The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

0137 meeting with the queen in the morning

As we’re waiting to be let into the audience room, we hear Kayltanya yelling at someone, and a woman screaming. We run to the door, which has been opened by guards running in, and see Kay, trying to cut the wings off of Evenie. One wing is already removed, the other is injured badly. The guards have disarmed Kay, the dagger is a nasty black blade.
Sunash tumbles in, and moves to ask the queen what she wants done. She orders that they be separated, and brought over. Hit her with some spells and hexes, and Kay gets to go again, flips something out of her glove, and tries to go at Eveine again, the knife is coated with black goo. She takes some nasty damage from Skeet’s retribution hex, Skeet taunts her about not doing that again. Bonk quick draws a heavy blanket, and tries to net her in it. He catches her, and bears her to the floor. Sunash steps up and casts breath of life on Eveine.
Skeet comes in with a healing hex Pait fails a grapple to help Bonk. Sabina walks up, takes out a cord, loops it around Kay’s neck and pulls. The queen again demands Kay stop fighting. Bonk’s bearhug, and Sabina’s Garrote convince her to listen, They get her on her feet and walk her to the queen. She spits at Evenie as she gets up.
The queen thanks Bonk for his help. “you’ve learned nothing…” Q to Kay. Sabina will take Kay out of the castle for 24 hours, with guards. Sabina snaps barbed manacles on Kay, and leads her out. Sunash casts delay poison on Evenie. The knives have some really debilitating posion, saps strength. Both daggers are venom injecting daggers. Sunash asks about Korvosa’s CCW laws. Yes, the court has some strict rules about carrying weapons. She’d like to reschedule our meeting, thanks us for our help.
Head back to our inn, contact Glorio to give him a heads up. ‘hmm, she had been quite well behaved the last few weeks" Kay’s family had been the only supporter of the king on a very contentious decision. Her dad had a bad temper, but learned to control it. Bonk and Pait try to get info from guards at the pub. Kay was in a pissy mood, and Evenie interrupted her. Eve ran when Kay drew the knife, Kay caught her and cut the wing off in one blow. The doll is still located in her room.


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