The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

0111 Meeting Fieya

Skeet got a message from a witch friend who’s named Fieya.
She want’s to talk about the Heidmarchs.
Meeting at the Rank Harlot tavern for lunch on the 20th.
Sunash will escort.
Arrive at bar, Fieya and familiar are seated at a table, greet Skeet.
They head to a private sitting area.
She has some good to say about the Heidmarchs, they have good info, kinda snooty.
They were interested in having us look for some antiquities.
Would you know what they’d be looking for in relation to Lord Glorio.
I would guess that he has collected something interesting from Osirian.
She’s in town to hand some info to the Heidmarchs about Anhepsut the… 6th or 7th.
There have been many people interested in him recently. Especially in his apparent murder.
Info was so scarce, people have been trying to make the most of the recent discoveries.
Osirian is not exactly happy for the scrutiny, and tomb robbery.
The Heidmarchs were Osirian researchers themselves.
Be careful around Glorio, he has long reach.
THere’s a lot of Korvosans around, Liolo has been around.
He’s much farther down the social scale, but he has high aspirations, probably more ambitious than Glorio.
Would Glorio’s interest be just for personal knowledge? Or might he be in this for business.
He seems to be just interested personally. But, he may be willing to pay more than even the Heidmarchs would for Osirian info.
The Heidmarchs would be good to develop favor to get a field commission.


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