The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

0110 Translating the Osirian Obelisk

We have a scholar translate the inscriptions on the obelisk that we found in Reinar’s vault.
It deals with the unrecorded time during the reign of:
An-Hepsu VII (Pharaoh of Blades)
He was murdered, presumably by his son, but not confirmed.

The jade statue is of An-Hepsu.
The magic aura on the statue is very faint transmutation.
The tablet that the book was stashed under references the murder of An-Hepsu, and references another tablet with more info.
The pathfinders wanted us to look at an obelisk, AND A TABLET in Glorio’s possession.
Looks like they wanted us to fill in a hole in Osirian’s history.
Reinar recorded the location of the tomb in code, we can’t decipher it.
He only described the obelisk and tablet he sold Glorio. no rubbings.
There were more objects in the tomb.
It was a family tomb, other royals would be buried there.
We tell him about the mage trying to kill him, working to encourage him to take our plea deal.
He doesn’t believe that Riani would kill him if he’s just a prisoner.
He is still amenable to being let out to be a scholar, he doesn’t have any family left in Magnimar.
He is enjoying the idea of starting over as an academic with a clear record. He seems (backed by sense motive) that he’s actually going to be starting a new life, and not just getting back to his old ways.
We’ll arrange for him to ‘die’, and we’ll arrange for him to live a better life, and feed us info.
He is going to take our offer, and will be our info source in osirian.
Sunash and Gelid are going to go to the mayor, and tell him aobut the deal. That Reinar is just a money man, and we need to turn him, to get at all his knowledge.
Lord Glorio was the actual force behind the slave trade, we can’t tie him directly. If we can turn Reinar, we can get info from him, Glorio will not see him, or that we have his knowledge.
We’ll get the info, and remove REinar from Magnimar so he can’t threaten the town.
The mayor is glad that we’d bring him in on the plan. He wants the sheriff in on the plan, but not really anyone else.
The knowledge we’d gain could be very good for Magnimar.
We’ll take Reinar to the sheriff, get his statement, take him to his house, fake an attack, switch him for a convenient unidentified body, and spirit him out of town.
Pait notices a glowing scrying disk above Skeet!
It disappears as soon as we notice it.
Skeet offers to put a mark of justice on Reinar to prevent slaving.
The mayor and sheriff are ok with the plan, since we will have Reinar ‘dead’ and out of Magnimar, and we’re going to be watching him.
12 Sarenith we go to the mayor, and we will be carrying out the plan on 17 Sarenith. That gives us time to prepare cover stories, and travel plans.
We’ll stash Reinar in our house in Riddleport, and have our staff help him make a new id, and go on to Osirian.

We still don’t want to cross glorio, so we’ll investigate trying to enhance and recover Baxter’s (reinar) memory of handling the obelisk and tablet to get the info that we need for the Pathfinders.
Baxter is willing to work with us on this.
Skeet will cast the spell from a scroll, we’ll get several, so we’ll have a few tries.
The spell will allow us to take him back to the time 2 years ago when he had the tablet and obelisk, they may be able to sketch out the inscriptions from the recovered memories
We generate drawings of the objects, one each of the tablet and obelisk.
We fake Reiner’s death, and send Baxter to Riddleport. on the 17th of Sareneth
The Heidmarch’s are out of town for a few weeks.
18th Sareneth: Someone is scrying on us again at lunchtime. Sunash sees… Rhianni, maybe.
There have been people following us out in public. Both are female, with burgundy hair. Definitely different people, but could likely be twins.
Sunash and Pait are going to put on the hat’s of disguise, and shadow some party members to try to take one or more of the tails.
When we put on the disguises, the tails disappear.
As we’re walking and looking, the 2 burgundy haired women are in a vacant stall, they wave, and disappear into a building.
We run around the side of the building, and they are nowhere.
When we get back to the front, the stall is occupied by a cloth merchant.
he tries to sell Skeet some nice silk.
Sunash thinks that there was a high level illusion cast to make us think the stall was empty, and the women were in it.
we keep going, get to the antiquities merchant that sold us the trinket for tiffeya.
There’s a very tall redhead in leather armor, with two sabers. she turns to face us, nice play at trying to catch one of my friends, I am Cinnabar.
She’s the Asmodean general who was working for Liolo.
She looks human.
“I wanted to give you a heads up, as several of you will likely be bleeding out
It’s smart to be traveling in a group, but that won’t matter.”
“so, do you get paid for all of us, if you only kill one of us?”
Banter, trying to delay her
“it was a pleasure to see you all face-to-face”
As she turns away, 10 more in red leather armor emerge from the shadows and walk with her. They were completely concealed before
The twins are in her entourage.
We notice that all 10 are women, and all carrying sabers.
Sawtooth sabers.
Gozzar formally accepts their challenge to a fight in the Magnimar Arena,
since they are lawful, that should keep them from jumping us randomly.
That should screw with their psyopps a bit by stepping up and using their own law against them.
Untill the same group that is present here meets in the arena, there will be no further hostilities.
Their leader Cinnabar is amused. the 11 of them to the 6 of us.
She wants to name the time.
We’ll be in touch.
She draws a saber and slices her hand.
Gozzar opens his hand on a Mjom Mjom spike.
they shake once, and there’s a lightning crack.
Gozzar feels a jolt of electricity, she looks like she’s feeling it too.
lots of damage, and str damage.
Both of them are knocked down, she smiles “I can’t wait”
Stands, walks back to companions unsteadily.
Gozzar can heal the damage, and str, but the cut doesn’t heal.
Tiffreya is waiting for us at our manor house.
Did you guys just set up a head-on fight with Cinnabar?
Gozzar kinda did.
You do realize who will be coming and watching?
You just interested HIM
Are you going to help? or just tell us we’re stupid?
This is all on you.
20th Sarenith


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