The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

0134 Pait's trip to the castle

Pait enters through the service gate, the guards are impressed, Sabina doesn’t invite many to practice. Brought to the first above ground level, into a store room/extra food prep. through another kitchen room, into a spiral stair, big enough for 2 to walk up comfortably. up to the top level. there are more stairs up to a tower. these seem to be a main route for staff. Led into a large glass-roofed room, guards training up here with Sabina. The walls are lined with arms and armor. She is in street clothes, going to go get geared up, to the north east. Comes back in red studded leather, with a rapier. Do some fencing. She is quite good at fencing, lots of specialization, lots of fighter levels. She can give us advise, Keayleyana is hot-tempered, Decabera is the dangerous one, she carries out the business. One other thing. Keltayna is a red mantis, and quite skilled with weapons other than her sabre. Sabina learned Pait’s style with the rapier and buckler, she’s been careful not to injure him, As Pait and Sabina finish, “Attenn-Tion!” a number of people come in, including a woman in red silks, and wearing a distinctive headpiece and circlet. Very red hair, 4 women following, and 5 guards. the women directly flanking her seem to match the description of Keltayna and Decabera Speak to the queen briefly, she needs Sabina to go with her. Keltanya shoots Pait a nasty glare as she leaves with the queen. Pait spends part of the rest of the day training with the other castle guards, learning their methods and tactics. Get some names, hand out some coupons,


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