The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

Loot from Tem

20.8k gp of coins & gems scroll, restoration scroll, dispell magic scroll, dimension door scroll, greater teleport potion, invisibility potion, gaseous form potion, CSW potion, CMW potion, delay poison potion, delay poison wand, CMW, 20 charges wand, invisibility, 15 charges wand, detect thoughts, 15 charges Gozzar cloak of protection +1 Gelid circlet of persuasion +1 Gozzar ring of protection +2 Gelid Cloak of resistance +2 Skeet amulet of natural armor +2 Skeet belt of mighty constitution +2 Pait headband of vast inteligence +2 Sunash Ring of Protection +2 Pait Belt of Giant strength +4 Bonk +4 headband of mental superiority. Sunash Amulet of natural armor +3 Gelid +1 chain shirt +1 Longbow Bonk +3 corrosive unholy heavy mace Sabrina +1 mithral chain shirt Pait Upgraded to +3 in 8 daysS Selling unclaimed gear, and trading stuf to armorer for upgrades, we each get 4000 gp

Attack on Gabby and Tem

Tiffreya draws out a map of the first floor of Tems house. It is pretty simple. She saw the foyer, the main hallway through the center of the house, the library on the left, a sitting room on the right, the main foyer has the classic double staircase going to the second floor going up each side of the room. There were four closed doors past the library and the sitting room three n the left one on the right. the hallway looked to go into the kitchen. There isn’t a larger enough sewer in that part of town for medium creatures to travel. We’re going to cast silence on Bonk’s crowbar, toss it into a 2nd floor room that one of the birds can check to be empty. Then we have a portable silence zone to help be stealthy. We will dimension door in to the second floor and clear the house downward. We will have a mob of longshoreorcs, and caravaneers to blockade the house, and catch anyone who runs. Blarg recons the top floor, several rooms have the drapes drawn, one room is empty, several rooms have people in them, wearing norgorber symbols. The empty room is on the left wing, towards the back of the house. We do a bunch of buffing, and Bonk tosses the bar. DImension door time. Pop we are in a silent bedroom, the door is closed. it is unoccupied. Put the bar away, to suppress the silence, and listen at the door. We don’t hear anything. No traps on the door, no lock. open the door, the hall is 10 ft wide, skylights letting in light, we are at the end of the hall, the interior of the house is a little better furnished than one would expect. There are various nick knacks, and old, expensive, imported vases, Tian collectibles. None of the doors that we see have locks. check the rooms all the rooms are empty… even though Blarg saw people. put away the bar. still no sounds of the house. Gozzar checks for magic. there’s an illusion to make the house seem occupied. only a visual illusion. The middle room on the left is the master suite. looks like Tem’s lots of antiques, and valuables. No secret doors detectable by Gozzars spell. Skeet takes Tem’s shaving mug. Arrive at the staircase. Head down, no traps. the library and sitting room are off the foyer. both empty. We can smell cooking from the kitchen. 4 rooms first is pantry. 2nd is locked, stairs down. 3rd locked, and another door out of it. looks like a cold room. with pork, lamb, and beef hanging. 4th locked, trapped, disabled and opened, looks like it heads out. a hall, and a metal gate. looks like it would go to the stable. kitchen: large, 2 fireplaces, stove. There’s a large pot simmering on the stove. there are 2 odd things, an auto-stirring spoon in the pot. a self turning spit turning over the fireplace. a butcher block and a self moving knife chopping veggies. detect magic. unseen servants. whew the meat being cooked actually is lamb, not Jarra. Head downstairs. down a spiral stair, a lallway, and a t-intersection, the hallways go north-south, and then turn east. there is a tapestry of norgorber at the end of each hallway. the north is the hooded ‘gray master’ form the south is ‘father skinsaw’ (sociopathic, psycopath, murderer god) not shown is blackfingers. they don’t look magic. Go north, turn the corner, the hall goes a short ways, and opens into a room. Bonk can see a big room with his darkvision. Right as Bonk gets to the door into the room, something steps up to Sunash, and swings, miss The other one swings at Bonk, miss Sunash chops one cultist in half and chops the other one to death. silently A cultist tries to attack Tiffreya, he misses another misses her terribly More cultists, and some ghouls. kill them, and… a flesh golem shows up. And the silence bar is put away, and we hear Jarra scream for help. And now… Gabriella Varga is in the room. Time. For. Vengence. She fires off a forbid action, movment, and catches Gelid and Bonk Top of the order, Gabby just acted. 4 feral looking female undad show up, with axes… Pait rushes for Gabby, she raises a blade barrier just as he’s closing. He makes his save to halve the damage, and slips inside. the zuvembies go, not that impressive, Bonk can reach gabby thru the barrier, he got’s reach. And he crits. Gelid has Sunash’s super slaying crossbow of named arrows. He powers up a shot for a few rounds, and shoots… Crit!!!!!!! And confirmed! she takes 72 dmg. Skeet slips by the zuvembies and cackles to extend her hexes. Tiffrea finishes summoning 2 bearded devils, inside the barrier with gabby and pait. the devils attack, do some damage. Now it’s Pait’s turn. Stab! Miss! Punch! DEAD! The blade barrier is still up, but Gabby is Dead, for Reals. Sunash is heading in to finish the zuvembies. Bonk offed one, the other is hurt. And Tem does something nasty, to the whole area. But he’s now visible, and running. But not fast enough. Gelid launches a spell at him, but misses. and follows. Gozzar sends a fireball down the hall, and blows him the hell up. Pait has to run through the blade barrier AGAIN, so he can get to the fight with tem. Good thing he has healing potions, and a good reflex save. Tem threatens that if we kill him, we’ll never find ‘her’, and it will be a permanent death. And he dimension doors away. Skeet notices that part of the wall on the far east looks like a secret door mechanism. Gabby’s body is not dissolving this time. It seems like we really killed her. Sunash collects Gabby’s body into a gentle repose bag of holding. The secret room has a table and chairs. Bookshelves that are filled. and a set of doors to the south. The doors have barred windows. and we can hear a muffled scream through them. Look through, there’s a hallway going south, and opening into a room 20-30 ft down. Gelid doesn’t find any traps, open and go through. first door off the hall, oak, no locks looks like a store room with a good while’s provisions in it. the next door is iron has 2 inset locks and a padlock, lots of traps. 2 in each inset lock, poison needle in the padlock. the door out of the south of the room has an inset platinum lock with 2 traps Sunash has stone shape on a scroll We hear a scream from the south. Sunash, stone shape the frame away from it! Gelid disables the gas bladder trap. Sunash goes to work. Pulls the frame away from it, it tips into the room with us, and the javelins discharge. they’re adamantine tipped steel javelins. Tem warns us against advancing again. Sunash buffs the party with prayer. And cliffhanger. Pait draws a alchemical fire, and steps into the room. Pait sucks at all his rolls, and gets poisoned by a guard. Bonk comes in and does some damage. Gelid comes in and hits them with rebuke, Sabrina comes in and hits Tem with a dread bolt, We hear the doors to the north slam open. And a giant frog thing hops in, and throws a rock into the room, causing darkness Hydrodaemon. Skeet steps in to hit Tem with shriek, and he fails his save by 1! Dazed. Gozzar takes control of the daemon thing. Pait kills one of the guards, so Skeet can get to Jarra Now he can worry about the poison that’s about to kill him. Bonk throws an axe at Tem. Bodyguard 1 defects. Bodyguard 2 defects. Gelid neutralizes poison on Pait. Sabrina charges Tem with her mace. Tiffrea jumps behind the daemon, and attacks Naiari, the half elf who summoned the froggy demon. and messes her up good. Skeet runs to Jarra, and dimension doors both of them away from Tem. Sabrina’s hits take Tem down. Pait Finishes him with a shield blow to the neck. It’s a simulacrum, not really tem. Gozzar tells the Daemon to grab Naiari, it gets her. Naiari can take us to Tem’s hideout east of town. Open the door we skipped chests and shelf with spellbooks chest 1 10000 gp of asst coins, most cp and sp chest 2: 10k gp of asst gems 4x scrollcases min CL: restoration, dispell magic, dimension door, greater teleport 4x potions min cl: invisibility, gaseous form, CSW, CMW Naiari has 2x wands: CMW with 20 charges Gelid invisibility, 15 charges cloak of protection +1 Gelid circlet of persuasion +1 Gozzar +1 chain shirt +1 Longbow Bonk Tem’s simulacrum ring of protection +2 Gelid Cloak of resistance +2 Skeet amulet of natural armor +2 Skeet belt of mighty constitution +2 Pait headband of vast inteligence +2 Sunash wand of detect thoughts 15 charges 2x potion of delay poison 800gp of coins and gems. Gabriella’s body: Ring of Protection +2 Belt of Giant strength +4 Bonk +3 corrosive unholy heavy mace +1 mithral chain shirt +4 headband of mental superiority. Sunash Amulet of natural armor +3 Gelid Jarra is being healed in one of the temples. Haldomere Galbarous, mayor of Magnimar comes to see us. Normally, the city would take Tem’s house, but they are going to give us it as a reward for removing that problem for them. Sabrina wants Gabriella’s body. Sunash returns it.

Tracking Tem

Late afternoon 29, Gozeran Now that Gabby and Tem have upped the ante by kidnapping Jarra, it may be time to visit him at home. He lives on the north rich part of town. Sunash will send Muginn as a mesenger to Jasper Skeet is going to do an augury to try to find Jarra Tell the mayor that we’ve found fixed books, and evidence of norgorber worship from gabby and tem. The mayor is interested in the ciphered books, he’ll help with funds to decipher them. The mayor didn’t hang out with gabby. He spent time with tem. he can give us the places tem liked to go. a tavern in the north end of town. back at the inn, in a private room. the innkeeper lets tiffreya in pardon the intrusion, i have something to show you, shows a box to sunash. it’s a dagger, do you have the approipriate note to go with it? she knows where gabby is, holed up in tem’s basement. she teleports off to deliver the message, and knife. Tiff teleports back after 10 or so minutes, it sounded like she would decide soon, and not to take the easy way. The innkeeper brings food, and just as we’re setting down to eat, a quasit pops in, on the middle of the table. “Not here to fight! I have a delivery from the master and mistress” sets down a bag, and teleports out. nothing on the outside of the sack. no traps or posion there’s 2 boxes, one was the dagger box. the other is walnut, nice work, hinges and latch are platinum. no traps on the boxes. in the box, a rolled parchment, and a finger with a ring on it. Pait recongizes it, and it’s really fresh. It’s Jarra’s Sunash is going to send the finger to Desna’s temple, with instuctions to help the woman this belongs to. Gelid uses blood bio on the finger, the spell fails, so she was alive when it was cut off. The letter is from Gabby, and it’s sealed with a personal signet, that includes the symbol of Norgorber. Skeet will use the finger to aid an augury to see where Jarra is in relationship to tem’s house. She is not in his house, she’s to the northwest. she seems to be outside of city limits. Sunash will keep the finger in the gentle repose bag, so we can use it to find her later. The Asmodeus dagger is still in the other box.Sunash’s letter is gone. Gabby’s letter: Norgorber tells me it’s not time to die yet, come and kill me if you want to. PS. Jarra says hi" another knock on the door, a few minutes later. Tiffreya and Sabrina. Sabrina was lucky, and got her errands done early. Which is good, since there are numerous watchers following her, and around the inn. One was a rouge, who was following her. but not particularly skilled. Gabby has used him before. There are others outside, one had an exposed norgorber symbol. Sabrina isn’t connected well enough to Gabby anymore to help with what she’d come out of hiding to grab. TEm’s office didn’t have any overt religous symbols. the mayor didn’t know of him following any particular deity, he’d just do the socially appropriate veneration. He might be vulnerable to persuasion. Muginn’s back. Jarra was taken off the docks while she was returning to the ship, the corsairs fought a runing battle with numerous robed spellcasters, Jasper was poisoned, and is not doing well. Neutralize poison isn’t working on him. We’re going to head to the ship, to help Jasper, and maybe distract Gabby from Tiffreya investigating. As we’re exiting, we see 5 figures watching, and following. the greasy, small rouge is not having a good night. 4 others in dark cloaks, not being overly stealthy, like they want to be noticed as following. As we’re headed to the docks, where there’s no crowds, they don’t follow into the alleys we try to lead them into. They are wearing Norgorber symbols, partially in the open. then, they make the mistake of following us into a narrow lane. fireball! And Bonk and Pait do some stabbing. 2 clerics of norgorber, 2 cultists, and the rouge. Loot at end of note As we get to the ship, we find that JAsper just died. He’d been stabbed numerous times, and it was some kind of anticoagulant. There’s something black in one of the wounds. 4 inches long, a broken off dagger, the metal is black. there are faint engravings in the blade, runes. it’s a desecrated dagger for norgorber. Sunash puts Jasper in the bag of gentle repose. His crew will help carry him to the temple of desna. They examine the body, and use one of the resurrection scrolls to bring him back. Jasper asks about the broken off blade. He want’s to come with, GAbby was the one who stabbed him and broke off the blade. That was what killed him. when we’re done having JAsper res’d, it’s ~11pm time to rest, reset spells. Tiffreya will draw out a map of what she saw of the first floor of the house. 2x MW cold iron heavy mace (kitty) 2x MW silver scimitar (kitty) 2x silver norgorber holy symbols (kitty) 600 gp coins & gems (kitty) 2x potions of CMW (Pait and Bonk) 2x flask of alchemists’ ice (skeet) 2x potions of protection from energy (cold CL7) (kitty) 1x flask of green liquid, knockoff stinking cloud. (kitty) 2x norgorber priest costume (kitty) several parchments, with very good drawings of Sunash, Gelid, and Skeet

After the dance party

After Tiffreya leaves, Skeet blocks 2 scrying attempts, not sure who sent them. Pait notices a small green winged thing hiding up in the ceiling beams. It’s a Quasit. It saw that Skeet saw it, and ‘popped’ away. Pait grabs a couple peanuts and tosses them up where it had been sitting. One bounces off empty air. “Skeet, blast it!” She’s going to use strangling hair. Her hair catches something, wraps it up, and starts to drag it down. Sunash tries to grab it. It tries to chew it’s way out of the hair, and breaks invisibility. It fails to escape, and gets madder. Skeet is going to intimidate. Gelid hits it with an interregation spell, confess. lots of pain and damage if it lies. “Who sent you?” The master sent me. recast confess on it. “what is your master’s public name?” “the master’s name is Tem, no let me go you bitch!” And it tears free. Sunash goes for a touch attack, as Bonk swings the glaive. The Quasit sneezes once, Bonk misses with the glaive and hits Sunash. Sunash gave it a head cold. It’s a glance, and the the glaive continues to the wall. Pait swats it with his shield, and sends it back to it’s home plane. One of Gelid’s contacts comes in with a scroll for him. It’s sealed from GLorio. Info came to him from a tail following Gabby, she left town hall @ 2am, 6 hours after she got there from leaving the party. We head to town hall, to warn the mayor about Gabby’s possible schenannigans. We get to a meeting room, the mayor comes in looking somber. The thanks us, he’d had a check done of the areas he’d be in, to make sure there weren’t any suprises. He thanks us. We’d like to check the places that she’d have access to. It seems like Tem and Gabby didn’t show up for work, today. He gives us permission to examine their offices. Let’s have Blarg take a peak through the windows, to make sure there aren’t any nasties. Gabby’s office is clean, normal stuff. No locked drawers, one has a lock, but is unlocked. Tems’s office is also clean, a little magic around the book shelves, some magic lights, fire traps and wiaaard locks on the file cabinets, There’s a few locked drawers in Tem’s desk Gelid opens the top one, the bottom drawer can’t be picked. There’s poison needles in the locks. There’s 3 sealed scrolls in the drawer, and some scroll cases Bonk works to pry the desk away from the drawer. Sunash hears a slight hiss, like gas escaping. Gelid drops a neutralize poison on it. Green gas dissipating. There was a gas trap on it. There was more than one trap, the gas bladder, and sometihng else, that we can’t id yet. we find a lockbox, and 4 books in the drawer. Nothing connecting to norgorber. 2 books have read bindings, 2 books have blue bindings, they are all the same size. The top red book: ledger written in a cipher, odd tallys, none of it makes sense. second red book: spell book. 1,2,3 level spells. 1st blue book: ledger in common. entries and notes for normal government budget, payroll, projects, mundane stuff. 2nd blue book: common, seems like a platt book, it’s full. Skeet notices a red book on the shelf, that looks similar to the red books. Pait gets it down for her. It’s identical to the other red books, it’s a ledger in common. It’s a ledger from another gov. office. There are signatures in it, not Tem’s. It seems to be a dock tax ledger. Gozzar detects secret doors, and sees something on the north bookshelf. There’s a book that seems to be a lever. The book is “Greed” Gozzar pulls it, the bottom shelf slides back and over, revealing a storage area. no magic evident in there. A sack, and a small lock box. What’s in the sack? Gelid doesn’t find traps on the box. it’s a mini chest, locked. Oak, iron bands, polished and engraved. Inset steel lock, ornately carved. no magic. Gelid finds 2 traps n the box lock, He disables them and picks the lock Open it up, 2 bags inside black velvet bag on top. top bag is heavy and jingly, 10k gp of mixed coins and gems, platinum, diamonds, rubies. disturbing the bottom bag causes Gelid to need a fort save. There’s a horrible smell, like a putrid body. Gelid gets the whole brunt of it. and is retching for 15 minutes. Gozzar will examine the bags, He happened to get it open, before he ran off to vomit. It’s a head, Ms. Yoshida’s head. In the drawer lockbox. A key ring an ornate dagger in a scabbard several scroll cases a flask of clear liquid. Mugen will cast speak with dead, and ask Yoshida’s head: what Tem and Gabby did to you? they didn’t do anything to me. did they betray you? the only betrayers are in this room now. who did you serve? my own self interest. When is the next slave auction? no answer. Who do you wish revenge upon? Where could we find evidence of Tem’s crimes? Look in the red ledger book. How can we decipher the book? Find someone who can read ancient cyclopean. What are they trying to hide? Gelid is going to try blood biography how was it shed: from behind, an assasin’s blade when was it shed: 2 months ago Sunash tucks the head into his gentle repose bag. We’ll go see the church of Desna to have an accountant look through the ledger with Gozzar’s translating glasses. Maybe we could go to Abadar’s temple, they’d certainly like to root out corruption in government. They are happy to help investigate corruption and cooked books. they’d be happy to do this, the cyclopean ciphered book will be a fun challenge. We head back to the inn, so we can id the magic items. We see smoke as we’re headed back to the inn. As we get on the street, there’s a fire brigade trying to put out the fire in our inn. Sunash has Bonk boost him up to the roof, and he starts to created water, that’s the thing that saves the inn. 2 hours to control it, and then put the fire out. The common room is toast, the first floor of rooms is wrecked. our room has smoke damage. The only things left of the main floor is the structural beams. We can save our stuff, and find a new inn. While we’re salvaging, we can id the items that we found. 6 scroll cases, wiz spells, all at min cast lvl fireball lightning bolt baleful polymorph darkvision teleport see invisibility. magic dagger: +2 keen flask is potion of cure crit wounds. As we were heading over to the new inn, one of Paits caravan contacts hands him anote from a woman dressed in robes, didn’t see her face. “She is now ours…Hope you had one last night of bliss.” Sounds like gabby kidnapped Jarra.

During the dancing

28 Gozran, 4712 Skeet is going to work the room. Gelid approches Lord Glorio, gives him the gift, and introduces himself as an agent of Avery Slyeg. Glorio knows Avery, they agree to meet tomorrow. Glorio is no fan of Gabby, he thinks she’s uncouth. Uh, oh… Sabrina just entered. And she’s printing. Gelid intercepts her, and lets her know that Gabby might be in a bit of trouble, maybe even will disappear with the blessings of the authorities. Now talking to the mayor, and rubbing his position in the face of Gabby. He introduces Sabrina to the mayor. “Gabriella never said she had a sister” Gabby is super visibly pissed now. Sabrina has some info for the mayor, she knows who’s in charge of the slave trade. Gabby excuses herself and finds Tem. The mayor wants to have Tem here to discuss. The mayor figures that they know, but can’t prove, he wants to know who, even without proof. He figures that it’s someone here. Gelid tells him that it’s Gabby and Tem. The mayor believes him, is disapointed that it’d be them. The mayor is going to go after the slave trade. He’s worried about Gabby and Tifrea. It might be good to let Tifrea know who gabby worships. Gelid made a real good show of verbal sparring with Tem. Tiffrea was very interested in the exchange. It would be unusual for a cleric of asmodeus to do things like that. Sunash tells her that Gabby is serving Norgorber. Tiffrea believes him. Tiff wants to to speak to Gelid, she and Sabrina trade dance partners. TIffrea is interested in squashing traitors to her religion. Gelid has got Tiffrea interested in ending Gabby. Tiff returns to dancng with Sunash, and Gelid takes up with Sabrina again. Sabrina and her party are going to move into our inn. Gelid has to brag about how good the intrigue was. Skeet found out that very few of the people at the party approved of trading slaves. We probably could get most of the important people in town to back us. We have some documents that tie Gabby to Norgorber’s cult. We can’t tie her to the slavers strongly. Hey, Tifreya gave Gelid a coin at the party. It’s marked as Korvosa, and the other side is a badge that has some asmodean aspects, but other symbols, as well. it has a little bit of evocation magic on it. Gelid’s appointment with Glorio Lord Glorio would like to talk to Slyeg, he travels up to riddleport for trade, and would take us with him. We can’t go, because of local business. If we can send to slyeg, and he can come down, Glorio can wait for him to get here. On to Gabby, she’s a two-faced liar. She claims to be a cleric of Asmodeus, but actually follows Norgorber. Lord Glorio is glad for the warning, and that we would seek his approval before acting against her. Glorio would be interested in creating a formal relationship between us and Korvosa, after our bkusiness with Gabby is done. He wants us to know that he and Tiffreya are available to help. He’ll send her to help with Gabby, if we like. He’d be glad to help us get rid of a mutual problem. After talking to Tiff and Glorio, we decided that Gabby will be given a sacrifical knife, and a 6 hour head start to give her soul back to Asmodeus with it, before we come to send her to whatever reward she’s earned.

A dinner date

Sunash is going to bring her a really dumb flower, as he can’t get flowers adequate for her. Tiffrea is introduced to Gelid and Skeet. the manor is just outside the wall for the rich part of town. Everybody is interested in Tiffrea when whe enteres the ballroom. She shares a glance with the mayor, and starts to float that way. There’s lots of nobles, including the Korvosan delegation. She’s leading the group toward Glorio, Tiffreya has been watching that Gelid and Skeet stick with them. She introduces Sunash as a Goblin Grinder to Glorio, he says that they’ve heard of us in Korvosa.

Meeting Jasper

Pait, Bonk, and Gozzar walk into the golden cup. Pait and Bonk head straight for the bar to get some gobling grinder beer. Gozzar sees Jasper in the corner, he’s dressed to blend into the crowd. Jasper is by the throwing log, so we can do our normal bar activities without attracting much attention. Jasper warns us that there’s problems with the item, and she’s after our families. Alive or dead. Gabby has raised two of Jaspers family members as undead. He’s going to head to riddleport, and deal with them. The recipient of the item was the wife of the mayor of magnimar. Lord Glorio may be able to get Gelid in with the mayor and his wife. He can’t say anything about the item, but he can identify it if we need to go get it. Jarra is going to get out of town, and head to riddleport with jasper. they will be leaving in 4 days. Jasper will be staying on board ship. Jasper pays for some rounds and takes off. Several bodyguards leave with him.

Setting up a meeting

Gelid is able to make an appointment to meet with Lord Glorio Arcona to discuss business for dad-in-law. Gelid is disguising himself as a fop, and looking into the interests of Lord Glorio. He’d been visiting two shops that specialize in Osirian artifacts. Glorio was looking at very well preserved Ossirian canopic jars, and a mummified cat in a sarcophagus. 10k gp for the set HIs companion Tiffrea was reccomending the pair of scepters. 15k gp Sunash thinks that the scepters are important, the crook has a rune marked at the tip, it might be an immovable rod. They’re going to set up an elaborate plan to send a hell hound in to the shop, so that they can ‘save’ the owner, and get a discount on the rod. And, right as Sunash starts casting, Gozzar sees the Eriene walking toward the shop. Sunash finishes the spell, and expertly redirects the hell hound to cutely run up to her and do a cute puppy routine. Sunash smiles and bows, acting like he’s a performer. She’s… ammused, pets the hound. And walks toward Sunash. He has the hound bring his hat back, and dismisses it. He greets her as a pharasmin cleric. The panic that started when the hound appeared, has died down. The town guard arrives, and is seen off when they see that it’s gone. She’s impressed that Sunash is respectful and interested in talking to her. She invites him to come shopping with her. She goes right for the corner with the canopic jars and sarcophagus. she’s doing a detect magic on the jars. he offers to sell for 9k, they haggle to 8500, and she gets them packed up. Sunash is working hard to ingratiate himself to her and to Lord Glorio. She invites Sunash to be her escort to dinner at the inn that Lord Glorio is staying at. meet up at the rank harlot. the over elaborate plan is now completely shot to hell. Sunash goes in and buys the set of scepters Gelid is still looking for a gift for Lord G He gets a canopic jar, the lord had been carefully examining the inscription on the seal. it’s the heart of a female pharoh. Nafet-ti pharoh of the 4th dynasty.

Picking a fight with the Norgororians

reinforced. They’ve also secured the sewer entrances. Gelid’s contacts don’t know of any unsecured access. The building is in a row of buildings, so no side doors, and it’s back against the foundation of the bridge. It’s one of the better built buildings for under the bridge. Looking at the buildings, they’ve reinforced the house a lot. we could collapse the buildings to either side, but not this building. Bonk and Pait have fund the weakest section of wall that we could chop through fairly quickly. We get the squatters on the one side to clear out, the merchant on the other side to close down for the day, and we smoke the cultists out. We catch several low level cultists, and kill others. No one important. there were 20-25 staying there, the basement had some secret exits, looks like a few got away there. No one that we’d caught last time. We find a few documents on the second floor. One is a memo from Gabby Varga to the head cultist. It directs them to send a few groups to whistledown and collect some victims. They are to use their friend Gralyx to do it. Skeet remembers reading about a red dragon that had died 200 years ago named Gralyx. The building is owned by a person known to be an associate of Gabby Varga.

Magnimar Happenings

26 Gozran, Early morning. It seems like we need to do some info gathering, to see who this delagation is, and what they’re up to. What has Gabby been up to. Gelid is going to check his informants, Sunash and Skeet are going to try for a meeting with Sabrina. Bonk and Pait are going to cruise the pubs to meet contacts. Upon our return to our traditional inn, Gelid is stopped by the inn keeper and handed a scroll case that is sealed with a wax seal with the signet ring/seal of Avery Slyeg. Pait and Bonk’s info: The Korvosan ship is carrying pickles, clothing, distilled spirits, and indentured servants. Gelid: The norgorber cult hq has brought in a bunch of people from up north. His dad-in-law Avery Slyeg has sent him a letter asking for him to set up a meeting with lord glorio. Dear Gelid, I hope that this finds you well and in good spirits. I have a a request for you. I would like for you to try to arragne a meeting with Lord Glorio Arcona and me to discuss business and perhaps a discussion of trade possiblities between Riddleport and Korvosa. I will come to him or if willing, meet him in Sandpoint if he is willing to do so. If you are albe to do this for me simply break the wax seal at the end of the letter and I will make arrangements for my arrival in Magnimar to be swift. To show you are working for me you will find a letter of rht emark from me certifying you to make these arrangements for the meeting. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Best regards, Avery Slyeg. Sunash and Skeet: There was an undead attack on the pharasmin temple, and something was left that we need to investigate. Sunash, This morning a large group of undead attacked the temple from within. We are not sure how they entered the temple. We are investigating that now. The threat was easily neutralized. However, there was something left behind that after looking at it, I think that your group needs to see it. Please come to the temple this evening. Bring all of your friends. Best Regards, Myrrhne Dakul Skeet: her family’s house was burned down, her oldest sister and younger brother were kidnapped. The stables, herbalist, some other homes, and the towns main temple were burned too. Skeet, My dearest daughter. we are doing ok under the circumstances. I wanted to write you this as I know that you are working hard making your way and that you have found some good friends. However, I have some bad news for you. Our family’s home in Whistledown has been burned down. The house was not a total loss. you mother was able to get most of the valuable things out before it burned too badly. Even more disturbing is the fact that your older sister and your youngest brother are missing. They were not in the house when it caught fire. Finally, about a dozen younger gnomes from other families in town went missing that same night. All were friends and they were hanging out on the north side of town that evening before the fires started. Noone has seen any of them since. I will update you as soon as I can with more news. I know you are busy with your friends. Please be careful. Mom. Pait’s meeting with Jarra: Gabby met Jarra on the street, and ‘invited’ her to coffee. She gladly recounted our exploits, and wanted Jarra to give us a message about Jasper being vulnerable, people know that we got something for him in Korvosa, they’re threatening Pait’s mom. Gabriella Varga stopped me in the central market today. She made it a point to tell me her name and introduce herself to me. I found that very odd. She then insisted that we have coffee at a nearby cafe. It was hard to refuse as three of her bodyguards made it clear that I had no choice. She gave me a rundown of all of your activities as of late including your adventure in Korvosa. What was most disturbing is that she seemed very happy about being able to tell me all of this. I was and am very disturbed by the fact that she was telling me all of this. The last thing she told me was that she wanted me to give you a message. The message is that: I am happy to see you all back in Magnimar. I hope you had fun in Korvosa. I know that there are several people very interested in what you acquired in the cemetary. I hope that Jasper has taken all of the necessary precautions and that he does not go by himself. All the best, Gabriella PS Tell Paitar that his mother is a lovely woman. We should check out the indentured servants, then look into skeet’s family. The servants look like they’re healthy, mix of races, they have some posessions, not really guarded too heavily. There’s half orcs, who look like gladiators. Follow along, get them some beers, and pump them for info. They are the Korvosan champions, here to challenge the local gladiators. They’ve fought the last 3 years in Korvosa. One was recruited, the other went into the family trade. Catching up with the other servants, they’re being treated well too, don’t seem to be in danger. At the Pharasmin temple, one of the acolytes meets us, takes us back to see the head priestess. There was a small attack of undead, when it was delt with, there was something that we would be interested in. She pulls out a bag, inside is RImmer’s very well preserved head. The head had been inside the ribcage of a giant skeleton. there was a spell in the norgorber ritual book that covered things like this. The head in the skeleton is the control, it gives direct control to the cleric that made the skeleton, and would have given the skeleton the ability to cast spells. The attack wasn’t very organized, there was an assortment of zombies and skeletons, a zombie lord, and the giant skeleton. They semingly teleported into the church. 1 Skeet’s Family Notes Youngest brother and oldest sister disappeared, along with several other young gnomes. Multiple fires around town, including my family home. Stables, herbalist shop, main temple, and 3 other homes.


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