The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

0108 The end of Alloicious

7 Sarenith, 4712

Gelid receives a note that there’s a message for Alloicious at his drop.
He goes to collect it, disguised.
The note is addressed to Al, with Rianni’s seal and nice handwriting.
Pait, and Sunash are ‘in the area’ as guards, Bonk is running as Al’s guard he’d have with him.
They notice a femaleish figure in a black cloak, the cloak may have some symbols worked into it. Sunash guesses it’s a cloak of resistance.
She turns and heads off into the crowd as Al picks up the letter.
Sunash follows her, Pait keeps shadowing Gelid.
The drop is in the west north part of the large central park in the lower part of town.
She heads down the street going west from the park, after a little bit, she starts to duck through alleys, like she’s covering her tracks from anyone who might be following, but without acting like she knows that anyone is following her.
She arrives at the Steel Whiskers tavern and inn.
She stops, drops the hood, and looks around for anyone that might have followed. Sunash memorises her face, and where she’s staying, then heads back to meet up.
Al heads back, twit and turn, eventually drop the disguise, and head home.
After Sunash describes her, Gelid recognizes Riani.
Her letter is about whether Al is interested in her offer of replacing Reinar.
She’s asking for a reply by the drop site.
We’re thinking that Foppington may host a meeting with her, to see if we can get any info on what’s left of the slave ring.
We may set up a sting, where we make a club, that they can feel nice and comfy in, and show them a good time. Maybe we can get some info out of her.
We’ll set up a meet, at the steel whiskers, not letting her know that we’ve found her lodge.
Pait, Bonk, and Skeet will be with Gelid.
We set up a meet.
In walks Riani, and a human male.
We don’t recognize him.
wearing very nice clothes, tall athletic.
Rapier, circlet set with a ruby.
Ah, you’ve brought a guest.
Yes, my benefactor, lord Liolo, or korvosa.
Sit! Sit! I have the evening taken care of.
Liolo sits to view the door, RIani sits across from him.
Dinner comes in.
Liolo has a high opinion of himself, but not too obnoxious.
A couple rings, one is a signet, a high family, not related to Glorio.
He’s on the ruling council, an advisor to the king of korvosa. not as high ranking as Glorio, but not a lightweight. He’s looking to fill the market that Glorio has just left.
You know that the current distribution network has collapsed, we’d like to see what the prospects are to reestablish it.
We have it on good authority that the Goblin Grinders won’t be in Magnimar too long.
There are plans to eliminate them from Magnimar in a few weeks. Then we can move back in.
What are you proposing?
We have ships that can stay ahead of the corsairs, and 2 supply lines set up.
We just need a local to set up with credentials, as the local distributor.
Al would like to be convinced that he won’t suffer the same fate as the previous people that the GG took down.
The previous principle was sloppy, and the Goblin Grinders will be gone. We have a new government insider to help us.
2 shipments a month, good markup, and high profit. If you can move the product.
They will need some proof that his network can bring in buyers.
Can you handle 500 a month?
I believe so.
Riani is doing the talking, Liolo is mostly just confirming her points.
They have a shipping company, that is going to be bringing in merchandise overland, to avoid the corsairs.
Al says that he’s intrigued, but can’t act until the Goblin grinders are gone, and he sees their heads for himself.
Liolo thinks that’s fair.
Al says he’ll begin to bring together the funds, and ramp up his network, on the assumption that they make good.
In the next few weeks, Liolo would like to meet, Al’s distribution.
Al is insisting on the Grinders being gone before he starts.
Liolo agrees that the next meeting will happen as soon as the GG are gone.
Al will start to organize his people, and get money and front businesses together.
clear the building and room, leave plenty after them.
Stealth away, and go home.
There was an entourage of 20 people that came with Liolo and Riani. Lots of scouts and guard. mostly muscle.
Several tieflings, looked like the bosses. One cleric, couldn’t id the sect. lightweight muscle, light touch, maybe a rogue. 2 wore no armor, one had a staff, one had no weapons. the last was female, got lots of looks, she openly showed an Asmodean holy symbol. no armor. She looked human, but her skin color was pale to the point of being pink,
her eyes were pink, too. Didn’t see hair, she was wearing a hat that covered her hair.
seemed to be leading the entourage.
No one seemed to be from Glorio’s people.
Sunash will ask Tiffreya if this Lioro is a rival, important contact, or if he’d like to see this dude get killed.
She asks if we’d had an interesting evening.
Yes, we met a guy who’s trying to undo Glorio’s work.
it’s interesting that Liolo would try to subvert Glorio.
Apparantly a quick lesson on Korvosan politics is needed.
Glorio is highest of the advisor group in korvosa, which is why he was sent on this trade mission.
The advisor council has some members who are trying to get too far above his station.
He’s not been openly challenging anyone, but he’s known to be preparing to move.
He had a large group of guards, is that normal, or a special occasion?
His captain is a force to be recconed with.
Denada, the albino, is strong, don’t mess with her.
She’s a general in asmodeus’ armies.
She’s significantly stronger and more highly placed than Tiffreya.
Tiffreya would’t mind seeing her gone, but is not going to do anything stupid.
SHe thinks that the long term for Liolo is bad for him if he’s dealing with her.
Tiffreya has taken a liking to Sunash, and would like to see us stay around.
We’ll discuss this with Glorio, how do we make sure that we survive, and Glorio comes out ahead far enough to be interested in helping us.
Tiffreya’s impression is that Glorio wouldn’t mind seeing Liolo gone, if it can’t be tied to him.


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