Paitar Urrogon

Human fighter


Born and raised in a decent sized village, son of a leather-goods maker (belts, bags, riding tack, that sort of thing).  As many young men did, he was in the town militia, and took it about as seriously as a kid would.

When he was 17, a group of strangers were traveling along the road through town and stopped for the night in the larger of the inns.  One of them started to cough during their meal in the common room, and went up to sleep early, the next morning, his companions were gone, and he was very ill.

The next week, the first local cases of the disease appeared, the victim would feel like they had a cold, and get a cough for a few days, then develop a bad fever, and fall into a coma for between 2-8 days, then die.  A few people recovered from the fever, one even after being in a coma for 2 days.

The town of about 200 was wiped out, with only 15 people left.  The local cleric who ran the multi-theist temple never got sick.  He helped as he could, but the illness was too aggressive, and widespread for him to do much.  The rest of the survivors had various levels of the symptoms, and recovered.

Paitar was the only one of his family left, he didn’t go into a coma, but had a severe fever for several days, that left him fairly weak.

Most of the survivors went with the cleric to the temple that he was recalled to after the town was destroyed.  Paitar did too, but after a couple weeks, left with a merchant caravan, since he didn’t really like the monastic lifestyle.

For the last couple years, he’s been traveling around Varisia as a caravan guard, since most towns didn’t have room for a new leather crafter,

He still carries the tools that he and his father used, they’re his only real keepsakes from home.

Paitar Urrogon

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