The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

0112 Message from the Heidmarchs

21 Sarenith, we get a letter in the morning from the Heidmarchs, asking if we can meet them at our house today.
They are going to be arriving around afternoon tea.
We set up to entertain.
Thank you for inviting us, we were worried we wouldn’t be able to see you again soon.
Sunash says how we’ve been hearing about Osirian scholarship, we’ve met a scholar ourselves, and have found some items.
We show them Reinar’s collection.
They are excited to see these authentic artifacts.
So, who is this scholar?
He’s a very modest man, with a price on his head.
We are working with him as a long term contact, but we would like to go over these,
bring out the drawings of the artifacts that we used the memory spells to restore.
‘these are surprisingly good, even if not complete
if we can authenticate these, you might be willing to part with some of them?’
We might be able to get you a contact inside Osirian that would be able to operate with less scrutiny.
They had originally wanted to contract with us to get the info from Glorio’s artifacts.
They are happy that we found the info, and are impressed that we got them without abusing Glorio’s trust.
Would you take 15000 gp for the drawings?
That is interesting, perhaps we’d be interested in patronage instead.
We’ll give them the drawings now for 18k later, and the trust of the Heidmarchs.
They are happy to help us prep a trip to Osirian,
They’d like to meet our scholar, and help research where we’d be headed to.
we’ll be paid whenever they are ready, we have 2 weeks to arrange a meet with Baxter.
They are excited to look through the other artifacts that we collected.

0111 Meeting Fieya

Skeet got a message from a witch friend who’s named Fieya.
She want’s to talk about the Heidmarchs.
Meeting at the Rank Harlot tavern for lunch on the 20th.
Sunash will escort.
Arrive at bar, Fieya and familiar are seated at a table, greet Skeet.
They head to a private sitting area.
She has some good to say about the Heidmarchs, they have good info, kinda snooty.
They were interested in having us look for some antiquities.
Would you know what they’d be looking for in relation to Lord Glorio.
I would guess that he has collected something interesting from Osirian.
She’s in town to hand some info to the Heidmarchs about Anhepsut the… 6th or 7th.
There have been many people interested in him recently. Especially in his apparent murder.
Info was so scarce, people have been trying to make the most of the recent discoveries.
Osirian is not exactly happy for the scrutiny, and tomb robbery.
The Heidmarchs were Osirian researchers themselves.
Be careful around Glorio, he has long reach.
THere’s a lot of Korvosans around, Liolo has been around.
He’s much farther down the social scale, but he has high aspirations, probably more ambitious than Glorio.
Would Glorio’s interest be just for personal knowledge? Or might he be in this for business.
He seems to be just interested personally. But, he may be willing to pay more than even the Heidmarchs would for Osirian info.
The Heidmarchs would be good to develop favor to get a field commission.

0110 Translating the Osirian Obelisk

We have a scholar translate the inscriptions on the obelisk that we found in Reinar’s vault.
It deals with the unrecorded time during the reign of:
An-Hepsu VII (Pharaoh of Blades)
He was murdered, presumably by his son, but not confirmed.

The jade statue is of An-Hepsu.
The magic aura on the statue is very faint transmutation.
The tablet that the book was stashed under references the murder of An-Hepsu, and references another tablet with more info.
The pathfinders wanted us to look at an obelisk, AND A TABLET in Glorio’s possession.
Looks like they wanted us to fill in a hole in Osirian’s history.
Reinar recorded the location of the tomb in code, we can’t decipher it.
He only described the obelisk and tablet he sold Glorio. no rubbings.
There were more objects in the tomb.
It was a family tomb, other royals would be buried there.
We tell him about the mage trying to kill him, working to encourage him to take our plea deal.
He doesn’t believe that Riani would kill him if he’s just a prisoner.
He is still amenable to being let out to be a scholar, he doesn’t have any family left in Magnimar.
He is enjoying the idea of starting over as an academic with a clear record. He seems (backed by sense motive) that he’s actually going to be starting a new life, and not just getting back to his old ways.
We’ll arrange for him to ‘die’, and we’ll arrange for him to live a better life, and feed us info.
He is going to take our offer, and will be our info source in osirian.
Sunash and Gelid are going to go to the mayor, and tell him aobut the deal. That Reinar is just a money man, and we need to turn him, to get at all his knowledge.
Lord Glorio was the actual force behind the slave trade, we can’t tie him directly. If we can turn Reinar, we can get info from him, Glorio will not see him, or that we have his knowledge.
We’ll get the info, and remove REinar from Magnimar so he can’t threaten the town.
The mayor is glad that we’d bring him in on the plan. He wants the sheriff in on the plan, but not really anyone else.
The knowledge we’d gain could be very good for Magnimar.
We’ll take Reinar to the sheriff, get his statement, take him to his house, fake an attack, switch him for a convenient unidentified body, and spirit him out of town.
Pait notices a glowing scrying disk above Skeet!
It disappears as soon as we notice it.
Skeet offers to put a mark of justice on Reinar to prevent slaving.
The mayor and sheriff are ok with the plan, since we will have Reinar ‘dead’ and out of Magnimar, and we’re going to be watching him.
12 Sarenith we go to the mayor, and we will be carrying out the plan on 17 Sarenith. That gives us time to prepare cover stories, and travel plans.
We’ll stash Reinar in our house in Riddleport, and have our staff help him make a new id, and go on to Osirian.

We still don’t want to cross glorio, so we’ll investigate trying to enhance and recover Baxter’s (reinar) memory of handling the obelisk and tablet to get the info that we need for the Pathfinders.
Baxter is willing to work with us on this.
Skeet will cast the spell from a scroll, we’ll get several, so we’ll have a few tries.
The spell will allow us to take him back to the time 2 years ago when he had the tablet and obelisk, they may be able to sketch out the inscriptions from the recovered memories
We generate drawings of the objects, one each of the tablet and obelisk.
We fake Reiner’s death, and send Baxter to Riddleport. on the 17th of Sareneth
The Heidmarch’s are out of town for a few weeks.
18th Sareneth: Someone is scrying on us again at lunchtime. Sunash sees… Rhianni, maybe.
There have been people following us out in public. Both are female, with burgundy hair. Definitely different people, but could likely be twins.
Sunash and Pait are going to put on the hat’s of disguise, and shadow some party members to try to take one or more of the tails.
When we put on the disguises, the tails disappear.
As we’re walking and looking, the 2 burgundy haired women are in a vacant stall, they wave, and disappear into a building.
We run around the side of the building, and they are nowhere.
When we get back to the front, the stall is occupied by a cloth merchant.
he tries to sell Skeet some nice silk.
Sunash thinks that there was a high level illusion cast to make us think the stall was empty, and the women were in it.
we keep going, get to the antiquities merchant that sold us the trinket for tiffeya.
There’s a very tall redhead in leather armor, with two sabers. she turns to face us, nice play at trying to catch one of my friends, I am Cinnabar.
She’s the Asmodean general who was working for Liolo.
She looks human.
“I wanted to give you a heads up, as several of you will likely be bleeding out
It’s smart to be traveling in a group, but that won’t matter.”
“so, do you get paid for all of us, if you only kill one of us?”
Banter, trying to delay her
“it was a pleasure to see you all face-to-face”
As she turns away, 10 more in red leather armor emerge from the shadows and walk with her. They were completely concealed before
The twins are in her entourage.
We notice that all 10 are women, and all carrying sabers.
Sawtooth sabers.
Gozzar formally accepts their challenge to a fight in the Magnimar Arena,
since they are lawful, that should keep them from jumping us randomly.
That should screw with their psyopps a bit by stepping up and using their own law against them.
Untill the same group that is present here meets in the arena, there will be no further hostilities.
Their leader Cinnabar is amused. the 11 of them to the 6 of us.
She wants to name the time.
We’ll be in touch.
She draws a saber and slices her hand.
Gozzar opens his hand on a Mjom Mjom spike.
they shake once, and there’s a lightning crack.
Gozzar feels a jolt of electricity, she looks like she’s feeling it too.
lots of damage, and str damage.
Both of them are knocked down, she smiles “I can’t wait”
Stands, walks back to companions unsteadily.
Gozzar can heal the damage, and str, but the cut doesn’t heal.
Tiffreya is waiting for us at our manor house.
Did you guys just set up a head-on fight with Cinnabar?
Gozzar kinda did.
You do realize who will be coming and watching?
You just interested HIM
Are you going to help? or just tell us we’re stupid?
This is all on you.
20th Sarenith

0109 Investigating Reinar

After investigating Reinar’s house, and decrypting the ledgers that we captured from Tem, Reinar has been thrown in jail to await trial.
His underlings and associates have been held as witnesses, or accessories.
There was a treasure room in his house that had been looted during the fire.
He was intelligent and charismatic, would have levels in merchant.
Sunash is going to try to get him to turn over a list of stolen valuables, in exchange for leniency.
Sunash is interested in items that would be hard to pawn quickly, things that would have to be transported out, that we could use as scrying targets, to trace the thieves, or potential conspirators.
Reinar tells him what was taken, three chests from the treasure room. not much distinctive, they contained gems and coinage. They didn’t find or take the really valuable stuff.
He’s charged with hundreds of counts of slave trafficking, which would be most of the rest of his life in prison work gangs.
Gozzar does a thorough check of of house to make sure that we’re not going to be blamed for the burglary. Doesn’t find anything.
Lets go find the valuables that Reinar was sure weren’t taken. CAn’t leave powerful magic for him to use in an escape.
Lots of the first floor is badly damaged. The second floor is damaged badly, a little bit of salvageable goods here.
Gozzar finds the vault easily. in the cellar.
Detect secret doors finds a panel hidden in the vault, looks like it hasn’t been opened recently.
Gelid checks for traps. Doesn’t find any, seems odd.
steps to the left, and opens the panel.
couple poisoned arrows hit the floor right in front of the panel.
panel slides back and into the wall, opens into a 10ft square room. full of Osirian artifacts.
Small obelisks, statues, most are stone. only a few statuettes are gold or semi-precious stone.
There’s a representative of the guard that was walking through with us. He’s there as much to make sure we’re not disturbed. We are observed opening the secret room.
The room walls are lined with display cases, the back wall has two pedestals, one with an obelisk, one with a pharaoh’s statue.
The guard hasn’t looked in, we might be able to swap his collection for other pieces that we’ve collected.
Gelid convinces the guard to go get a superior, so we can inventory this stuff. Gozzar goes with him, to make sure that they get someone who can accurately record it, and if it gets disappeared and replaced, he wasn’t involved with it at all.
We dimension door the loot back home (it’s, like, next door. How lucky is that)
stone tablet that is inscribed with a map.
Carved obelisk.
Sunash notices that there’s something underneath the map tablet. A book…
It’s a leather bound journal. tied closed with cord.
Monogramed RC
It’s Reinar’s journal, seems like he was trying to be a pathfinder.
He was recording his exploration of a tomb he discovered, and looted.
He sold 2 pieces from the tomb directly to lord Glorio
one was an obsidian obelisk 3.5ft tall. sold for 150k gp.
We are going to put some rubble in the room, and set off the traps, we want it to look like everything was destroyed.
That was an impressive array of traps… a little bit of everything.
Gozzar and the guard return with the accountants of JJ and J. to look at the smoking remains of the treasure room.
We now have the artifacts, and leverage over Reinar. Let’s try to turn him to be an informant, and if he is good, he might be able to ride off into the sunset as an osirian scholar.
the statue and obelisk have some faint abjuration magic on them.
Osirian Artifacts:
Stone tablet map
15 statuettes of various sizes and materials
5 are deities, 5 pharoh2, 5 fertility idols
3 obelisks, two of marble(weathered), one of obsidian (intact)
Three tablets with hieroglyphics on them, all made of marble (2 are completely intact, one is missing a portion of the upper left corner)
three leather chariot harnesses
Then the two objects of significance the 3.5 foot obsidian obelisk and the 2.5 foot Jade statue of what looks to be a pharaoh
both items glow with faint abjuration and also faint transmutation

Going through his journal, he didn’t make any rubbings of the obelisk he sold to Glorio, but he did make some sketches. and dimension drawings.
Copied a few hieroglyphs,
not the info the pathfinders wanted, but enough to identify it.
No family, no current SO.

Get Gelid to tell Reinar that Rhianni told us she wants him dead, and Glorio called him a loose end.
He has a chance to use his osirian knowledge to help us save him from his business partners.
If he plays well, we’ll try to help him plea down his sentence, and maybe he can go be a scholar somewhere.
We want more info on his dealings with Glorio, and Rianni. What items did he sell to Glorio, what magic items would the slave ships have, where would any business records be, What evidence against Rianni can he help us find.

0108 The end of Alloicious

7 Sarenith, 4712

Gelid receives a note that there’s a message for Alloicious at his drop.
He goes to collect it, disguised.
The note is addressed to Al, with Rianni’s seal and nice handwriting.
Pait, and Sunash are ‘in the area’ as guards, Bonk is running as Al’s guard he’d have with him.
They notice a femaleish figure in a black cloak, the cloak may have some symbols worked into it. Sunash guesses it’s a cloak of resistance.
She turns and heads off into the crowd as Al picks up the letter.
Sunash follows her, Pait keeps shadowing Gelid.
The drop is in the west north part of the large central park in the lower part of town.
She heads down the street going west from the park, after a little bit, she starts to duck through alleys, like she’s covering her tracks from anyone who might be following, but without acting like she knows that anyone is following her.
She arrives at the Steel Whiskers tavern and inn.
She stops, drops the hood, and looks around for anyone that might have followed. Sunash memorises her face, and where she’s staying, then heads back to meet up.
Al heads back, twit and turn, eventually drop the disguise, and head home.
After Sunash describes her, Gelid recognizes Riani.
Her letter is about whether Al is interested in her offer of replacing Reinar.
She’s asking for a reply by the drop site.
We’re thinking that Foppington may host a meeting with her, to see if we can get any info on what’s left of the slave ring.
We may set up a sting, where we make a club, that they can feel nice and comfy in, and show them a good time. Maybe we can get some info out of her.
We’ll set up a meet, at the steel whiskers, not letting her know that we’ve found her lodge.
Pait, Bonk, and Skeet will be with Gelid.
We set up a meet.
In walks Riani, and a human male.
We don’t recognize him.
wearing very nice clothes, tall athletic.
Rapier, circlet set with a ruby.
Ah, you’ve brought a guest.
Yes, my benefactor, lord Liolo, or korvosa.
Sit! Sit! I have the evening taken care of.
Liolo sits to view the door, RIani sits across from him.
Dinner comes in.
Liolo has a high opinion of himself, but not too obnoxious.
A couple rings, one is a signet, a high family, not related to Glorio.
He’s on the ruling council, an advisor to the king of korvosa. not as high ranking as Glorio, but not a lightweight. He’s looking to fill the market that Glorio has just left.
You know that the current distribution network has collapsed, we’d like to see what the prospects are to reestablish it.
We have it on good authority that the Goblin Grinders won’t be in Magnimar too long.
There are plans to eliminate them from Magnimar in a few weeks. Then we can move back in.
What are you proposing?
We have ships that can stay ahead of the corsairs, and 2 supply lines set up.
We just need a local to set up with credentials, as the local distributor.
Al would like to be convinced that he won’t suffer the same fate as the previous people that the GG took down.
The previous principle was sloppy, and the Goblin Grinders will be gone. We have a new government insider to help us.
2 shipments a month, good markup, and high profit. If you can move the product.
They will need some proof that his network can bring in buyers.
Can you handle 500 a month?
I believe so.
Riani is doing the talking, Liolo is mostly just confirming her points.
They have a shipping company, that is going to be bringing in merchandise overland, to avoid the corsairs.
Al says that he’s intrigued, but can’t act until the Goblin grinders are gone, and he sees their heads for himself.
Liolo thinks that’s fair.
Al says he’ll begin to bring together the funds, and ramp up his network, on the assumption that they make good.
In the next few weeks, Liolo would like to meet, Al’s distribution.
Al is insisting on the Grinders being gone before he starts.
Liolo agrees that the next meeting will happen as soon as the GG are gone.
Al will start to organize his people, and get money and front businesses together.
clear the building and room, leave plenty after them.
Stealth away, and go home.
There was an entourage of 20 people that came with Liolo and Riani. Lots of scouts and guard. mostly muscle.
Several tieflings, looked like the bosses. One cleric, couldn’t id the sect. lightweight muscle, light touch, maybe a rogue. 2 wore no armor, one had a staff, one had no weapons. the last was female, got lots of looks, she openly showed an Asmodean holy symbol. no armor. She looked human, but her skin color was pale to the point of being pink,
her eyes were pink, too. Didn’t see hair, she was wearing a hat that covered her hair.
seemed to be leading the entourage.
No one seemed to be from Glorio’s people.
Sunash will ask Tiffreya if this Lioro is a rival, important contact, or if he’d like to see this dude get killed.
She asks if we’d had an interesting evening.
Yes, we met a guy who’s trying to undo Glorio’s work.
it’s interesting that Liolo would try to subvert Glorio.
Apparantly a quick lesson on Korvosan politics is needed.
Glorio is highest of the advisor group in korvosa, which is why he was sent on this trade mission.
The advisor council has some members who are trying to get too far above his station.
He’s not been openly challenging anyone, but he’s known to be preparing to move.
He had a large group of guards, is that normal, or a special occasion?
His captain is a force to be recconed with.
Denada, the albino, is strong, don’t mess with her.
She’s a general in asmodeus’ armies.
She’s significantly stronger and more highly placed than Tiffreya.
Tiffreya would’t mind seeing her gone, but is not going to do anything stupid.
SHe thinks that the long term for Liolo is bad for him if he’s dealing with her.
Tiffreya has taken a liking to Sunash, and would like to see us stay around.
We’ll discuss this with Glorio, how do we make sure that we survive, and Glorio comes out ahead far enough to be interested in helping us.
Tiffreya’s impression is that Glorio wouldn’t mind seeing Liolo gone, if it can’t be tied to him.

Meeting the Pathfinders

The house that we inherited from Tem is in the Alabaster district of Magnimar. The high end of the high end of town. Toilday, 4 Sarenith, 4712 A messenger arrives to speak with the Goblin Grinders as a group. It’s from Sheila Heidmarch, and her husband, Canayvan. She’s taken an interest in our group, and wants to invite us to the Lodge for dinner the next evening. Bring this letter to Heidmarch manor, and we can have an evening to discuss business. When we arrive, Sunash notices that this looks like a pathfinder lodge. The symbols are there, there’s some people hanging around. The first several rooms are fully packed research libraries. our escort leads us back to the middle of the house, and then upstairs. we go up, and down a wide hallway, open doors to a ballroom. turn right into a smaller room set for a meal. 2 people in there. Humans, dressed nicely. Canayvan is tall, muscular. mid 40’s Shiela, tall, well built, mid 40’s There’s shelves with books, scrolls, a very nice owlbear mount. A world-spanning collection of items. Osirian, Katepeshi, Taldan, Andoran, items. Sheila gives us a few moments to take in the room, and greets us. Goes to Sunash, He introduces us. Happy to be invited. THe pleasure of your company is ours, they’ve been following our adventures. Servants bring in refreshments. They’re serving GG ale, and some other interesting microbrews from far off. Beers from Osirian. A pale lambic, A stout from the far north. They’ve enjoyed the beers that 2 knights have been sending out. THey have been looking in on us as we’ve been adventuring. They think that our efforts to remove the slave trade from magnimar were for the best. Our handling of that, while not alienating Glorio was what convinced them to approach us. Canayvan says, Your group has formed a loose affiliation with Glorio, and some contacts with Ridleport. They’d like to gain some info on Korvosan business, and specifically Glorio’s business. There are rumors that he’s manuvering himself to seize control of Korvosa. The society is concerned of what might happen if the korvosan government is disrupted. They’d like to see from a different perspective, They see that our group is mostly noble, and working toward good ends, but can do the occasional underhanded deed in service to the greater good. They may field commision adventurers who are interested in joining the society, Helping with this task would be a big step toward getting one. What would you like to know. What are Glorio’s intentions, does he really want to rule Korvosa. They are also interested in him because he owns several items. The society would like to copy inscriptions from those artifacts. Can we get rubbings of these? Which items? a stone tablet from Osiran. in his personal home. it is supposed to discuss the exploits of a pharoh, that is supposed to increase intelligence, and will also fill in gaps in history. A small stone obelisk, that has similar historical information. There’s no magic known on them, these artifacts were taken from osirion, and the society would like to know where that pharoh fits into history. that into might lead to other history. Sunash says that if we can get some leads, and help to cover expenses, we may be able to use our contacts to help them. Sheila can help cover our expenses. What is Glorio’s affiliation with the society? He is associated with a lodge near Korvosa. if we can get copies of the inscriptions with glorio being willing, the society would be happy. Glorio may not want his collection to be known, because some items may not have uncontested provenance. If we can talk glorio into letting us take copies, perhaps without revealing him as a source, she’d be happy to have the info. We are going to approach Glorio, and work to get accurate info, which we will launder as to the source. This should insulate GLorio from repercussions of collecting illegal antiquities. Sheila understands that our relationship to glorio is fragile, and doesnt want us to harm that. She wants to maintain that relationship so that we can access those resources for the society later. THey are going to give us a bit of time to discuss, and come back to them. They are interested in out light touch. the meal is very nice. We’ll meet again in the lodge officially, to allow the resources to gather that info. They’ll give us more info before we approach glorio. They are willing to get the info the easy way (ask) or the hard way (have someone else steal copies) Everyone has had a nice meal, and there’s been some nice beers. After we get home, TIffreya spends the night (again)… We’re looking at trying to convince Glorio to increase his standing with the pathfinders by letting us sell info from the artifacts, with us insulating him from any repercussions as to the provenance.

The Party of the Year!

30 Desnus, 4712 Planning for the party. Sunash will be the host, Bonk is bouncer, We’ll bring in guards from the dock workers and caravan guards. The mayor has stationed some of the city watch around the neighborhood, and a couple with him. Some of the ladies are showing up dressed as Eryines… Sabrina is here, as is the high priestess of Calistria Tiffreya shows up after about an hour. Talks to Sunash for 15 minutes. He spins a story about the trip back along the coast Compliments her on her gown. They will be dancing tonight. The house is set up as neutral ground, no fighting allowed. Gelid is waiting for the crowd before mingling. get some cover by blending in even while being seen. Jarra has come in from Sandpoint, she arrives with Jasper. she’s dressed nice. Lord glorio arrives after 1.5 hours. Sunash is sure to greet him. pleasantries. Asks after Gelid, Sunash assures him that they will have a chance to speak. Glorio sees Tiffreya, makes comments about needing to see her. Sunash checks if he’s in thrall to her. Doesn’t appear so, she seems to be here by her own methods, not summoned. He has not found anything about her age, or any children in his research about her. He presumes that she could reproduce with a human, but not sure. Various people on the ruling council show up through the night, Reinarr Cubit arrives about an hour after GLorio. Introduces himself to Sunash, remarks that this is the party of the month. Asks after Mister Foppington. Sunash hasn’t seen him yet. Thanks for the invite, hopes to talk later. Assorted minor nobles are arriving No one is too drunk, no fights, the patrols outside haven’t seen anything. The high priestess of Calistrea and the high priest of Iomedae start talking philosophy… we have to interrupt, and remind them that this is a party. Tiffreya abducts Sunash to dance. They go to the center of the dance floor, and the band starts up. The croud opens a space for them. Sunash is rolling 20’s for his dancing. Dance for 30 minutes or so, She was genuinly enjoying herself. Everyone seems to be having a good time, ther’s no arguments, Gozzar gets snarky… Sabrina and the mayor talk a bit. there’s enough muscle that no one is causing trouble. Lord Glorio eventually finds Gelid, he’s concluded business with Avery Sleeg, will be going to riddleport to sign papers with him shortly. Gellid gets the impression that Glorio is being a bit slicker than usual because of the party. Sunash gives a gift to Tiffreya, she’s really taken with him. Perception check against hearing. Everyone but Bonk hears a boom, Skeet and Pait at the door hear it, look out the door and see a yellow light. several houses down, and across the street. Light at first, then yellow tinged, and smoke starts up. After a short while, the watch calls out the fire brigade. Leave the party in the hands of Jasper, head sowthwest, a nice house has started on fire, clerics are on site, creating water to fight the fire. Sunash doens’t thinkg that magic started the fire. Fire is under control and out after 30 minutes. It’s Reinar Cubit’s house. Use the fire as an excuse to look thru the house really quick The investigation shows that someone broke in, set up an arson with alchemist fire. not much damage. Reinar arrives soon after. Tell him what we found, hope everything is ok, let us know if we can help. The next couple hours are uneventful. Jasper and Jarra managed the entrance while we were gone. No one arrived, few left. Glorio was mingling, Tiffreya was talking. Jarra and Pait found time to hang out. Gelid mingled. Mayor, Glorio, Tiffreya get together on second floor to talk. The second floor wsa the spot for council members to talk business. Sunash serves them, so that they are left mostly in private. M,T,G talking: The corsairs have hit lots of slave shipments recently, The mayor is happy to see the slave trade being removed from town. He’s happy to have the goblin grinders and other groups have been working to make town safe for legitimate businesses. sunash agrees that the businesses will do better. Glorio is glad for securing trade deals between korvosa and Magnimar. Sunash can’t see much annoyance in Glorio while talking about the corsairs. G is doing the full politician thing. Tiffreya isn’t bothered, she doesn’t seem to care for money as an end in its self. She is listening more than talking. THe party is winding down, the mayor takes off near the end. Glorio is also one of the last. Jasper stays to the end. Gelid is talking to the high priestes of Callistrea Only a few left, and most on the fisrt floor, the second floor only has us, priestess of callistrea, just left, GLorio, tiffreya, and some guards. Glorio looks around, to check for observers. I think it’s time for a short discussion with all of you. first, wonderful party, it rivals anything in korvosa. Sunash and tiffreya dance wonderfully. but I must mix business with pleasure. The incidents this last week have not gone unnoticed. Congratulations for your dilligence and steadfastness. but, stand down for a time, it will be in your best interests. Gozzar asks why he’d be interested in our best interests. Glorio doesn’t consider us allies, but also not enemies, we are aware of the real world, and can be a force that can be useful. It’s foolish and counter productive to work at cross purposes. He thinks that the interests of MAgnimar, Korvosa, and RIddleport are together in the future. Sunash exsplains that an attack on family will be met with any required retribution. Glorio admits that people have stepped over the line, he does not consider that acceptable. Gozzar offers Magnimar as neutral, Glorio agrees that no merchandise will be brought through. Gozzar asks if glorio has any ‘distractions’ to occupy us away from his business. He does know of a loose end to the east of Magnimar. It’s an annoyance to both him and us. Glorio thanks us, and appreciates the understanding. No longer speaking as a representative of Korvosa, he would extend another offer, (to Sunash) the beginning of the path into the pathfinder society. Sunash thanks him, we’ve been working toward this, and we will discuss with him when we have made the accomplishments that would be necessary. Glorio would support us if we seek a full comission, not just a field comission. Glorio enjoyed the party, would like to see the next one, he is glad that we were able to agreee. Close down the party. Everyone is gone, the house is empty again. Not long after going to sleep, Sunash gets a visitor, no extra curriculars, just sleeping. Tiffreya seems to be showing genuine interest.

Meetings at Sea

Late morning, the slaver’s private ship sails into a cove where another larger ship is waiting. It’s the flying milsom A schooner, not a traditional merchant. This ship is ment to be fast. meet up and set up the gang planks Savaric Cubitt is the captain. Numerous crew on deck, has several guards with him. offers refreshments before business. Back in his cabin, the server is a halfling slave. Gellid has made a produciton of being paranoid of the corsairs, so he and crew are fully armed. After drinks, go to the hold. Gellid has Skeet and Bonk check the slaves. Skeet is able to slip a magic boat swan token to her eldest sister, and let her know that Skeet is here for her. Gelid makes it known that he has clients that would like the gnomes. They are headed back to the courrier ship, the slave ship will stay at anchor for a while, so that both ships aren’t seen leaving together. The courrier leaves, they see the guard ship anchored outside the cove. it’s heavier than the milsom, still looks fast. As Skeet was passing the boat token, her sister passed her a note. The note is in charcoal, on a scrap of cloth. Being sold to pharoh in Quadira. Slavemaster smudge smudge cruel. Spellcaster*smudge* pain strike. Skeet’s siser can cast message. She used it on skeet so they could talk before the ships separate. Is that really you? yes, and friends. The slave master uses painstrike to punish slaves that cause trouble. did you get note? yes, been sold already? promised, if we aren’t sold first. We will be working on pyramids in Quadira. how big is the magic boat? a dozen people. look forward to seeing you. Blarg is dispatched to tell the corsairs wha’t going on. That the two ships are at anchor. The St. Essail and Jasper’s ship start to pick up speed to come after the slavers. Gozzar has been setting up illusions to conceal the ship. The slave broker courrier ship: ship on the horizon! The captain sets up to outrun them. the other ship is hard to id, it seems to be obscured. It is headed past, not coming at the ship Gelid, bonk, and skeet are on. Their ship is adding sails to run. 3:30-4:00 in evening. Gellid’s fop persona is all panicy that it’s the corsairs. that distracts the slave trader pretty well, and he leaves. the guard ship notices us coming in, weighs anchor, starts to head away, toward the south. the corsairs are headed into battle, rigged to fight. the milsom was just getting ready to leave. it was just at the mouth of the cove when we hit them. Gozzar is prepping a fireball. the other corsair ship is readying chainshot on their ballistae. the marines are readying bows. the obscuring illusion has caused us to be somewhat ignored. The st esaille enters the cove, Jasper tries to block the cove. The milsom tries to make a run. chainshot is launched. the milsom is being slowed considerably. the sails burning or being ripped up has sapped speed. the ships close to grappling distance. Boarding time. the marines can take care of anyone not important to the story. Savaric takes a potion Pait advances, can’t quite make it to him, so misses with a tanglefoot bag. Fight fight fight, Sunash and Pait drop sevaric, but Pait is poisoned. Gozzar went below deck to release the slaves. He opens a door, shield up… and a spell hits him. is able to block the spell, and spots the caster hiding behind a flipped over table. fighting, a barbed devil distracts Pait and Sunash, the caster runs up on deck. She’s disappered, and the marines on deck didn’t see her. Gozzar cast detect magic, see if she’s invisible. Don’t see her, just the normal magic items that people would be carrying. She teleported to the courrier ship. She is warning the captain that the corsairs are in the area. “we need to leave, now!” He sets all the sails, ‘get the item’ ‘We can get out of here soon, the idem will help.’ The corsairs are putting a partial crew on the milsome, and we’re recruiting the half orc gladiators to be marines on board. The courier ship is rigging for speed. they are riging all the sail they can get. throwing ballast overboard to lighten the load. gelid throws a fit about the corsairs the merchant Reinar is reassuring gelid that the captain is bringing out everything. gelid retires to his cabin. Reinar comes into Gelid’s cabin half an hour later. Bad news, I need a drink. Makes skeet fix a drink. The corsairs have taken the milsom, and they were aided by the goblin grinders. Grinders who? they are a group who has aligned themselves with the abolitionists, although they do make a good beer. Gelid: If I wasn’t a gentleman, I’d spit at their name. “Skeet, fix another drink” It’s aobut time for the extra speed, with the item activated, we should be there in 24 hours. (normaly a 3 day trip) it’s terrible to lose such a good cargo. Reinar will talk to the captain, and then return so he and Gelid can drink some sorrows away. The ship jerks, and there’s noticeable g force. Reinar comes in, the item is active, by this time tomorrow, we’ll be back in port. Time for the good stuff, produces a very dusty bottle. He opens it personally, it’s the best rum ever. this is 200 yrs old, and hard to come by now. It was for celebrating a completed deal, but it will be good to wash away troubles. Everyone is dismissed, Bonk is stationed outside the door. As they go on deck, notice that the wind is strong behind the ship, and the sky is darkened. Skeet sees a blue-gray crystal sitting on top of the helm. the colors in it are swirling. Skeet thinks it’s something to do with the weather. the local weather is like a storm front. On the St. Esseile. An hour after leaving the milsom, see a large bank of black clouds to the north. Sunash can sense that the courrier ship is speeding up, and pulling away. Gelid is trying to get info about the mage from Reinar she’s hired on to keep order of the slaves on the slave ships. she’s not been in magnimar long. she probably hasn’t seen the goblin grinders personally before. and Reinar passes out. Gelid has reinar’s servants drag him to bed. As Gelid is questioning, Skeet and Bonk are paying attention. 2 doors astern, and across the hall. see 2 flashes of light under the door, and hear raised voices. Send blarg down to loiter, cast whisper. Blarg hears a familiar voice, male, Khorvosan. Definitly Glorio It’s a heated discussion, she’s reporting in, he’s upset, quoting ‘over 100k gp of merchandise and ship’ ‘how did you let this happen’ Tiffreya is also on the call. Eventually, it comes down to the out a lot of money, the cargo and ship are gone, not happy with Rianni. Just before Gellid calls for Reinar to be called out, there are 2 more flashes, and Riani walks out, muttering to herself. Looks like the other 2 teleported in to talk. She walks past Skeet and Bonk, doesn’t even look at them. The St. Esseile is doing everything it can to go faster, but the cloud bank is moving farther away. It looks like the ship is magically enhanced. See a few things floating by barrels of rum… WE’re not going to catch them, slow down so the other 2 ships can catch up. That night Jasper, Minidirra Ethraiken (capt. of Esseile) Jarra, and us can meet. The Corsairs don’t need the milsom, except for evidence, then they are done with it. WE’re leaning toward turning the ship over to the corsairs, so that we can have a couple favors. Probably set down on the coast, gather a caravan, and head back to magnimar so people think the goblin grinders were doing buisiness on land, as we have been known to do. Bonk and Gelid saw the mage, Riani casting a spell at the bow. it looks like a scrying spell. she watches for 15 minutes, heads to her cabin. 5 minutes there, heads to reinar’s cabin. finds him passed out, goes back to her cabin, super pissed off. Bonk goes to see her. knocks on door. “what do you want, bodyguard?” “you look upset” “perhaps i am” “anything my employer can do?” “perhaps he can, send him over” Bonk lets Gelid know that Riani wants to talk. “Bonk and Skeet come with, and post outside the door, if this goes south, I want backup” Gelid goes to see her. “allouicious, come in” “how can I help” “I’m sure reinar (harumpfh) let you know the bad news.” “yes, he did” “we have a dilemma, have you heard of the goblin grinders? they are troubling people in magnimar” “Reinar has told me of them” “one of them is a cleric of pharasma” “are you sure you’ve never met them?” “not that I’ve ever known” “I’d like you to use your contacts to gather some info on this Sunash fellow for me” “my pleasure, they have cost me too much business” “that would be greatly appreciated, I think Reinar has run out his usefulness” “is there going to be a shift in the envoronment here?” “it’s not much of a shift, you seem to have an eye for the business, I’m sure the higher-ups would be happy to have you with us” “let me ponder, and return to you, it’s been an exhausting day” “I understand, this is a big decision, and not to be taken lightly.” She implys that Reinar will be retired comfortably. “sleep as best as you can.” The ship makes it back to Magnimar, Gelid says he’d be happy to accept, but will have to make arrangements to settle business, and gather information. she gives him a token, that will generate a sending when broken. Reinar has a bad hangover, 2 days later jasper makes port, the St esseile does not come in. The rest of the party comes into town a day later. Jarra is taking the milsom to sandpoint, to be refitted and repaired, and repainted. Some of the slaves went with us to magnimar in the caravan.

Taking steps to destroy the slavers
0104 (aka the night Matt's computer was down)

Gelid has arrainged to meet the transfer ship of the slave traders, we are looking to intercept it with the Gray Corsairs. Skeet’s missing family is on the ship, they seem to be in good helth. Gelid has schmoozed the slave shipping company owner pretty well. He can get a ride to meet up, and bring his bodyguards. There will be the slave ship, and the broker’s transport, we can call on Jasper’s ship, and one other gray corsair ship in the area to help. Gelid, Skeet, and Bonk will take 2 gray corsair redshirts with them on the broker’s ship. The rest of the party will be headed out on the corsair ship, and will intercept the slave transport after Gelid’s group does it’s inspection meetup. Jasper is very interested in doing this plan. He’s been in contact with the other corsair ship in the area, they want in on the raid, and will be in the area when we find the slave ship. He’s got some folks ready to go, Jarra is one. Rheinar Cubit (the slave broker) sends Gelid a sealed scrollcase. “dear alloicious, thank you for your interest in our inventory. we will set sail from Magnimar on the 24th, and will meet the ship carrying the merchandise on the 27th” Gelid sends back a confirmation. Sunash is picking up some vials to hold samples for locating missing party members. Jasper’s ship wil be leaving the evening of the 21st We will be laying in lots of good food and drink Leave, and get into position near where the slave ship is likely to meet Gelid 2 days early. The other corsair ship is captained by an andoran Eagle knight human female paladin of Iomedae. She’s completely comitted to ending slave trade around varisia, and destroying the burnt safron. She wants the burnt saffron, but is willing to go along with our plan to use the flying millsome as a way to get at the slave ring, and hurt the slavers on the saffron, even if it’s indirectly. Gelid’s party gets on his ship on the 24th. He gives ‘alloicious’ a tour of the ship, he’s fine with Gelid bringing appropriate bodyguards. The ship is sail driven, and has oars rowed by indentured servants. They were watching the corsair ship, but it was headed away from where the meetng was going to occur. THey are sure there aren’t any corsairs in the area. on the 25th, the 2 corsair ships are watching the coves that the meeting is likely to happen in. The cove Jasper was checking was empty of ships, but there’s a longboat pulled up on shore near the mouth of the cove. this could be the slave ship making some preparations for the meeting. Muginn goes in to look around, there’s a small cabin on shore 150~200 yds from the boat, looks occupied. Seems to be 12 or so pirate sailors on leave, drinking, playing cards, Jasper thinks they’re just there for leave, and a ship will be retrieving them. Late on the 25th, jasper brings us to his cabin, the other ship has spotted a ship anchored outside of the other cove we were watching. it will take until morning to get there. the ship that Gelid’s group is on is taking a careful route over to the meeting. It’s avoiding other ships and shipping lanes, In the morning, the corsair ships meet up, the captaing of the other ship describes the ship they spotted, she’s not convinced that it’s the milsome. we tell her about the pirates that we spotted, the lookouts confirm that the ship they spotted was missing a longboat. It’s not likely that the slave ship would be letting crew off to party if they had cargo. Gozzar uses a scry scroll to check on the direction of gelid’s ship, it’s headed the proper direction, The 27th, a ship appears, headed north toward the cove. ~1hr later, another ship is headed in from the southwest. It’s flying the colors that the milsom should be. The milsome is avoiding the paladin’s ship, it passes closer to jasper’s ship. it’s an armed merchant ship. It’s large, and heavily loaded. 3 ballistae, on its decks. it probably has 50-75 crew jasper’s crew is 45, and his ship is 25ft shorter. the paladin’s ship is as large as the milsom, and she has a crew of 100, 20 are dedicated marines. the corsair ships give the milsom a head start, then turn to follow. the milsom passes the southern cove, and heads for the other one. it enters and anchors in the northern cove. the ship that had been anchored in the southern cove has moved to anchor outside the northern cove, and has retrieved the longboat. both corsair ships sail on by, to let the ships calm down. the ship carrying Gelid’s group passes in the morning. they meet up with the milsom ~1pm on the 27th.

Gabby is Dead!

20.8k gp of coins & gems scroll, restoration scroll, dispell magic scroll, dimension door scroll, greater teleport potion, invisibility potion, gaseous form potion, CSW potion, CMW potion, delay poison potion, delay poison wand, CMW, 20 charges wand, invisibility, 15 charges wand, detect thoughts, 15 charges Gozzar cloak of protection +1 Gelid circlet of persuasion +1 Gozzar ring of protection +2 Gelid Cloak of resistance +2 Skeet amulet of natural armor +2 Skeet belt of mighty constitution +2 Pait headband of vast inteligence +2 Sunash Ring of Protection +2 Pait Belt of Giant strength +4 Bonk +4 headband of mental superiority. Sunash Amulet of natural armor +3 Gelid +1 chain shirt +1 Longbow Bonk +3 corrosive unholy heavy mace Sabrina +1 mithral chain shirt Pait Upgraded to +3 in 8 daysS Selling unclaimed gear, and trading stuf to armorer for upgrades, we each get 4000 gp


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