The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

0136 The morning after the encounter with Kayltanya

We are summoned from the room we were staying in, to come down for a meal. We meet Lord Glorio on our way. He pulls us off to a side room, seals off the room with a wall of force scroll to close the door. He’s going to offer some extra leverage, since he’s had some disagreements with her family. her family isn’t very loyal to Asmo, Kel and Decabbra are aligned to a different deity (norgorber) Her family is not at all followers of him. An attendant of the queen following Norgorber would be a bad hit for her family. Decabbra and Verasia are Erinyes, Verasia is an Erinye in good standing. How has an Erinye come to work for a servant of Norgorber. We will have to discredit Kel to release Decabbra from her. Glorio thinks the queen has an affection for Kel, that she’s been trying to guide her to Asmo’s straight and narrow. If we can convince the queen that Kel is not going to come around, we can act without reprisals from the court.


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