The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

After the dance party


After Tiffreya leaves, Skeet blocks 2 scrying attempts, not sure who sent them. Pait notices a small green winged thing hiding up in the ceiling beams. It’s a Quasit. It saw that Skeet saw it, and ‘popped’ away. Pait grabs a couple peanuts and tosses them up where it had been sitting. One bounces off empty air. “Skeet, blast it!” She’s going to use strangling hair. Her hair catches something, wraps it up, and starts to drag it down. Sunash tries to grab it. It tries to chew it’s way out of the hair, and breaks invisibility. It fails to escape, and gets madder. Skeet is going to intimidate. Gelid hits it with an interregation spell, confess. lots of pain and damage if it lies. “Who sent you?” The master sent me. recast confess on it. “what is your master’s public name?” “the master’s name is Tem, no let me go you bitch!” And it tears free. Sunash goes for a touch attack, as Bonk swings the glaive. The Quasit sneezes once, Bonk misses with the glaive and hits Sunash. Sunash gave it a head cold. It’s a glance, and the the glaive continues to the wall. Pait swats it with his shield, and sends it back to it’s home plane. One of Gelid’s contacts comes in with a scroll for him. It’s sealed from GLorio. Info came to him from a tail following Gabby, she left town hall @ 2am, 6 hours after she got there from leaving the party. We head to town hall, to warn the mayor about Gabby’s possible schenannigans. We get to a meeting room, the mayor comes in looking somber. The thanks us, he’d had a check done of the areas he’d be in, to make sure there weren’t any suprises. He thanks us. We’d like to check the places that she’d have access to. It seems like Tem and Gabby didn’t show up for work, today. He gives us permission to examine their offices. Let’s have Blarg take a peak through the windows, to make sure there aren’t any nasties. Gabby’s office is clean, normal stuff. No locked drawers, one has a lock, but is unlocked. Tems’s office is also clean, a little magic around the book shelves, some magic lights, fire traps and wiaaard locks on the file cabinets, There’s a few locked drawers in Tem’s desk Gelid opens the top one, the bottom drawer can’t be picked. There’s poison needles in the locks. There’s 3 sealed scrolls in the drawer, and some scroll cases Bonk works to pry the desk away from the drawer. Sunash hears a slight hiss, like gas escaping. Gelid drops a neutralize poison on it. Green gas dissipating. There was a gas trap on it. There was more than one trap, the gas bladder, and sometihng else, that we can’t id yet. we find a lockbox, and 4 books in the drawer. Nothing connecting to norgorber. 2 books have read bindings, 2 books have blue bindings, they are all the same size. The top red book: ledger written in a cipher, odd tallys, none of it makes sense. second red book: spell book. 1,2,3 level spells. 1st blue book: ledger in common. entries and notes for normal government budget, payroll, projects, mundane stuff. 2nd blue book: common, seems like a platt book, it’s full. Skeet notices a red book on the shelf, that looks similar to the red books. Pait gets it down for her. It’s identical to the other red books, it’s a ledger in common. It’s a ledger from another gov. office. There are signatures in it, not Tem’s. It seems to be a dock tax ledger. Gozzar detects secret doors, and sees something on the north bookshelf. There’s a book that seems to be a lever. The book is “Greed” Gozzar pulls it, the bottom shelf slides back and over, revealing a storage area. no magic evident in there. A sack, and a small lock box. What’s in the sack? Gelid doesn’t find traps on the box. it’s a mini chest, locked. Oak, iron bands, polished and engraved. Inset steel lock, ornately carved. no magic. Gelid finds 2 traps n the box lock, He disables them and picks the lock Open it up, 2 bags inside black velvet bag on top. top bag is heavy and jingly, 10k gp of mixed coins and gems, platinum, diamonds, rubies. disturbing the bottom bag causes Gelid to need a fort save. There’s a horrible smell, like a putrid body. Gelid gets the whole brunt of it. and is retching for 15 minutes. Gozzar will examine the bags, He happened to get it open, before he ran off to vomit. It’s a head, Ms. Yoshida’s head. In the drawer lockbox. A key ring an ornate dagger in a scabbard several scroll cases a flask of clear liquid. Mugen will cast speak with dead, and ask Yoshida’s head: what Tem and Gabby did to you? they didn’t do anything to me. did they betray you? the only betrayers are in this room now. who did you serve? my own self interest. When is the next slave auction? no answer. Who do you wish revenge upon? Where could we find evidence of Tem’s crimes? Look in the red ledger book. How can we decipher the book? Find someone who can read ancient cyclopean. What are they trying to hide? Gelid is going to try blood biography how was it shed: from behind, an assasin’s blade when was it shed: 2 months ago Sunash tucks the head into his gentle repose bag. We’ll go see the church of Desna to have an accountant look through the ledger with Gozzar’s translating glasses. Maybe we could go to Abadar’s temple, they’d certainly like to root out corruption in government. They are happy to help investigate corruption and cooked books. they’d be happy to do this, the cyclopean ciphered book will be a fun challenge. We head back to the inn, so we can id the magic items. We see smoke as we’re headed back to the inn. As we get on the street, there’s a fire brigade trying to put out the fire in our inn. Sunash has Bonk boost him up to the roof, and he starts to created water, that’s the thing that saves the inn. 2 hours to control it, and then put the fire out. The common room is toast, the first floor of rooms is wrecked. our room has smoke damage. The only things left of the main floor is the structural beams. We can save our stuff, and find a new inn. While we’re salvaging, we can id the items that we found. 6 scroll cases, wiz spells, all at min cast lvl fireball lightning bolt baleful polymorph darkvision teleport see invisibility. magic dagger: +2 keen flask is potion of cure crit wounds. As we were heading over to the new inn, one of Paits caravan contacts hands him anote from a woman dressed in robes, didn’t see her face. “She is now ours…Hope you had one last night of bliss.” Sounds like gabby kidnapped Jarra.


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