The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

0141 The next adventure

Two sister's...

22 Calistril, 4713
After a few months’ rest, we are eating supper in a local bar. Father Aengus finds Pait. Stories of us have gotten out, and made it to him. Pait’s father had been a mediocre adventurer for a short while. He’d saved the party cleric while he was at it, in a most heroic fashion, they were an item for a while, and had a daughter… Isabella She grew up to be a war priestess of Iomedae, she’d contacted Father A. looking for info on her dad, and family She was going to meet him, but while she was in Janderhoff there was a raid from Belkzen, that looted the Iomedae and Sarenrae temples, Isabella has been sent to retrieve the stolen artifacts, was late to meet with Father Aengus. Her party left from Janderhoff, in eastern Varisia, NE of Korvosa by 1-1.5 days travel. She had mentioned Skull hill and Trunaw in southern Belkzen as possible stops. We may need to go help.
Bonk hears through the dock workers that a large number of half orcs moved into an inn in Magnimar
There’s 25 half orcs drinking in the bar when Bonk visits to pass out coupons. The innkeeper is frazzled, but ok. They are all wearing badges of his sister’s heraldry. He recognizes a female half-orc sitting at a table.
She greets him warmly, a headbutt and a hug. Bonk! glad to finally see you! heard that you were in magnimar, stories have been getting all the way to Belkzen, one was about him fighting a hundred gladiators. His brother isn’t here with her, because he ‘went off the deep end’ after Bonk left. He’s made his way to leader of a keep, and led a raid on Janderhoff.
Blaark went full barbarian after Bonk left, he’s a brute force type. They took a sarcophagus that the temple wants back. He was working for someone who wanted artifacts out of Janderhoff, and the temple, to ‘weaken Mendev’
She and Bonk reminisce about the old days, and his leaving Belkzen. She has 50 more orcs outside of town, didn’t think the town could handle all of them at once.
We can get almost to Janderhoff by river, then a week or so to go overland into Belkzen, over the Mindspin mountains to Skull Hill keep. We can easily bring Bonk’s sister, and her crew back with us on our ship. We need Bjork to help Bonk rescue Blaark, from the trouble he got himself into. We’ll get Bjork’s crew some bunks at the dock orc union hall, and have her come back to our house. They are very loyal to her, and more clever than the average half orcs. She’d like to get to know the goblin grinders a little better.
Talking more with Blark she has 3 platoons of 25 half orcs, each is led by a mostly trustworthy lieutenant, paltoons are each 3 squads of 8, mostly fighters, rouges, barbarians, a few clerics. No other magic. They’re mostly pit fighters. What she can give us about Janderhoff. Blark led the raid, not sure if he planned it, he took a large force ~500 to attack, unusually large and well-equipped army. The army will have separated back out to smaller groups after returning to Belkzen. Father Aengus can tell us about the artifacts: typical relics of any temple, books, unique faith items of the deity, he hadn’t been told any specifics about what the temples might have had. We’re going to take the boat up the river to Janderhoff, we’ll leave it downriver a little ways, and walk in. It’s about half the size of Magnimar, well fortified because of the proxiity to the mountain. The main temple is Abadar, Iomedae is 2, Sarenrae is not-too-distant third. Pharasma has a small shrine in town, with a low level cleric, and some accolytes. We’re questioned on entering, but not too thoroughly. There are lots of patrols, armed and armored, many are Korvosan. They don’t seem to be usual. We can go about town armed. Gozzar wants to ask the high priest of Iomedae why the artifacts belong to the temple. The high priest recognizes Pait, he looks like Issabella. The raid was specificly targeted at the temples, they were the first looted. holy books, any precious metals, several relics, and one magic artifact were taken. No ransom has been demanded, no people were taken. They were acting more inteligently than Orcs usually would. The reason the loot belongs to Iomedae, is that they were made by/and for the church. The magic artifact that was stolen is a sword that was carried by the mortal Iomedae, she left it as a relic, it was planned to move the sword to Mendev, to help with the fight against the world wound demons. 3.5 – 4 months ago, one of the wardstones was compromised, and a city falls. The temple had sent Isabell and her cohort to retrieve the sword and bring it back to Janderhoff, then it would be taken to Mendev. She has been missing for several weeks. There wasn’t any specific plans for communication, since the round trip should have been 2 weeks, and she hasn’t contacted the tmple, or gone to Mendev. Some of Bjork’s people can track, Sarenrae’s temple didn’t have any super special things taken, just assorted temple goods. They even took the guestbook from the Pharasman shrine. Isabell took off on horseback overland, to a pass over the mindspins. We need to climb to the top of the plateau, there’s a known path. We’re going to try to follow their path and pick up clues to what happened.


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