Erinyes Devil


Erinyes are typically bitter torturous monsters as beautiful as they are cruel.

Tiffreya has flown the the exalted heights of creation and stood beaten and tortured in its depths. She was abandoned by the powers of good and tortured by the powers of evil.

Exploiting the latitude given her by Lord Glorio, Tiffreya befriended Sunash who offered only poor gifts, no demands, honesty and spectacular dancing!

When Gozzar impetuously dragged the Grinders into open arena combat with the forces of Asmodeaus, Sunash demanded Tiffreya’s freedom be a prize of combat. After the battle, in which she distinguished herself, Teffreya was free for the first time.

She seems to have found a new outlook and belonging with the Mistress of Graves. She helps Sunash and the Grinders with her Devilish abilities and unique talents.

Tiffreya has found new weapons and equipment on the bodies of the slain. She watches over Sunash with his crystal ball and occasionally tells him he’s not as smart as he thinks he is.


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