The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

0139 Leaving Korvosa

Walking out of the castle, Sabina catches us on the ramp, there’s something she wants to give us.
She’s got 4 guards with her, carrying a large chest. 10′×5′×4′tall, walnut, platinum hardware, two locks, that Gelid is given the keys for.
It’s heavy, but we can carry it alright.
The queen wishes to make amends, and is giving us a partial makeup gift. There are useful things, and a special gift for Tiff.
We may want to wait till we get home to unmake the doll, Tiff probably took some damage, or had other things done to her during the attack.
We use the bard college teleport circle, to get back quick.
Our Majordomo is glad to see us, people have been hearing things at night in the room that Tiff is in. When someone goes into that room, there’s nothing to see or hear. It’s intermittent, and the last few days have been worse.
As we are bringing things in, we hear a high pitched scream from up there.
We run up, doesn’t take long, we can hear the scream as we go, it stops as we enter the room.

Looking at Tiff, her expression has changed, from surprise, to alarm. Gozzar detects magic on it, and it seems like there’s been a super high level version of stone shape.
Skeet looks at it, seems like someone’s been messing with her. It might be an improved stone shape.
The doll isn’t very detailed, but the face has an open mouth, like the statue.
Quick, make an augury, and see if un petrifying her is the best plan for now.
The rest of us will go to the next room to examine the chest, and Skeet and Sunash will do the augury.
Pait and Gelid have to turn the 2 keys at the same time.
Gelid examines it, there’s 5 traps, one is a gas bladder.
We might want to keep it to store our best loot in.
A red silk sheet inside, covering the contents.
There’s a 3′×4′ chest, labeled with Tiff’s name in infernal.
there’s 4 bags, and an instrument case.
A Lyre of Building inside that case.
2 bags sound like coins. (24k platinum pieces)
1 bag is filled with small objects. (diamonds ~50k gp)
1 bag is a bag of holding, the highest value type.
it contains 2 black feathered wings. sewn together.
Sunash tries them on. he feels wierd, takes 2 negative levels, and falls down. he can’t fly.
Once he takes them off, the neg levels go away, the 23 dmg stays.
They don’t look like Evenie’s wings. They are slightly evil.
Spellcraft and arcana: they look like they might be wings of flying, with extra properties. (made from an eryeene’s wings) if you aren’t alignment matched, you get bad effects. They are lawful evil.
Skeet and Sunash will run their auguries to see if we want to un-petrify Tiff, or if there’s something else we need to do first.
Prep to restrain TIff, in case she is possessed, or something,
Skeet’s augury says she’s being tortured in this form, and we might want to get her out soon.
With Gelid’s retry help, Skeet is just able to unmake the voodoo doll, and break the effect on Tiff.
After she turns back to flesh, she screams for 3 seconds, and slumps back into the chair she’d been sitting in.
Skeet can feel that some magic from the spell on the doll is trying to transfer to her.
We’re using all the reroll abilities to make this save.
she can’t make that save, no matter what we do.
she takes 44 dmg, and 12 con dmg.
the next effect does 64 dmg
Good thing Sunash has breath of life, he can save Skeet from completely dying.
After some channeling,
Tiffreya wakes back up.
There’s black goo on her arm, she’s been burned, and she’s as pale as Skeet.
Sunash cleans off the goo. and preps healing.
The goo is a contact poison. he cleans that off, and casts delay poison. and channels again.
The first thing Tiff says when she wakes up, is you’re still alive!
She had to watch us die repeatedly.

Skeet and Tiff both have a curse on them. The delayed poison will give time to neutralize that, and break the curse.
Gozzar will hit them with break enchantment, that fixes the con damage. to skeet.
Have to do some restoration, too, to fix some negative levels.
Skeet examining the doll, there were two effects trapping the dismantling of the doll.
one was a bestow curse, and the other was a negative channel. A high level witch built this, and one with some wizard or sorcerer levels.


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