The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

0121 Home Again

Alex comes over as we’re cooking,
We share a meal, and some GG ale. Give him a coupon for some, for the next time he’s on the PM plane.
It’s been good to have us here, but it’s time for us to return to our home. There are goings on that we need to be in on.

Sunash gathers us, and shifts us to Magnimar.
We end up within sight of Magnimar, at least.
Bonk, break out the folding boat.
A few hours (7), and we get to the dock.
A member of the dock union comes up to Bonk.
It’s been more than 2 months since we left.
They were worried about us.
We better get home, Sunash hasn’t gotten to talk to Tiffreya since we went to Nirvana.
Meet our contacts, and meet at the mayor’s in 2 hours.
Sunash heads to the temple, the rest of us head home.
Our head of the house, is glad to see us, people were worried that we weren’t going to come back.
There were some problems while we were gone.
He takes us up to the library, where Tiffreya had been set up to use the crystal ball.
She’s been turned to Obsidion. 2 weeks ago, she suddenly turned to stone, he’d been sent by her to get something, and when he returned 20 min later, whe was stone.
There are 2 books on the planes on the table, one is opened to a section about nirvana, one is open to a section about axis
there are some notes about planes close to the boneyard, like axis and nirvana.
There are some notes about deities and spheres.
the most copious notes are about Sheylin and next is Pharasma.
Time for snacks.
Sunash reads thru her notes, parsing the shorthand and doodles, she’s trying to figure out a path.
The doodles and notes lead to Sheylin, (love and beauty)
The stone detects as magic.
Sunash can tell that this is really high level (CL 17-18), it’ll be really hard to dispell.
Skeet notices that there’s a curse on Tiffreya.
Pait sees that there’s a dark spot on the north wall.
The wall is darkened with an outline of her in it.
Like a cone of something was cast through the crystal ball.
The curse is a -4 penalty on rolls. Evil, can’t tell lawful or chaotic.
The spell turn to stone turns the person to stone, but doesn’t kill, she’s trapped in there.
TIffreya turned away from evil and Asmo, her notes look like she was vascillating between Pharasma and Sheylin. Leaning to Sheylin.
Sunash is trying to see if Pharasma had noticed her, and if she’d started worshiping.
We can’t use the crystal ball to observe what Tiff was looking at.
Our butler comes back with tea and food.
We get exact timing info.
Late afternoon, before dinner, she was here every 3rd day studying, he’d bring her tea at the same time. She’d try to contact us with the crystal ball, but had been unsuccessful, since we were off-plane.
Sunash will ask Pharasma what he can ask of Sheylin
Maybe Skeet or Gozzar could ask if any followers would have done anything like this to Tiff.
We could maybe use a group of casters using ritual magic to combine and get high enough to dispell this.
All the casters would have to be the same order.
All clerics of the same deity, for example.
It’s going to take time to put together, and still not guaranteed.
It looks like someone’s out to get us… again.
We should stick together in town.
She had fairly normal activities around town.
Sunash is going to go thru her stuff to see if there’s clues there.
Tiffreya had been hiring caravan guards and orc dock union guys to move around town with her shortly before the accident.
She’d been visiting Skeet’s witch friends, looking for a sarenrea worshiper named kyra near the world wound.
She’d been visiting many of the temples, Shelyn, Pharasma, Sarenrae, other good or lawful gods.
Tiffreya hadn’t told Sunash about any close friends she’d made
She’d been talking to the high priestess of Calistria.
From Pait’s caravan contacts:
Tiffrea’s bodyguards did notice some individuals following her. Were not able to id most of them due to their ability to blend into the shadows. However, there were two that they were able to identify the morning of the day she was turned to stone. One was a woman named Kerra. The other was a human male named Bahadur Alborz. He was more than a little scary in that he had really penetrating eyes that had a very wild look to them. He was staying in an inn near the docks, a real seedy place, the Veiled Harlot. He left town the morning after she was turned to stone.
They didn’t see him spending time or meet with anyone else. He was able to slip the tail several times, and they lost track of him.
He’d been in town for about 6 weeks before they noticed him following Tiff.
They didn’t get reliable info on Kerra
From Gelid’s contacts:
Tiffrea’s bodyguards did notice some individuals following her. Were not able to id most of them due to their ability to blend into the shadows. However, there were two that they were able to identify the morning of the day she was turned to stone. One was a woman named Kerra. The other was a human male named Bahadur Alborz. He was more than a little scary in that he had really penetrating eyes that had a very wild look to them. He was staying in an inn near the docks, a real seedy place, the Veiled Harlot. He left town the morning after she was turned to stone.
From Skeet’s witch friends:
A woman named Kerra purchased several scrolls and a cursed ring from Jacquline, a gnome witch of considerable power. Jacquline is a no questions asked witch. The scrolls included a flesh to stone spell, a dispell magic, and a greater scrying spell. The ring appears to be a ring of protection combined with a ring of spell knowledge, but in reality lowers your wisdom and intelligence by a 6 points each.
Kerra was wearing yellow and black (Calistria?)
Asking at Calistria’s temple, Kerra is hman female, a follower of Calistria, some of the accolytes think she’s an inquisitor, some priests and another accolyte think she’s a cleric.
She had asked around town about us and Tiff.
She hasn’t been seen after Tiff’s incident.
There was a follower of Calistria in town for the month prior to Tiffrea eing turned to stone named Kerra. She was a human female, wore black and yellow clothing while about town and when seen after dark, which was rarely, all in black. Very beautifull woman, tall and hard to tell much more. no outward armor to be seen. She made a number fo inquiries about Tiffrea and the Goblin Grinders while in town. Left the morning after she turned to stone.
Sunash’s info:
Kerra has a reputation as a revenge specialist for hire. Orginally form Korvosa but very well travelled throughout the norhtern parts of Golarian. Also, well known for her unusual methods for carrying our her tasks.
No one saw these folks leave town. Bahadur and Harold checked out of their inn, no one saw them leave town. Our contacts didn’t see if they were together.
The inn keeper at the Veiled Harlot.
Rupert. Short, Wide, Disheveled.
The inn is rough, but not… dirty.
He doesn’t serve GG ale.
The crowd is low class, sailors, caravan guards.
Rupert is renting out a room to a sailor on leave as we come in.
Gelid gets his attention.
Rupert climbs a ramp behind the bar, so he’s at eye level.
We get some beer, and show some cash, to get some info.
He points us to the deserted end of the bar.
Gelid is stacking up a big pile of Platinum.
Rupert is getting to be more friendly.
The 3 people stayed here, they left near the same time. they didn’t room toegther, he didn’t see them associating. They paid cash up front.
The man seemed dangerous. far worse than the usual clientele.
Anything unusual?
Bahadur is someone Rupert doesn’t want to piss off.
There were certain regulars that were giving Bahadur a wide berth.
Brightstar seemed personable. usually out at night, kind of shifty sometimes. stayed back by himself the few times he was at the bar.
Kerra was here the shortest.
He was nervous around her, she was more into the revenge parts of Calistria.
Kerra and Brightstar met once in a back room. Alborz didn’t meet with them.
A wizzard met Kerra and Brightstar once. 6’6" thin. 2 porters carrying things for him. Had a staff made of black wood, older 45+
had a young face to go with his white hair.
never saw him before, didn’t seem the type to be in this part of town.
can we see their rooms?
Kerra’s room is occupied, the other 2 are open.
Gelid adds more platinum to the stack.
Alborz was in a corner room, Brightstar was 2 doors away from that.
We turn over scary dude’s room, nothing here, it seems cleaner than it should be, no evidnce of strong magic used here.
the windows show no evidence of moving in or out.
Brightstar’s room:
Traces of strong magic being used in here.
Divination, and conjuration. this room is not sanitized as much.
there are things that got left.
under the dresser: and empty scroll case slight remnants of a firetrap on it.
under the bed: rolled piece of parchment, no magic.
written in infernal on the parchment, “we’re ready to do what we set out to do, meet in the marketplace at noon. -Kerra” no date.
Examining the magic used in here, it was plane shift.
Tiffrea was wearing two rings, we might check later if one was the sorrority ring.
Kerra’s room is occupied, Gelid tires to con his way in.
The woman in there doesn’t want to let us in.
Gelid convinces her that we’re inspecting for giant rats.
She lets us in to do the inspecting.
Gelid just terrified her out of the room with the rat story.
after serching the room, it’s not sanitized, either. We find something that looks like the remnant of a ring, it’s broken open, and corroded, slight big of magic left on it. Abjuration, necro(strongest), and evocation. Those match the ring she bought off Skeet’s friend.
What could do that to the ring?
looks like the magic was extracted, and burned up the ring.
Seems like we need to track down this wizzard, and check the market for the 3’s activities. Any large purchases, or significantly noticeable activities.

0120 Tem's loot

Thrax the Red:
+2 Full plate armor
+4 Wounding Dwarven WarAxe
+2 Fast Loading, Heavy Crossbow
5 diamonds worth 800 gp each

Skeletal champions:
8 +1 Great swords
8 +1 Composite Longbows (Str +3)
8 suits of +1 Full plate armor

Chest #1
15000 cp
5000 sp
2500 gp
150 pp
False bottom Secret compartment: 2 Manuals of Bodily Health +3

Chest #2
Jewelry and gems worth 20,000 gp
False bottom Secret compartment: 1 manual of Bodily health +3

Chest #3
50000 cp
False bottom Secret compartment: 2 manuals of Bodily health +3

Chest #4
5000 pp
20,000 gp worth of diamond dust
False bottom Secret compartment: 1 manual of Bodily health +3

Skeletal champion’s room:
Spell books blue leather bound 10 of them
3 Scroll cases: all water proof and made of copper
Fireball CL10
Chain lightning CL10
Greater Teleport CL15
Planeshift CL15
True seeing CL15
3 potions of Greater Heroism
3 vials of purple worm venom
1 vial of wyvern tail venom

0120 Onward to Tem's Secret Base

After a few days of crafting new gear, we start out on the sea voyage to Korvosa.
It is an 14 day trip, normally.
Trying out the hyperdrive, channels won’t power it directly, powering it with blood doubles the speed for 2 days.
We try it out a couple times, and drop the travel time to 10 days.
We head upriver on the boat from Korvosa, after a stop to refill stores and make an appearance in town.
There aren’t any real settlements along the river, we have to use the engine to move against the current, especially as we approach the mountains.
When we go around a bend near Tem’s hideout, we find a backwater that we can moor, and disembark.
It’s lowland around here, but easily passable.
There’s woods, turning to grassland as we head inland.
No roads or trails, so it’s slow.
Find a dry hilltop near the beginning of the woods to camp on.
We hear some noises overnight, but nothing eventful happens.

21 Arodus, 4712
Studying the map we made from Tem’s body, it looks like we have 2 more days of overland, and maybe some time looking for the hidden base.
Another day of slogging through the woods, we come out of it into the grassland, no aggressive animals, it seems like people aren’t around this area at all.
We get to the area, and start looking around for landmarks, Gelid sees some notable mountain peaks, and figures out which way to go, (northwest).
We should be about 1.5 days away from the hideout.
The night goes uneventfully, but the watchers aren’t hearing wildlife to the north or northwest, and there’s no birds, lots of bugs though.
The crickets actually wake us up in the morning, it’s a cacophony.
As we’re getting to lunchtime, we notice a worn down shrine off the path we were going on.
It’s a shrine to Asmodeus. It hasn’t been used in a long time. It was very sturdily built from granite, to it’s withstood the weather for a long time. Looking around, we find some foundations for houses clustered around, 10-12 buildings. easily 50-100 years abandoned. Theres a remnant of a wagon path headed off to the NW. The wagon trail is noted on the Tem map.
23 Arodus, 4712
Following the wagon trail through the afternoon, we find the remnants of a stone structure.
as we approach, we see remnants of a wall and tower.
Bonk is examining the ruins,
There are some scorch marks on the top of the tower, it ends at around 1.5 stories.
There’s damage from siege engines to the wall and tower.
There’s unidentifiable remnants of another structure around.
Theres a big double door laying on the ground, it’s wide enough for carts and mounted riders to pass through.
There are freshly moved rubble piles at the west end of the area, and area’s of cleared vegetation.
The birds flying recon can see that the tower interior has been cleaned up,
the double door laying on the ground has lain there a long time, the wood is rotted to where we could pull the rusted hardware out of it.
The tower walk through door is gone,
The rubble piles to the north and east have laid undisturbed a long time, and are overgrown.
It seems like it hasn’t rained here for a while.
No tracks.
The floor of the tower is carpeted with moss and small plants. Nothing large is growing in it.
There’s a circular disturbed area in the tower.
Sunash can see that there’s runes carved in the floor.
Looks like a teleportation circle.
The circle has been cleared off in the last few weeks, and it may have been partially camouflaged.
Gozzar heads through the circle…
I guess we’re going through.
We appear in a very well furnished music room, with a grand piano, a raised platform with a nice seat for an audience.
The walls are carved out of bedrock, the throne platform is red granite, the floor is white marble, the chair is walnut and silk.
the piano is ebony , ivory, tuned right, on a very nice carpet.
The piano is magical, with conjuration on the keys.
there’s a couple keys that are enchanted more strongly than the rest. And, three keys are necromantic enchanted.
the wall sconce torches have continual flame cast.
Gozzar hits the first necro key, and a ghostly (slightly visible unseen servant) pianist appears, plays a waltz, and disappears.
The hallway to the west has double doors made of adamantine.
The map shows the loot is to the south and east.
the other hallways have adamantine doors.
All are locked, and open away from us.
We search the room, and there’s nothing here. no magic, aside from the lights and piano, nothing to the chair or platform.
Gelid, open the north west doors, we’ll work around to the loot.
No traps on the door, Gelid doesn’t make the lock pick check.
the lock is well maintained,
After a few more tries, Gelid gets it open
There’s a sarcophagus in the room, and a tapestry of Tem, crowning himself, standing on a little mound, surrounded by skeletal warriors, zombies, a Thursday, under a cloudy gray sky.
No magic in the room.
Open the sarcophagus, there’s an ebony coffin in it.
The coffin is lined with nice fabric, and a pleasant pillow, it’s been slept in recently.
No magic on the coffin.
Check for other ways a vampire could sneak in.
Skeet finds a hole drilled into the the floor behind the tapestry.
Sunash knows about vampires, so he knows that they can go into gaseous form.
As we’re removing the doors to the coffin room, so whatever lives there can’t lock us out, we hear a door open to the east, and armored footsteps.
It’s armored skeletons, very armored, with great swords.
Pait moves up, and gets one with a tanglefoot bag.
bonk moves up, and sees that there’s 8 of them down the hallway.
Gozzar greases the floor right outside the hall.
Some walk into the grease and fall, a a few switch to bows, and knock flaming arrows.
Bonk and Pait see that the bows are turning the arrows flaming, and they look like composite built to their strength.
Someone just shot Pait! And they’re invisible. THere’s a pool of red liquid on the floor in the hallway.
smashy time, Pait and Bonk wipe out the melee skeletons.
hey, Gozzar, there’s something going on down by that hallway.
Gozzar shoots a fireball down the hallway, and wounds Thrax the red.
Sunash kinda sorta remembers a type of undead that is made up of blood. The blood is poison.
Sunash runs up to attack it. Swings, and connects, feels like it’s got some DR.
Pait tries to go for a heroic leap and tumble over the grease slick to get behind the skeleton archers, and fails the landing utterly.
Bonk runs up to help Gelid and Sunash pound on Thrax
Thrax beats on Gelid, and causes bleed.
Gozzar hits Thrax with glitterdust, and outlines him.
it’s dwarf sized, and it looks like it’s holding a dwarf war ax.
Skeet grabs it with her strangling hair!
Sunash steps up to it, and gets ready to do some undead killing for Pharasma.
And now, there’s a flesh golem.
Bonk kills Thrax just in time, he was going to use his big nasty poisoning ability.
Smack it around, and Gelid kills it.
Pait kills the last skeletal archer, no one left.
Sunash channels to heal us.
The north east room:
There is a fire pit, a lab table, and bookshelves. Racks of reagents and specimens along the walls.
Sunash investigates, it’s a wizard’s lab, but there are alchemist bomb parts in here too.
Tem could have been making the Gabby simulacrums here.
There’s spellbooks on the shelves. Some scrolls, 3 large books are magical.
several flasks have a bit of magic to them, but it’s just traces of expired alchemist elixers.
Golem building tools.
We find a secret door activation panel along the south wall.
Gelid doesn’t find traps.
it’s a secret closet.
it contains a mold for Gabriella Varga simulacrum.
The south room has 4 large chests, and a tapestry.
No secret doors. Trap check.
The tapestry is a tryptic of the 3 images of Norgorber.
it’s pretty ugly.
Gelid gets himself poisoned pretty bad.
4 str and 4 con dmg.

Spell stitch all the loot.

Going through the doors to the south of the piano
they are adamantine, 3 locks.
Gelid doesn’t find any traps, unlocks 2 of the locks, breaks a pick, gets a new one, and unlocks the doors
The doors open up, and there’s an alcove, with an archway carved in the back wall.
the carvings around it say ‘speak friend and enter’ There’s more writing, but Sunash can’t read it.
Skeet can read sylvan, though
‘to go to hell, speak “friend” in infernal and enter’
the archway detects as very strong magic, creation or calling conjuration.
Gelid knows the word, he says it, and the arch turns into a doorway onto a dark, hot plane, with a volcano in the distance. withered trees, and dead vegetation.
Sunash sees 3 eryines flying in the distance, doesn’t think that they’ve seen us yet.
After ~1 minute the gate closes, and becomes stone again.
Start trying other languages, orc, draconinc, don’t work.
celestial opens a door to a very nice looking plane.
Sunash wants to try to figure out where exactly we are,
we are still on the prime material plane, on Golarion.
the place we are looking at is definitly celestia. we’ve seen some astral diva’s and an angel.
Skeet tries sylvan, it opens a gate to a plane that looks very different. it’s the first world.
Sunash is going to study spells, to get a plane shift ready, in case we need to run through the gate.
FIrst, we’ll open up the vampire bore hole, to see where it goes.
the hole goes into the wall to the north 8’ or so, and curves around to the east, and keeps going.
Sunash tries to open the gate using a language from pharasma’s plane. It’s not opend to her plane, it looks like the astral plane.
Hmm, we can’t get any teleports to work going outbound… looks like the gate is the only exit.
Tiffreya has told the boat to return, we won’t be getting back to them any time soon.
We’re looking at going to the happy hunting grounds, it’s a neutralish place that we won’t immediately be killed on, and works for all of us.
We speak the right words, and step through. there’s no gate visible behind us. we are definitly on a different plane.
It’s a beutiful naturscape. stands of trees, herds of bovine type animals.
nice warm perfect temp early summer day.
mark the ground where we came in, and let’ go exploring
Sunash starts mapping.
it’s nirvanna
walk toward a copse of trees on a hilltop.
bison herd, antelopes gamboling. wildebeasts wandering.
a few preadators, but they ignore us.
mountains to the north, river to east, west is a forest, ocean to the northeast
there are two important deities that live on nirvana,
Sheylen and Sarenrea
the locals are nomadic hunters. they are lawfulish-neutral.
The area that we are on is very african savana/grassland type terrain.
We’re about due west from the isle of the pennitant.
there’s a river between us and that.
the forest is ‘the forest of the whispered longing’
those are the places that souls are sent to this plane.
there are stories of the first creature on nirvana, a huge dragon lairing in the mountains to the north.
there’s a settlement northeast of us. Dragons crown.
time moves far slower here than golarion.
all the food will be safe to eat.
we see patrols of agathions, and patrols of divas , patrons, and solars. they look like they are the peacekeepers for the area.
While we’re trying to figure out where to go to find a guide, some solars notice us.
They fly down. one approaches us.
asks us why we’re here, when we’re not dead.
Sunash introduces himself.
The solar introduces himself as Alexander.
We ask what we may do, he advises us to not run amok, if we want to hunt, we should go to dragons crown, and join a party.
THey can take us to Sheylin, or Sarenrae, if we wish to speak to them.
There are no shrines to deities here, theres a gate to the boneyard to the south, he points, and we get a distortion effect, and can see way farther than normal, to the gate.
Let’s go on a hunt, ask Alex if there’s a way for us to get quickly to DC, so that we can make the most of our time.
He can transport us there.
teleport to the gates, he asks us to folow him.
there are 2 planetars that are watching the people entering, they look us over, but don’t move to stop us.
He takes us to a building, a party of 10 with bows is leaving, guided by an agathion.
Sunash asks if there’s anyone he could talk philosophy with while the rest of us are hunting.
He tells us to enter, and tell them Alex sent us.
When we go in, we see a humanoid lion.
He has a mane of hair, digitgrade legs, teeth and claws.
He greets us politely. Would you like to join a hunting party.
Offers us a choice of arms, all the bows and crossbows, and quivers. The next party will leave in 30 minutes.
All the bows are adaptive and intelligent.
the bows draw us to the proper weapon.
They give us aiming hints through telepathy.
An avoral agathion this one is bald eagle type bird person comes to get us, he hasn’t had a mortal party for a long time.
Pait asks about elk.
Along the river to the south are moose, and caribou.

It’s the rut, so they are in their prime right now.
our guide takes us across the river, we stalk along, and start finding areas frequented by caribou.
these animals are 10’ tall at the shoulders. 20’ racks.
We’re talking ice age megafauna.
our guide suggests that we walk over to a small rise, that would bring us up to about shoulder height to them.
Bonk draws, and rolls a 1
It’s now pissed at us.
Pait biffs his shit.
Gozzar manages a good shot.
Bonk lands the second
Pait crits
Bonk crits
Gozzar hits
It got uncomfortably close before it dropped, but it did drop.
Start to butchering
We also forage some good veggies to go with the meat.
Gelid gets the oysters.

0119 After the Big Fight
What to do next...Time to explore.

As Gozzar is making the exit speach, we see that Asmodeus is back, accompanied by Calistrea and Torag.
Asmo stands and congratulates us, and appologizes for breaching the contract. We get 6 adamantine rings.
Untill we meet again… and all 3 teleport out.
each ring is a set of 4 rings, we can put any bonuses on that add to 4.

We find the place Liolo and Riani had been staying,
Their rooms were next to each other.
Liolo has a large strongbox in his room:
Traveling money(10k gp),
formal clothes(10k gp)
Riani has a strongbox, and another, more ornate, smaller strongbox:
2500gp of gems and money
several books (magic) flesh golem manual, and a stone golem manual.
2 scroll cases.
The small ornate box contains a crystal ball. It has telepathy on it.

As we get back to our house after investigating Liolo and RIani, we meet Tiffreya, her wings have turned from black to gray.
She still has her other devil features, but is not evil.
Jasper and the gray corsairs found and siezed Ragnar’s speedy ship.
He doesn’t want to mess with the speed device, it’s scary.
Strong (overwhelming) necromancy.
It’s powered by fresh blood. If we feed it blood from a sentient creature, it will make the ship go faster.
Sunash wants to burn the boat to the waterline. clense it with flame.
The device is a large cup, with spiral channels cut into it, fresh blood poured into it will rotate and cause a whirlwind. It is bolted into the deck, there’s evidence that it’s been moved from ship-to-ship.
As we’re looking over it to remove it, it seems like it doesnt’ need very much blood to use.
Sunsah Gozzar and Skeet are going to research the hyperdrive to see if it’s evil or neutral.
It is not an evil item, the slavers were using slaves to power it, but the blood doesn’t have to be an unwilling sacrifice.
10-15 mL of blood will power the cup, 15-20hp equivalent will power it for 3 days.
Gozzar used create treasure map to find Tem’s most treasured possesion, it leads to an underground castle north of Korvosa.
Now that we know that the ship isn’t evil, we’ll be heading to Korvosa to raid Tem’s castle.
The ship sits high in the water, but has a deep keel for stability and speed.
We’re going to commision a new figurehead that looks like TIffreya, and rename the ship Tiffreya’s WIng
She’s liking that idea.
Jarra is helping to recruit a crew for us.

0118 Loot from the Big Fight
goodies, goodies, goodies!

sunash 40k gp
gozzar 20k gp
gelid 40k gp
skeet 20k gp
pait 100k gp
bonk 10k gp
party fund 100k gp

Liolo: wand of burning hands (CL 5, 50 charges), alchemist’s fire (2); Other Gear bracers of armor +3, ring of protection +2, scroll of greater teleport CL15, diamond dust worth 2000gp
Riani: wand of burning hands (CL 5, 50 charges), alchemist’s fire (2); Other Gear bracers of armor +3, ring of protection +2, scroll of greater teleport CL15, diamond dust worth 2000gp
Tem: Belt of mighty constitution +2, cloak of resistance +2, headband of alluring charisma +2, ring of protection +2, amulet of natural armor +1, wand of detect thoughts (15 charges), 1000 gp, diamond dust worth 3000 gp.
Cinnabar: wand of hold person (19 charges), large scorpion venom(4 doses), +2 studded leather armor, two +4 sawtooth sabres, cloak of resistance +2, belt of physical might (Str, Dex) +2, amulet of natural armor +2, ring of protection +1, mantis mask, elixir of tumbling (x3), gems worth 2000gp
Cinnabar’s lackeys: This is times 2: cloak of resistance +3, ring of protection +2, adamantine dagger, +2 light crossbow, quick runner’s shirt, large scorpion venom (3), tangleburn bag (2), 250gp
This is times 4: hag spit (3), +3 vital guard leather armor, +2 light crossbow, +3 adamantine sawtooth sabre, adamantine dagger, belt of giant strength +2, boots of striding and springing, cloak of resistance +3, ring of protection +2, backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, chalk (10), flint and steel, grappling hook, hemp rope (50 ft.), masterwork thieves’ tools, 300gp
glove of storing, handy haversack, headband of mental prowess +2 (wis, cha), ring of protection +3, ring of spell knowledge 3, winged boots, dagger of venom, amulet of natural armor +2, bracers of armor +3, dragon bile (3), poisoning sheath, wand of invisibility greater 21 charges, tangleburn bag (2), ruby worth 500gp, 750gp
Gabriella: amulet of natural armor +2, amulet of proof against detection and location, belt of giant strength +4, cloak of resistance +2, headband of mental superiority +4, ring of protection +2
Set the gems and diamond dust aside for magic use.

0117 The Big Fight, Part Deux

After we drop the last red armor, we hear a familiar voice (Gabriella) call out to Norgorber.
A column of fire slams down on Bonk and Sunash.
Can’t see the caster,
Tem is gone, too.
Black tentacles come up. around us.
Pait can’t see her, moves toward the voice.
TIffreya, goes ‘woah’ at the flame strike and black tentacles, but she can see Gabby. Moves and swings.
Skeet burns a dispell scroll, but doesn’t make the tentacles go away.
Sunash’s dispell doesn’t do it, either. Bonk is going to try to help Skeet get out.
Gozzar doesn’t make his dispell.

Lord Liolo climbs down into the Arena, and he’s got a rapier and dagger.

Tiffreya warns us that Gabby was making a 5ft step, and Gabby sets up a Blade barrier.
Tif and Pait both take damage getting out of the way as it comes up,
Pait is waiting for Sunash to do some channeling.
Tiff can see, so she smacks Gabby around.
Gozzar disrupts a hold person that was aimed at Pait by Riani.
Skeet doesn’t make her dispell again.
Sunash channels some health to us.
Pait steps up, and swings at her, connects with one rapier thrust and shield punch.
Gelid doesn’t pull free of the Tentacles.
Bonk doesn’t pull Skeet free.
Gozzar dispells the black tentacles. And goes to color spray Liolo and Riani.
Sabrina jumps into the ring.
Gabby steps up to Pait, and clocks him with a mace in the head. Tiff advises that she moves south.
Tem is casting feeble mind on Gozzar
Jarra jumps down into the ring.
Sabrina reveals Gabby
Tifreya crits and drops Gabby
Riani casts blind on Skeet, but Skeet was clever and prepped antidotes.
Skeet drinks a cure blind potion, Riani is not pleased.
Bonk’s turn. the crowd starts chanting BENCH! BENCH! BENCH!
He throws 4 axes at Liolo and connects with all of them. One was a crit.
Liolo drops.
Pait Coups Gabby.
Gabby starts to melt after she’s killed.
Yep, another simulacrum.
Gozzar tries pugwampi’s grace on riani
Liolo doesn’t manage to stabilize
Tem is invisible, and flying around.
Gozzar fails a spellcraft, then a will save, but his reroll gets him by.
In the distance, we hear Tem being displeased.
Jarra crosses the arena,
Sabrina gets to the middle of the arena, and casts bless.
Tiffreya dimension doors herself and Pait out of the blade barrier, into the stands 5 feet below Tem.
Riani puts a curse on Bonk.
Riani is fleeing the stands,
Bonk runs after Riani, springboards off Liolo’s dying body, gets a boost from Jarra, vaults the wall, and catches up to her in the exit tunnel.
Sunash runs over, to catch Riani, and swings a holy sword at her evil ass.
Pait starts stabbing Tem, crits him twice, and hits with one more regular attack.
Gozzar throws grease under Riani, she falls prone.
A yellow gas cloud got dropped on Skeet, Gelid, and Sabrina. (cloud kill)
They save, so they only take 2 points of con damage.
Jarra steps over, and Coups Liolo.
Sabrina runs over, and climbs the wall of the arena, going for Tem.
Tiffreya flys over to Tem, and smacks him.
Riani surrenders.
Jasper clears out of the way,
Skeet runs out of the cloud area, and hits Tem with lightning bolt.
She Drops Him!
He’s not quite dead, but he’s not doing well.
Gelid goes to finish him. He’s not quite all the way dead.
Bonk is going after Riani. This is a pit fight, no surrender.
Draws the axes, drops the hammer on her.
He reduces her to a thin red paste.
Sunash runs over to the Mayor and Lord Glorio, apologizes for the interruption to their evening.
Pait runs over to where Tem fell, and ends him.
Bonk runs over to Lord Glorio, still covered in pulp from Riani, and hugs him.
Glorio grabs him and headbutts him back. “Good show!” (he knows orcs)
Avery is ‘eww, caster blood’
After we placed such large bets on ourselves, our odds went down to 1:10

0116 The Big fight

The odds are 1/25 on us
1/10 on them.

Skeet’s scrying:
They are doing some training, shortly after, the scry is noticed, then all the subsequent attempts are bounced.
As we’re in the locker room, doing our long term buffs, Tiffreya walks in.
She wanted to wish us all luck.
She’s fully armored and armed.
Draws her sword, and says, I’m ready.
She has a duplicate of the fight contract, with her signature.
“I couldn’t stand by and let you guys get mauled”
We’ve done our hours buffs, and head out to the arena.
Looking around, the VIP area is easy to spot.
Lord GLorio, Avery Sleeg, the Mayor, Jasper, Jarra, Sabrina are there.
Lord Liolo and Rhianni are up there.
In the seat of honor in the center, a beutiful man with black hair, and a long black coat.
He looks very human, but wayyy better looking than most people.
Gelid notices someone, in the far south east, in the cheap seats, he sees… Tem?
The mayor introduces us as the Goblin Grinders
There’s a cheer, and toasting.
The mayor has to wait a couple minutes for the cheers and toasting to die back down.
The other team comes out. Asmo is introducing team red mantis.
The crowd is booing them. we’re obviously the home town heros. Cinnabar gives a short speech about looking forward to killing all of us.
The crowd is not impressed with her talk.
Cue Gozzar: (Bard voice on)
People of Magnimar, guests, and most honored guest.
We are here for blood sport!
Not for honor, but because one here would have your Goblin Grinders killed by contract!
But we have changed that! By legal contract we are here to fight.
Raise your cups, and Get Readdddyyyyy tooooo Rummmmbllllleeeee!
last second buffs.
The mayor call the fight open.
Their sorcerer, Auen steps up.
she’s casting, web… Gozzar puts a stop to that.
She’s visibly pissed about that.
Sosy shoots Skeet witha crossbow.
Cinnabar delays.
Sunash hits us with Blessing of fervor.
Pait opens with a volley at the known caster
Tiffreya goes for ranged hits on the caster.
Auen seems to resist the fire damage buff from Tiffreya’s bow.
Aliah runs forward, and shoots at Skeet.
she crit’s and slows Skeet.
Skeet is going to cast thorny entanglement. any creature that moves will be attacked, and it goes up into the stands…
Skeet catches several of them with it.
Gelid casts true strike
Bonk smashes one of the two that advanced to flank Pait, liza tkes lots of hits.
he cuts her in half.
The crowd is loving seeing the first kill.
Myrna pulls out something from a handy haversack, and reads it. she dispells the thorns.
Tiffbel advances to flank Pait
The three that came up to flank us have been moving rally fast.
Carvia runs up to Skeet, she doesn’t have enough move to not take AoO’s from Sunash and Gozzar.
Sunash catches her as she goes by. She’s got Protect from good on, so she doesn’t take the extra damage.
Gozzar is going to cast hold person on carvia
Catches her.
starts a bardic performance, dweomercraft. buffs CL for allied casters.
Auen moves and casts lightning
Sosy shoots at Skeet
Cinnabar starts casting a spell
Sunash channels selectivly, excludes the enemies, fateful channel, he gives everyone a second roll on a single save, attack, or skill check within 7 rounds.
Pait slips through the flank, and shoots Auen down.
Tiffreya advances with sword, and starts swinging at Tiffbel.
Aliah makes an attack at Skeet.
Liblia attacks and misses Pait.
Vivther says yes, mistress, and charges up to attck Gelid.
Gelid is going to use the super crossbow to shoot Myrna.
He hits myrna for 50 dmg
She is stone dead, one shot between the eyes.
Bonk swings for Vivther, Smash… She’s missing a head.
Tiffbel misses attacks Bonk.
Carvia fails saving out of her hold person.
Gozzar casts a quickened excluzive color spray on teh two that ate in mele with bonk, pait, and tiffreya
hits libelia, and missed tiffbel.
casts hold person on Aliya, she saves.
Sosy shoots at Skeet, she’s hurt bad.
Cinnabar brings in three giant red mantisi
And she runs up to swing at Sunash with two sawtooth sabers.
Mantis 1 crits Bonk. Doesnt’ get ahold of him
Mantis 2 misses Gozzar
Mantis 3 misses Pait.
Sunash is going to return the favor.
He connects with 3 swings of 5, she’s not enjoying this.
Pait slips through the fight, past a bunch of mantises, and gets over to Cinnabar, and stabs her right in the face. She’s not down yet, but doing bad.
Aliah shoots at Skeet,
Liblia is stunned
Skeet is going to use screetch
She can catch all of the enemies in melee
Cinnabar blows her save.
The giant mantises and Liblia make their saves.
Bonk bites Tiffbel
Tiffreya hits Tiffbel
Pait and Sunash hit Cinnabar, and KILL HER!
Skeet hits herself with a CMW wand
The mantises pop out of existence with Cinnabar dead.
We hear “this is not how it will end”
and Asmo brings Cinnabar back.
Gelid casts Rebuke. “in the name of Callistria, suck it Bitches”
tiffbel bites it.
Bonk brings the throwing axes! at Cinnabar: hit, miss, crit, reroll and still miss. Wha-bam! She falls again.
Gozzar uses pilfering hand on Aliah, to steal her bow.
Yoink! she looses it, and Gozzar flings it out into the crowd.
A beautiful woman in black and yellow appears next to Asmo, “like hell it ends that way!”
She bitch slaps him, and they both dissapear.
Skeet continues to catch arrows.
Sunash cuts Cinnabar’s throat.
Pait moves over and takes out Liblia
Tiffreaya goes over and hits Aliah
Skeet casts lightning bolt at Sosy
She very nearly maxxed it out.
Sosy is still up.
Gelid runs up to Sosy, smacks her with a mace.
She’s very dead… don’t even bother with the save-for-half dead.
Bonk throws his glaive at Aliah.
smacks her, draws his bow and shoots her.
Gozzar hits the held Carvia with a fireball.
Pait runs down and hits Aliah
Tiffreya crits Aliah, and drops her.
Carvia falls to Gozzar, with another fireball.
Gozzar yells
“consider these goblins ground!”
all enemies in the ring are dead.
And that’s a night, folks.

0115 Prepping for a Fight

Sunash has a hookup with the temple of Pharasma, if we sign onto the Annals of Heroes, we’ll get a 10 hp temp hit points.
We signed the contract on 22 Sarenith
We will be fighting on 31 Erastus
40 days, 39 nights of crafting.
TIffreya doesn’t think that the red mantis would have any special resistances built into their armor.
After we get brought out from the locker room, the introductions are made, speechifying happens, it should be at least 15-20 minutes before we’re fighting.

0114 Meeting Cinnabar

22 Sarenith, 11 am
Cinnabar and her entourage arrive at our house.
The mayor and the arena promoter are with her.
We picked the location.
She has picked the day.
31 Erastus
Skeet is making cinnamon buns jokes.
The promoter has brought a contract for us to sign, agreeing to the date.
Everything about the contract looks legit.
it covers the arrangements for the fight between the goblin grinders and the red hot chili peppers.
Standard combat, with some provisos.
all 11 peppers, vs all 6 grinders.
no-hold-barred, magic is allowed.
outside interference is allowed.
Let’s spend the month prepping the ground at the arena.
Skeet notices something odd about the promoter.
Detect magic: strong illusion on him.
Skeet looks close, Tiffreya walks into the room, and then turns around and walks out.
Sunash dispells.
the promoter looks at him, touché.
It’s Asmodeus.
This was too good to pass up, but I am only an observer.
I didn’t forsee you challenging my general.
Sunash adds a stipulation that if we win TIffreya can choose her own fate free of asmo’s influence.
The outside interference line is struck.
Asmo compliments Skeet on noticing him.
Cinnabar signs the contract.
Everyone signs, Asmo rolls it and hands it to the mayor. “for safekeeping”
After Gozzar puts a bloody handprint on the contract, he stops bleeding.
Cinnabar heals, too.
Asmo pops out.
Cinn isn’t looking happy, she takes off.
Tiffreya is impressed that we got Asmo to reveal himself.
Cinnabar is human, and last time she saw her group, they were all humans.
The red armor is because Cinnabar was a Red Mantis assassin before she was a general for Asmodeus.

0113 Payment from Heidmarchs

22 Sarenith
A large box arrives, escorted by a half dozen burly guards.
It’s the payment for the drawings.
open the box, 6 bags, 3k gp of platinum in each, and each bag has 4x 500 gp diamonds
there’s a note "the info we were able to copy from the obelisk was incomplete, but we did get the most important parts of it, that’s where the bonus came from.


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