The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

0132-0133 Collecting on some Favors

Gelid using his "charms" again

Now that Gelid’s girl is out of debt (to others)
he can start to ask her about personalities in the castle, and the doll.
The lady that is the nicest of the L-I-W is her mistress, Verasia (they are all nice to the staff)
Evine is nice to her people, she isn’t playing cruel politics.
Dekabra, and Keltiana are the dangerous ones.
Kayltanya is good with a blade, and politics, barely a "lady"
Decabbara is just cruel
Kayltanya is the queen bee of the group.
Gelid tells Shauna that he’s looking for a stolen family heirloom, that has made it’s way to the castle. He asks her to keep and eye out for it, or someone who might have inadvertently bought stolen property.
She hasn’t seen it, but will begin looking, and will tell the other staff to watch.
He tells her that he’ll pay 500gp for info.
She’ll definitely have the staff look for it.
Bonk and Pait do some partying,
The guards who watch the service entrance might know the schedules of the power players.
Lady Verasia and Evenie have been in and out of the castle a lot, they’ve been out for the last two days, on an errand.
They know that Kayltanya is in charge of the pack, she’s not a tipper, has some warrior tendancies. She was in a incident 3 weeks ago where a guard lost 3 fingers from his right hand, for brushing against her cloak. we get that guard’s name, and now He’s ‘Lefty’
Sunash can fix that with regeneration.
we also get some shift schedule info, and how likely we can get by the different guards.
Next day mid-late afternoon, shauna sends a message to Gelid. Calls him to meet in a tavern.
Gozzar goes with him.
She arrives after them, seems rushed, looks around, finds Gelid.
She has info, but is worried for the person who gave her the info.
She heard a dress maid saw it with Kaltanya, and was beaten for it.
Kayltanya has a rep for being hard on staff, and holding grudges.
takes offense at the smallest slight. the last dressmaid was scarred on each cheek for damage to Kayltanya’s dress that was no fault of her own.
He will help out the maid, since she seems to be in trouble.
What does she know of Kayltanya?
She’s from Cheliax originally, second daughter to one of the highest nobles in Korvosa, Waidon Endrin. Her father is worse than her, so she had no choice about coming to korvosa.
He is very high up in Korvosan nobility. It’s rumored that they are descended from devils.
Never seen her show any magic abilities.
Kay goes down to the dungeon and spars with th guards there every day.
The only one that Kay shows deference to is the Queen. And that is gudging at times.
The queen has a fondness for Red, particularly red silk.
it’s unusual for her to not be wearing read.
She will buy all the red cloth she can.
The best way to get to the queen as a merchant selling silk.
Her schedule has opened up, so she’s got time to meet.
Gelid is going to buy 2 bolts of the absolute finest red silk, and present it to the queen, and explain that he has a religious duty to seek revenge against Kay, and has no interest in the court, and that he will try to work with courtesy with the court.
We’d like to do this quiet-like, and we’d consider the matter done if we could get the doll.
We will not be doing anything against the crown.
This could be used by the queen for diplomatic gain, since we are agents of Magnimar, and Kayltanya has potentially screwed up relations.


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