The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

Adventure notes: 0036 to 0078

0036 Continuing The Magnimar Intrigues
Gelid tries to get a meeting with Jaster. He succeeds. We’re going to have a meeting with Mr Frallind at a nicer tavern. Bonk and Pait will accompany him as bodyguards. Skeet and Sunash arrive in Magnimar, we wanted to have Skeet here to help with curses. Sunash has reservations about just killing him There has to be a cleverer way to get some revenge for Gelid’s girlfriend. Gozzar and Skeet are looking for cursed items. Sunash is in the tavern by himself. Pait and Bonk are with Gelid meeting Jaster. Jaster has heard of the Goblin Grinders. It’s been talked of quite a bit in the city’s upper class. After a nice dinner, they get to talking about Yoshida. Jaster thinks he’s getting too big for his own good. Gelid asks about if Jaster would be offended about us dressing him down. He’s pleased that we’d be polite enough to ask. Thinks Yoshida is boorish and crass, but not unuseful. wouldn’t be disappointed for Yoshida to leave Magnimar, won’t be an active participant in getting rid of him. Even though he doesn’t flaunt it, Yoshida does have a weakness. Law enforcement has been investigating him for dealing in gnome and halfling sex slaves. Jaster would like to prove it, and take him out. Talk to his bodyguard Yell. ####### Skeet’s adventures looking for cursed items. One of her contacts tells her about a vendor with an od item. It’s an open faced, helm, worked with fillagree, winged, has a rune on the back. He’s been told that it’s a helm of telepathy. The symbol is actually a combined male/female sign. It’s a helm of gender swap. He’d like 2k gp for it, Skeet’s trying to talk him down… 1500 gp he’ll even giftwrap it. Sunash thinks that he’s located the gnome trading market in the docks district. ######## Pait, Gelid, and Bonk are hanging out at the bar, waiting for Yell. He comes in looking pretty happy. He’s only got 6 months to work, he’d thought that there was still a couple years. How about getting this over with in weeks…? He’s interested in Gelid’s offer. Gelid is offering to get Yoshida ‘reassigned’ Yoshida has been involved in arranging too many bad situations for others. Yell would like to stop the business with the gnomes. He’d like to stop it, but can’t, because of his brother. He’d like to help us. He knows the next three dates locations for the market, his main contact is part of the city government. He knows that he, and his contact will be at the auction tomorrow. The next auction will be in 2 weeks. The government patron has helped him expand his drug business, she’s a human clerk, exceptionally well connected. Gabriella Varga. The sheriff has been trying to clamp down the slave trade, but Varga has been stymiing him. THe sheriff has questioned Yell and Yoshida multiple times. Yell doesn’t know about enemies of Varga. Doesn’t know if she’s going to be atending any of the sales. She lives in a small house in the capital district of the city (north end of town) Seems like having ’Yoshida’s’ guard be seen casing her house might be good. Maybe we can get some animosity stirred up between them. Let’s scope out the auction tomorrow, maybe track a slave, and set up to free them in exchange for info on the slave ring. 0

0037 Slave Auction
We can have Skeet cast message on Yell, so that he can give us the password, as we go in to the sale, have her pose as a slave, Gelid as a trader, and Bonk and Pait as guards. Sunash and Gozzar are going to split off, and scope out the outside of the building. Skeet gets a fancy new slave Leia outfit. Bonk and Pait get some spiffy bodyguard clothes. Gelid does a very good job disguising Skeet. We follow Yoshida and his guards, they get stopped at a checkpoint, Yell gets us the password. We get to the check, a quick pat down, give them the password, and we all go thru. We make it to the warehouse and use the password again. There’s a center show ring, Gelid gets an auction number and cataloge once we’re inside. The warehouse is 1/4 full of spectators. Lots of people in here, ~100 total ~30 that would be traders. There’s 10 lots on sale, not many in numbers, but high quality. 3 sex slaves, the rest skilled labor. Open bar and h’ours derves. Yoshida and his guards sit down at the table next to us shortly after we sit down. He looks through the catalog, and picks out his purchases. Skeet sees Varga in the crowd as she’s off getting Gelid a drink. Gelid sees that Varga is talking to one of the deputy sheriffs, so that’s how she’s protecting this operation. We haven’t recognized anyone else. The crowd has grown to ~200 people, and the days’ merchandise is brought out. They’re all dressed appropriately. The 3 sex slaves are all women, 2 look new, 1 looks experienced, but just playing along as she has to. Varga was looking over all the lots, most interested in one of the laborers. The skilled laborers are 500-1000gp The sex slaves are last, the new ones first. first sells for 100gp, second goes for 150gp, the last one is up, Yoshida and other customers are interested. starts at 50gp Gelid, yoshida, and 2 others are in a 4 way, Yoshida and Gelid are in a bidding war. Others are noticing Gelid and Yoshida bidding agressivly. Now Gelid and Yoshida are just playing chicken. Yoshida really wanted her, is kinda pissy that Gelid won her for 1600gp ###### Sunash and Gozzar: The slave trade seems to be using a ship in the harbor, the Peregrin. Sunash and Gozzar scope out the ship, and grab one of the sailors. ###### The woman that Gelid bought is named Adriana, origainally from corvosa. She’ll come with us back to base. Gelid drops his disguise, frees her, and asks her what she’d like to do. She’s interested in helping out with taking out the slavers. She’s interested in Calistriea. She wants to help us out. She’s been here in MAgnimar being traded for a while. She was last on the Peregrin, she knows 2 other ships that were big in the slave trade to corvosa. Bianca deSilva captains one of the ships andrew davvies captains the ‘crown prince’ the crown prince is a cheliaxian ship. Bonk and Pait are going to hang back and watch the inn doors. Yoshida’s other bodyguard shows up eventually, and Varga. They come separately. ask about us. Brute #1 is sitting near the door, watching the stairs, eyeballs the disgised Gelid as he comes down the stairs. Varga is also watching the stairs. The barkeep didn’t sell us out, he be solid. Bonk, Pait, and Gozzar have taken up positions, Varga comes over to talk to Gelid. Introduces herself, Gelid introduces himself as Throkmorton P. Ruddygore. Gozzar is menacing Thug #1 Varga warns about annoying Yoshida. SHe says that she only ocasionally attends sales. Only observes, doesn’t partake. She’ll send the password for the next event. She stands to leave, 2 people enter, are walking quickly to the main room as Varga makes to leave, Yoshida and Yael. He confronts Varga, demands to know why she’d talk to Gelid after G beat him at the auction. He looks like he’s got some liquid courage on board. Varga offers to walk him home. He makes to slap her, Gelid warns him off. He belts her in the face with a nasty smirk at Gelid. 0

0038 Fighting Yoshida at the Inn
Varga followed us back to our inn, talked breifly to Gelid, who was disguised. Yoshida walked in, drunk, looking for trouble. She warned him to go home, he bitch’d her. Time for justifiable homicide! Yael started the combat stunned by Gozzar, Yoshida is using a blue-tinged, poisoned dagger. (WoL?) Yael tries to grapple Yoshida, Yo dodges the attempt. Yael is either siding with us, or he’s trying to stop his boss from terminal stupidity. Put some serious hurt on him, he got Varga with the poisoned knife. He quit the fight when he saw 4 of the town guards coming in. THey want us to come to the station, for depositions. Yael turns on Yoshida, tells the guards that Yoshida was using a poisoned knife. Varga comes in and backs us up to the guards. The poison is not Waters of Lamashtu. Gozzar wants to question Yoshida right here and now, Pait has to talk him down. Gelid asks to see the sheriff. The sheriff is very interested in breaking the slave ring, and that there’s a deputy and Varga involved. We’re going to play Varga’s confidence, and try to get evidence on her. We will be deputized, and will help with the sting. Yoshida will serve some time for the poisoned dagger, if they can prove poison, but since he’s never been in official trouble, not much will stick. Gozzar wants to question Yoshida about Bard stuff The sheriff gives Gozzar permission to ask questions of Yoshida. Gozzar tells him that he knows about him selling Gnome slaves. Tries to take a swing at Yoshida. He misses, twice. Gozzar leaves. Bonk asks why Yoshida takes advantage of half-orcs. “He was indebted to me, I didn’t take advantage of him.” Bonk leaves after one final threat. Yael comes with us as we leave. Yoshida gets out on bail after a couple days. Yael thinks that he’ll try to stay with his routine, but will stick close to home while he’s down a guard. He’ll be replaced fairly quick. Gelid is going to send a fast rider to warn Yael’s brother. Yael can’t leave town before Yoshida’s trial in a week. We send a get-well card to Varga. She sends a message to Gelid the day before Yoshida gets out, to arrange a meet. She’s not seen Yoshida act like that before. She wants to thank us for helping the other night. She’s hopeing that Yo won’t be a problem for the next “event” He’s not an organizer, just a customer. She’s not completely opposed to eliminating him, he’s too much of a loose cannon. 0

0039 Jumped by Slavers
On our way back to the inn, after running errands, we notice a few folks trailing us. Two of them. They are trying to hide from us, and doing a decent job of it. Gelid goes to run down an alley, and gets jumped. They start off with some darkness. One of them is a Cleric of Norgorber (Greed, secrets, poison, murder). A couple are slavers. That was rough for Pait. After beating the cleric, the darkness dropped, and there’s two thugs standing dazed in the street. We stabilize the cleric, and capture the two dazed thugs. Waterboarding time. The two thugs want to know where their ‘mistress’ is. They don’t know anything useful, keep asking to see her. She’s not talkative, just glares at us. Gelid tries to intimidate, asks who sent her. She knows Gelid’s cover and actual id. “a mutual friend decided that we’ve outlived our usefulness, He decided to have us offed” She offs herself with poison in a hollow tooth. Loot: Unholy symbol of Norgorber MW chain maille MW scythe Three vials (2 unholy water, 1 bulls strength) (BS to Gelid) Three gems (750 gp) 2 tanglefoot bags (Pait and ?) 2 mw studded leather 2 mw guisarme (one for Bonk) 2 saps 4 vials of liquid (2 poison (drow), 2 clw) (poison to Gelid) (2 clw to Pait) odd coin (magic) feather token (whip) (say a command word, and it becomes a whip) (Gelid) 200gp 2 quarterstaves 2 saps 4 manacles 4 daggers 2 mw studded leather (1 for Pait) 150gp We’re locking the two thugs together. Selling off the unclaimed gear is 750 gp total 1850gp 0

0040 Following the Cultists
We convince them that their mistress got away, and that they’re free to go. Where will these two special snowflakes lead us? They go to Underbridge, on the east side of town. Go in a couple blocks, to a (for the area) reasonably good condition building, look around quick, and head in. It’s a row house structure. Let’s keep watch over this building for a while, maybe we can atach Yoshida to it. Let’s have Blarg and Mugin peek in the windows while pretending to be just doing bird stuff. Blarg sees Miss Varga in there, up on the second floor, with ~10 cultists. The cultists are super upset that the mistress is dead. “Game OVER, MAN!” “what do we do?” Varga: “Everyone needs to calm down, a new leader will be here soon from Sandpoint. Lay low here in this building untill he gets here.” We’re still staking out the building, hey, someone’s coming. It’s Mathias Podiker, and… Rimmer? The Rimmer doppleganger is walking very oddly. Kind of stiff, not really shuffling, but not like a living person. Sunash gets a very bad aura off of pesudo-Rimmer, deffinitely Evil. The real Rimmer was only conniving. Blarg gets back from running a message to the sheriff, we should have backup in 10-15 minutes. We got made, Bonk and Pait go for the meeting room on the second floor. We make our climb checks easily and get in, it’s empty, the hallway beyond is empty, two rooms open off it, and a stair headed down. is that smoke? teh room straight across is a bedroom, ransacked, four footlockjers, two bunk beds. the other room has three bunk beds, 6 lockers and a dresser, all open. nothing important in any of the rooms, random clothes laying around. HEad downstairs, don’t see the first landing, we smell smoke. Let’s clear the rooms on the first floor, and put out the fire before it gets out of hand. Something explodes as we hit the bottom step. The kitchen is on fire. Sunash gets in, creates water, and we put it out. There’s two more rooms on this floor that we haven’t checked. Some medical attention from Sunash, and let’s check those rooms. One’s a mess hall, the other’s a storage room. there’s a concealed stariway going down in the storeroom. 2 guards go tell the sheriff, 2 guards stay here, the rest of you with us. (6 guards with us) HEad for the basement. it’s a large room, with a shrine to Norgorber, and there’s a hole into the sewers. the hole is at a three way intersection of the sewer tunnels. doesn’t seem to be a way to see where they went. Bonk heads left. send 2 guards with him. Pait takes 2 guards and goes left. Search for 30 minutes, no traces of them. Skeet and Gelid are searching the basement. Gelid sees something next to the altar. There’s some parchment, looks like letters written in infernal, between the lead priestess and 2 people, Mathias Podeker. and P.R. The letters are warning them of the goblin grinders, describe us. There’s a letter from MAthias, about helping Yoshida with the slave trade. It’s a very recent letter, and indicates when, where and on what boat the next shipment of Gnomes should arrive. The sheriff arrives as Pait and Bonk get back, and as Gelid and Skeet finish perusing. It’s odd to see Mathias again, we’d arrainged for him to spend some time in jail for stealing official documents from the Mayor of Sandpoint. Oh DAMN IT! These guys are poisoners! Now we have to be suspicious of all the beers that we drink! The rest of the day is unevetful, Next day. Go about liquidating the gear that we took off the cultists and slavers that jumped us. Gelid gets word that Yoshida is drinking alone at a bar called the Gold Cup. MAybe we should go impress upon him that he’s pissing off a cult of murderous poisoners. 0

0041 Tracking Yoshida to the Gold Cup
It’s a nice place in the upper city, has an outdoor seating area, and indoor. We arrive at dusk, the lanterns are lit, but it is quite suspiciously empty. Especially for a very nice night like this. Blarg, go check the window. He sees yoshida at one table, and his bodyguard at another, no one else. Yoshida has a beer. looks calm and relaxed. His bodyguard has a longbow, kukri, and a spear on his table, doesn’t look so relaxed. No one tending the bar, or in the kitchen. Blarg looks in the kitchen, looks like it was abandoned quickly. As we enter, Yoshida stands, and greets us. He gets a bottle of wine, pours some for himself and us. doesn’t seem to be poisoned. He seems to be actually contrite about picking the fight with us. He thinks that we’re in tight with Varga, and that we have her help. Skeet see’s magic on Yo’s ring and belt (both necro), the guard’s weapons (transmutation), and something behind the bar (illusion). Gozzar is speaking plain, and threatening Yo. Yo wants to buy us off to stop the feud. Seems like he thinks Varga is the real danger, and that we are too dangerous to deal lightly. Yo goes to the kitchen to let us talk. He doesn’t know Gelid’s real name, seemingly. Keeps using Gelid’s covername of Throckmorton. Pait see’s through the illusion, it’s apale woman, standing very still, wearing a pendant. Can’t id the pendant. use message to tell everyone Gozzar goes to fill a mug with beer, and does a spit-take to try to ruin her day, he misses. She leaves for the kitchen. We’re going to take Yo’s offer, and demand that he leaves the slave trade, leaves Gelid’s girlfriend alone, and forgives Yael’s brother’s debt. We call Yo back in. He tells his guard to stay at the kitchen door. He’s surprised by the condition of Gelid’s girl, Yoshida is ok with releasing Yael and his brother, he is concerned about his (former) employer’s connection to this. He’s glad to have the advance warning to leave the slave trade. We’ll all agree to not fuck with eachother. Skeet sees Pseudo Rimmer is in the door!!! Yo is terrified, and runs away. Rimmer lowers his hood, and he’s partly decayed. He claims to be here to warn us to leave Varga alone. MAthias steps up behind him. HE’s got a whole crew. And they’ve got bows, and Norgorber priestesses. Rimmer had made a deal to be raised by Mathias. he wants us to leave bvarga alone, he’s stalling for time. He seems to have aspects of a ghoul, and some of a hekava. 0

0042 Reflections on Rimmer 0

0043 After meeting Bizarro Rimmer
The day after. At the Potbelly Tavern ~10am A man walks in and asks the barkeep for the goblin grinders. He’s Sgt. WIlliam Dakins of Sandpoint. Hands a sealed scrollcase to Skeet. “Goblin Grinders, I have news that I think is noteworthy to your group. The grave site of Prince Cullen Rimmer has been desecrated and the body has been removed. there are marks of a ritual being performed on the site. In addition, three other grave sites were desecrated and the bodies are not to be found. two of the three were convicted murderers. As I learn more I will be in contact. Please utilize Sargeant Dakins to send me a message back. He is my most trusted deputy. Also, somehow Mathias Podiker has escaped from jail. We found someone else in his cell wearing a magic item that changed his appearance. That is all for now. Please let me know any info you can help me with. Also, if you can give me a time line as to when you might be back in Sandpoint that would be appreciated. Sincerely, Sheriff Balor Hemlock. PS. Hope that this finds you well.” The desecrated sites are being reconsecrated by priests in Sandpoint right now. Sunash thinks he might have been a Grave Knight, Ghoul, or Hecava. He knows some weaknesses, doesn’t think any are destroyed by sunlight. Rimmer is capital-E Evil. Maybe we can use some of his relics to track him. Let’s do some looking into the cult of Norgorber. Let’s ask their neighbors, Not many people coming or going during the day, a bit at night. No ID’s. Quiet neighbors. From the sheriff: There have been some unexplained deaths in the underbridge, 2 looked like it was some kind of ritual, and the blood was drained, and 1 was garroted. Just a few months ago, the city guard shut down a thieves guild that had a shrine to Norgorber (greed and secrets). No other undead sightings or reports for a while. Nothing new in the house or sewer. The city engineer has a city sewer map The upper city sewer is larger, and is large enough to walk through. The lower city doesn’t have a sewer system that can be traversed. Sunash and Skeet are going to do an Augury Where is he now? What is he now? What is his weakness? We wnat to know if it’s the real rimmer come back evil, or just something wearing his body. The seance will be in one of the bar’s meeting rooms, Sunash and Skeet will be doing it, Gozzar will help, and the rest of us will add rememberances to help the spell, and provide security. “Remember the time when…” When we reminecse about when Rimmer epic failed at performing, and got lots of pitty money, a spot on upper magnimar begins to glow. When we begin to remember the annoying things, “Remember when he hid from the hell hound on top of the wagon…” Skeet and Sunash are starting to feel that Bizarro Rimmer is not actually Rimmer. It’s something that has his memories, but is just wearing a rimmer suit. It looks like it’s a thing that he had maybe invided in, and overstayed its welcome. It is likely to not be too concerned about the body that it’s wearing, so it won’t have RImmer’s weaknesses. The augury doesn’t give us any info about how to kill him. The slave boat is supposed to moor at the pier closest to the SE side of the underbridge, 1 block from the slave auction site. This auction site is an abondoned nightclub/tavern that’s been boarded up, just actross the street from the pier. At dawn tomorrow, we tool up for hunting monsters. 0

0044 Hunting Rimmers
In the nicer part of town, close-spaced brownstones, Pait notices a house that looks remarkabley like the cultists’ safehouse in the underbridge. But he was up too late drinking, so he can’t quite get why that’s important. Sunash, Skeet, and Gozzar notice 2 cloaked figures leave the house, and head north. Look like Mathias and Psudo Rimmer. Gelid detects them as evil. THey haven’t noticed us. Sunash and Gelid are going to tail them, as the rest of us follow at a distance. Skeet hits us with message. They’re not going too quick, until one of them turns suddenly and looks straight at Sunash. Sunash: Good Morning. The one looking at him pulls off his hood, it’s Mathias. Mathias: Good job finding us, goblin grinders. They’re 50 ft ahead, only moved about 1 house from where they started. Sunash: We’ve talked a lot the last few weeks, but do you think there’s money to be made in Magnimar. Mat: There’s always money to be made, it’s just about how. Mat: Rimmer and he had an agreement. Sunash: so where’s rimmer nowadays? The other figure looks like Psuedo Rimmer. The body had started to decay before it was preserved. it has steel gauntlets over its hands. the cloak mostly hides his body, but weapons and armor that Rimmer wouldn’t wear are printing through. Sunash tries a spell that Rimmer resists, but it sure would’ve been awesome if he’d failed his save. Rimmer goes first… He fights dirty, and gets away. the house that we almost burned down is Varga’s Sunash is blaming everything on the death knight rimmer. The guards show up shortly, we tell them about the undead fight, and they send word down to headquarters. Everyone is upset, or pretending to be upset (varga) about undead running around, especially in the upper part of the city. The sheriff is pretty sure that rimmer didn’t leave the city, since none of the gates saw him pass. Hmmmm, seems that Mr Yoshida has violated the truce. It might be time for him to be Ms Yoshida. 0

0045 So, Mr Yoshida…
So, do we transgender him, and sell him, or do we kill him, or do we do both. Maybe we transgender him, and give him a chance to unravel everything from the inside. We jump him at his tailor, take him to a secluded spot, and gender swap him. He is super pissed at being regendered. (some really bad puns) She goes after skeet, gozar slaps her down. Stabbity! Stabbity! Kill him, decapitate him, dump the head and body in 2 places. 0

0046 Now What?
Varga is undoubtedly watching. Do we need to clear out of town and get some xp? Maybe we can do some researching of Norgorber somewhere that we don’t have an active cult to deal with. Pait and Bonk are supposed to stay sober all week!? We’re going to be careful, travel in groups, etc. untill we can clear out. Everything goes ok the day after we off Yoshida. The day after that, there’s a chest waiting for us at the inn. It’s from Gelids girlfriend Cedar chest, iron banding, inside: 3 small sacks of coins 6000gp value very heavy small box, inside is a block of mithril, enough to make a medium piece of armor. -Gelid (3000gp and 3 weeks to fabricate it into a MW chain shirt.) another small sack: 12 diamonds 500gp each at the bottom, there’s 18 flask holders 6 alchemist fire, 6 alchemist ice, 6 cmw 1 each for Pait 2 fire for Skeet 1 CMW for Bonk 1 ice for Gozzar No thunderstones. 2000gp equivalent for each of us. Sunash is going to prep undead fighting kits for the town guards. 100gp per pack The 26th and 27th of erastus goes without incident one of Gelid’s contacts comes to him on the 28th, and Gozzar hears from contacts at the bards college. Talk in the Bard’s College is Rimmer had several contacts in the college but that only one is still alive and he was last known to be travelling to Korvosa and then to Absalom Skeet is going shopping She’s found a necklace that gives off a very nasty aura. The shopkeeper tells her it’s magic. It detects as conjuration. It looks like the crafter was trying to make a brooch of shielding, but made a necklace of arrow attraction. The shop isn’t a magic shop, but does have an occasional magic item. We have a super boring, uneventful trip back to Sandpoint. There’s a guard posted at Rimmer’s true grave. It looks like he was dug out by a third party, and the area feels unnaturally cold. Sunash sees that there was a circle drawn in the dirt, partially erased, and something burned. The guard says that the grave has been under constant guard since the incident, and there’s been no visitors since. THe guard here doesn’t know if there were caravans headed in or out of town when Rimmer would have been raised. Three other graves were also dug up and all three bodies missing. The three were murderers convicted decades ago. No ritual circles found near the murderers graves and the areas are not cold like Rimmer’s. Interestingly, all three murderers were executed on the same day and the date was the same day that Rimmer was killed. (Reminder he was killed on the 13th of Desnus). There were some odd folk that stayed at the inn, around that time, they left 3 days before the grave was discovered. They were all female, by themselves, kept to themselves. He hasn’t heard of Varga. Sunash thinks that the grave knight is tied to the armor, maybe the cult was trying to graft the thing onto the (potential) charisma of Rimmer. Sunash has found bits of metal in the circle. The blacksmith in town ids the metal as adamantium, it’s charred. The sheriff Balor Hemlock comes to welcome us as soon as we’re in town He tells us that the local priest found evidence of necromancy, and that he found a norgorber unholy symbol nearby. 1 day before they found the desecrated grave, a local homless guy was torn apart by something. The liver and heart were taken. He had seen the group of women go through town. One other person worth mentioning, a couple days after we left town, a… Varga woman visited for a few days. She met with the Podiker family. Not with Mathias directly, that he knows about. The Sheriff will be watching her contacts, and her, if she comes back. He and the mayor want the slave trade to stay out of Sandpoint. Pait talks to some caravaneers, one of them was on the caravan that the group of women traveled here and back to Magnimar. THey were odd, and he didn’t want to eat any of their food (smelled odd, he begged off), one of their wagons smelled like death. THe other thing was that they wanted to travel at night, they paid handsomly in diamonds and rubies. Far more that a trip like that should cost. They paid well enough to overcome the weird vibes. Gelids street contacts, they won’t sleep alone, they are all afraid, the women would go outside of town away from the graves, and do something, some kind of strange rituals they still are afraid of that place. We find a prominent ritual circle there, with a crude altar to norgober. It’s a real shrine to him. THere’s a humming as we approch, and it’s cold. the humming gets louder as we appoach. Sunash is concerned that there’s this much magic still active. Doing some looking around for footprints, it looks like there was only one person to ever enter the circle. 4 people walked through the area, only 3 left. on the other side of the shirine, there’s a pool of liquid, 1 ft in diameter. The shrine is built of rock and human body parts, the pool is the blood. The circle is still humming. There’s no scavengers… not even insects. Skeet thinks that there’s a sepia snake sigil and at least 1 fire trap spell protecting the circle. We may need to recruit some help to deal with this. 0

0047 Sandpoint Schenanigans
Sunash is going to try to do a spell to obliterate the evil artefacts. Sarenrae would be the goddess to look to for clerics or paladins to help with destroying the circle. So, what do we do now, go to look for knowledge on how to destroy Rimmer? And, how do we destroy this circle. Let’s also look into Varga’s background. Maybe we hop a boat, and go one big city closer to Absolom (Korvosa) That would be 4-5 day trip by boat. Usually, we’d have to go to Magnimar to get to Korvosa, but there’s a boat leaving from sandpoint in a few days. Past Korvosa there’s a Pathfinder lodge in Tameran, in Nermathas That area is lawful good. Well, let’s head for that tower that had owlbears guarding a treasure. That seems like a place to find loot, and get a level. It’s also on the way to Riddleport, where we might be able to do some research. Sunash still wants to head east, to Korvosa, to do that strengthening. Skeet feels like we should go north, that the owlbears are sitting on something important regarding rimmer. We can get 3 handy haversacks for 4500 total, Let’s head for the owlbear tower. HEaded for Galduria, pass some caravans on the road, no word of trouble. We head overland to the NW when the road turns east to Galduria. We make it to the churlwood without any random encounters or trouble… And are jumped by two owlbears on our first night camping in the woods. We got ’em but Bonk had a bad time of it. Owlbear Robes! We should be a day away from the map location for the owlbear protected treasure. 0

0048 Fogscar Mountain Owlbears
After dispatching the two owlbears that attacked us… Between the map and our woodscraft, we find an overgrown wagon trail. It leads to a very large clearing, with a ruind town, near the map marker for the tower we’re lo0king for. It’s overgrown too, with animal trails leading through it. Just as we start into the clearing from the trees, we see… An owlbear come into the clearing. He’s ~135 ft NW from us, walking away from us, out of sight behind a ruind building. The buildings don’t look like they were destroyed by the owlbears. There’s a bunch of trees growing up here, about a dozen buildings, look like they were built of stone. Look like they are dwarven built, and very old. We can’t see any signs of what happened to the villiage, until we deal with the owlbear(s). Let’s have Blarg go reconnoiter the town, make sure there’s only the one enemy before we start anything. There’s a partly intact building up to the north west end of town, Blarg can hear something moving in it. It’s a sleeping owlbear. It’s a small ~12×12 building. There are several trails in the clearing, one leading to the east, it looks like it’s heavily used. The ground is hard, and there isn’t much for fresh tracks. some claw marks from back when the ground was softer. THe building that Blarg told us about is a very well built structure, there was extra care and reinforcement for it. I don’t see any owlbear near it yet. Blarg says it’s still asleep, the other one is still eating. The game trails are all overgrown, it looks like nothing is coming or going but owlbears. Bonk trips, and the eating owlbear looks up… and starts toward him. It sees Gozzar, Sunash, and Skeet, and runs for them. The other one wakes, and runs to join the fight, it goes past Pait, as soon as it’s back is turned, he throws a flask of Alchemist fire at it. And it’s burning. Bonk got grappled, and we killed it just in time. The owlbear was eating a 20 point buck. And we can recover the rack. The building that the other owlbear was napping in had some adventurer bones in it. We find 500 Gp of assorted coins a couple diamonds MW light mace quiver of broken arrows, but there are 15 adamantine tips The second symbol on our rune marked weapons starts to spin. 0

0049 Owlbear Town Loot
500 gp, 500 cp, 5 diamonds (150gp each), 3 rubies (200 gp each), 2 black onyx (175 each), jeweled tiara (250 gp), platinum and topaz earrings (300gp), scroll case with 4 spells Pain strike w, ghostbane dirge I, Murderous command C, distracting cacophany B), potion of bull strength, potion of cats grace loot from owlbears 500gp, 500 cp 5 diamonds (150gp ea) 3 rubies (200gp ea) 2 black onyx (175 gp ea) jeweled tiara (250 gp) platinum and topaz earrings (300gp) scroll case Painstrike (w) ghostbane dirge (l), murderous command ©, distracting cacophany (b) potion of bull str, potions of cats grace 0

0050 Owlbear Town Searching
We find a trapdoor under one of the owlbear’s nests. There’s a shaft leading down, to a 5 ft passage headed south. Bonk goes in, good thing he can see in the dark, he may have spotted a trap trigger. Gelid looks at it, and it seems like a pit trap. The passage goes on a ways past the trap, and opens up into a room. Teh room is empty, and there are 2 doors. It’s a 10×10 room, both doors are oak and iron banded. There’s a lever on the wall, labeled “open” and “closed” in abyssal. the lever is pointed to “closed” Both doors have inset locks, and thumb latches. The room is nice and clean. Gelid pops the lock on the west door, and opens up a new room. There’s a pile of stuff in there. Seems like a pile of dirt and trash, theres rat paw prints in it. The door in here is another iron banded oak door. THe dirt pile has bits of paper and wood, scraps of rusted metal, doesn’t smell like rats. no magic on the pile or door. No lock on this door. THe door is 5 ft wide, 5 ft tall, opens to a similar dimension tunnel, 10 ft long, well constructed stone walls, it’ll be a squeeze, but possible to get through. Let’s look at the other door in that first room. No traps, Gelid pops the lock easily, Another narrow tunnel, this one is wider, and open at the other end. It opens into a 10×10 with an unlocked door. ANother small tunnel to another room, with a dais and altar? As bonk enters the room, he’s attacked twice, stabbed in the back with something big. It’s three big skeletal creatures. That combat should have set to yakkity saks. Nothing on the skeletons. Gelid notices an odd color stone in the wall by the altar. Check to see if it’s a trap! It shouldn’t be a trap, push the button. A gelatinous cube falls on Pait! Chop-chop-chop… Don’t chop Pait! There was a MW silver dagger in it a MW breastplate misc. coins worth 200gp In the cubby that opening set off the falling G cube. A small locked box. with a poisoned needle trap in the lock. 4″×4″ Gelid disarms and unlocks. A black velvet bag inside, it has something sphereoid inside. it’s a fist-sized ruby. ~5000gp Let’s take a nap… gelat cube mw silver dagger mw breastplate coin- 200gp 0

0051 More Exciting Times under Owlbear Town
After resting, we go to the narrow passage in the dirt pile room. Gelid checks the door, no traps, so let’s open it. It’s a cave. There’s something moving back there… As Gelid sneaks around, he finds a midden pile. Lot’s of small bones in it. There’s some fresh ones on top. He steps on some bones. And hears a screetch. It’s 2 great big bats. And THey Suck! And tanglefoot bags are the new thunderstones. There’s 6 or 7 humans in the bone and guano pile. ~1000gp of coins 3 sapphires 3 tanglfoot bags 6 thunderstones 2 alchemist fire set of MW thieves tools. Gozzar takes 1 each of alchemical weapons. There’s a 5ft tunnel at the far end of the cave, it’s a natural formed Gozzar does triple time to make us quicker. Gelid finds a tripwire across the tunnel. And a trapdoor in the ceiling. the tunnel opens into another cave. The floor is covered with trash, shredded paper and wood, dried grass and leaves. A small rat runs across the floor, normal sized. A passage continues north on the other side. Gelid sneaks into the room, and scares up some rats. No traps. The tunnel continues. Windy Windy Another cavern. And a bad smell. Smells like ghouls. Rotten dead flesh. Buffing, and continuing to the next room, it smells like the ghouls are in this next room. These are going down suspiciously easy. One of them slips on grease, and falls face-first onto a pre-placed flask of alchemist fire. The last one was sent to “go get help” Pait and Skeet hear armored footsteps from the hall to the south, It’s skeletal champions, The lead promptly gets glued to the floor, plugging the passage. And a gelatinous cube. 566 gp 3 MW Longsword MW heavy steel shield MW silver dagger MW cold iron longsword The smell of decaying flesh has returned while we were looting. Behind us. The run-away ghoul has returned! Sniker-snak! it’s sliced diced, and acid tenderized. But there’s a Crypt Thing creeping around, and it can turn invisible. Whatever it just tried to do was resisted by everyone with will saves. It has dr, but not against magic weapons! Finish it, and find a hidden passage, Sunash and Gelid hear something skitter. Another room, stalagmites, womething in the back looks artificial. Looks like a chest. And a beat-up coffin, with an open lid. It’s a large chest, good condition, walnut, brass hardware, it’s trapped on opening. Sacks inside, looks like it might have a false bottom. pop that open, 21 slots, 3×7 pattern, 6 small cherrywood boxs in them box #5 There’s a little platinum nub that releases the lid, inside is a thick wire band, not a ring, flattened area with very nice engraving of a shield. Sunash detects magic. The band glows, the boxes don’t. Skeet notices that there’s a groove in the bottom of the handle of her special runed mace. Each box has another band. The engravings: 2x swords 1x shield, 2 maces, 1x axe Skeet goes to snap one mace band to her mace. It expands and then fits itself to the haft, and the next rune focuses. (unlocks another +1 bonus equivalent ability) The sacks have 3500gp of coins 6 blue, 6 red gems, 50gp each. We make it back out ok, the wagon and horses are fine, no owlbears attacked. 0

0051-1 Owlberton Loot
Totals Coin: 5771 gp gem Gems: 4350 gp 1x 5000gp ruby for the kitty weapons: 15 adamantine arrowheads 3 MW Longsword 3×315gp MW light mace 305 2 MW silver dagger 322gp 1-Pait MW cold iron longsword -Pait Armor: MW breastplate 500gp MW heavy steel shield 320gp 2392 to kitty for arms armor scroll case with 4 spells Pain strike w, ghostbane dirge I, Murderous command C, distracting cacophany B), potion of bull strength, potion of cats grace 0

0052 Headed to Riddleport
We’re going to head north to Riddleport, to be in a decent sized town for researching Pseudo-RImmer, away from Varga. 0

0053 Nope, back to Sandpoint First
Magnimar has been very quiet Varga is still in place, and active in the slave trading. A merchant left for Korvosa with way too many overpaid guards. The Sheriff hasn’t seen anything going on, the cult has been laying really low. He’s going to write us It’s going to be 4 days till a ship leaves for Riddleport Pait is going to be making leather armor on the boat ride. Pait just makes the roll for the first week’s set armor. 0

0054 Off to Riddleport
We’ll be riding on a cargo ship The “Teeth of Araska” We are in room 7, hammocs, stowage for gear, our horses and wagon are below. Captain Treeg, Human (chellish) Retired from pirating, and now runs mostly legal cargo He’s sitting on deck playing a lute. educated and well spoken has maps out of the varision bay. Riddleport The current overlord of riddleport is gaston cromarke he runs the town with the ‘milita’ lots of trade to the north stops off there. most popular deity is callistria, followed by cayden First few days goes well, nice weather, We hit a storm going around Wynsong abbey Pait and Gelid are both seasick. The weather improves, and not sick anymore. The spotter sees something as we’re passing the fogscar mountains. To Arms! It looks like a giant squid coming for the boat. Doesn’t take long to get here, it’s trying to eat us, or mate with us. either one is unpleasant. Whiff whiff whiff\ Finally hit it with a crit, and dazed it. whiff, whiff, whiff And Bonk offs it! Let’s cut it up for supper! And Skeet has the frame for a new chair. Pait makes more armor. We’re staying off the coast so that we can just see the tops of the mountains to the east. Several days of good weather, and good fishing. the ship makes good progress. We’re asleep, and something wakes Pait and Gelid. There’s a slight bump on his head, the ship lurches like something has hit it. There’s a very large tentacled creature up near the bow, ramming the ship. An aboleth? Bonk is trying his best to chop off one of its tentacles. the aboleth spewed some nasty stuff on bonk Bonk finishes it with a block and tackle used as a flail. The aboleth gave bonk a disease that required him to keep his skin moist. We should be able to have someone on the boat remove the disease, if Sunash can’t do it. Level!! The rest of the trip is uneventful, and we get to riddleport on the 7th of Rova 0

0055 Riddleport
The current overlord has stabilized town quite a bit by hiring his own mercenary force. That’s actually made the town stable enough for business. The town is surprisingly clean for a rough town. Lots of scholars investigating the cyper gate. Different crime bosses control illicit buisiness in the city. Temples in town are Calistria and Cayden Calistia’s templeThe Silken Veil, run by Shorafa Pamodae, who’s the madam in charge of the ‘hospitality’ industry. Sunash found us an apartment in the basement of a brothel. Just north of the arena. Right next to a well. Cleeg Zincher is the boss who controls pit fighting. The black thing to the north east of town is the burial ground, since the town is built on a delta. Pait and Bonk are going to do some gladiating. The pit fights being public makes the organizer want to keep them clean and orderly. 25 gp to enter the fights. 500gp max bet. odds, Pait 50/1 Bonk 30/1 Bonk is set against a half orc, his final odds are 20/1 Pait is against a 6’6" 375lb guy, the odds are to 30/1 Pait gets a couple good hits in, in the unarmed round, the other guy gets one really good hit in, The dagger round goes well for Pait, cut the oponent’s throat. He really needed the ringside clerics. Bonk smacks the other half orc, and bites him pretty well. the other orc can’t hit him, but his bite is dynamite. Now for 2×4′s, bonk connects, the other guy still can only land a bite. Trading some serious damage. Bonk drops his club! Bonk gets dropped, but he’s a half orc, so he can still stay on his feet. To take a second confirmed critical in a row. Sunash will have to heal him up. The crowd really liked that fight. Skeet’s Hex-A-Gone shop the first few days she breaks some minor curses, then a guy comes in with a black metal bastard sword that he inherited from his father. It doesn’t seem to cause any actual damage to anything that he hits with it. This thing doesn’t just have a negative to it’s damage, and it’s definitly magical (necro and divination) (evil) It seems like it’s related to gauntlets of fumbling. And unwieldy. The guy wants to have the curses removed, his father has always had it, he never saw his dad actually use it. It’s a mw black adamantine sword, that’s exquisitly etched. (25000gp if the curses are broken) Skeet can break the curse for 5000gp in a few days, half of that as a non-refundable fee for trying. Agree to 4k, 2500 for trying, he prepays a couple of diamonds that look to be ~1000gp. Skeet is able to remove Unwieldy, it still has fumbling, and negative damage. Good thing Gelid helped Skeet with Calistria’s reroll ability. She removes the fumbling. And she fixes the negative bonus. after 3 days, it’s fixed for its owner. He’s going to try to find out where it came from for Skeet. He thanks and pays, the other 3k gp in platinum, and at the bottom of the bag, a gold ring. It is magical. RIng of protection +2. Over the next few days, she gets 1k more doing cursebreaking. Sunash treats some medical issues. He actually treats Cleeg, the pit fight operator. HE gives Sunash a pass for a private box at the arena. He also remembers Bonk, and says that he could make to the arena if he keeps fighting. Gelid’s new network of contacts is warning him that Varga comes to Riddleport every couple months, she was here a couple weeks ago to deal with the slave trade, and was talking to Avery Slyeg, one of the 8 crime lords, in charge of all smuggling, and moving contraband. Varga had a companion that was only with her at night, with glowing eyes. The lords each have a monopoly on their own business, and they don’t cut into eachother’s livelyhoods. Sleeg is handling shipments for Varga, coordinating her cargo moving into and out of the city’s docks. Caravan guards hang out in the bars just south of the east road into the city. The other road out of town is to the north. The inn they stay at is just north of the east road. No one that Pait recognizes the first night. Start hanging out with the locals, and building rapport. Bonk is working the docks, reciting poetry as he carries cargo. Skeet is treating curses. And hangovers. And Dragging home passed out Pait Pait finds a rolled up parchment scrap in his pocket when he wakes up. Written in Skald, “there’s a shipment of slaves comming from the north, bound for Magnimar in 2 days.” -Jara, xoxo In between the blackouts, one of the barmaids is Ulfan, named Jara, she kissed pait on the cheek sometime last night, and she was cutting Pait a deal on drinks. Pait, Skeet, and Bonk are talking, in our room and there’s a knock. It’s a female voice, here to see Pait. It’s Jara. She’s shorter, and more solidly built than Pait. Cute. She reminds Pait that one of the caravan leaders had been talking about a group of slaves comming in, and was displeased about that business coming through town. THe caravan leader was Vieri, a reliable, fair man. The customer that had commisioned that caravan was ‘Varga’ she has a regular, monthly shipment of slaves come through town. Jara knows lots of the caravan guards, and can help make contact with ones who’d help end the slavers. She invites Pait to her house the next night. 3 Lamashan Bonk has a job to load cargo, on the same night that the slave caravan is being loaded onto a ship. Gelid has a new, young (20) fling. Kirstyn Sleeg. She’s the rebelious daughter of a local rich family. Spends lots of cash, gets high, dateing guys like Gelid. He met her in one of the nicer taverns in town. She wants Gelid to meet daddy on the same night that the slave caravan is coming in. (4 Lamashan) Jara has a small shrine to Abadar in her house. She cooks a very nice dinner. She’s a friend of the sheriff of Sandpoint. A Grey Corsair ship entered port last night, maybe we can recruit them to attack the slave ship. After Pait’s date, on the 3rd, Sunash, Pait, and Rango are going to try to make contact with the grey corsairs. Bonk is going to help to load the slave boat, so he can provide info At the second bar, we find the captain and first mate of the grey corsairs. They’ve been here for a round or two. We buy them a round, “for good Andoran freedom fighters” They buy a round in turn. “And our friend may have a story for you” Skeet tells her story of being a slave in Varga’s market. The captain is Josper Creezy He is very interested in her story, and he’s visibly upset about her being a slave. She mentions Varga by name, he’s heard of her by name, but hasn’t had proof. “we’ve seen absolute proof of her consorting with undead, and creating undead, and paying for it by dealing in slaves.” “we took down one of her competitors, and freed some slaves.” “we’re too weak to attack directly, but have been trying to weaken her so that we can.” he’s glad that skeet is free, and doing better. He’s guessing that there’s something more than recounting skeet’s story. “we would like to inform them of the slave ship departing Riddleport, since we can’t attack it in port. However, if it never made it to Magnimar…” He’s interested in collecting evidence on Varga, and is going to hit the slave ship out at sea. The captain buys a couple more rounds, since he’s in a good mood from getting news of a satisfying target. He gives each of us a brass coin. It has a jolly roger on one side, and a seal of Andoran, and the Grey Corsairs on the other side. It’s an informant challenge coin. 4th Lamashan: Gozar is crafting, Gelid is visiting, Pait is seeing Jara at the caravaneer’s bar, Bonk has to be at the docks around 1 am to load slaves. Skeet is crafting potions and looking for witchy contacts. Gozar will go to a bard bar to swap stories at night, and see if there’s any info about varga among the bards. “you some information that Varga has visited in disguise previously. She was in the guise of a varisain gypsy and was travelling with a troop of gypsies 3 three months ago.” she was magically disguised. Pait is sitting in the bar that Jara works in, waiting for caravan guards, a group that looks just in off the road comes in @ 10:30, They’re complaining about “these trips” and “the smell from the wagons”, “at least she pays well”, “shut up!, you know she doesn’t like anyone talking about the job!” Jara doens’t get any more than Pait overhears, but she notes that they seem to dislike the job they just finished. Bonk has gotten back from work, the wagons are at the docks, and won’t be loaded untill 1am We’re going to go do a recon run at the docks. Bonk will distract the other dock workers. There’s 5 wagons, 4 are big enough to carry humanoid creatures, and are fully enclosed boxes, with doors on the back, one is smaller, but the same pattern. only 5 guards, they’re not being super alert. it’s the middle of town, and there’s dock workers around, so they’re not too worried. No vagrants around here, it’s like it’s been cleared. Blarg goes in for a flyby, the wagons reek of sewerage. These are definitly slave wagons. They are all unhitched from the teams, and are standing close together. Mugen and Blarg are going to tell the slaves that the Grey Corsairs are near. Sunash channels on the wagons, and heals up everyone. Bonk is going to look at the ship for smuggling compartments. The guards aren’t paying any attention to us, they don’t want to be around the stinky wagons. pit fights in pirate town Clegg Zincher – runs the pit fights and part of the criminal group of town. Shorafa Pamodae – priestess -of Calistria – runs the brothal. Avery Slyeg – another crimelord with an association with Varga and Rimmer. – head of smuggling 0 pit fights in piratetown bet 400gp on Pait at 30:1 Bet 250gp on myself at 30:1 info about Brinewall Adele Thomas After you return to Brinewall, and the townsfolk start clearing paths and cleaning up messes. Very soon after, many townsfolk seem uneasy and quite a number leave their homes and come to the fort. They are saying that there is witchcraft/sorcery afoot and they are relictant to go back. Captain Thedeus comes looking for you and asks that the group look at asomething that is odd. He shows you something on the threshold of every door in the fort. it is the faint remains of a symbol containing three runes that you do not remember seeing previously. It is the rune for command followed by the runes for walking and north. Captain Thedeus tells you about the ritual murder of a young woman about 4 months ago which he tells you was very strange because her body was unusally pale, like all of her blood had been drained. Further examination of her body revealed that there were six well placed cuts (all quite small but depp) on her body that were used to drain her of all her blood. (neck, wrists and groins).Not too long after that they caught who they thought was the murderer and she was tried, convicted, hanged and her body burned. Her name was Gabriella Varga. Her remains were not claimed and the ashes were scattered into the river. 0

0056 Riddleport
Scoping out the slave ship. Bonk is going to research the slave ship while he helps load. The ship is the ‘Flying Cloud’ 4 masts, 3 decks, 2 cargo hatches. The ship is very well maintained, and clean. It’s a quick cargo ship. There’s only a few crew, (2) looks like most are out at the bars. One up by the wheel, one near the bow. Human, stereotypical piratical crewmen. Carrying sabers. The Gray Corsairs are going to deal with them out at sea. Everyone but Bonk sneaks off, back to base. ~1am, 12 workers, including Bonk are going to hand push the wagons up ramps to the deck of the ship After getting the wagons on board, they open the forward hatch, and the hired work leaves the ship. the covers are sectioned, it takes at least 2 people to open, usually 3 or 4. Bonk co. are told to leave, and come back in an hour. They are supposed to put the hatch back, and roll the wagons off, which are much lighter now. Bonk sees down into the hold while reinstalling the hatch. There’s an open door to the forcastle room, several vry dirty humans inside, one of the crew is closing the door, and it is very well concealed from the outside. The door is locked. The crewman with the key is not the captain, but looks like a first mate. the upper half of his left ear is missing, that’s the only really distinguishing feature to describe him with. Bonk is paid off with 100PP and a 250gp emerald. Bonk catches everyone up, and we get some sleep. Over breakfast, the innkeeper comes up with a sealed envelope, and hands it to Gelid. “captain Creasey has sent this for you” It’s a short note to us, that the flying cloud is preparing to leave port, and that they’d apreciate any info we could give them. We send back a note with the info that we gathered. Gelid sees one of his informants enter the inn, he sneaks off to disguise himself as his street persona, Tubbs Localshop. The contact is at the bar, drinking a local brew, for local taverns. He lucked into meeting Gelid, he was going to go looking for him. Word on the street is that Varga and Rimmer are likely to be in town in two weeks. They usually stay at the drunken sailor, down by the docks. They usually rent one of the ‘better’ suites on the top floor. Gelid pays him to keep looking, and to bring word as soon as they are in town. Gelid goes to meet his girl toy. she runs up and sucks on his face. She brings him into the front parlor, and introduces him to mom and dad. Dad was wondering where Gelid was from. Gelid Schmoozes dad about business, and such. Gelid has impressed him, and is offered work. Scotch and Cigars to discuss the offer. He needs something transported down to sandpoint, it’s small, but needs to have a trusted escort. It’s 2500gp, and it fits in a pouch. Up to Gelid hot to get it there. He gives Gelid a pass to his private box at the big arena, to dicuss whether we all agree to protect the shipment. There’s no tells that this is a setup, he belives that he’s offering Gelid a real job. Gelid is seen out by his girl, and takes the long way home, no one follows him. Sunash is going to try his in to get Pait and Bonk into the grand arena fight. Cleeg remembers us, and can get us into a 2 on2 fight, show up at 6. Pait is going to make some Luchadore masks for Bonk and himself. Bonk’s looks like a sock monkey. (Skeet helped) They’re going to fight in the pits, to get some money, and get show Avery Sleeg that they can fight. Skeet goes with as the trainer, and has way too much fun oiling their muscles. As we enter, the 2 on 2, slayer Sock monkey vs the undefeated pair of local champions. There’s been some PR, Bonk Pait are only at 10/1 Gozzar offers to be ringside to perform the training montage. We have to use loaner weapons, but can keep our armor Sleeg shows Gelid and Skeet that the shipment is a delicately carved diamond egg. It’s for the mayor of Sandpoint Sleeg will pay 7k gp up front, 25000gp total for the job. We will be leaving in the fortnight (so we can avoid Varga) The first round is kinda quick, the second is long and satisfying. The odds have updated on PB, 15/1 We get to check out the other fighters, one is human, 6’6" looks strong. the other is a dwarf, and is as wide as Bonk, looks like he could pick up a cow. Time for the show. the final odds are 15/1 for PB. Pait and Bonk are having a run of Crits, really f’ing up the big guy. The Dwarf looks Nervous… The Dwarf cuts off Pait’s leg Then finishes him. Pait stabilizes, so he stays 2 Hp from dying permanently Bonk does in the dwarf with two big hits from the axe, and ends him with a mighty bite. Pait and Bonk go drinking with the previous champions, they’re really nice dudes. We hear after a few days that a ship has been sunk by the grey corsairs, for carrying slaves. The corsairs take the slaves to a safer place to go free. Skeet is going to do some serious research on rimmer. Pait is going to recover with Jara. Bonk is going to hang out with the other gladiators to see what the city is like for pit fighters. 0 frost giant treasure 3 gold ingots (3000gp) adamantium ingots (enough for 1 melee weapon) mithril chain shirt 1000 cp- give to the prisoners 2500 sp – give to the prisoners 1000gp – give to the prisoners gems – worth 15000gp sceptre, crown, ring, amulet unlocked – 9 slots – potions 9th – locked – box – glowing item- ring (freedom of mvmt) gems (7) each worth 500gp 0 Frik and Frak FRik 6’6" , shaped like a globe Frak 5’5", also shaped like a globe carry the good stuff goblin grinder ale at the Rank Harlot 0

0057 Leaving Riddleport
Some of us kinda recognize one of the crewmembers, but can’t quite place her. Not Varga, though. Pait eventually notices that she’s Jara… Once she sees that Pait has figured out, she motions to keep quiet. Jara signs on to this ship to get to magnimar to meet contacts. The first few days are uneventful, late in the afternoon we hear a commotion on deck. As we get up on dek, sailors are running around, “looks like a giant squid off to starboard!” And, the sullivan brothers show up, apparently. the squid just crushed one of the sailors, and is dragging two more to its mouth. and now there’s an abboleth… But, Bonk offs the squid! ANd the abboleth submerges, the coward! It comes back, and breaks through the hull. It pulls itself inside. We kill it, and use the squid to plug the hole. we make it back to Sandpoint without any more random encounters. after 4 days. It’s early evening when we arrive, and we’re going to deliver the shipment immediately. Paid 500pp from the mayor of sandpoint. Several graves were desecrated while we were gone (the last few days). all were executed criminals. Varga made a stop in Sandpoint while we were gone. was here 1 day. stayed overnight in the inn, then left, didn’t see her meet with anyone. THis was just before the graves were desecrated. Lets go look at the evil shrine. It looks like someone’s been there recently. it has been bolstered. We can’t find any tracks around the outside. THey’ve degraded, or been eliminated. There’s a figure (some kind of undead) inside the shrine, Sunash can’t see it clearly, it seems to be confined. As we’re trying to figure out how to set up the consecrate, the whatever appears. It looks like a shredded RImmer, shrieking at us. Then it disappears. Everyone who doesn’t make their save is paralyzed with fear for a minute. After the creature disappears, a piece of parchment appears on the ground in front of Skeet. cliffhanger 0 

0058 The Parchment
It has taken all of my force of will to bring this into existance. Please forgive my outward demeaner, they keep me in here by forcing out the rage inside of not being able to move on to be with my goddess. I was sacrificed here in order to raise the abomination that is currently in this part of Varisia. In my previous life I was called Kyrene Poussou, a cleric of Iomedae. They needed someone pure of heart in order to bring that thing into the world. In order to destroy the undead beast, you must ultimately release me so that I may go on to the afterlife with Iomedae. First, however, you must also have the armor of that thing in this place and destroy it on the altar and consecrate/hallow this ground. This will not be easy, and will require you to be more powerful than you curently are. In the mean time, you must fight to keep it in check, and do anything in your power to thwart their plans. THe last thing I can help you with is the following, look to the north about 100 yards, there you will find my belongings. Hopefully, they might aid you in your endeavours. May Iomedae bless you all. Kyrene 0 

0059 Kyrene’s Possessions
We find a bundle in the roots of a large old tree north of the clearing. Handy Haversack boots, cloak, bracers, 3 tokens, body wrap, belt headband, ring, leather pouch, pair of hexagonal lenses glasses. Headband of mental prowess (int, wis +2) >Skeet Belt of incredible dexterity +2 209 UE >Paitir Cassock of the Clergy 214 UE >Sunash Boots of the cat 229 UE >Gelid Cloak of resistance +3 >Bonk spellguard bracers 275 UE >Sunash lenses of detection 226 UE >Gelid/Rango Three bird feather tokens (messenger pigeons) >Gelid folding boat >Bonk handy haversack >Sunash grave salt (10 doses) >Skeet ring of force shield >Sunash 0

0060 Unpleasant surprises
Let’s trap the shit out of Varga’s little shrine, Glyph on the trail, and another on the altar, one is fire, the other acid. Stretch some snare line across the trail, in front of some punji sticks. Set some thunderstone traps. That took most of the afternoon. 0

0061 Sandpoint buisiness
Gavin Deverrin, retired paladin, is the owner of the 2 knights brewery. His brother was killed a while back by the chopper, Pait and Bonk are going to talk some business over a nice mead. The brewery building would be ~12000 gp, the whole business would be ~25000gp he wants to be open about the deal, there’s no debts, some needed maintenance, some inventory, he buys locally for ingredients, casks, and such. He invites us to look around. The building is in decent shape, the roof needs to be redone, the fermentors are good, the filling area is clean and maintained, The samples of the various brews are good, a couple really bad, most average, and a few really good. The two bad ones were a kind of light pilsner type. everything is in decent shape, he could use some more workers to help out. He’s been considering starting a still, and making more hard stuff, but hasn’t had the cash for it. Local farmers have been selling their grain to Magnimar, so he could buy that feedstock. 2 knights brewery does ship a good amount of product around, and has a good rep. He’s been good at records, and is making money. He makes 2000gp/month profit. Bonk is going to buy 20%, Pait will buy 10% Later that day, the paperwork is delivered to our inn. It’s the normal partnership agreement, states the shares, etc. There will be a new brew named after the goblin grinders. Gavin will deposit our dividends into the Sandpoint ‘bank’ Lets meet up with the sheriff of Sandpoint, desecrated graves, The Gray Corsairs landed in Sandpoint, and then took the freed slaves that needed to go further south, some of the freedmen went north with wagons and guard funded by the Corsairs. They brought in the Slave ship captain, and he’s strung up by his thumbs in the sandpoint city jail. 0

0062 The strange woman at Norgorber’s shrine
21 Lamashan 4711 Eleze She appeared unconcious at the evil shrine, with a symbol of Norgorber around her neck. We recognized her as one of Varga’s Ladies in Waiting She tripped the acid and fire glyphs, and one of the thunderstone traps. She only had her holy symbol and spell components with her, no weapons or gear. Even after magical healing, she’ll be disfigured, with scars on her face and chest. 0

0063 Intrigues around Eleze
We’re going to disappear Eleze to riddleport, she’ll be in suspended animation, and tucked into a bag of repose. We’ll stash her in the temple of Desna, they’ll probably feel like helping. We’re going to use Mugin as an intermidiary, to insulate the Sheriff from possible repercussions. He’ll carry a note, that we’ll say is a confession from her, and that she ran off into the the wilds, never to be seen again. He wants to hear the rest of the story from us. He figured that we were the ones to trap the shrine, he agrees that us taking the handmaiden is for the best. He doesn’t like Varga, she was nasty to him last time she was there. The town is probably safer with Eleze gone, and taking the blame. 0

0064 Riddleport
We’re going to go collect payment, and Gellid and Sunash will take the priestess to the temple. Sleeg is glad to hear back from us, and that the job had gotten done so quickly. He hands over a bag with the rest of the payment, and a bonus. The pouch contains an extra 3000 gp the total for this, and the pre-pay is 28000gp The high priest of Desna in Riddleport is very upset that one of their clerics is being held as a captive. Kyrene went missing 6 months ago on her way to Korvosa We tell them what she’d told us, and show them the gear that she’d given us, and ask for help dealing with Varga. They’d be glad to keep hold of the Norgorber priestess for us. Sunash can find another who can maintain the suspension spell. They have a masoleum where they can stash her, but it will take a few days to prep. We will have about a month of downtime, crafters get crafty! 0

0065 Riddleport after the timeskip
We got the first shipment of beer from 2 knights! There’s 2 kegs to give feedback on for the Goblin Grinder Ale! And, our dividends are waiting in Sandpoint. Skeet is going to sell the wand of erase for Gozzar, she finds a female adventurer to buy it, and they make 3000 gp over what he spent to make it. Skeet earns 1500 gp running her shop, Bonk and Pait come out 2000 gp ahead each from fighting in the pits. Bonk gets 200gp from 2K dividend, Pait gets 100gp, Bonk gets 200 from the dock union 0

0066 Festival of the Seven Veils
the 23rd of Neth is also the Festival called the Seven Veils that is a celebration ofthe brother hood of all races and is marked by interracial masquerade balls. We are invited to the annual ball at the Sleegs’ Each boss is putting on their own party The bosses all make appearances at each party. The mayor goes to each boss party, he doesn’t throw one himself. The invites are very nice, and personally signed. We are all going to attend. It’s very highbrow, there’s an announcer introducing us. Bonk and Pait are impressed to see Octoberfest from 2K on tap. It’s been a while since anyone new arrived, we’ve mingled, and gotten back into a group. Gabriella Varga arrives with the Lord Mayor… and their retinue. She has a chat with Sleeg, Skeet is going to go get a few morsels from one of the tables, near where they are talking, since Varga would be unlikely to recognize her. Skeet bumps into Varga while over there, Varga is pissed, but doesn’t seem to recognize her. She is asking for room to move cargo on a ship leaving Riddleport for the south. He lists several ships over the next few weeks, asks her to send paperwork to make a contract. She’s staying at one of the better inns in town. Varga is in conversation with others, and seems to not be paying any more attention to Skeet. Varga wanted space for about 2 wagons of cargo. How about if we get Gelid to offer to run the message, so we can read it, and Skeet can disguise herself to make the delivery. The mayor is walking and talking, he sees Pait.. I remember you! You two put on an epic fight! I lost my shirt, but enjoyed it nontheless! He intends to be at our next fight, and sounds like he’s going to be betting on us next time. He is looking for some good folk for bodyguard jobs in the future. We give him contact info, He’s thinking that he’ll need us several times in the next few weeks. Not too long after the mayor, Varga comes up to say hi. She noticed Gelid. She makes nicey nice, and implies that we’re only safe far away from magnimar, and uninvolved in her business. Sunash checks that she’s not undead. Very much alive. Lets let her get taken off to other parties with the mayor. The rest of the evening is very good. Bonk and Pait make sure Sleeg needs to restock from 2K Each boss does make their appearance. Sleeg makes several trips out to visit the other paries. Gelid also makes several short excursions, and comes back disheveled. ******* Pait is going to check with the local caravan guards for how Varga arrived, and what cargo she’s moved. Bonk is going to check with the dock union. Varga came in on a ship the morning of the festival. There have been several caravans connected to Varga recently, no slaves in them. There’s a large group (30) contracted to go out in a couple weeks. leave 8, Kuthona, come back 18 Kuthona, leaving and coming back by land. THey are headed back north. One of the guards says they are going all the way up north of the kodar mountains up in Irrisen, to Hoarwood. They are taking trade goods up: food, beer, armor, weapons, etc. Varga has preferred to trade in gnomes and halflings, last time had humans, (but those were unusual) The only date that skeet caught for shipping was the 23th of Kuthona, 8 days after the caravan was due back. Sunash knows that Irrisen is ruled by WInter WItches. Albino people, general nastiness. There are some trading stops along the lurkwood, the first is about 2.5 days away. We can contact the gray corsairs, maybe tip them off. Can we put together a trading caravan to the next town out, so that we can watch for the caravan coming back. Bonk’s union guys told him that the cargo hold with Varga’s cargo was unusually cold. and, she probably wasn’t moving ice for beverages. Does Jara know what might be coming down from Irrisen? She says that the last time that a caravan went to Irresen was 9 months ago, they came back faster than anticipated, there were a bunch of big fights along the border, “walking huts” they thought that Baba Yaga had come back to install a new queen, but something had gone wierd. They didn’t stay long after the hut encounters. The last caravan was a regular merchant, going to Irresen, then back south to Korvosa. Sunash is going to send a message to the Sheriff of Sandpoint and Magnimar. Bonk and Pait will send buisiness info for 2K, so that the runer has a second alibi. Skeet and Gozzar will make contact with the Gray Corsairs. She meets with some crew members, and gets them to summon captain Jasper. Skeet buys them a bottle that’s better than what they’re drinking now. The oldest one is curious, there’s a giant guy and a gnome, and the gnome is acting in charge. What can we do for you, little one? She shows the challenge coin as she sits down. Gozzar shows his coin, the sailor responds with his own. The sailors know that they’re friends of Captain Creezy. Skeet warns them that Varga is going to be bringing cargo through town next month, since she’s a slaver, we think they’d be interested in the cargo. She has had some strange, possibly magical cargo, we don’t want to send you in without knowledge. Captain Creezy is down south, but they have other resources, can you meet on the 29th? Gozzar: a toast to all our reputations. They will meet in a different bar next time. Pait will talk about how easy caravan guarding is to the south, to see if he can get guys to brag about going north. Few caravans go to Irisen. There are forts and towns along the south of the Kodar mountains, Caravans also go west They talk about bands of orcs or hobgoblins, and the occasional hill giant. Varga’s cargo was dispersed throughout town. Skeet has made friends with some of the local street folks. One little girl tells her that she saw a guy walking down the street, radiated cold. (undead rimmer) (25 Neth) Gelid’s contacts tell him that homelss folks have been killed, one per night, from lack of blood. The temple of Desna has been caring for the bodies. Burying them in the commoners’ area. Sunash wants to see the bodies, the first two have shown no sign of rising, he makes a show of preparing the third for burial, and the goblin grinders bury it. no residual magic, the victim was 0 lvl, had no chance to fight back. male, mid 40’s, multiple wounds, groin, each bicep, each side of the neck, knife cuts, not bites. One body was found near the SE end of the docks, (23) the other was found near the pit fights (24), the last was found on the far north side of town (25) the locations seem like dump sights, not where the cutting took place. The victims (woman, man in early 20’s) none frequented the same areas, they were dumped near their usual ranges. no one saw them taken, or dumped. 0

0067 A new house in Riddleport
Sunash got a house for us to use, it’s cheap cause it’s haunted, and right next to the graveyard. It’s been abandoned for 3 years, it was cleaned out 2 years ago. It gets cleaned out, and shortly after, it’ll be infested with low level undead again. And, there’s a ghost on the second floor that can’t be dispelled. There are several double door entrances, 2 stories in the main section, 1 storie in the wings, The exterior is in good shape, the doors are solid. The architecture implies that the first owner worshiped Desna. There are holy symbols carved into the door. THe walls are stone, very fine construction, Dwarven. The windows are boarded, so we can’t peek in. There’s no graffiti, or damage. The lock is nice and smooth. Let’s pull the boards off the windows, so we can see once we’re inside. The windows are all nice. We can’t see much inside from out here. some messy rooms, broken furniture. Abandonment. Let’s check the outbuilding too. No traps on it, there’s a chair table, bed, bookcase. all in good condition. bookcase is empty, bed is stripped. no magic in here. Check the back door, no traps, let’s go in. Click Hallway with debris. there’s a dining room to the side, with debris, and a solid, but hacked-up table. Mice running about. Let’s check the west wing. seems to be a kitchen. woodstove in the corner, cupboards pushed in front of the door, one is open, the other is locked and trapped. Gelid is going to check it, we don’t have a key for it. Boom! Inside is a very nice, and intact, 20 place set of china. Go into the next hallway, there’s a pentagram, and a figure of a woman with long blonde hair. Translucent and ghostly. Bonk and Gozzar loose control of their bladders and run. Gelid makes his save, notices that she’s been cut up, she screams and flys upstairs. Sunash figures that she was murdered by someone, but the ghost is evil. The damage is varied. footprints in the dust, but no recent ones. southwest room. family room, chairs, couches, toys. destroyed easle and paints. some stuff is rodent chewed, some things look smashed against walls or floor, chopped with weapons. south east room: parlor, ruined furnature. northeast: Sunash gets shot with several arrows when he opens the door! THe skeletons can’t do much, but there’s a lot of them. Bonk mashes one, Pait de-bones another. After the fight, Skeet and Sunash notice a pattern traced in the dust. There’s something on the wall, a worn board on the wainscoat. It opens a secret door, the southeast floor stone drops down and slides north. There’s a ladder down into a hole. Drop a light, it goes down 30 ft. There’s bookcases in here, we unblock the exterior door, and push one over the secret door. This used to be a library, but there’s not much left here. no magic. We go up the west stairs, it’s clean up here. Sunash can detect that there’s something undead in the room to the east. THe room is the master suite, it hasn’t been wrecked, but everything is streaked with dark brown spatters. The ghost is in here, and shrieks when the door opens. We beat the ghost, Gozzar thinks she isn’t gone for good, only for a while. We riffle through the desk, find some parchment, under the mattress, we find a locked journal. the SE bedpost is hollow, the top comes off. Gelid opens it, inside… a scroll case, and a pouch containing a signet ring, ruby earrings, ruby and diamond necklace. the necklace is evocation magic. three of the rubies are parts of a fireball necklace. we don’t recognise the signet, it could be a previous owner’s. it seems familiar, but we can’t place it. there’s one sheet of parchment in the scroll case. CL7 lightning bolt. The key ring that Sunash got doesn’t have a key for the journal. Hey, what’s that noise? It sounds like metal jangling, and booted footsteps. Sunash can sense 9 undead somethings coming up the east stairs. Around the corner comes… skeletal champions. Oh, they’re coming up the other way too. Smashy smashy, it’s going ok. Oh SHIT! What the hell is that! It’s a crypth thing? It teleported Pait and Gozzar out of the house, and dropped us. That took a bit, and Skeet is a bad-ass! MW breastplates Open up the northwest room, It’s a fairly well preserved bedroom, no dust, no broken furnature, it looks like it’s been searched before. Northeast room, bedroom, doesn’t look like it’s been searched, no magic. West room, small bedroom, bed and footlocker. the footlocker has an evocation magic trap on the lock. Sunash has a key that looks like it’ll work. 2 sacks inside, coins in one, the other is lumpy. gems and jewlery, 2 magic daggers. +1 cold iron silver dagger, the other is cold iron, can’t id it. THe east room, bed and bookcase, mundane books. We’re thinking of going to count treasure, and reseach the book that we found. Sunash checked the door to the basement, the bookcase has been slid back to its original location, and the door is open. you find that there are 13 sets of footprints in the dust that came out of the hole. in addition there is a set of tracks that you find the entered the house from the front door. the footprints from the front door went into the room with the hole. then they left with the other four sets of footprints. the footprints entering the house are interesting in that they have an unusual gait. similar to a certain undead rimmer you know. 0

0068 Helena
The ghost is Helena Wallace. She lost 2 suitors to murder, and she and her mother were murdered 15 years ago. The haunting started 2 years after she was murdered, and the house has been uninhabited the since. Her most prized posessions were stolen a couple years before she was murdered. We’re going to try to speak to dead, with the bodies of the suitors (Ailistair Sleeg is in a mausoleum, the other guy is buried) We can also find Helena and her parents’ bodies in a mausoleum. Skeet is going to try to use augury to try to locate the body of Helena, to make sure that she’s in the grave we think she’s in. Skeet is hearing that her body is in a small, damp, dark place. Doesn’t sound like the nice, dry pleasant mausoleum. In the Wallace mausoleum, there are 3 sarchophagi. It’s easy to tell which is which. open up Helena’s, there’s remnants of a pine box, contaning a body, with the skull and jaw intact. Cast speak with dead Who were you in life? I was called Abigale. Who killed you? No one. How did you know Helena Wallace? I was her dressmaid. Sunash leaves a note to anyone else that this isn’t Helena, and may want to be buried elsewhere. Go to the mother, Claire Wallace open the sarchophagus, inside is a box, with a dismembered corpse. Who were you in life? Madame Claire Wallace. Who killed you? pause did not know his name, dressed like a pirate. Who was the greatest danger to your daughter? Avery Sleeg. Avery sleeg was not her last suitor. Alistair was the elder brother to Avery. Respectfully rebury the two corpses. Check on Albert Wallace Who were you in life? Albert Wallace. What is the greatest secret you know of Avery Sleeg and his family? Avery was obsessed with knives. What was the greatest threat to your family? His partner, the father of Alistair and Avery Sleeg. We need to do some resting, and research the Sleegs. Gelid gets to the mausoleum a little late, and tells us: HIs girlfriend tells him that Alistair Sleeg was a first cousin to Avery Sleeg. They are very interested in solving his murder. There was a whole string of 6 murders with the same characteristics. Then after Helena and her mother were killed they stopped. Sunash leaves a contingency letter with the church. 0

0069 The Spooky Basement
Sunash gives al of us an undead fighting kit: Stake, 2 holy waters, and a spool of string. When we get into the house, we find the basement door still closed, and the pentacle is still obliterated. There’s a 5 foot wide hole, 30 feet deep. it drops into a room, the floor is clean, it looks like it could have been a storeroom, there’s shelves, scrapes and marks from barrels and things on the floor. The door is iron, opens toward us, no lock. Sunash pulls the door open, it’s still well oiled, no squeeking, the other side of the door is faced with stone, like it’s concealed. No tracks on the floor of the hall beyond the door. Our keys don’t work on the doors down here. Gelid picks the door, it unlocks suspiciously easy. The door pushes open easily, the hinges are well oiled. There’s a pattern on the floor, the room is oddly shaped, something up on the north wall. Throw in a light stone. It looks like there’s a shrine on the north wall, and the floor is a symbol of Sarenrae. There’s some magic on the altar. The room hasn’t been desecrated. Looks like a small family shrine to Sarenrae. Open the south door. Click, no traps. Pait swings the door open, toss a light inside. 40×50 room, dust on the floor. The light coin lands in a puff of dust. There’s raised things in the room, covered in dust. They are raised about a foot off the floor, clean the dust off, there’s writing engraved on the blackened stone. The black is sooty. It’s like they’re hearths or pyres. The south of the room has a stone shelf 5 ft up the wall it’s blackened with soot. Pait can’t read the script. Skeet can pick out a few words in an unfamiliar (oooold) dialect of elven. Doesn’t seem to have religious meaning. Sunash and Pait smell brimstone and phosphorus, and bat cave around the sooty blocks. The blocks are solid, harder than limestone, look like they were carved from the floor, done by hand, not magically shaped. Go further down the hallway, two more doors, north and south. Gelid checks them, no traps. pick the lock, on the south door. we hear a crack, he broke a pick It’s got a wizzardlock on it… Gelid can’t open it. it’s an iron door, it’d be tough to break down. Sunash will use a scroll of stoneshape to open a door next to the locked one. It’s a round room, there’s a circle inlaid on the floor, there is a mechanical sun and planets oery hanging from the ceiling. The Orrery is magical. There’s another door to the south. It’s oak, with iron bands. It opens toward us. No key, pick, click. long odd-shaped room, clean floor. scorch marks on the south wall from fireballs. old elvish Runes carved in the east and west wall. Looking at the iron banded oak door, finds a poison needle trap, passageway, and another door. this one has a mechanical trap, Gelid gets some javelin action. Push the door open. The room is odd shaped, the corners are bumped in. There’s a throne… the floor is dusty, no footprints. On the north and south walls, there are tapestries. Knights battling demons and devils, looks like there’s a narrative. with the knights winning. the writing is all in old elvish. The tapestries look to be about the first battles in the worldwound. Sunash sees some writing above the throne that’s not in old elvish. It’s in Taldaen (common) “glory to the dawnflower” It looks like there’s a button in the middle of the writing. push the button, the left arm slides back into the wall. It contains a sheathed dagger (cold iron, non-magical), and a small pouch. The pouch isn’t magical, it contains a ring of protection +2 1500 gp of assorted gems. Squiggly corridor, and another door. Gelid pops it, Sunash opens. A blast of stale, stinky air. nearly overwhelming. The room is full of dismembered and rotting corpses. Some are fairly freash. They’ve been gnawed on, by something fairly large. like a ghoul… The fresh bodies look like they are homeless. 24 bodies. Gelid doesn’t recognize the fresh bodies, they’re too disfigured to id. Open the door to the south east. It’s a big pool, with a door to the east. Can’t judge depth, the water comes right to the door. Toss a light in. it sinks till we can’t see it anymore. A couple seconds after the coin goes in, a large creature made out of water comes up. 0

0070 The Water ElementalI’ll
We close the door, and scatter. Gozzar makes an illusory stone wall to block it off. The elemental breaks the door down, Gozzar changes the stone wall illusion to a wall of fire, and sets some oil on the floor on fire. Pait is trying to reunite the party. Everyone is starting to came back together. The elemental isn’t afraid of the fire, and it’s coming for Gozzar. Gozzar modifies the illusion to obscure the door he just exited. The elemental breaks through, and clobbers Gozzar, who runs away. Bonk is checking a well-maintained door at the end of the hallway. Sunash opens another door off the hallway. There’s some alcoves in it. it seems like it was a pantry or cellar. Everyone is running for the heavy iron door. Gelid gets the door open. It’s a wine cellar. lots of wine, mead, and beer. The elemental might not be pursuing us further. We hear water running, and notice water pouring out of a grate in the ceiling. It swings at bonk, and misses. Pait swings, and hits, it has DR5, and Pait RUNS! Bonk swings, and one-shots Gelid. Sunash channels, and saves Gelid. The elemental messes up Bonk. Splish-Splash! Pait offed it! The elemental didn’t have anything. we could either walke around the shallows at the wall, or, we could use bonk’s folding boat. Gozzar is going to check for secret doors, and doesn’t find any. The pool is very deep in the center, and slightly murky. Gelid doesn’t find any traps at the door on the other side. The room isn’t terribly large, and is clean. there’s a chest in the corner. The keys don’t work. Gelid finds and disarms a trap. click Open with a poking stick. there was a poison gas bladder in it, but it was sucessfuly deactivated. 3 sacks, coins, gems, jewelry. small box, 6 stoppered flasks. flasks: 3 alchemist fire, 3 liquid ice. sacks: coins, 100p, 250 gp, 500sp gems: 20 gems, 5000gp total value jewelry: ruby earrings, tiara set with diamonds and emeralds, necklace with sapphire pendant cut in a star. none of the jewlery is magic. box isn’t locked, has a slip cover. ring and amulet, both magic. ring of protection +2 amulet of protection +2 The tiara was described in Helena’s diary as one of the stolen pieces of jewlry. The door to the east is iron, looks like there’s a peep slot opening from the other side, it’s covered in rust. It’s the first door that’s not been maintained. 0

0071 The room past the Water Elemental
The rusty door looks like it’s been weathered, it’s blistered and streaked with rust, like it’s been dampened from the other side. A closer look makes it appear to be just mundane weathering, maybe even to the point that regular maintenance wouldn’t have completely prevented. The rocks of that wall are cold, and damp. The door doesn’t look like it’s been splashed with anything corrosive. Gelid doesn’t find any traps, and the door looks to be unlocked, but it’s stuck. Bonk takes his crowbar to it, Crack! He pops the door right off its hinges, and opens it up. A big room, with a flowing stream of water, with a bridge over it. And humid air comes through. The river flows to the south, there’s a deteriorating wood box across the river. Folks are stepping into the room, as Pait comes in, something cold jumps him from the north. It’s a wraith! It did a bunch of con damage to him. And another jumps Bonk! And does even more con damage to him! Skeet hits one with a moderate healing, and Sunash hits both with a channel. They fight back, and then Bonk obliterates one, and Pait double-crits the other. The cavern is rough, and natural, the bridge is the only man-made feature. The box is a very rough casket. There’s a room beyond the bridge, it has a marble pillar in the center of it. There’s no traps on the box. The cover didintegrates at a touch, there’s a decayed corpse of a young woman inside. It looks like a violent end. The water is clear and cold, running very fast. Pait and Rango look around the corner as folks are talking about what to do with the body. The marble pillar dissapears, and is replaced with a flexh golem. Who runs up and hits Rango. And the next round, Rango gets dropped, but he stabilizes, so he might still live. Sunash pulls him away, and heals him a bit. After some bashing, and web, and fire, Sunash offs it. The column is gone, it was an illusion to cover the golem. Skeet finds a small alcove in the room, it contains a hatpin, brush, silver fan, purse, and lace gloves. Everything but the gloves have necromancy magic. The best we can tell, these have been bound to the ghost and the girl’s body. THe passage goes a bit further, and there’s some vegetation, and we’re looking out over riddleport from the cliff. There’s no access to the tunnel from the outside. Nothing hapens when we place the items with the body. We take the body back to the family mausoleum, and place the gifts with it. Sunash prays over it. 0

0072 Contacting Helena
The day after going through the basement, we’re going to try to contact Helena. We’ll do a seance to find out if she’s still here, if the haunting is done, we’d like to lay her to rest. Skeet has an augury to use, as well. The augury is telling us that ‘all the parts must be brought toghether’ Let’s try to reunite her with the body of her suitor. We’ll have to reunite her spirit with the body, lay it out with the gifts in her bed, and let’s wait for the spirit to reform. It comes back 5 days later, it’s getting ready to attack, until it sees the body and gifts. She reforms to her undefiled form, thanks us for reuniting her with her body and posessions, and merges with her body. We can finally bury her for good. We lay her to rest on 1, Kuthona 4711 0

0073 Cleaning up the house
The shrine to Sarenrae is a family chapel, so we can use it for other deities without worrying about pissing her off. Inventorying the wine cellar, there’s 20k gp of expensive vintage wines down there. we could easily sell it to fix the house. We should hire a groundskeeper, maybe a butler and maid. 0

0074 More Things to Do
Gelid learns that Alistair Sleeg was a first cousin to Avery Sleeg. They are very interested in solving his murder. There was a whole string of 6 murders with the same characteristics. Then after Helena and her mother were killed they stopped. Gelid finds out that after some digging and talking with his network here in Riddleport that the manner in which these 6 people were murdered was an evolving signature that reminds him of how Kyrene was sacrificed. Gozzar digs up some information from a couple of bards who pass through town. They tell him a story of tragedy and death that names Varga and Norgorber implicating them in the deaths of some people in a place called Brinewall to the north. the deaths were ritual sacrifices. Skeet discovers some new baubles including a new cursed item. The item was supposed to be a ring of evasion but turned out to be a ring that if you fail your reflex save you take double damage. Sunash is going to found a hospital, and we will build it as the loft to a stable, with plans to build a dedicated stone building for the hospital. We’re going to head north to Brinewall, to investigate the mysterious deaths. It’s 1, Calistril, 4712, and winter. We’ll need to prepare accordingly, such as boots of winterlands. Leave the wagon in Riddleport, and take dogsleds north. It’s very strangely quiet going north, there weren’t any animals or bandits coming after us. As we get to Brinewall, we find that the town is empty. The snow hasn’t been cleared at all. The huts and small houses around the outside of the fort are empty, no people, or bodies. It’s like life had just stopped, they dissapeared in the middle of what they were doing. There aren’t any signs of struggle. The gate of the fort is open. Lets do some searching. We find the garrison commander’s office. No signs of problems, some records of trouble with ‘Nolanders’ (Shoanti) No real bad trouble, but some records of the murders that the bards had talked about. 4 years ago, one was a night guard, the other 3 were peasants. They were all ritual sacrifices. Looked like practice for what was done to Kyrene. No one’s been here for several weeks to a month or more. All the domestic animals are gone too. The fences and gates are intact and closed. There’s a shrine in the fort, it’s general use. Rango looks around, and says that there’s something odd about the ice on the steam river. It looks like it was broken through by something very big walking. THe breaks could be 6 weeks old. Look like frost giants crossed the river 4-6 weeks ago. North of here is the Lands of the Linnorm Kings. Frost giants are occasionally allies to them. Frost giants rarely come south, especially this far. Skeet is going to try augury to find the direction and distance to the nearest witness. There aren’t any bodies that would be a witness to these events. Rango and Gelid know that Frost giants like to take people as slaves, and eventually eat them. But there isn’t any evidence that there was an attack. It’s like a mass teleport cleaned all the people and animals out of town. We can’t detect any active curse, but there’s the feeling of the remnants of something magical. Going through the captains office, and logbooks, We find a stash under a floor board, and a strongbox. No one in the brig, even if they were locked up, they are missing. The last date that we could find written is for 4 Abadius. about a month ago. The town is certainly creepy. MAybe we should take what we can carry as trade goods, and try to buy info from the giants. We gather provisions, and get the captains’s office in the fort warmed up. The salvagers can hear wolves off in the distance, let’s spend some time to clear the gates, so we can close them. 2.5 months ago, there were sightings of frost giants across the river, but they’d left the fort alone. the captain wasn’t worried. In past years, they’d left the fort alone, so no one was worried. there were 350 soldiers stationed here, plus all the support, and the villiage. could have been a couple hundred more people. most of the soldiers were vets, they’d had some trouble with the local barbarians a year ago, or so. The last few entries noted a couple guards seeing flashes of light across the river. several travelers from the north entered the fort the nextr day, they were all wizzards, talked of being the last of a larger group that had gone north to trade with the linnorm kings. They’d encountered some odd magical constructs, far to the north. the last two entries tell of increasingly frequent light flashes at night. The last night references a blizzard from the west, and bringing everyone into the fort to sit out the storm. The garrison was not to go across the river. There’s no armor or weapons in the fort or villiage. no tools or farm equipment in the villiage. Nothing that could be an improvised weapon. The footprints across the river look like bipeds, can’t tell if they’d come and gone, or if they’d gone only one way. Seems like the thing to do is resupply, and head north across the river to check out where the lights showed up. We’ll need to spend the night, we’ve used a lot of time researching the logs and searching the town. Before we go, let’s collect snow cammo. 0

0075 Searching outside Brinewall
It’s easy to cross the river, the icepack is very thick. We can find the trail that the Frost GIants used to come down to the river. Can’t tell exactly how many or where they’re going. There’s fresh, very large wolf prints on this side of the river. At least 5. Look similar to Warg tracks. We climb up to the stepp, we see the track of the wolves, and the track of the giants. The wolves went north, the older giant prints went NE After a few hours of tracking the wolves, Blarg notices big dogs following us. 5 of them. They’re catching up to us, let’s form up and get ready to face them. The snowglare makes it hard to see the white wargs, so they get to about 60 ft away before we see them clearly. We’re buffed, positioned, and ready. Open with ranged, do some good damage to them, and Gozzar blinds 3 with glitterdust. More fighting, and we win! These guys look like they’ve eaten well enough. Almost to another level. 0

0076 Continuing On the Stepp
After walking further west, we notice something big walking across the snow. 15-18 ft tall, wearing a helmet, walking casually, carrying an axe. alone, Maybe we’ll try to talk this out, since he’s big and scary. Form up, and wait for him to get to us, we’ll be obviously armed and ready, but not eager for a fight. Gelid goes ‘Hi’ are you hungry, we know where some warg meat is. He’s wary, but not attacking, yet. Giant: Leave this place! Only warning. Us: But we were given safe passage. G: No one of your ilk is welcome here. U: But we have the tail of passage. Skeet holds up the warg tail she took. And she gets hit by a rock from the left.(not from him) Sunash saw something abut 100 ft to the west. G: Leave! sense motive is that he just wants us to go. U: we are just seeking information about the disappearance of the townsfolk south of here. we mean no disrespect. He reaches down into his boot, and takes out something shiny, he blows into it, but we don’t hear anything. We tell him that if he doesn’t have anything to tell us, we’ll head back. We hear howls off in the north as we walk off. He doesn’t seem to be following us. We head back toward the wargs. and then to town. The wargs seem to be following us, Gozzar is going to set a magic mouth scream to establish how far back they are. half and hour further on, we hear the signal. he sets another signal, but that one doesnt’ go off. We have to camp for the night, but are left alone. Set up to spend the night in town again. In the barracks, so we’ve got beer rations for a bunch of soldiers left here! Skeet notices a shiny disc in the corner of the ceiling It’s a scrying sensor. Sunash is trying to find any pixies, brownies, or similar fey that might hang out around town, but would have been ignored by whatever took the townsfolk. it is a little warmer as we are coming back into town. Look around town more, Rango might have found something. In the center of the fort. there seems to be footprints of a large number of people, headed out of the fort. The trail goes north. Gelid looks through them for giant or warg tracks. He finds warg tracks and two sets of frost giant tracks. The tracks cross the river a ways off from where we had, these turn NW as soon as they get across. No wonder we missed them. About noon, as we’re starting to think of lunch, we find a brown spot in the snow. We find fire rings, and human bones. The brown is blood, some folks got et. we are getting up into the foothills of the mountains. being careful following the giants. about 3pm the tracks lead into a small valley. the tracks lead up to a cave. 25ft tall opening. no concealment around the cave mouth. looking around, there’s several giants coming and going recently. one set looks only a couple hours old. 4 or 5 giants, maybe. Rango thinks that there’s only 2 adults, the others might be small, or youngsters. looking around the hills, we don’t find any other entrances. no flues, Skeet and blarg spot an adult frost giant walking toward the cave mouth. It’s the guy we talked to yesterday. Set up an illusion of an escaping prisoner, who will run past us, and hopefully lead him to us. We gank him good! He has a whistle, ~500gp, and a great axe. 0

0077 The Giants’ Cave
The cave is fairly tall, the walls and floor are rough. As we go in, the cave floor drops down, and the ceiling is about 50-60 ft high. We hear some rustling, it’s like a dog chewing on a bone. There’s a steep slope that will take some care to get down without falling. Sunash hears something spoken in giant ‘I heard something, check it’ SHit! Hide! Bonk and Pait scramble up on a ledge. There’s a hallway going back from it, and a little light from back there, Pait can’t see more than there being light, Bonk can see a giant walking out. It’s 12-16 ft tall, male, great axe, furs and chain shirt, and it’s comming right at us. And it’s spotted us. “I see two!” Bonk smacks it! And Pait lights him up with Alch fire. Then he drops Pait hard. fight, fight, fight. Sunash drops him, and he nearly falls on Pait Gozzar hit’s Pait with some healing, and a female giant comes running toward us. luckily, she’s only about 11 ft tall. Oh, hey, the giant fell on the axe Bonk embedded in his chest, it did some extra damage. Searching the cave, we find an underground stream, and ~150 bound captives. There’s a statue at the north end of the cave. It’s Gorrum. (not a great rendering, but it’s recognizable) The north chamber has the partial skeleton of a dragon… It was a white dragon. The skull has some meat still on it, it’s probably not that old. Looking around the cave more, we find it’s water bowl, and a smashed clutch of 12 eggs. Searching around, we find a very big chest. It’s trapped, Gelid poison needle’s himself, but opens it. 3 small sacks 1 coins :1000cp, 2500 sp, 1000gp 1 clanky maching set scepter*, crown, ring*, amulet* 1 gems: 50 gems all types total value 15k gp 2 small boxes: one is cedar, the other is walnut, and locked the unlocked one is not trapped 9 divider slots, 8 potions, 1 vial of either poison or antivenom the locked one has a gas bladder trapGelid opens it. the ring inside is strongly magical. looks like a ring of freedom of movement MW Mithril chain shirt 3 ingots of adamantium, enough to make 1 melee weap. 2 ingots of gold 3k gp each The giants all had pouches on them. between them: 1200gp of coinage 7x 500gp diamonds 0

0078 Prisoners and Searching the Cave
Captain Atilla Thedeus: they’ve been here for about 2 months, 20 people eaten. the giants thought of people as a delicacy, so they were eating someting else. at midday meal, everyone was compelled to start walking north across the river. They blacked out until they were captive in the cave. No casters are left, the 3 casters that were in the fort were eaten first. they never even woke up. we’ll get them set up to travel, feed them, and lets grab the dragon skull and skedaddle. The villagers will take the giants’ weapons back as trophies. It’s getting toward evening, we may have to spend the night, and let them rest and finish equipping. Build some travoi for the townsfolk to move the injured. We didn’t find anything metal, or any tools that the townsfolk took from home when they wandered off. Gozzar might have found a secret door! The statue of Gorum can be pushed back easily, which reveals a 3 ft wide hole with a ladder. 15 ft deep, a small 5×5 chamber carved out. Gelid says there’s no traps. Gozzar climbs down, there’s a small door in the back of the carved out chamber. The door has vault written on it in common. Send Gelid down to check it for traps. He gets it unlocked. Gozzar goes down and opens it. 10×10 room. piles of weapons, armor, utensils. There’s more stuff here than the townsfolk could have brought. Everything is placed here neatly, and organized. a few magical items. The captain has noticed that we’ve split up to have a couple tend to the townsfolk, and the rest sort the vault. The captain describes his own magical bastard sword, says if it’s down there, there’s likely other property down there. We find his sword, and some other distinctive personal weapons. Most stuff is not claimed as property. We reequip the soldiers, the villagers get their tools back. Load up the rest of the gear for arming militia fighters. There’s some MW, silver, cold iron, and magical items mixed in with the mundane tools. Late night, Skeet is on watch, and she notices a scrying disc. It disappears when she notices it. Skeet and Gozzar discussing how the town was affected by a suggestion spell. It had to be pretty strong, or they had an amplifier. careful examiniation of the cave shows that it might have been created or at least expanded by claws.


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