The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

0112 Message from the Heidmarchs

21 Sarenith, we get a letter in the morning from the Heidmarchs, asking if we can meet them at our house today.
They are going to be arriving around afternoon tea.
We set up to entertain.
Thank you for inviting us, we were worried we wouldn’t be able to see you again soon.
Sunash says how we’ve been hearing about Osirian scholarship, we’ve met a scholar ourselves, and have found some items.
We show them Reinar’s collection.
They are excited to see these authentic artifacts.
So, who is this scholar?
He’s a very modest man, with a price on his head.
We are working with him as a long term contact, but we would like to go over these,
bring out the drawings of the artifacts that we used the memory spells to restore.
‘these are surprisingly good, even if not complete
if we can authenticate these, you might be willing to part with some of them?’
We might be able to get you a contact inside Osirian that would be able to operate with less scrutiny.
They had originally wanted to contract with us to get the info from Glorio’s artifacts.
They are happy that we found the info, and are impressed that we got them without abusing Glorio’s trust.
Would you take 15000 gp for the drawings?
That is interesting, perhaps we’d be interested in patronage instead.
We’ll give them the drawings now for 18k later, and the trust of the Heidmarchs.
They are happy to help us prep a trip to Osirian,
They’d like to meet our scholar, and help research where we’d be headed to.
we’ll be paid whenever they are ready, we have 2 weeks to arrange a meet with Baxter.
They are excited to look through the other artifacts that we collected.


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