The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

0114 Meeting Cinnabar

22 Sarenith, 11 am
Cinnabar and her entourage arrive at our house.
The mayor and the arena promoter are with her.
We picked the location.
She has picked the day.
31 Erastus
Skeet is making cinnamon buns jokes.
The promoter has brought a contract for us to sign, agreeing to the date.
Everything about the contract looks legit.
it covers the arrangements for the fight between the goblin grinders and the red hot chili peppers.
Standard combat, with some provisos.
all 11 peppers, vs all 6 grinders.
no-hold-barred, magic is allowed.
outside interference is allowed.
Let’s spend the month prepping the ground at the arena.
Skeet notices something odd about the promoter.
Detect magic: strong illusion on him.
Skeet looks close, Tiffreya walks into the room, and then turns around and walks out.
Sunash dispells.
the promoter looks at him, touché.
It’s Asmodeus.
This was too good to pass up, but I am only an observer.
I didn’t forsee you challenging my general.
Sunash adds a stipulation that if we win TIffreya can choose her own fate free of asmo’s influence.
The outside interference line is struck.
Asmo compliments Skeet on noticing him.
Cinnabar signs the contract.
Everyone signs, Asmo rolls it and hands it to the mayor. “for safekeeping”
After Gozzar puts a bloody handprint on the contract, he stops bleeding.
Cinnabar heals, too.
Asmo pops out.
Cinn isn’t looking happy, she takes off.
Tiffreya is impressed that we got Asmo to reveal himself.
Cinnabar is human, and last time she saw her group, they were all humans.
The red armor is because Cinnabar was a Red Mantis assassin before she was a general for Asmodeus.


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