The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

Skyping with Sabrina

Skeet detects a scrying sensor.

It’s Sabrina, this time, and she casts message.
How’s it going? What happened with the shrine?
We offed Rimmer, and broke the shrine.
She’s wanting to get arraingements made to get the book to Desna in Magnimar, and remove Gabriella from power.
She’s learned that Gabby has a friend who has been casting a special spell for her that lets her be in two places at once.
Really? We killed one of those.
The person who’s been doing the spell for her… cousin(spit) is an advisor to the mayor of Magnimar.
He’s the leader of the local sorcerers’ guild.
He is the person who Gabby clerks for.
He is a big player in the slave trade. We can probably undo both at once.
The last info she has for us is 3x gray corsair ships are comming into Magnimar in 3 days. One is our friend capt. Jasper Creezy.
Since you’re in sandpoint, bring 5 kegs of GG ale, the last shipment sold faster than he’d expected.
We’ll be on our way back right away, cya.
Closes scrying.

Waiting at the Shrine

We have about 7 hours to prep the area.
Gelid is going to build tangling, smoking, thunder stone throwables.
He’s also going to set thunderstone claymores along the path at a choke point.
We will set the glyph of warding right after the claymores.
if we can get them to string out along the path pursuing us, and web them, we might get an advantage.
THey’ve unloaded the wagon, and put the cargo onto pack horses.
There are 5 women, and 2 male bodyguards.
The first guard and his mule step over the claymore trip wire.
The second mule hits it.
The third bolts back down the path.
the guards walk across the evil-smiting ward, without damage.
Pait doesn’t recognize them, we might have a hard time of talking them out of guarding the cultists.
Arrow to one of the cultists, and some alchemist fire.
only see 4 cultists, heard someone casting, without seeing them, hope that’s the 5th woman that was reported.
Gelid wiffs his throw of a smoke-tangle-bang bag, and it just barely lands far enough away to not get him.
A few rounds, and Gabriella Varga herself appears, as she casts something nasty on us.
and it’s time for bed, pause the action at the top of the order.

Varga drops a blade barrier, and Skeet…
Bonk misses two swings with his frosty axe, and bites her good. She’s warm and juicy, not undead.
Gelid smacks her around, and them Pait does a *stab*stab*slam* and drops her.

Rimmer shows up, screaming “you killed her!”
he runs through the blade barrier, grabs up her body, sprouts wings, and goes to take off flying.
Bonk smacks him, he isn’t taking any cold damage from the frosty axe.
Gozzar shoots off the web wand, Bonk, Gelid, and Pait make their saves,
Rimmer fails his save and gets stuck !He’s not likeing being in the middle of all these folks beating on him, so he abandons Varga’s body, and trys to take off.
We get AOO’s as he trys to fly away.
He gets 10 ft up, and gets stuck in the web again.
Bonk Lasso’s him!
The grappling hook hits him in the eye slot of the helmet, and yanks it off when Bonk pulls to bring him back down.
It looks like the head comes off with the helm, and he falls back to the ground.
smack the body around a bit…
The blade barrier dissipates after about 10 minutes.

RImmer’s armor has already started to regenerate.
Varga’s body looks… odd.
The blood is off, and the flesh is odd. The body is… melting. It’s a simulacrum.
Well, we have the armor, and the shrine is super weak.
Kyrene tells us to set it on the altar and chop it up.
The adamantine axe makes short work of the armor. It shatters, and the armor dusts.
The bones in the altar reform into whole dead bodies.
Kyrene appears, “Thank you for destroying that monstrosity.”
There is a stone left on the ground, with 7 adamantine rings, like the other weapon powerups we’ve had.
Skeet realizes that someone is scrying on us, but can’t identify who’s doing it.
Skeet, Gelid, and Gozzar hear “You may have killed Rimmer, but I’m still here. Come and get me”
Pait clears the two caravan guards with the other guards, they’re good guys, but haven’t been exactly picky about who they were guarding. (as is now obvious)
Time to heal up and get ready for the next set of adventures.
Treasure from the priestesses:
2 potion of invisibility
600 pp (divided)
6x diamonds 200gp ea (divided)
1 potion of heroism
1 potion of freedom of movement
1 potion of darkvision

On a Boat to Magnimar

We have an uneventful trip, seeing that we killed the krakens and abboleths already. This time, we get to do some fishing, and catch some salmon, cod, and tuna. We get to Magnimar on 4 Pharast, 4712. Bonk checks in to see if the half orc dockworkers union has any representatives and info here. particualry on anything coming back and forth from riddleport. there were some shipments for Riddlepoint but mostly empty barrels and glass flasks… so unless there are some things put in thaem on the way back… nuttin interesting. and the shipment was sponsored by our lady of the night… Varga One of Skeets witch contacts tells her that one of the magic shop keepers closed up shop like normal one night, and never came back. His shop has a fresh burn mark on the threshold of the door. one of your caravan contacts tells you that Varga sent out two caravans to sandpoint in the last week. one of them was full of barrels that were fulls of some liquid and the barrels were stained brown. The First caravan had empty barrels, the full barrels went out only 2 days ago. We might be able to catch them if the Grey Corsairs can get us there fast. They can! Theres a schooner that can get us there in 12 hours after the tide starts heading out. your caravan contact tells you that the caravan carrying the full barrels had three wagons, 25 guards and were accompanied by 5 women. each wagon has 5 barrels in them. one of your good friends is one of the guards on the caravan. he is also known to skeet so she would be able to scrye on him Pait would guess that the Varga Caravan will need 4 days to get to sandpoint, 3 days if they push, and risk the cargo. Skeet augurs while we’re on the ship, and doesn’t get anything on how far Varga is. We get to Sandpoint @ 1 am there’s a night watch on the docks, they recognize us, there hasn’t been any other ships for a couple days. a caravan came in a few days ago, it already left and headed north. We check in with the duty officer for the sherrif, they have been watching the shrine, no one was at the shrine yesterday, the next report should be coming in soon. skeet gets a ding on her detect scrying, but dosen’t get a distance or direction on the scryer, there shouldn’t be any useful info for them of where exactly we are. From town, there’s only 1 good route to the caravan. They should be going through or past town on their way to the shrine. Nothing on the path to the shjrine. The shrine has a bit of a glow, it is dimmer than last time. the shrine is larger. more skulls and bones piled up. we meet the 3 guards watching the shrine. they have a blind in the brush overlooking the shrine. since we were here last, they haven’t seen anyone physically come to the shrine, but it has gotten larger. not sure how it’s grown, there’s someone here 24/7 for the last 2 months. Skeet scrys on our friendly guard, he’s asleep, we hear guards talking. they don’t like the bosses, they are leaving the job at sandpoint. think they’ll get to town ~noon to 1pm, hear waves. Gabriella Varga just sent a sending to Skeet, asking for a meeting in Magnimar in 5 days. Skeet tells Varga, “Sorry, can’t—busy getting our donkeys polished that day.” Sunash hits the shrine with a consecrate, it greatly dims the shrine, he’s going to try to let out the souls in it, and Kyrene. She is more visible, and more humanoid after the consecrate, she’s calmed down now, and can speak. “you’ve returned, have you brought the armor?” He’s still around “you will need the grave knights armor to free me and destroy this shrine” “they should be coming soon to recharge the shrine” they will be here soon, we’ve hampered them. “good” Sunash gets some info from her on building the sapper. Just before sunash did the consecrate, skeet gets a ping on her scry detector, it’s varga. she’s about to cast, and as sunash consecrates, she screams, and the sensor pops.

Questioning the Priestesses

Sunash and Sabrina are going to get some answers out of the two captured priestesses some quiet night in one of Riddelport’s graveyard. 29 Calistril Your interrogation of the captive Priestesses yields some interesting tid bits. From the first one you get the following: They were using the rituals to ensare people to use their souls and blood for some nefarious things. Including setting up another power shrine near Magnimar. During the interrogation of the preistess from the cave. Sunash has to one several occasions keep Sabrina from slitting her throat. However, she ends up in the process cutting off one of her ears, and both of her pinky fingers in the process of getting the information, scant as it is. The priestess from the cave gives you some information that they were going to help maintain the power of the Sandpoint shrine. Lastly, she also gives you that Gabriella Varga is the high priestess for the region. She calls all of the shots and she confirms that she has been in the company of Rimmer constantly for the last seferal months. Previously she was never seen with any body guards. Also that she has gotten a bit paranoid. They have to recharge the Sandpoint shrine every month to maintain it power. You have prevented that form happening so therefore he will be weaker for a while. Also, if they were to complete the Magnimart shrine he will be nearly unstoppable as long as both are running. To recharge the shrines, they drain the blood, and capture the soul of prisoners, and use them to power it. If we can keep them away from the shrime in the material plane, it is harder, but not impossible to recharge. The shrine ritual is a new discovery, it requires a lot of souls to run, and drains power directly from norgorber. Sunash wants to work with the Nethys and Pharasma churches to set up a magical and spiritual drain to deplete the shrine of magic and souls more quickly than they can power it up.

Loot from the Slavers

2x MW compoite longbows tuned to +3 str (kitty) 2x MW spears (kitty) sickle +1 acidic (kitty) 4x mw sickels (kitty) studded leather armor +2(kitty) 4x mw leather armor(kitty) 2x +1 agile brestplate (kitty) amulet of nat armor +2 (sunash) 3x spell books, (skeet) scroll, heal, min cl (divine) (sunash) scroll, cure serious wounds, min cl scroll, flame strike, min cl (divine) (sunash) wand, cmw, min cl, 15 charges (skeet) wand, burning hands, cl5, 25 charges (skeet) crooked pointed stick, wand of fireball, cl5, 20 charges. (gozzar) scroll of bless CL8 (sunash) 2x potion, epeditious retreat, cl1 (kitty) 2x vial of oil of magic weapon (1x bonk) (1x Pait) 4x thunderstones(skeet). 12 flasks of alch fire. (6x bonk) (6x Pait) 12 thunder stones (kitty) 12 sunrods (kitty) 12 flasks of drow poison (kitty) 3x glass flasks (kitty) book of norgorber rituals. (kitty) jewlery 10k gp of necklaces, tiaras, earrings, supeior quality. seems like it was looted from somewhere. (kitty) coins 3k gp of asst coins (kitty) 400gp (kitty) large obsidian 750gp (use as a focus for the shrine disruptor(foozle device)) med size emerald, unusual cut 5k gp (kitty) non-perishable food (kitty)

Riddleport and Exploring the North Cave

Gelid’s prospective dad-in-law was crossed by Varga, she stiffed him on a payment, and pissed him off good. That might explain why he has been freezing her out of riddleport. One of Skeet’s witch friends was harassed by some undead on the road from Magnimar. They were low-level skeletons and zombies being directed to attack travelers. She was attacked at the foothils of the Fogscar Mountains, North of Sandpoint, where the road turns east to skirt the mountains. Sleeg sent Gelid a letter, he wants to talk about a job. Wants him to come by when we get back into town from investigating the cave north of town. We meet up with Sabrina Varga and her attendants at the north gate. They’re set up for traveling, and trouble. The guards are nervous of them… terrified could be a good description. Sabrina is wearing unusual bracers, not something she’d had before, she also has a sack tied to her pack with all kinds of arcane symbols tooled into it. they match symbols on her bracers. Sunash is reminded of an armiger’s panopaly. (self-deploying armor) She now has a greatsword, rather than her sickle or mace. We head out to the N-NE, it’ll be about 6 hours, so we have time to chat. Sunash asks I ask about her family and genuinely try to understand the obligations she has to her deity her family and family honour I am trying to establish what she will and won’t do to deal with her neice Family is super important, it comes before everything but her obligations to her church. Family is a very close second. Gabriella’s name causes her to cool sharply. Does she have a history for Varga before the Shrine. Does she think this is a possession? Is her neice still present? Has her soul been taken over. Gabriella is acting on her own choice, but she’s doing something that none of the family would accept. Sunash gently suggests that they have a common demand by deities they can’t question to kill Varga in all likelyhood. Sabrina isn’t convinced that Gabriella can’t be redeemed (to Asmodeus’ service) but, she’d kill her in an instant if she is convinced that Gabby is not comming back. She understands that many people don’t like Asmo, but they are extrodinarily true to their word. We’re getting close to the cave, there’s a little vegetation, and we hear… metal clanking on metal. it sounds like someone is sparring. We sneak up a bit in what cover there is. In a bit of a draw, we see 2 humanoind creatures, near the cave mouth, practicing with swords. We can’t id them at first, gren-blue skin, pointed ears. about 8 ft tall. Very good condition breastplate armor Gozzar is trying to sneak up on them, and steps on a stick, so he conjures an illusory lame boar, and sends it off to distract them. They look at it, are intrigued, and a human female steps out, speaking Goblin, “where do you think you’re going?” They point and go “Dinner!” She can’t see it, and calls them on it. They reply, “It’s getting away, we want bacon!” She tells them that nothing’s there, stay at your posts. They go to guarding the cave. Them: “she’s a bitch, be glad when this is done.” Gozzar has the illusory boar stumble back into view and collapse from exhaustion. One of them rushes the boar, looks like he’s going to kill it. the other’s staying at his post. Gozzar has it scramble up and squeal it’s way off toward ambush. We gank them. Hard. We disguise Sunash and Pait as the hobgoblins, and go back to the cave mouth. Whisper to Sabrina, “make some big noise” She and her attendants raise a ruckus, Pait and Sunash raise an alarm. We hear “we’re under attack” and a ssss sss ssss-bang! like a porcullis slaming shut. Sabrina is leaving 3 people to guard the cave mouth, and taking 2 with her. We get into the cave a bit, and find a portcullis that’s slammed shut we can see a lever in the room beyond, it’s in the down position. Gelid is going to Indy Jones the lever. cr-Crack! Gelid gets it snagged, and we hear “oh, shit! the four of you, get downstairs!” The portcullis raises. and we rush in. 2 guards Ohhh! Sabrina’s greatsword is flaming. Smoosh. After mangling the guards, we hear a female voice to the west say something about norgorber, and a Bain hits the party. Bonk was the only one caught. It’s invisible, and running! WIlamena runs up, and prays. Boom! It reveals a green, scaly, imp—thing A Quasit? Axes don’t do full damage. It is resistant to physical, and immune? to acid. Knock it down, it’s dying, it tries to heal, Sabrina mooshes it, the body disappears. Wilhemina quick serches the room, there’s nothing else invisible. The only exit from the room is the stairs down, and the hallway we came in. the guards have: 2x MW compoite longbows tunes to 3 str 2x +1 agile brestplate 2x MW spears 2x potion, epeditious retreat, min cl 2x vial of oil of magic weapon 4x thunderstones(skeet). Let’s head down… Gelid is looking for traps, none found. 3 revs around the spiral stairs, there’s a passage, and it goes to a bar portcullis. The gate is locked. Gelid unlocks, and goes through, there’s a wall, at the end of the passage, with an iron door set into it. of course it’s locked. And Gelid sets off a trap while unlocking it. he falls 30 feet into a spiked, acid-filled pit. Fish him out, and patch him up. It looks like there’s a bedroom on the other side of the door. The bed is made, there’s a desk with parchment. a couple secret compartments, one desk leg is hollow, one bedpost is hollow. 2 pieces of parchment in the desk leg: first one is an inventory, counting 10 line items. 1 and 2 are all crossed out, the rest have stock the line items are names of people, with genders, some names are crossed out in red, some are circled in black, some are crossed in blue ink. #10 is our head butler, circled in black ink. we don’t recognise the other names circled in black ink. We have sabrina go over the parchement three of the names crossed out in red ink are ‘natural causes’ deaths of people from her village. the blue ink crossed out were relatives, who are/were still alive 4 months ago. the other parchment is a scroll of bless CL8 no clothes or other indications of the owner’s identity or gender. the room is very clean. head down the passage, past the bedroom. as we round a bend, we see some metal covers over holes in the floor. There’s a trail of blood to the south from the closer one. There’s a side passage, with a barred gate across it. the covers both have unlocked and removed padlocks peeking through the bars in the side passage, there’s a big room, and another barred gate. there’s another room along the main passage, with more, still locked hatches n the floor. there’s ahother side passage, it connects to the room that we’d seen from the previous bar gate. the covers were numbered from 1 to 4, wilhemina recognises the lids, they look like slave pit covers, for holding people untill they can be sold. open the first 2, they are empty, ther’s some blood. sabrina is working to open #4 she’s really excited to see who’s inside. 2 females, unconcious. Ssbrina jumps right in and starts to lift them out. they’ve been beaten, they aren’t well clothed, one is her cousin. They were blue x’s on the list. #3 has one male, #3 on the list had one name in a blue x. Sunash channels, and all three wake up. Sabrina is tending to her cousin. her cousin has been here a while, never saw any faces, doesn’t know how she was captured. Wilhemlina and Verna are going to take the 3 out. we go to open the locked door at the end of the passage. a something jumps out and smacks Gelid with a scimitar. After a 2 week fight, we kill a bunch of skeletons, some cultists, a flesh golem, and capture a priestess. We find a room that has a meeting table, an adjoining chamber has a ritual circle, another adjoining room is like an office, skeet finds: 3x spell books, 3 parchments, divine spells heal, min cl cure serious wounds, min cl flame strike, min cl book of norgorber rituals. 3 bags jewlery 10k gp of necklaces, tiaras, earrings, supeior quality. seems like it was looted from somewhere. coins 3k gp of asst coins non-perishable food Priestess has: 3x glass flasks studded leather armor +2 amulet or nat armor +2 sickle +1 acidic 250gp 2x gems large obsidian 750gp, med size emerald, unusual cut 5k gp 2x sticks wand, cmw, min cl, 15 charges wand, burning hands, cl5, 25 charges cultists had: 4x mw leather armor 4x mw sickels 150 gp bodyguards had: chest in office. 12 flasks of alch fire. 12 thunder stones 12 sunrods 12 flasks of drow poison under the false bottom: crooked pointed stick, wand of fireball, min cl, 20 charges. we rescue 15 people from riddleport from the other pits, some have been tortured, all seem to have been bled. the ritual circle is blue chalk, and the runes are the same ones that were on the doorsteps of the houses. The mundane books in the library are regional histories, adventure logs of the region, lots of them are pathfinder reports. we stash the sleeping priestess in a bodybag. The new Norgorber ritual book contains the spell and ritual to do the mass command. It’s a derivation of a spell to destroy lage masses of undead. eqivalent to a lvl 5 spell. It’s going to be an all day walk to get back, with the injured prisoners. We’re going to charter a boat to get back to Magnimar. The Gray Corsair captain that we’d worked with before just got to port. We’ll pass them some of our masterwork transformed gear, and get them to take us to Magnimar, they leave in 2 days. The winds have been good recently, so they should be able to take us there quickly, if the weather holds. 0 weapons from guards +1 agile breastplate (2) mw spear (2)yu mw composite longbows (3 str) (2) thunderstones 0 loot from cultists 10000 jewellery 3000 gp in coinange non perishable foodstuffs 12 flasks alchemist fire 12 thunderstones 12 sunrods 12 flasks of poison wand of fireballs (20 charges) wand of burning hands (cl5) – 25 charges

Back in Riddleport

When we get back to our manor, the head butler tells us that the lord mayor was able to take some of his soldiers and go rescue the folks who’d walked off. They are still working on finding how the runes could have been applied to the doorsteps. Even our house had one on it. Haven’t been able to find out what the runes are about, yet. one of your pit fighter contacts tells you that Avery Sleeg was tlaking to all of thepit fighters and telling them to not work for or have any dealings with a one Gabriella Varga.. They are under the impression that she pissed him off for some reason. Gelid finds out that Varga left town 3 days ago, headed for Magnimar, one wagon had an unusual coldness about it. Bonk’s dockworker contacts are now supposed to charge 10x to load any cargo for Varga. The mass abduction hasn’t been widely publicised, most of the folks that were taken are afraid, and they were taken from the unorganized outskirts of town. Gozar hears from a fellow bard that there’s been strange lights in a cave north of town, about the direction that everyone was walking to. The cave is ~6 hr walk north of town. Our researching took us about a day, it’s now 25 Calistril, 4712, and we’re supposed to meet Sabrina in a bar down by the docks. Gozzar is going to send flowers to their inn. Let’s go to the bar round about happy hour. The Rank Harlot Tavern and Inn. Bonk and Pait are well known here, our beer has been selling well. The bartender is Frick, his twin brother, Frack, is the cook. 6’6" human, roundish, his brother is 5’5", about as round. He leans in to pass some info. You guys know a gabriella Varga? She has a relative named Sabrina? She made a reservation, mentioned that they’d be meeting you. He warns us about dealing with the Vargas. After some drinking, and axe-throwing, we notice… Sabrina Varga, and her attendants enter. Small talk, we go to a private room, fresh drinks. Sabrina gets Elven wine. She’s glad that we’d talk to her further, and we need to discuss how to get it to magnimar. Gelid wants to know why Desna would want the book, and would ask a family member, who is a priestess of a lawful evil deity to bring it. She seemed to expect the question, and concern. She has done work for the Desna church before, it is a family heirloom, it was still in the family, so they thought a family member could have taken it more discreetly. Gelid asks about the blood runes, and if her cousin could have anything to do with it. She doesn’t know about those runes, but she sketches out some similar runes, ‘command’, ‘withering’, ‘death’. She’s seen this before, it was put upon the door of her cousin Gabriella’s home. Would that be to affect a guest or occupant? Everyone who entered her home was invited verbally. It seems to be a magic trap. Gelid explains the magic that we dealt with. Sabrina doesn’t know anything directly, but it seems like the runes are connected. She might be able to identify the handwriting if she could examine one. Unfortunatly, they were defaced to stop the spell that was compelling people to walk out of town. We heard about a cave with strange lights north of town, it was similar to what we heard happened to Brinewall. She’s heard of Norgorber clerics doing rituals that produced blue light in the ritual circle. She’s never heard of that being connected to living people. It’s usually been for raising undead. Did you say Frost Giants in Brinewall? Never heard of Norgorber connected with frost giants. It certainly seems like Gabriella is connected, somehow. The conversation hits a lull, Sabrina’s attendant, Lisa comes in to tell her that a message has arrived for her. we get an in-game chance to replicate our meta-game conversation. ‘We think that it is terribly important to take this book to Magnimar, but we’d like to see what was going on in that cave, and what danger it poses the town. WIll you ladies come with us, on this task, as we will come with you on yours.’ “that’s well put, Gelid. And, we know your dedication to the town. I’d like to know what my cousin is up to in this region, and what she’s doing to the reputation of our family.” She’s willing to come with us to investigate the cave, since it is likely to take quite a bit of strength to fight Gabriella and RImmer. She has a task tomorrow in town, can we wait a day to go to the cave? We will leave the 27th for the cave. She has one more question. is GAbriella still in town? Our informants tell us that she left 3 days ago, with a wagon that was unusually cold. She’s heard that the area around grave knights often is cold. we’ll meet on the morning of the 27th, at the north gates. Pait confirms Gelid’s info on the Varga caravan, and finds another bar to distribute our beer through.

Heading back to Riddleport

The date is Moonday, 19th Calistril, 4712 It’s about 10 AM, we’re on the road back to Riddleport, As we come around a bend in the road, Skeet sees several humanoid beings silouetted against the sun. Bipedal, cloaked, assorted heights, medium size. They’ve probably seen us, but aren’t speeding up, or acting squirrelly. None of them have their hoods up, 6 women. The four we can see up front all have bows and sickles ‘Sabrina’ has a mace and sickle. there are a couple religions that use sickles. Gozera, N-nature, no major deities. Norgorber favors a short sword. Gelid hails them, ‘Sabrina’ Replies. They are heading north to a small village. It’s too small to have a name. They came into riddleport a week ago, stayed a few days, and headed north. They’ve heard of the goblin grinders. Riddleport is as quiet as it gets, they haven’t seen any bandits or monsters on their way. They are on a job for the high priestes of Desna in Magnimar. Sabrina’s family name is Varga. She is very appaled by the news. She was headed to the village we just left. She was coming to see family, asks about Gabriella. She sees that Sunash is a Pharasma priest, is glad that he had checked on the burials. She isn’t aware of a Varga currently in Riddleport. She has a Niece Gabriella Varga. She is excommunicated from the family, and has gone down a bad path. Gelid just detected them as evil. Sabrina is pale. Her mannerisms don’t give any indication that she’s not truthful, or upset at what happened to her family. We ask her for any help to understand what is going on with the younger varga. She says that Gabriella was following a deity that was too distastful, ‘even for our family’ she isn’t too surprised about Norgorber, but thought that she might have been going even darker. Gabriella was suspected of being involved in the assasination of a Magnimar official. She asked about strange stone shrines, she wants to destroy them. We tell her that Gabriella created a powerful shrine outside sandpoint. She says that GAbriella and some friends build a Norgorber altar, and used animal sacrifices to raise a fairly weak undead. That’s what got her kicked out of the family. We tell her about Rimmer, Kyreen, and that Rimmer has been roaming, killing Vargas. Sabrina will help us try to warn the Riddleport goveror. She is not hopeful about redeeming Gabriella. Sabrina tells us that they had to burn the undead thing on the Norgorber altar to destroy it permanently. Sunash warns her about the Grave Knight’s strength. She would help us to stop Gabriella after she’s done her ‘task’. She has to go north of Brinewall to retrieve something for the head priest of Desna. Is this something pertaining to Norgorber? She eventually says that that’s what she’s after. We tell her that we’ve found papers linking her aunt to Norgorber. “DId you find it in a cedar chest, in a secret compartment? I wish you hadn’t found that, it means my aunt is the one that lead Gabriella down that path” She shows us an unholy symbol of Asmodeus, She hasn’t lied, would like us to turn over the book so she can take it to the priest of Desna. We can’t give up the book, but she can come with us to see that the book is handed over to the priest. She has to complete a job up north, but would meet us in Ridleport in 5 days to go on to Magnimar. We will meet her in a bar (one of the better ones) on the docks. Sunash and she agree to meet, she warns him not to give it to anyone. Bonk and Pait give them some cards, she likes the 2 knights spring ale. The rest of the trip is uneventful, takes 3 days to get back to riddleport. We meet 1 caravan on the way back, nothing unusual.

Questions for Brinewall's populace

A couple members of the Brinewall garrison remember some unusual undead happenings. 6-8 monyhs ago, a village to the south of Brinewall was attacked by an undead thing. It killed several villagers. The Brinewall garrison was able to track it for a bit, but lost it in the mountains. The villagers killed were from the Varga family. VIsiting the village will add 2 days to the trip to RIddleport. Leaving Brinewall on 15 Calistril We arrive at the village on 17 Calistril. The village is about 10 buildings, fields and pastures. No real name for the town, 2 structures are unkept, and falling in. There’s a shrine for Desna, no formal graveyard. no other shrines. Sunash asks about the killed villagers, wants to do Pharasma’s work to see them to their final rest. Shown in to see Urien, the elder. It’s a one room hut, with a central fire we heard from Brinewall that some folk were murdered, we’d like to help see them to rest, and try to protect the village. All the dead have been buried properly, they were all from one family. Not good to speak ill of neighbors, but the Varga family was doing poorly, and may have been going down an unrighteous path. The Varga’s that were killed were the last in town. One of their neighbors saw the creature that killed the Vargas. 2 huts of the varga’s to look into. #1, it is unkept, there is snow that has blown in, the belongings have been gathered into a more sheltered area, and covered up. there is a table, a center fire pit. the chest doesn’t have a lock. there’s some clothing, documents, property deed, a very old diary, farming almanac. No magic or secret doors. the diary belonged to a Bianki Varga. the entries stop at 4651, 150 pages, 2/3rds are used first used was dated 4641. Hut #2 has more furnature, it’s got a writing desk, in addition to a chest. It’s in slightly better condition. the chests are cedar, and match in age and construction. general household goods, no magic. a good pen, scroll cases, inkwell, silver flatware. it does have a false bottom. Gelid doesn’t find any traps, opens it, Ewwwww. A book in it. the leather binding doesn’t look normal, it looks… unpleasent. it’s marked for Norgorber. It’s bound in demon skin. Detect evil and magic. The Norgorber book is magic and evil , the only thing in the huts that is either. It is a norgorber ceremony book. written in abbysal. Sunash is looking through it for rites that might be relevant to undead rimmer. looking through for if it’s a standard, or ‘high level’ ritual book, Does it have any connection to an owner? No direct connection to a specific owner. It does seem to be a book for a higher level priest. Some of the rituals are 14-15 lvl. We need to get this home to look through it in a safe envorinment. After we stow the nasty book, the elder brings the neighbor who saw the undead killer. Lets talk to him in the other hut, the not-evil one. Tell the elder that we’ve found some terribly evil things, and we should take thejm to be destroyed. Rolm is the 16-17 yr old farmer who saw the goings on. “We’re very disturbed by the Varga family, what did you see on the night they were attacked?” it was late evening, he woke up because of screams. His hut was nerest to Varga #1. When he walked out, he saw a strange creature wearing black armor, glowing red eyes, it looked at him, and them turned and walked away. The description matches undead Rimmer. Who had relationships with the Vargas? The relationships were normal for a farm village. the couple that were close to his house was a younger man married to a varga woman. Her family had died recently. No real organized religion. Desna and Erastil, but unorganized. The other hut #2 was a middle aged woman, the aunt of the young woman. she was a spinster. the aunt was strange, kept to herself, had become more odd in the recent months. The aunt was named Mirla the niece was Paula We’d like to exhume the bodies, to examine them, and rebury them so that they can’t rise as undead. the elder doesn’t want to disturb the dead. He’s not convinced that a priest of pharasma can do more to settle them than the village did already. Sunash, says that the undead thing coming here was a great evil, and may have caused a lingering evil over the village. he’d like to sanctify the aunt’s grave. Sunash shows the elder the Norgorber book to prove that there was great evil going on here. The elder wants to think on it for an hour. His daughter will show us to the gravesite. It’s on the Varga’s land, simple markers. The burial was performed well, clearing the snow, it seems like someone with pharasma clerical training did the burying. Sunash is satisfied that they were buried with the proper precautions. a detect evil on the graves doesn’t find anything. The elder was only a bit into his pondering, Sunash complements him on the villages’ attention to burials. He thaanks us for not making him make that decision.

Loot from the Brinewall Region

Stash and strongbox from the captain’s office giant 1: Signal Whistle #500gp great axe GIant’s cave: 3 small sacks #1 coins :1000cp, 2500 sp, 1000gp #2 clanky: maching set of jewelry; scepter*, crown, ring*, amulet* metamagic rod: selective, midrange -Gozzar amulet of proof against detection and location ring of spell knowledge type 2 -Gelid #3 gems: 50 gems all types total value 15k gp 2 small boxes: one is cedar, the other is walnut, and locked the unlocked one is not trapped 9 divider slots, 8 potions, 1 vial of either poison or antivenom the ring inside is strongly magical. looks like a ring of freedom of movement, It is a ring of freedom of movement. can’t be grappeled, move better under water, MW Mithril chain shirt 3 ingots of adamantium, enough to make 1 melee weap. #2 ingots of gold 3k gp each – party fund #1200gp of coinage #7x 500gp diamonds White Dragon Skull A militia’s worth of assorted tools and weapons. There’s some MW, silver, cold iron, and magical items mixed in with the mundane tools. ##### Everyone gets 2528gp, 57sp, 14cp + 1 500gp diamond


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