago, with a wagon that was unusually cold. She’s heard that the area around grave knights often is cold. we’ll meet on the morning of the 27th, at the north gates. Pait confirms Gelid’s info on the Varga caravan, and finds another bar to distribute our beer through.


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