The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

0109 Investigating Reinar

After investigating Reinar’s house, and decrypting the ledgers that we captured from Tem, Reinar has been thrown in jail to await trial.
His underlings and associates have been held as witnesses, or accessories.
There was a treasure room in his house that had been looted during the fire.
He was intelligent and charismatic, would have levels in merchant.
Sunash is going to try to get him to turn over a list of stolen valuables, in exchange for leniency.
Sunash is interested in items that would be hard to pawn quickly, things that would have to be transported out, that we could use as scrying targets, to trace the thieves, or potential conspirators.
Reinar tells him what was taken, three chests from the treasure room. not much distinctive, they contained gems and coinage. They didn’t find or take the really valuable stuff.
He’s charged with hundreds of counts of slave trafficking, which would be most of the rest of his life in prison work gangs.
Gozzar does a thorough check of of house to make sure that we’re not going to be blamed for the burglary. Doesn’t find anything.
Lets go find the valuables that Reinar was sure weren’t taken. CAn’t leave powerful magic for him to use in an escape.
Lots of the first floor is badly damaged. The second floor is damaged badly, a little bit of salvageable goods here.
Gozzar finds the vault easily. in the cellar.
Detect secret doors finds a panel hidden in the vault, looks like it hasn’t been opened recently.
Gelid checks for traps. Doesn’t find any, seems odd.
steps to the left, and opens the panel.
couple poisoned arrows hit the floor right in front of the panel.
panel slides back and into the wall, opens into a 10ft square room. full of Osirian artifacts.
Small obelisks, statues, most are stone. only a few statuettes are gold or semi-precious stone.
There’s a representative of the guard that was walking through with us. He’s there as much to make sure we’re not disturbed. We are observed opening the secret room.
The room walls are lined with display cases, the back wall has two pedestals, one with an obelisk, one with a pharaoh’s statue.
The guard hasn’t looked in, we might be able to swap his collection for other pieces that we’ve collected.
Gelid convinces the guard to go get a superior, so we can inventory this stuff. Gozzar goes with him, to make sure that they get someone who can accurately record it, and if it gets disappeared and replaced, he wasn’t involved with it at all.
We dimension door the loot back home (it’s, like, next door. How lucky is that)
stone tablet that is inscribed with a map.
Carved obelisk.
Sunash notices that there’s something underneath the map tablet. A book…
It’s a leather bound journal. tied closed with cord.
Monogramed RC
It’s Reinar’s journal, seems like he was trying to be a pathfinder.
He was recording his exploration of a tomb he discovered, and looted.
He sold 2 pieces from the tomb directly to lord Glorio
one was an obsidian obelisk 3.5ft tall. sold for 150k gp.
We are going to put some rubble in the room, and set off the traps, we want it to look like everything was destroyed.
That was an impressive array of traps… a little bit of everything.
Gozzar and the guard return with the accountants of JJ and J. to look at the smoking remains of the treasure room.
We now have the artifacts, and leverage over Reinar. Let’s try to turn him to be an informant, and if he is good, he might be able to ride off into the sunset as an osirian scholar.
the statue and obelisk have some faint abjuration magic on them.
Osirian Artifacts:
Stone tablet map
15 statuettes of various sizes and materials
5 are deities, 5 pharoh2, 5 fertility idols
3 obelisks, two of marble(weathered), one of obsidian (intact)
Three tablets with hieroglyphics on them, all made of marble (2 are completely intact, one is missing a portion of the upper left corner)
three leather chariot harnesses
Then the two objects of significance the 3.5 foot obsidian obelisk and the 2.5 foot Jade statue of what looks to be a pharaoh
both items glow with faint abjuration and also faint transmutation

Going through his journal, he didn’t make any rubbings of the obelisk he sold to Glorio, but he did make some sketches. and dimension drawings.
Copied a few hieroglyphs,
not the info the pathfinders wanted, but enough to identify it.
No family, no current SO.

Get Gelid to tell Reinar that Rhianni told us she wants him dead, and Glorio called him a loose end.
He has a chance to use his osirian knowledge to help us save him from his business partners.
If he plays well, we’ll try to help him plea down his sentence, and maybe he can go be a scholar somewhere.
We want more info on his dealings with Glorio, and Rianni. What items did he sell to Glorio, what magic items would the slave ships have, where would any business records be, What evidence against Rianni can he help us find.


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