The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

Adventure notes: 0001 through 0035

0001 Names
Names Avery Slyeg – Riddleport gangster (Slavery) – Gelid’s perspective Father in Law Eodred Arbasti II – KIng of Korvosa Gabriella Varga – Friend of Erine. Worships Norgorber Glorio Arcona, Duke? – Korvosan big shot, designs on the throne. Jasper – Grey Corsair Leader Myrrhne Dakul – Pharasma Priest (Magnamar) Tefraya – Erine (Glorio Arcona, Duke) Sabrina Varga – Azmo 0

0003 Mayor’s’ house breakin
The first floor window was opened from outside, but not really forced. The third floor showed marks up the wall and on the roof from climbing tools. There was a necklace stolen from the third floor bedroom, and some documents from the first floor parlor. Documents included a land deed for some timber north of town that a sort-of rival wants to purchase.

0004 Families
Skarnetty family (own the town lumber mill, land barons). Valdemar family (house 47). Kaijitsu family (relatives of Amiko). Deverins (mayors family). Valdemars own a competing lumber mill, which burned 6 mo. ago. Tidus Skarnetti’s sone runs their mill. Belvin Beldemar (owns the shipyard, inherited it from his father) sources his lumber from magnimar. Valdemars and Skarnettis didn’t outwardly compete. No visible feuding or one-upping. 0

0005 Thieving contact
Matthis Podiker Gelid talked to him, he sounds like he might be the thief Was working for a patron, doesn’t need to pawn it. Gelid is going to meet them this evening, The butler’s daughter helped the thief get in. 0

0 0007 Breakfast
Aruna showed up, offered Gelid a spot on a caravan, asked him to find more guards. 1 gp/day, meals provided. Rimmer, Bonk, and Rango are meeting with the sherrif. No one has tried to talk to Mathias but the sherrif and mayor. Bonk intimidated Vern into giving up who he sold the contract and deed to. Belver Valdemar hired him to steal the documents. We are going to go along with the caravan, find the necklace, and the sherrif will then stop the caravan and serch it. 0

0008 Caravan
Runa, caravan head. Has heard of Paitir. Paid up front for the first 3 days. First wagon, load of ale. second, arms armor, average to good quality. third, large chest, and barels of pickled veggies. On the road Rango spotted something in the trees, Pait and Bonk are too busy swaping fighter stories to notice. Rango had to shoot a whistle arrow to get our attention. Goblins! they shot Bonk! 0

0009 After the goblin attack
The goblin and highwayman attack on the caravan goes quick, also gives a chance to look inside Aruna’s Vardo wagon. Find 70 SP, short bows 50x arrows. Divied the money, bundled the gear and packed it on the arms armor wagon. Sunash, Rimmer, Bonk, and Aruna are going to a shrine to Desna to interrogate the highwayman. Gelid is going to search the vardo with sift. Paitir, Skeet, and Rango are ‘guarding’ the caravan. Rimmer gets a 20 on diplomacy. The highwayman had warning that this caravan would be undermanned, he will go straight. Aaruna had heard of goblins had been hitting caravans at night, taking small things, didn’t know about the human leadership. Aruna’s caravan, his call. Let him live, and we’ll turn him over to the magnimar authorities. Gelid managed to get into the varda, disable the trap and alarm onthe strongbox, FOUND THE MAYORS NECKLACE, restored the trap, alarm, and other contents of the strongbox. took the necklace. Got stuck in the window on the way back out. Paitir had to help him out the window. We’re going to develop Aruna as a contact, and pin the robbery on the highwayman. Tell Aruna that we’ve found him, and that we’re working with the sheriff, and that we can offer the highwayman to him. We need to come clean to each other, who obtained it, and who was buying it? Mathis was contracted to procure the necklace. It was going to a wealthy Chelish woman in Magnimar, who collects things like that, no questions asked of her suppliers. We actually pulled it off! The sheriff arrived, and took the highwayman as the mastermind. We can get our pay from him on returning to Sandpoint from our trip to and back from magnimar. 0

0010 Magnimar
Magnimar is much bigger than Sandpoint. About 16000 9 districts. Mostly human but there are elves, dwarves, gnomes, halflings, some half-orcs. We arrive at 5:30 pm on starday, 4 pharast, 4711 Aruna recomends staying at the old fang, run by ol’ mam grottle, in the dockway district. The tavern had good food and drink, nautical decor, and trophies. A room is 5 sp per night. If we all share a room, it’s 3 sp per person a night. Maos district has a few good party bars If we want to make some quick money, we could go to the pit fights. Good beer, good food, and we’ll go sleep it off before going to the pits to make some money. Made a big bunch of money in the pits. Sunash found another merchant to escort to sandpoint, along with Aruna. We’ll get a 50% raise to escort both merchants. we found a cure light wounds wand with 30 charges for 1300 gp 0

0011 Headed Back to Sandpoint
Headed out with Aruna’s caravan, along with a mister Silvio, who is the merchant that Sunash found. SIlvio has 2 wagons, Aruna has his three and vardo. First day goes ok. Set up watch order, should be normal. First night went well, there were some deer and racoons that wandered through camp at night. Second day goes ok. Somethings up at night, though. Goblin attack! These goblins were wierd. Blue skin! And pustules. They had a lamashtu shaman with them. 3 short bows, and 59 arrows 5 short swords pouches with stuff shaman had a scroll case, lamashtu unholy symbol, and a mace. pouch contents: 100 Cp, 30x polished black stones, spell components, few days trail rations, 1 red polished stone. ruined leather armor from all of them. Short swords and mace are in incredibly good condition (masterwork) The scroll case is waterproof, has a scroll for inflict light wounds cl1, and cure light wounds cl2. Gear is all for small creatures. Skeet takes mace and a sword. Pait takes one of the s. swords. Sunash takes one sword. As we keep going to sandpoint, we find a sign, written in fairly fresh blood. “Goblins Win! Thick and Thin! Hurt the ones! Eat their Skin!” It was written in decent common. Found another one, with another of the Lamashtu goblins’ slogans. The sign itself is making Sunash sick, the second one is really fresh. We make it back to sandpoint without further incident around 4:30 pm. goblin loot 100 cp black polished stones red polished stone 3 small short bows 59 small arrows 5 small short swords holy symbol of lamashtu small mace 0

0012 What’s next
There’s a caravan headed to magnimar, 3 gp a day pay. Leaving in three days. Didn’t find anyone who’d run into rabid goblins while bonk and I were drinking. 0 Sandpoint Contacts Savah Runs the forge. I have a MW rapier on order with her. Adoni, Caravan guard that was sickened by exposure to a blue goblin pustule. Was lightheaded, lost vision, dry heaved Abstalar thinks it’s a magical blight. 0

0013 While in Sandpoint
Ordered a new sword. Met up with another caravan guard, he’d been in a group that had been attacked by blue lamashtu goblins. One of them had been infected with something, while we were visiting him in hospital, the goblins attacked Sndpoint’s north gate. Shit… Goblins fucked us up. Pait got koncked out, and the goblins poisoned him. Took a while, but eventually he gets over it. Skeet got splashed with goblin goo, and is sick too. 0

Talking to Abstalar (cleric of Desna) , privately He thinks that it was a vision, invaded by something, but probably not Lamashtu herself. Abstalar thinks that I was given something called the waters of Lamashtu. He wants to check me more thoroughly. 0

0014 After the Blue Gob Attack
There is a heavier security presence in town and at the gates. Townsfolk are riled up about it. Talking to the sheriff, 30-35 attacked, 20-25 killed. ~10 escaped. the gobs haven’t been attacking the surrounding villiages, but may be taking the trash. Not enough guards to set an ambush, but the town would gladly pay someone who did something independantly. He can set someone to watch the dump while we’re on the road for this caravan. We’re borrowing the town paddy wagon, in case we can catch a goblin or two. It will be disguised as skeet’s gypsy fortune-teller wagon. We’re getting extra guards (that I’ve worked with) to sign on to work this caravan with us. The merchant group is paying 5gp/day and food. Abstalar has provided medicine to treat the goblin disease, and is asking us to source some ingredients for him. from Shapan, in Magnimar. 0

0015 On the Road, Ready for Trouble
The second day out, near where we were attacked. 6 blue gobs swing out of the trees, robin-hood style! Singing as they go. Goblins race and goblins jump. goblins slash and goblins bump. burn the skin and mash the head, goblins here and you be dead! We caught one! He’s blue and zitty, Sunash bound him and put him in the wagon. Loot: 6 dogslicers 3 short bows 60 arrows 150 SP 8 small diamonds 1 vial blue liquid 6 pouches, each with 6 black stones and 1 red stone The blue liquid has a potent hallucinogen in it, a mild poison / muscle relaxant, and a sedative. Very mild magic aura, probably from the manufacture, not the actual substance. 0 Skeet’s Book of Curses Cursed Ring of Clumsiness (Magnimar) Cursed Ring of Feather Fall/cause light wounds CL5 (Wartle) Cursed Amulet of Arrow Attraction (Magnimar) Cursed Black Adamantine Sword in Riddleport: Fumble and Unwieldly. Successfully uncursed Cursed Ring of Evasion: If you fail your reflex save you take double damage. 0

0016 Goblins’ Black and Red STones
They always have 12 black to 1 red polished stones emit a faint transmutation aura Sunash’s wayfinder doesn’t show anything. black stones are basalt, mostly oval, very highly polished the red ones are a type of quartz, slightly larger than the black stone. 0

0017 Goblin Captive
After beating him, he wakes up incoherent, and sings, then falls asleep, with a big lump on his head. He sleeps through the night, and wakes the next day. Sunash askes who he is in goblin. “I am Anejib, follower of the queen” sings about her being everywhere. "she will reward us with a liquid of blue. "the blue will bring you to her. "don’t fight it is good. unlike horses they are food. "shaman can get us more. "take you to the camp. the queen will talk to you, and show you the way. she will take you from the fray. asked where the camp is, he pointed to the south, towards magnimar. "take you to it, so you can join the queen. do you give this liquid to others? "all the time. "anyone who’s captured. do they join? "most of the time, if they don’t we eat them. 0

0018 On the Road
Pass a couple caravans, they are larger, and better guarded, merchants grouping together to pool guards, and enlist extra protection. The goblin moved some pebbles in the wagon into the shape of a wolf head as we were leaving. Gellid says it’s the symbol of lamashtu. see the three elongated pebbles arranged in the center? those are her three eyes. it seems like the stones are a diy lamashtu shrine. asking him about the symbol, he replys “that’s the queen” whispers “coming…” laughs, and sings, “she’s here, she’s here!” We’re passing the area that we were attacked last time, there’s 3 very fresh human heads on pikes man, in his early 40’s, 2 boys in their early teens. theres a destroyed farm wagon hidden poorly in the brush, with headless bodies. near it. we’re a day and half out from magnimar. Sunash is gathering the bodies, the goblin isn’t really reacting. don’t find any valuables, or id. belts and pouches are taken. the rest of the day is uneventful. no more caravans. the night is uneventful. The goblin is asking for his blue juice, seems to be drying out, his pustules are swelling. about 2 pm, find a sign. similar to the last trip ‘goblins hungry, we like food, even slug is nice if stewed’ we make it to magnimar, they ask how the trail was. the goblin is ‘healthy’ sleeping again, and sweating. The town guards are really interested when we tell them we have a live one. the guard gets 6 more, and a captain. the captain askes to have the gob turned over for interrogation Magnimar is offering 1 gp for dead gobs, 50 for live ones. the gear is worth about 100 gp 55gp for the gobs 15gp for the escort Sunash is going to take the bodies to the temples Party fund 129gp – Fireday-24 Pharast 4711 0

0019 In Magnimar
Let’s show the blue stuff to an Alchemist. He’ll id it for a gp. goes into the back, oo, ah, comes back, carrying it gingerly. you should take this to be destroyed at a temple, it’s waters of lamashtu. it’ll make you violently ill, and cause hallucinations. it’s used in ritual unclensings. it allows communion with LAMASHTU HERSELF. He gets out a book, turns to a page, titled mutagen. A single dose isn’t bad, repeated exposure causes mutations, these goblins blue skin could be a result, it also may cause extra limbs, pustules, wings, gills, gaining poisonous secretions. it’s a corruption of alchemist’s techniques. it’d likely have a withdrawl period, but not be dangerous to others. He thinks taht he can make an antidote, if we leave him the vial. Desna is the enemy of Lamashtu, maybe if we helped a couple of clerics of Desna to sandpoint, we could draw out these Lamashtu worshiping heathens. Desna’s temple: small, open courtyard, with a few rooms surrounding it. They don’t like to hear about travelers being attacked by lamashtu worshipers. they have contributed to the bounty fund for goblins. They may be able to send someone with as we return to sandpoint. He’ll talk to their high priest, and work something out to help us. The guard captain comes to us in the evening. Glad to see that we’re well, they’ve made some headway with the goblin. they think that they have a locality for the camp, the gob’s being misleading. the gob keeps saying that the queen is going to be born. the goblin is over the withdrawl, still rhyming. The town council is interested in meeting with us tomorrow morning to discuss attacking the goblin camp. 0

0020 The next morning
Pait and Bonk are trying to rehydrate after the previous night. Booze cost has TRIPLED! It was a rough night… Sunash had a nightmare about a wolf-headed tentacle monster being born. The guard captain is coming to our inn to escort us to town hall. We get to have early lunch with the mayor and town council. Lord mayor Goubarus Nice lunch, and small talk. After eating, the mayor gets to business. we’ve had many problems with blue goblins on the roads. the council had decided to hire a group to make the roads safe for trade. we agree to take the job, the discussion turns to pay. 5 gp per dead gob, 1 or 2 alive for substantially more. they can help with equipment, and a base fee. 1200 gp base pay for the party. Equipment would be a 400 gp line of credit for each of us for supplying gear. Mayor thanks us for agreeing to help, the town clerk comes by shortly with the papers for the job. Cleric of Desna is next, the temple is willing to send someone with us to try to draw out the Lamashtu worshipers. The contract is made on the 25th, we’re set to leave with the caravan back onthe 28th. the Alchemist contacts us on the 26th, he’s manufactured 10 doses of antidote for the waters of Lamashtu. 0

0021 Heading to Magnimar
For the raid Got back to Sandpoint, picked up gear. No attacks the first day. The second day we meet a beat up caravan who was attacked by blue goblins shortly before. We press on, find the attack site, gob bodies strewn about. Gelid is very good at tracking, they went that way! They all have the polished stones, all had Masterwork Armor 2 masterwork composite shortbows 1 for Sunash, 1 for Pait 36 arrows. Gelid tracks them, they split up, then came back together and milled around. Follow them, lose the trail, find it again, follow for a few miles, finally loose it completly on hard rocky ground. The blood drips dired up soon after the meetup site. We were headed to the W NW, toward the coast. There were 8 sets of tracks. After a while, we find the trail, where it splits into 2 groups of 4. one set is all walking to the NW, one set is only 3, and drag marks, with a blood trail. going to the NE We’re going looking for trouble, to the NE 0

0022 Looking for Trouble in the grove
We find a pack of blue gobs, they’re waiting for us. As we’re talking through our plans, they spring the ambush. A somewhat difficult fight, but we take them out. 6 dogslicers MW 4 shortbows 2 sets of small leather armor 55 arrows. 2 composite small longbows (shortbows) mw 1 to Gelid, 1 to Bonk 20 arrows 1 light wood shield 6 bags of polished stones 150 sp Shaman’s armor glows with magic, it’s torn up. short sword 10 repairable arrows 10 good arrows polished stones 25 gp gems 2 diamonds 1 blue 1 pink 300 gp each Magic ring-spell knowledge (arcane) allows learning another spell of the appropriate type. to Skeet Torch the bodies, and lets… What is this? Gelid finds something. Drag marks, leading to the body of a Gnome. It’s been defiled, and the symbol of Lamashtu has been cut into his chest. It’s a female, nekkid, and… violated. After milling around a bit, we smell something, look around, it’s stronger to the east. 100 yrds further on, we find a small Lamashtu shrine. We smelled the incense. It’s a flat rock, on top of a pile of rocks, with an idol of lamashtu, and a bowl of blood. there’s a ceremonial dagger next to the bowl. one of the rocks in the pile is loose, behind it is a bag. 50 pp 7 rubies 250 gp each We can feel some divine anger as we deface the altar with holy water. there’s some significant displeasure as we smash the altar and dager with a big rock. Sunash takes the leftover silver from the dagger to give to a temple. We get 35 gp for the goblin bounty. 1240gp of value from selling stuff everyone gets 150gp, a ruby, a CLW potion, and there’s 40 gp for the party fund. 0 dead priestess 7 gems ( green, red, clear, blue, pink, purple, black) 150gp each – total came to 800gp each 210 gp – bounty for 42 dead goblins and bonus – 2400gp for cleaning up 125 gp MW studded leather (m) MW sickle (m) silver holy symbol of Lamashtu key 20 small suites leather armor(sm) 20 dogslicers (6 are MW) 10 light wooden shields (sm) 20 longbows (sm) 100 arrows alchemists fire (2 flasks) nice furs ( white ermine – enough for a coat) 2 small pouches (50 pp, large tiger eye gem w 300gp 5 scrolls cases MW light steel shield, MW silver throwing axe glass vials (100 of them) 0

0023 Back in Magnimar
We do some drinking, Gelid has been hearing some bad rumors. There’s something strange going on with Lamashtu. Something about a “birth” Either a demon, or a reincarnation of a priest. Sunash and Skeet think that there’s a priest of Lamashtu working to make something bad. Something has to be going on. Let’s find a wagon for Skeet to use. 75 gp 0 Sn

0024 Headed to the Goblin Camp
Previously, we ran some folks to Sandpoint, and on the trip back to Magnimar, we met a caravan that had been attacked. We followed the trail of those goblins, and took out a group of them, and we captured another one! Now, we’re geared up, and headed out of Magnimar to infiltrate their camp. The goblin that we captured thinks that we’re converts. Headed inland, towards the yonda bakari river. the second day out, the goblin is getting excited about being nearly there. The goblin is named Grock. We make a clever plan, to have skeet in the wagon, with bonk and paitir driving, grock will offer sunash to the queen as a prize. if we can talk our way to her, we will attack if we can, or try to talk our way back out, The birds will try to set fires with alchemist’s fire, if thigs go poorly. Fight Fight Fight That was a tough one. 0

0025 After sacking the goblin camp
offed about 40 goblins, including the 12 that we fought. 20x suits of small size leather armor, 20 dogslicers (6 are MW) 10 small size light wooden shields, 20 small size longbows 100 arrows Priestess: MW sickle (med size): Skeet MW studded leather 2 flasks of alchemist fire: Skeet and Rimmer jingly pouch 125 gp and a polished brass key (weak evocation magic) lumpy pouch 7 gems: green, red, clear, blue, purple, pink, black 150 gp each silver holy symbol of lamashtu (melt it down for the silver) We found a rectangular lump under the ashes of the bed in the pavillion. underneath is a chest, that seems to be completely unaffected by the fire. High polished, light colored wood, brass bound and with inset lock. Gelid didn’t find any traps… goes to unlock it. fails a couple unlocks, then we find the key in the priestess’ stuff. the chest seems to have a light protection on it. Opening the chest there’s a gas bladder in the lid, doesn’t go off, since we used the key. very well tanned white ermine furs, enough for a very nice coat (40-50 pelts) 500gp as pelts 700gp as a coat 2 pouches jingly: 50 pp large hard lump: very large, gnome-fist-sized tiger-eye gem 300 gp under those are 5 scroll cases wrapped in black velvet silver washed steel, engraved to look like a flute: single parchment, bard spell, ghostly disguise cl3: Rimmer bone case with a whip carving: one parchment, inquisiter spell, interrogation cl3: Gelid antiqued metal tube with a star engraving: one parchment, cleric spell, spear of purity cl3: Sunash bone tube with a rune for curses: single parchment, witch spell, boiling blood cl3: Skeet silver no outside markings: contains two maps showing a cave with several rooms in a hilside labeled treasure here. other side shows a map of western Varisia with a cave entrance labeled treasure is here and guarded by Owlbears. Also on that part of the map is labeled “ruined tower something underneath?” all have waterproof screw tops, no wax seals. under the velvet, is a MW silver throwing axe: Bonk and a MW light steel shield: Paitir under those is a grid of holes, with 100 glass vials of blue liquid. 1975 gp of value in the coins and gems 0

0026 Back to MAgnimar
made it back without incdent. 210 gp bounty for the goblins that we offed bonus of 2400 gp for eliminating the blue goblins selling the goblins gear: 425 gp Works out to 800 gp for everyone after including the gold and gems we still have the MW gear. We give some vials of lamashtu waters to the clerics of Serenrea (healeing) and Desna (enemy of Lamashtu) to study. It’s going to be a while (6 days) to make the antidote, but they should be able to. Trade in my old shield and rapier, have spikes added to my new MW shield. Many bad puns… We even got some free booze for Rimmer’s singing about our exploits. He’s being strangely generous with sharing the spotlight. ARmour appt be back in Magnamar for 4th of Desnus 0

0027 To Sandpoint
Made it without any trouble, No caravans on the road. There haven’t been any more attacks by goblins while we were away. Abstalar is greatful for the extra waters, so he can make more antidote. The caravaneer that Abstalar was caring for is recovering well, ready to start working. The Mayor and sheriff would like to talk to us, the story of the goblin griders has made it here before we did. The four families have pitched in, and gave us each a 150 gp reward for wiping out the goblins. Skeet is going to Vesna, Gnome Cartographer: He’s excited! Do you know where this map might be leading to? After 30 minutes, he finds a Varisian map, that this could be a detail from. The ruined tower looks like it is on a mountain east of Viperwall, and used to belong to a wizard. It mysteriously blew up ~100 years ago. Don’t know the name of the wizard, or his school, Brodert at the curious goblin might know more about the wizard. The Sanos Forest is somewhat wild, cared for by Druids, they don’t especially mind travellers, if they are respectful of the wods. Talking to Brodert at the curious goblin, he’s in one of the chairs reading. He does know about the exploded tower. The gnome wizard that lived there had an affinity for explosions, he tinkered with lots of magic, and favored fireball. Unusually, he was an evoker. He came from near Corvosa, was a slave that was freed when his master was killed by a caravan raid. He was supposedly killed when doing research, trying to combine two spells. Aldikim was his name. He also experimented with alchemical bombs. very good potion brewer never heard of anyone going to the tower. certainly no reports of thorough explorations. he was supposed to have a vry good relationship with the druids of the sanos forest. Gavin Deverin did some traveling in that area 15 years ago. meet him while he’s delivering to the rusty dragon. he had a local aquaintance, who helped with clearing out gnolls. a young woman name Daigo herbalist druid, who ran with a panther. She’s very “natury” tends to move around a lot, but does favor a certain the eastern edge of the forest, east of viperwall. she has a shrine to Gosera (nature deity) there. she is very protective of nature, don’t take any more than you need there’s some gnome rangers that helped out. The cave is in the foothills of the fogscar mountains, just into the churlwood, and the owlbears are just north of the cave. Most towns north toward the churlwood are fairly small, and there are Shoanti up toward wolf’s ear, and north. We’re starting to plan for going north, as an indepentant medicine peddler to Galduria. the ruined tower Aldokim – experimented with spells and blew up his tower. guide Daigo – druid in the forest – ran with a black panther as companion 0

0028 Heading East to Wartle
Stocking up for about 2 weeks traveling. Food, animal feed, BEER Leave for the sanos forest, along the south east road toward and along the yndabakari river. pass some occasional caravans, no fights. Skeet finds some painkiller herbs. As we’re nearing the river, a small group of creatures approaches on horseback, one has a banner… they’re 3 knights of Ozun, demon hunters. worshipers of Iomeda they have gold armor and lances. Rimmer goes out to meet them. They’re traveling on a recruiting mission. THey fought some hobgoblins, and two days out from wartle there was a caravan attacked by hobs. some giant centipedes attack us at night, their poison causes dex damage. Rimmer ran away crying like a little child. Skeet managed to salvage 2 doses of venom from the bodies. Lets get out of here! Rimmer and Bonk sleep off the poison in the wagon. There’s a few more caravans. We make it to a villiage, and get to stay at an Inn They’ve got good beer, from sandpoint. We get to sleep nicely. There’s a gully along the road, and there’s a sack or pack down in it. No footprints around the area, as we get closer, it’s a leather backpack, that’s been partially uncovered. Pait goes and pulls it up out of the dirt. There’s bones still in the shoulder straps. There’s a hole in the center of the pack, with a large wood shaft stuck where the spine would be, the body was face down, going toward the river. There’s some armor, fully intact, and un rusted. Sunash looks at the bones, he thinks they’re male, human or half-elf, and adult. Been here a long while, but not sure how long. There was a ring on one hand, a rapier in suspiciously good condition. The ring, armor, and rapier are, of course magic. The rapier seems to be +1 (Paitir) The chain shirt seems to be +1 (Gelid) The ring is protection +1 (Skeet) inside the pack: mostly destroyed bedroll old rotted cloak small box, 2ft x2ft in decent shape, waterdamaged. it contains 4 flasks of liquid, which glow with magic. clw cl1 bulls strength cl3 cmw cl3 alchemist fire (magically enhanced) We take the body back to the town we just left, to bury it properly. Spend the night in town, the next day we’re back on the road. Couple of uneventful days, and we get to Wartle without incident, even past the hob area. potions potion of CLW (CL1) potion of magical alchemist fire potion of Cure Mod Wounds (CL3) potion of Bulls str (CL3) 0

0029 Headed East from Wartle
The rivers flow south and west, so caravans head the way we want to go, along the north shore. There’s a caravan that’s heard of how we handled the blue goblins, and are looking for extra guards. 5gp/day and they cover food. Wartle is a little smaller than Sandpoint, it’s a trade intersection, but that’s about it. Haven’t seen any more Lamashtu worshippers. On day 3 out of Wartle, we get a spooky, ‘watched’ feeling. the rest of the day is uneventful. At night, the cooking pot starts to float away… Sunash notices it, and tries to catch it, he manages to grab it. And lays some bait. There’s been something going through the camp, starting pranks. Shoes have been tied together, the horse’s reins have been undone from the hitches. Sunash leaves some cheese and food out. Didn’t mess with weapons. We start to pack up to head on. Gelid slipped on some grease, and we can hear a crowd applauding from the forest. One of the cheeses is gone. It was first watch, so we move a ways, along the road, to a place with hopefully fewer pranksters. The rest of the night is uneventful. The next day, we all notice a berry bush that’s glowing. It’s a slightly out of season boison berry bush. Sunash dodges a grease spot walking up to it (we hear some groans from the woods), tries a couple, and is full. He does some acrobatics (impressing the audience) while bringing them back to the party. That evening is uneventful. Something is following the caravan, two somethings. Made it to night, and set up camp. A big shadow hound is attacking Rimmer… They’re shadow mastiffs, they were not summoned, but most likely were sent after us. (they could attack after a protect from evil) The rest of the night goes fine, and we get the caravan to whistledown, and get paid! 0

0030 Headed North from Whistledown
The first day and night go well, we get to the edge of the forest at dusk the second day. We’re going to camp outside tonight, and we’re lucky enough to find a path that the wagon can fit down. Rimmer has been a grumpy fellow with the forest tricksters, and they got to him last night. Trussed up like a roast in his bedroll. Sunash left another cheese for them to show that the rest of us aren’t dicks. As we were thinking of setting up camp, Gelid and Sunash spotted some dancing lights that led them off the trail, to a glade. There’s a small pile of rocks near the center of the glade. It’s a shrine to Aristle (plant and animal, community, law spheres) some vauge animal carvings. Gelid goes to get the rest of the group, Sunash finds a firepit on the east side of the glade. We can get the wagon there, and it’s getting to be dark. Sunash has lit some parts of the glade. Gather deadfall, and arrange the brush that we had to clear to move the wagon to dry by the firepit. A Beutiful elven woman approaches Pait and Bonk on their watch. She is Daigo. It’s been a while since she’s been near the wizard’s tower we’re headed to. hasn’t heard about any new residents, doesn’t know about the wizard using shadow hounds. He mostly left the forest alone, she’s heard that the last research he was doing was trying to combine alchemical fire and ice. She hasn’t heard about anyone making it into and back out of the ruins. She’d met him before he was doing most of his experimenting, at the end he was secretive and reclusive. May have had an apprentice or two. That was about 150 yrs ago, she was up in the northern part of the forest, but could see the smoke. She’ll take us to the trail up to the tower. There’s a black panther beside her that none of us noticed come in… THere aren’t any pranks that night. The next morning, she leads us through the forest, finding a really easy path that the cart can travel without problems. The next night, as we’re setting up camp, a small winged dragon, Pendergast appears on her shoulder. She’s a small fairy dragon, Bats her eyes at Rimmer and appologises for playing tricks on him. Rimmer wakes up with cornrows. During the day, we make it to the edge of the forest, to a trail that leads alongside, and then up the mountain. “follow this trail for a day and a half, and you’ll get to the tower ruins” The day and night from here are uneventful. We go up the trail into the foothills, and take some switchbacks, over a pass, and start down into a valley. we find a good place to camp not long after going over the pass. The trail up here hasn’t been traveled in a good while, The trail starts back up out of the valley, and we see the tower. Looks like the tower only has 2 stories remaining, might have been 5 or 6 floors originally. looks like dwarvish construction, and what’s left is in good condition. the first floor looks great, second has moderate damage, third is 3/4 gone. It’s very, unusually quiet, no animal sounds, even though there’s habitat. There’s large, bear-like footprints, and feathers. The prints look to be at least several days old. and there’s a carcass, maybe a yak, it’s been worried clean. This wasn’t taken by a pack, it was a solitary predator. large double door, looks intact The horses get spooked, and it’s an owlbear… And theres another one. Lets drag the carcasses away from the camp and the tower, so that the scavengers aren’t attracted to them. And let’s camp. 0

0031 Aldikim’s Tower
Camping at the tower. No evil or chaos in the area. Good thing that we dragged the owlbear carcasses away, there’s some scavengers on them in the morning. The first floor has no windows, there’s no light coming out of the second floor openings. The doors are very stout, dwarven work. Hey Blarg, go look up top, and see if there’s any way to get in. The third floor has a stone floor, lots of rubble on the stairs. Look around for hidden doors. Gelid finds a loose stone. doesn’t seem to be trapped. Rimmer pushes on it with “open” A panel opens above it, gelid looks in, there’s a 6 inch square box, with a black bag on top of it. there’s a pressure plate under it. Rimmer tries to fuck everything up. Gelid disables the trap, and grabs the stuff. The bag is heavy, it’s got 250-500 mixed silver, gold, and plat. coins. the box is walnut, it has brass hinges and inset lock. looks like a quality lock. unlocked, inside is a very wel cut emerald, the size of skeet’s fist… the gem isn’t magical, but something underneath the cushion it’s on is glowing with magic. it’s a broach, or cloak pin. it’s faint abjuration. Broach of shielding, absorbs magic missiles. The tower doors, they are oak, banded with iron. the hinges are inside. The lock seems to be well maintained. Gelid is going to check for traps, don’t find any. pop the lock… and push the doors in. they open easily and smoothly. it’s clean inside, very little rubble, can see to a stairway in the center. Stepping inside, shadow mastiffs jump us. That sucked… they chewed on Pait a bunch. Blarg scouts up to the next level. There’s a ladder that goes part way lup the ladder, but only 2/3rds of the way to the ceiling. Bonk finds a push panel next to the ladder. Hidden alcove with another ladder up. Lets scout up the ramp, Doors at the top, iron banded oak, opening away from us, both locked, no found traps. Gelid opens it, and Bonk looks through. a wave of decayed flesh hits him as the door opens. a really nasty looking human shaped thing growls at him and takes a swing, it’s a golem. He was tough, and resisted piercing and fire, but we got ‘im. It was a carrion golem, made from rotten body parts, and carries a disease, which it can transmit. there’s a wrecked table, desk, and bed in the room, bookshelves and non-magical very old books. 5 history-ish books. Hey, there’s something(s) scratching at the door, to the other room. iron banded oak door, opens toward us, inset lock. there’s some kind of mechanism in the lock, might be a trap activator, and there’s suspicious holes in the floor. Drug the golem over them, Gelid set of the lock, but the golem caught the javelins… Bonk will open the door, we’re waiting with nocked arrows. It’s a skeleton, with a bow… And, the arrow hit me harder than it should have. Rimmer and I both hit it with arrows, and dusted it. There were 2 more in there, dusted them. One had a an item with a faint dweomer. Breastplate. +1 agile breastplate. These seem to have been animated by a wizard. Hey, where’s Rimmer… He should be trying to take credit by now. The horses and wagon are sitting peacefully where we left them. Well, this looks bad, theres a blood trail, leading from Rimmers dropped weapons, across the first floor, to a stone table. Where it disappears. One of the tiles on the table top is suspiciously cleaner than the others. No traps, it’s a pushbutton that makes something move. Bonk, push the button with your glaive! The table drops into the floor, and slides aside, revealing a spiral stair, with the rest of the blood trail. Which is looking like it was leaving Rimmer quicker. Down the stair, it ends at a door. and a small pool of blood. It’s locked, and trapped. Gelid, dodge! He only just avoids the poison needle on the lock. and pushes open the door. There’s a landing, with stairs going down. Down to a hall, with alcoves. blood trail keeps going… Some alcoves have piles of bones, some are empty. Each pile has multiple skeletons, some are human, some might not be. We get around a couple corners, and there’s a set of double doors, with a blood red symbol on the floor in front of them. THe symbol is Zon-Kuthon, a particularly nasty god. Seems like it’s not a magical symbol, and safe to cross. Doors: Black wood, black iron hardware, no lock. Open away from us. There’s an old codger gnome with a sacraficial knife, chanting over Rimmer, who’s chained to a dark altar. The gnome stabs Rimmer, Sunash says some very hurtful things about Rimmer to convince the Gnome to not harvest his parts. The big flesh golem in here is an illusion. Bonk smashes the gnome conjurer. RImmer’s DEAD! NOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooo Gasp OOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo! Turn to stab a skeleton, it dies immediately. They might be an illusion too… Ran through one, he got a good hit on me. Gnome is dead, Rimmer is Dead. Let’s go through his pockets for change. There’s an unconcious human in one of the alcoves. looks like an old, homeless bard. He should be a good party member. Bonk smashes the altar with one of the benches. 5 pouches fall out, 1 is smaller than the rest the small one is light, and has roundish objects 1 jingles, 1 is bumpy, 1 clinks when picked up, 1 has a lot of random stuff in it. no magic. small: 5 diamonds Jingly: 250 pp bumpy: 2 smoke pellets, 2 thunderstones, 1 flask of alchemists fire. clinky: jewlery (necklace, earrings, bracelet, brooch, tiara, ring) matched set, all set with fire opals, totaling 3000gp #5: flask of acid, flask of bloodblock Illusionist: silver magic dagger(strong necro), spell component pouch, scroll case, cold iron dagger, small magic cloak (cloak of resistance +1). There’s a chest in the back of one of the cells: oak chest, brass hardware: large shield, chain shirt, backpack, belt and pouches, drumstick loot from rimmers altar 5 pouches Pouch 1- 5 diamonds pouch 2 250pp pouch3 jewelry (necklace earrings, bracelet, brooch, tiara ,ring ) mached set all adorned with beautiful fiery opals set toatal worth 3000gp, pouch 4 2 smoke pellets 2 thunderstones and one flask of alchemist firePouch 5 flask of acid and one bloodblock. small light mace +1 med mace +1 temple sword +1 battle axe +1 rapier +1 flasks 6 S D, Int, Con, Cha, W gems, 1000 cp, 250 sp coins. 3 spell books. footlocker – 500 cp, 750 sp, 250 gp +2 dagger – does con damage – keen 0 chest at rimmers tomb… armour chain shirt large shield with heraldry of hand with claw backpack belt with pouches 0

0032 Gozzar the Golarion
Gozzar is kinda dumb, was duped with pickles and an illusion. Doesn’t want to be let out by us. 0

0033 Looting the Tower
The center shaft seems to be a corridor for moving about with levitation. There’s secret panels in each room to access it. There’s a nice bedroom up here, looks like the previous owner’s. A coat of dust over everything, looks like the gnome we fought wan’t related to the original owner. There’s 3 silver scroll cases in here, and a large chest. scrolls, cmw cl3, castigate (inquisitor) cl3, burning gaze (witch) cl3 There’s a large area rug (~couple hundred gp, it’s in very good condition) gift to the Dragon inn 3 spell books, numbered 1, 2 , and 3 1=1st level, 2=2nd lvl, 3=3rd lvl, all completely full. some valuable varisian history books 250gp the chest is locked, oak, in very good condition. don’t find any traps. inside, 2 small sacks, 1 is light (10 saphires total~500gp), 1 is heavy, and jingly (lots of (1000)copper and (250)silver coins). under the sacks: 5 bundles wrapped in black cloth, all are magic weapons: small light mace: +1, 5 runes marked on the hilt – Skeet medium light mace: +1, with same runes -Gelid rapier: +1, marked withthe same runes – Pait temple sword: +1, marked with the same 5 runes batle axe: +1, marked with 5 runes rune sequence: bottom rune is black, rest are white. the black rune on each is the symbol for #1 looking at the other runes is unplesant, they change every minute or so. skeet notices that there’s a false bottom in the chest. underneath, a rack of flasks, with 6 flasks. the racks are in sets of 2, marked to coincide with attributes. under the bed, find a footlocker with 500cp, 750sp, 250 gp Make it back to Sandpoint without any real incident. Going to bury him here, under a statue, and endow a chair at his bards college. dealing with the fop Tesa Yosida owns an opiu den has 2 half orc guards One is straightlaced other is typical drinker – disgruntled with job competition is Jaster Frallind (half elf) 0

0034 stuff to divvy up
A +1 brooch of shielding -Gelid +1 agile breastplate (resizing) -800gp to the party fund 2 smoke pellets -Gelid 2 thunderstones -Skeet 1 alchemist’s fire -Pait 1 flask of acid -Pait cold iron dagger – Pait +1 cloak of resistance (resizing) -Sunash 0 Party Fund, 30 Gozran, 4712 5000gp ruby 12831.5 gp 1 cp 2x 3000gp Gold Ingots 5k gp emerald, unusual cut 15 adamantine tipped arrows 10k gp jewlery 0

0035 Intrigue at the Potbelly Tavern 

Gellid has been comissioned by a lover to take out an ingrateful employee in Magnimar who’s spreading nasty gossip. Tetsuo Yoshida. A fop, rich, lives beyond his apparant means, owns a crackhouse. Always has 2 half-orc bodyguards when he’s out in the rougher parts of town. The competitor that has taken notice of him is Jaster Frallind, a half-elf. One seems to be a teetotaler, and very good about his job. one is more sullen about working for him. likes to drink at the potbelly tavern. Modan is the owner. Hedonistic, likes to go to the burelesque shows, and hook up with dancers. (the high class place is the purple nipple. expensive, but worth it) Gelid asks him to accompany him to the show, Gelid’s treat, has to wait until after the tavern closes. it’s a busy night. The sullen half-orc (Yell) just got here, he looks distraught, and disheveled. He gets to the bar and buys a whole bottle of whiskey, more than he usually would Bonk and I get him to start drinking and throwing axes. His brother is being held by his boss, if he doesn’t protect him his brother will get killed. Fought in the pits in Taldor. REally doesn’t like Yashida. His brother is in the drug trade, and had a habit, is clean now, but owes 8k. He’s back in Taldor. The fop won’t accept anything but his work to pay the debt. Doesn’t know any vices except expensive clothes. We keep drinking and throwing axes and daggers with him. Downs the last of his whiskey, and falls unconsious. Gelid is headed out with the barkeep.


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