The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

0135 Meeting with the Queen

We can get an audience with the queen in front of the court the afternoon that everyone gets back from Magnimar. We walk up the main ramp, the doors are pretty fancy. We get in a ways, and have to turn over weapons in a secure room. Pait’s liquid blade backup get’s through. The doors to the audience room open, we head in, and 3 merchants head out, collect gear and leave. The throne room only has 1 throne. upholstered in red velvet. tapestries that are monochrome red. There is a huge fireplace shaped like a tree carved into the wall, reaches up to the ceiling, 20 ft up. There are a pack of guards, and all 4 of the queen’s ladies. Kaltayna has a red drawstring purse hanging from her arm. There’s an item in it, can’t tell if it’s a doll. We are introduced, she looks at Pait and Bonk first, since she saw us fight in the pit.
Gelid talks the queen into letting us stay in the castle. Sunash is going to go source a copy of the Tiffreya doll. We are taken upstairs, and given a room near the library Kayltanya’s rooms are one level up, and directly above the room we’ve been given. It was late in the day when we met the queen, so we’re brought food soon after getting to our room. Gozzar is going to go look in the library for Kayltanya’s heraldry. Also check for secret doors. In the library, finds a secret compartment after disabling the trap, open a 2ft square door, the space inside is 3×4 ft packed with scroll cases, some are as long as the cubby. Look through, finds a map of the castle top floor. We start reconing Kayltanya with the crystal ball, in prep for a possible grab and replace of the doll. She and Decabera are walking along the first floor and talking, then go up the stairs to the 4th floor. Decabera leaves, heads down stairs. Her dressmaid comes in, they say something, Kay goes to the training gym to practice before bed. She’s dual-wielding rapiers. Quick, have Pait and Bonk go up to practice, and run into her up there. The guard asks what we’re up to, we tell him that we’re going to go spar. asks the lieutenant, ok’s it. Sunash and Skeet are coming up too. Pait wins the rock-paper-scissors with Bonk, and gets to fight first. All the practice stuff is MW, none magical. Kay wins inititive. She hits Pait, not holding much back, smirking. Pait misses the sword thrusts, connects with the shield. She wipes the blood off her lip with a sleeve, not smiling anymore. She crits against Pait. Pait misses his next attacks, she’s dodging well. She’s moving like she’s a fighter/rogue She has an armor class of 33, most of it from dex, she can make 4 attacks per round. She mangles Pait, Sunash steps in to heal both of us. Pait makes another shield bash on her. She misses her 4. Pait hits her with the shield again. She’s pissed. She casts true strike. She makes 2 crits. Annnnd, Cliffhanger.
Pait is clever, and disengages before she hits him more. Keltayna does NOT want Skeet to help her with anything, threatens her with the sword when she tries to offer assistance. She maybe doesn’t want the witch to be close enough to let anyone get a “sample”. Bonk makes like a clumsy orc, and gets in her way as she is walking as far around us as she can get. He offers her a GG ale coupon. She cuts the coupon in half, “step away from me” She returns the sword, then casts a dimension door. Lady Decabera was watching, and ready to act as back up for Kel, she dimension doored as soon as she noticed Pait had seen her. Gelid was watching Kel, she DD’d back to her rooms, and put the bag with the doll into a lockbox under her bed. Decabera DD’d in shortly after Kel got there, helped her undress, and treat wounds. Decabera is the first person she’s let touch her. Decabera used some healing spells. Gelid thought he saw black wings for a second on Decabera. Gelid is going to hire some goons to watch over Skeet as she’s getting a tutorial on making voodoo dolls. After watching Keltayna, and the other ladies. He’s thought he noticed black wings a couple times on Evinie and Verasia, not Dominia. Watching Keltayna, She and Decabera plane-shift out of her room Skeet left some greater teleport scrolls with us, lets make a raid. Everyone get ready to go. Sunash thinks that it’s a trap, maybe we shouldn’t head in… Gozzar has found out that Keltayna has resisted worshiping Asmodeus, they are very powerful. The father is hot-tempered, but politically savvy. THey are 2nd family in Korvosa. They align often with the queen. As we’re trying to decide what to do, Skeet comes back with a reay-to-activate doll. Skeet has blindness/deafness… and hideous laughter.


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