The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

0138 What do we do now

Run an augury to see whether breaking into Kay’s room will be advantageous. we get an answer of it would be both good and bad. The doll is still in the room, but dangerous to retrieve? Sunash still wants to go check on Evenie, to see if he can help. The staff all wear similar livery, maybe someone could disguise and go into Kay’s room. Sunash convinces the guard outside our room to take him to go help lady Evenie. Skeet and Gelid are going to disguise and sneak into Kay’s room. Going past the training room, there’s a few guards training, no one they recognize. Open the door to a sitting room, go through to a locked door to her rooms. pick the lock, go through the next room, and find another locked door, this one is trapped. Gelid disables the trap. starts picking the lock, and fails to open it. tries again, breaks a pick. one more time, gets it open, finally. swanky bedroom. Feeling a super foreboding feeling from one corner of the room. As they go to the foot of the bed, to go for the chest, a huge black-skinned… thing. steps out of the corner. it’s 9’ tall, and has 4 arms. skeet thinks it’s a slimy demodand, but those should have wings, not 4 arms. It’s got nasty bite, is chaotic evil. it steps up, tries to swing, and can’t touch them, because of the protection from evil that Sunash cast. Gelid pulls the chest out from under the bed, it’s walnut, with platinum hardware. It’s a high quality lock, marked with Asmodeus’ holy symbol. The demodand realizes that it can’t get at them, so it pops out. disable the traps, and pop the lock. Hmm, the lock was easier than it should have been. reflex save time. biff, and a whole bunch of electrical and unholy damage. Everyone takes some damage. Pull out the purse, the doll is inside. Bonk climbs back up the balcony, to return the chest.
Meanwhile, Sunsh is taken to Evenie’s room, she is laying on her front. her wings are laying on the floor next to her. An acolyte is tending to her. Her back has been chemically cauterized. the skin looks discolored, and gray. Her wings couldn’t be restored. the poison prevents restoration and regeneration. She can’t think of why Kay would have attacked her, except for being nuts. Well, of course, she follows Norgorber. Evenie is surprised, disturbed that Sabina would have taken a job. Bonk is just coming back down the rope, as Evenie teleports Sunash, Sabina, and herself to our room. Who has the item? She want’s proof, that Kay attacked Tiffreya. Show her, she gets a pissed look, dimension doors back out. leaves Sabina. Sunash warns Sabina that two unfortunate servants were eaten by a demodand in Kay’s room. He offers to leave before we cause more trouble, Sabina wants us to stay, she thinks it would be unwise to leave while Evenie is acting. Sabina takes us down to the audience room, Sabina pulls rank to get the doors opened. She wants us to talk to the queen. We get into the room, Sabina comes in, the queen enters through a secret door. asks Sabina. Is Evenie doing what I think? And her father was so supportive… We suspected, but couldn’t prove. Her actions this morning, and the creature in her room seal her fate. Her actions against you were not approved by the court, Sunash wants to see Sabina fined for helping Kayltanya. The queen asks what Sunash wants. Sunash asks for the queen to explicitly protect Tiffreya. She will promise that no one from her court or castle wil take any action against her. She’d like us to stop by the next time we’re in Korvosa. Sabina tells us that we should really heed that request. If she’d known how this was going to go, she would have set things up differently.


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