The Goblin Grinders of Varisia

0142 On the trail of Blark and Isabella

Heading to the pass, trailing Blark’s orcs. We’ll get a local guide, and take some of Bjork’s trackers, head out, climb the plateau, and get over the pass into Belkzen. Good orcs on the river Esk, have been trying to break out from the surrounding orc tribes. They might be allies. Their leader is a warpriest of Sarenrae, Mahja Firehair. Their land is a ways north of Skull Hill Trunau is tolerant of humans, not entirly orc-held.
Let’s send the boat up the river, around the east side of Belkzen. It can come up the river Esk, and get to the north of Skull Hill. Sunash made Skeet an awesome magic folding wagon, that can also be a sales stall, and lab. Our guides get us up to the pass without incident, they know the parts of the road to go around.
Leave Janderhoff 4th Pharast. Get to the pass 7th Pharast. Get across the border, our guide and Bjork keep us away from trouble, we only see one party of orcs(20-30), but they are headed to the plateau. Couldn’t tell the tribe, looked like a raiding party. Spend a night off the pass, nothing disturbs us at night. We get through the pass the next day, the guides turn back. Around noon, Gelid and Sunash notice something, something that reminds them of something they’ve seen before. looks like a campsite, with a small roadside shrine to Iomedae. Skeet is going to do an augury, is this Isabella’s camp, which way did she go. The camp is ~6 weeks old, around the time she should have been in the area. One of the trackers thinks he found a trail going north. The Augury says that she was here, and headed for Skull Hill. Bjork advises to approach skull hill from the west, the defenses are arranged to protect against invasions from the Kesrel River.
A few days into Belkzen, Gelid and Sunash spot light glinting off something to the north of us, looks like a patrol, doesn’t seem like they’ve seen us, we hide successfully. 50 half-orcs, 37-38 on foot, 12-13 mounted on wargs. They didn’t see or smell us, and continue past. They are from the Black Sun tribe, a mercenary tribe that works all over Belkzen. They look like they’re headed to the pass. Issy is not with them, no prisoners. We get to the fort, it’s halfway up a mountain, and carved straight into the stone. There’s only one obvious route into the fort. Bjork knows the back way in. She takes us up the mountain, once we get to it, we can see a well-hidden switchback path. Can just see it.
Looks like we’ll be getting to the fort around 10pm. We get up the path a ways, and then… We head up, and Bjork stops up 100 yards short of the door, she asks how we want to go ahead. We disguise Gozzar and Sunash as half-orcs with the hats, and head it. We get to 40 ft from the door, hear something above us, and 2 half orcs stand up and challenge us. Bonk and Bjork answer that they are here to see their brother. Bjork? You don’t look like Bjork. I’m Bonk, she’s Bjork. Oh, Ok. You have slaves? come on in. Bjork says yes, and punches him for mistaking Bonk for her. The door opens and lets us in, no guards inside, but a couple archers on a platform above us. They wave, Blark throws a rock at them. Bjork saw one of the archers headed in to tell Blark that we’re here, we better go see him.
Once we’re inside, the place is pretty fancy and well kept. Up some stairs and east. everything looks magically constructed from the rock of the mountain. At the top of the stairs, there’s some orcs and half orcs milling around in a hall. Bonk starts looking and asking for his brother. There’s a big dais in the room, with a giant sized throne on it. The half orc on the throne looks like Blark, but he’s 12 ft tall. He sees Bonk and Bjork and says ‘pull the lever’ ‘Ok boss’ Portcullis drop over all the doors. We make some nice intimidate rolls. Blark stands up and steps away from the throne, Bonk notices that he’s really only 8 ft tall, the rest of us can see that too, now. Skeet still thinks he’s pretty tall.
He walks up to Bonk, “you left, you weren’t supposed to leave”
Bonk: what, I was supposed to sit around and rot in the pens until some despot decided I should be his lackey? we both know I wasn’t the type to run a warband.
He headbutts Bonk, he seems significantly stronger. He walks over to Bjork, she goes to butt him, he grabs her by the throat, and throws her down. “No headbutt for you, you took half my men. We almost didn’t make it back from that stupid temple, because of you.”
Asks Bonk, Why are you here, Bonk gives him a cold iron axe, you loaned me this, I pay my debts. He isn’t bright, so accepts that that the reason.
Turns to Bjork "why are you here?
Bonk: I asked her to bring me. Blark finally notices the rest of us. Why are they here, you bring me slaves? They help carry the beer, I make more in a month than you can steal in a year. Gives Blark a GG ale. Blark seems impressed that Bonk found a way to make that much money. There’s no one here who’d buy stuff, it’s al raiding. Bonk still wants to try selling here. Why are the Black Sun tribe here? I had to hire them when Bjork took my men. They’re expensive. Why do you need so many troops in the middle of nowhere?
Grask needs us to hold the line against the war party from Korvosa. War party? from Korvosa? Yeah, Grask said to send bands to raid across the pass, and look for the Korvosans? We found some nice stuff in a temple, there was a really interesting sword, but Grask has it now. “stuff from temples is dangerous!” Grask wanted it, we had to give it to him. “remember Dung?” Oh yeah, he turned into it when he put on that cursed crown from a temple. Bjork is getting up, and looking pissed. “Why is Grask in charge, he’s dumber than you.” He’s smarter than Bjork, he has steady income. He’s in charge of Ungir, he collects Taxes. He’s doing trade. “with who” He has a lot of loyalty with the orcs who follow him.
doesn’t know who Bonk tells him he wants to take the sword back, he doesn’t trust swords taken from temples. Ask if anyone came looking for temple stuff. 3-4 weeks ago, a half orc with the Black sun asked about the sword. She was smart, and talked good. I told her that Grask had it, and took it to Urgir. Blark has to stay here, so he won’t interfere with Bonk doing anything. He won’t help Grask get it back if we take it. Bonk did him a favor a while back. He points to a female half orc, she knows maps, she can tell you where Grask would keep the sword. Bonk gets him to make up with Bjork. Blark asks if we can leave some GG ale. Well, off to Urgir!

0141 The next adventure
Two sister's...

22 Calistril, 4713
After a few months’ rest, we are eating supper in a local bar. Father Aengus finds Pait. Stories of us have gotten out, and made it to him. Pait’s father had been a mediocre adventurer for a short while. He’d saved the party cleric while he was at it, in a most heroic fashion, they were an item for a while, and had a daughter… Isabella She grew up to be a war priestess of Iomedae, she’d contacted Father A. looking for info on her dad, and family She was going to meet him, but while she was in Janderhoff there was a raid from Belkzen, that looted the Iomedae and Sarenrae temples, Isabella has been sent to retrieve the stolen artifacts, was late to meet with Father Aengus. Her party left from Janderhoff, in eastern Varisia, NE of Korvosa by 1-1.5 days travel. She had mentioned Skull hill and Trunaw in southern Belkzen as possible stops. We may need to go help.
Bonk hears through the dock workers that a large number of half orcs moved into an inn in Magnimar
There’s 25 half orcs drinking in the bar when Bonk visits to pass out coupons. The innkeeper is frazzled, but ok. They are all wearing badges of his sister’s heraldry. He recognizes a female half-orc sitting at a table.
She greets him warmly, a headbutt and a hug. Bonk! glad to finally see you! heard that you were in magnimar, stories have been getting all the way to Belkzen, one was about him fighting a hundred gladiators. His brother isn’t here with her, because he ‘went off the deep end’ after Bonk left. He’s made his way to leader of a keep, and led a raid on Janderhoff.
Blaark went full barbarian after Bonk left, he’s a brute force type. They took a sarcophagus that the temple wants back. He was working for someone who wanted artifacts out of Janderhoff, and the temple, to ‘weaken Mendev’
She and Bonk reminisce about the old days, and his leaving Belkzen. She has 50 more orcs outside of town, didn’t think the town could handle all of them at once.
We can get almost to Janderhoff by river, then a week or so to go overland into Belkzen, over the Mindspin mountains to Skull Hill keep. We can easily bring Bonk’s sister, and her crew back with us on our ship. We need Bjork to help Bonk rescue Blaark, from the trouble he got himself into. We’ll get Bjork’s crew some bunks at the dock orc union hall, and have her come back to our house. They are very loyal to her, and more clever than the average half orcs. She’d like to get to know the goblin grinders a little better.
Talking more with Blark she has 3 platoons of 25 half orcs, each is led by a mostly trustworthy lieutenant, paltoons are each 3 squads of 8, mostly fighters, rouges, barbarians, a few clerics. No other magic. They’re mostly pit fighters. What she can give us about Janderhoff. Blark led the raid, not sure if he planned it, he took a large force ~500 to attack, unusually large and well-equipped army. The army will have separated back out to smaller groups after returning to Belkzen. Father Aengus can tell us about the artifacts: typical relics of any temple, books, unique faith items of the deity, he hadn’t been told any specifics about what the temples might have had. We’re going to take the boat up the river to Janderhoff, we’ll leave it downriver a little ways, and walk in. It’s about half the size of Magnimar, well fortified because of the proxiity to the mountain. The main temple is Abadar, Iomedae is 2, Sarenrae is not-too-distant third. Pharasma has a small shrine in town, with a low level cleric, and some accolytes. We’re questioned on entering, but not too thoroughly. There are lots of patrols, armed and armored, many are Korvosan. They don’t seem to be usual. We can go about town armed. Gozzar wants to ask the high priest of Iomedae why the artifacts belong to the temple. The high priest recognizes Pait, he looks like Issabella. The raid was specificly targeted at the temples, they were the first looted. holy books, any precious metals, several relics, and one magic artifact were taken. No ransom has been demanded, no people were taken. They were acting more inteligently than Orcs usually would. The reason the loot belongs to Iomedae, is that they were made by/and for the church. The magic artifact that was stolen is a sword that was carried by the mortal Iomedae, she left it as a relic, it was planned to move the sword to Mendev, to help with the fight against the world wound demons. 3.5 – 4 months ago, one of the wardstones was compromised, and a city falls. The temple had sent Isabell and her cohort to retrieve the sword and bring it back to Janderhoff, then it would be taken to Mendev. She has been missing for several weeks. There wasn’t any specific plans for communication, since the round trip should have been 2 weeks, and she hasn’t contacted the tmple, or gone to Mendev. Some of Bjork’s people can track, Sarenrae’s temple didn’t have any super special things taken, just assorted temple goods. They even took the guestbook from the Pharasman shrine. Isabell took off on horseback overland, to a pass over the mindspins. We need to climb to the top of the plateau, there’s a known path. We’re going to try to follow their path and pick up clues to what happened.

0140 So, What happened to Tiff?

As she was finishing her scrying for the day, to try to find us while we were on the other plane,
Keltanya appeared in the crystal ball, told her it was time to pay up.
3 people teleported in, hit her with a hex, a curse, and the crystal ball hit her with a cone of flame.
Then she realized she’d been turned to stone, but was still conscious. Then, she was forced to watch images of us being tortured, killed, and resurrected, on repeat.
We got Keltanya at least banished from korvosa, and the queen gave us presents.
The box for Tiff, unlock it, there’s a red silk cover, some cash, some diamonds, and a bag of holding.
She goes ‘aha’ when she looks in.
It’s Kel’s head.
Seems like Evenie got her revenge.
The majordomo steps into the room,
“Uh, Masters… Queen Illeosa”
The queen and Sabina step in, We welcome her.
“I wanted to see that the curse had been lifted, and that you’d received our gift”
Thank you for your concern, what’s up with the wings?
‘did someone try them on?’
‘Sorry, the guard packed the wrong bag’
The queen has Sabina swap the bag for another one.
We thank her for her generosity.
It’s a small gift for one who had served, and an investment in the friendship of the Korvosan crown with the Goblin Grinders.
Gozzar asks if she’d be ok with us naming a beer for her. She likes cider, and would like for us to bring our wares to Korvosa.
She is glad that Skeet survived unmaking the doll.
Sabina and the queen leave the room, and teleport out.
They arrived and came in the front door.

0139 Leaving Korvosa

Walking out of the castle, Sabina catches us on the ramp, there’s something she wants to give us.
She’s got 4 guards with her, carrying a large chest. 10′×5′×4′tall, walnut, platinum hardware, two locks, that Gelid is given the keys for.
It’s heavy, but we can carry it alright.
The queen wishes to make amends, and is giving us a partial makeup gift. There are useful things, and a special gift for Tiff.
We may want to wait till we get home to unmake the doll, Tiff probably took some damage, or had other things done to her during the attack.
We use the bard college teleport circle, to get back quick.
Our Majordomo is glad to see us, people have been hearing things at night in the room that Tiff is in. When someone goes into that room, there’s nothing to see or hear. It’s intermittent, and the last few days have been worse.
As we are bringing things in, we hear a high pitched scream from up there.
We run up, doesn’t take long, we can hear the scream as we go, it stops as we enter the room.

Looking at Tiff, her expression has changed, from surprise, to alarm. Gozzar detects magic on it, and it seems like there’s been a super high level version of stone shape.
Skeet looks at it, seems like someone’s been messing with her. It might be an improved stone shape.
The doll isn’t very detailed, but the face has an open mouth, like the statue.
Quick, make an augury, and see if un petrifying her is the best plan for now.
The rest of us will go to the next room to examine the chest, and Skeet and Sunash will do the augury.
Pait and Gelid have to turn the 2 keys at the same time.
Gelid examines it, there’s 5 traps, one is a gas bladder.
We might want to keep it to store our best loot in.
A red silk sheet inside, covering the contents.
There’s a 3′×4′ chest, labeled with Tiff’s name in infernal.
there’s 4 bags, and an instrument case.
A Lyre of Building inside that case.
2 bags sound like coins. (24k platinum pieces)
1 bag is filled with small objects. (diamonds ~50k gp)
1 bag is a bag of holding, the highest value type.
it contains 2 black feathered wings. sewn together.
Sunash tries them on. he feels wierd, takes 2 negative levels, and falls down. he can’t fly.
Once he takes them off, the neg levels go away, the 23 dmg stays.
They don’t look like Evenie’s wings. They are slightly evil.
Spellcraft and arcana: they look like they might be wings of flying, with extra properties. (made from an eryeene’s wings) if you aren’t alignment matched, you get bad effects. They are lawful evil.
Skeet and Sunash will run their auguries to see if we want to un-petrify Tiff, or if there’s something else we need to do first.
Prep to restrain TIff, in case she is possessed, or something,
Skeet’s augury says she’s being tortured in this form, and we might want to get her out soon.
With Gelid’s retry help, Skeet is just able to unmake the voodoo doll, and break the effect on Tiff.
After she turns back to flesh, she screams for 3 seconds, and slumps back into the chair she’d been sitting in.
Skeet can feel that some magic from the spell on the doll is trying to transfer to her.
We’re using all the reroll abilities to make this save.
she can’t make that save, no matter what we do.
she takes 44 dmg, and 12 con dmg.
the next effect does 64 dmg
Good thing Sunash has breath of life, he can save Skeet from completely dying.
After some channeling,
Tiffreya wakes back up.
There’s black goo on her arm, she’s been burned, and she’s as pale as Skeet.
Sunash cleans off the goo. and preps healing.
The goo is a contact poison. he cleans that off, and casts delay poison. and channels again.
The first thing Tiff says when she wakes up, is you’re still alive!
She had to watch us die repeatedly.

Skeet and Tiff both have a curse on them. The delayed poison will give time to neutralize that, and break the curse.
Gozzar will hit them with break enchantment, that fixes the con damage. to skeet.
Have to do some restoration, too, to fix some negative levels.
Skeet examining the doll, there were two effects trapping the dismantling of the doll.
one was a bestow curse, and the other was a negative channel. A high level witch built this, and one with some wizard or sorcerer levels.

0138 What do we do now

Run an augury to see whether breaking into Kay’s room will be advantageous. we get an answer of it would be both good and bad. The doll is still in the room, but dangerous to retrieve? Sunash still wants to go check on Evenie, to see if he can help. The staff all wear similar livery, maybe someone could disguise and go into Kay’s room. Sunash convinces the guard outside our room to take him to go help lady Evenie. Skeet and Gelid are going to disguise and sneak into Kay’s room. Going past the training room, there’s a few guards training, no one they recognize. Open the door to a sitting room, go through to a locked door to her rooms. pick the lock, go through the next room, and find another locked door, this one is trapped. Gelid disables the trap. starts picking the lock, and fails to open it. tries again, breaks a pick. one more time, gets it open, finally. swanky bedroom. Feeling a super foreboding feeling from one corner of the room. As they go to the foot of the bed, to go for the chest, a huge black-skinned… thing. steps out of the corner. it’s 9’ tall, and has 4 arms. skeet thinks it’s a slimy demodand, but those should have wings, not 4 arms. It’s got nasty bite, is chaotic evil. it steps up, tries to swing, and can’t touch them, because of the protection from evil that Sunash cast. Gelid pulls the chest out from under the bed, it’s walnut, with platinum hardware. It’s a high quality lock, marked with Asmodeus’ holy symbol. The demodand realizes that it can’t get at them, so it pops out. disable the traps, and pop the lock. Hmm, the lock was easier than it should have been. reflex save time. biff, and a whole bunch of electrical and unholy damage. Everyone takes some damage. Pull out the purse, the doll is inside. Bonk climbs back up the balcony, to return the chest.
Meanwhile, Sunsh is taken to Evenie’s room, she is laying on her front. her wings are laying on the floor next to her. An acolyte is tending to her. Her back has been chemically cauterized. the skin looks discolored, and gray. Her wings couldn’t be restored. the poison prevents restoration and regeneration. She can’t think of why Kay would have attacked her, except for being nuts. Well, of course, she follows Norgorber. Evenie is surprised, disturbed that Sabina would have taken a job. Bonk is just coming back down the rope, as Evenie teleports Sunash, Sabina, and herself to our room. Who has the item? She want’s proof, that Kay attacked Tiffreya. Show her, she gets a pissed look, dimension doors back out. leaves Sabina. Sunash warns Sabina that two unfortunate servants were eaten by a demodand in Kay’s room. He offers to leave before we cause more trouble, Sabina wants us to stay, she thinks it would be unwise to leave while Evenie is acting. Sabina takes us down to the audience room, Sabina pulls rank to get the doors opened. She wants us to talk to the queen. We get into the room, Sabina comes in, the queen enters through a secret door. asks Sabina. Is Evenie doing what I think? And her father was so supportive… We suspected, but couldn’t prove. Her actions this morning, and the creature in her room seal her fate. Her actions against you were not approved by the court, Sunash wants to see Sabina fined for helping Kayltanya. The queen asks what Sunash wants. Sunash asks for the queen to explicitly protect Tiffreya. She will promise that no one from her court or castle wil take any action against her. She’d like us to stop by the next time we’re in Korvosa. Sabina tells us that we should really heed that request. If she’d known how this was going to go, she would have set things up differently.

0137 meeting with the queen in the morning

As we’re waiting to be let into the audience room, we hear Kayltanya yelling at someone, and a woman screaming. We run to the door, which has been opened by guards running in, and see Kay, trying to cut the wings off of Evenie. One wing is already removed, the other is injured badly. The guards have disarmed Kay, the dagger is a nasty black blade.
Sunash tumbles in, and moves to ask the queen what she wants done. She orders that they be separated, and brought over. Hit her with some spells and hexes, and Kay gets to go again, flips something out of her glove, and tries to go at Eveine again, the knife is coated with black goo. She takes some nasty damage from Skeet’s retribution hex, Skeet taunts her about not doing that again. Bonk quick draws a heavy blanket, and tries to net her in it. He catches her, and bears her to the floor. Sunash steps up and casts breath of life on Eveine.
Skeet comes in with a healing hex Pait fails a grapple to help Bonk. Sabina walks up, takes out a cord, loops it around Kay’s neck and pulls. The queen again demands Kay stop fighting. Bonk’s bearhug, and Sabina’s Garrote convince her to listen, They get her on her feet and walk her to the queen. She spits at Evenie as she gets up.
The queen thanks Bonk for his help. “you’ve learned nothing…” Q to Kay. Sabina will take Kay out of the castle for 24 hours, with guards. Sabina snaps barbed manacles on Kay, and leads her out. Sunash casts delay poison on Evenie. The knives have some really debilitating posion, saps strength. Both daggers are venom injecting daggers. Sunash asks about Korvosa’s CCW laws. Yes, the court has some strict rules about carrying weapons. She’d like to reschedule our meeting, thanks us for our help.
Head back to our inn, contact Glorio to give him a heads up. ‘hmm, she had been quite well behaved the last few weeks" Kay’s family had been the only supporter of the king on a very contentious decision. Her dad had a bad temper, but learned to control it. Bonk and Pait try to get info from guards at the pub. Kay was in a pissy mood, and Evenie interrupted her. Eve ran when Kay drew the knife, Kay caught her and cut the wing off in one blow. The doll is still located in her room.

0136 The morning after the encounter with Kayltanya

We are summoned from the room we were staying in, to come down for a meal. We meet Lord Glorio on our way. He pulls us off to a side room, seals off the room with a wall of force scroll to close the door. He’s going to offer some extra leverage, since he’s had some disagreements with her family. her family isn’t very loyal to Asmo, Kel and Decabbra are aligned to a different deity (norgorber) Her family is not at all followers of him. An attendant of the queen following Norgorber would be a bad hit for her family. Decabbra and Verasia are Erinyes, Verasia is an Erinye in good standing. How has an Erinye come to work for a servant of Norgorber. We will have to discredit Kel to release Decabbra from her. Glorio thinks the queen has an affection for Kel, that she’s been trying to guide her to Asmo’s straight and narrow. If we can convince the queen that Kel is not going to come around, we can act without reprisals from the court.

0135 Meeting with the Queen

We can get an audience with the queen in front of the court the afternoon that everyone gets back from Magnimar. We walk up the main ramp, the doors are pretty fancy. We get in a ways, and have to turn over weapons in a secure room. Pait’s liquid blade backup get’s through. The doors to the audience room open, we head in, and 3 merchants head out, collect gear and leave. The throne room only has 1 throne. upholstered in red velvet. tapestries that are monochrome red. There is a huge fireplace shaped like a tree carved into the wall, reaches up to the ceiling, 20 ft up. There are a pack of guards, and all 4 of the queen’s ladies. Kaltayna has a red drawstring purse hanging from her arm. There’s an item in it, can’t tell if it’s a doll. We are introduced, she looks at Pait and Bonk first, since she saw us fight in the pit.
Gelid talks the queen into letting us stay in the castle. Sunash is going to go source a copy of the Tiffreya doll. We are taken upstairs, and given a room near the library Kayltanya’s rooms are one level up, and directly above the room we’ve been given. It was late in the day when we met the queen, so we’re brought food soon after getting to our room. Gozzar is going to go look in the library for Kayltanya’s heraldry. Also check for secret doors. In the library, finds a secret compartment after disabling the trap, open a 2ft square door, the space inside is 3×4 ft packed with scroll cases, some are as long as the cubby. Look through, finds a map of the castle top floor. We start reconing Kayltanya with the crystal ball, in prep for a possible grab and replace of the doll. She and Decabera are walking along the first floor and talking, then go up the stairs to the 4th floor. Decabera leaves, heads down stairs. Her dressmaid comes in, they say something, Kay goes to the training gym to practice before bed. She’s dual-wielding rapiers. Quick, have Pait and Bonk go up to practice, and run into her up there. The guard asks what we’re up to, we tell him that we’re going to go spar. asks the lieutenant, ok’s it. Sunash and Skeet are coming up too. Pait wins the rock-paper-scissors with Bonk, and gets to fight first. All the practice stuff is MW, none magical. Kay wins inititive. She hits Pait, not holding much back, smirking. Pait misses the sword thrusts, connects with the shield. She wipes the blood off her lip with a sleeve, not smiling anymore. She crits against Pait. Pait misses his next attacks, she’s dodging well. She’s moving like she’s a fighter/rogue She has an armor class of 33, most of it from dex, she can make 4 attacks per round. She mangles Pait, Sunash steps in to heal both of us. Pait makes another shield bash on her. She misses her 4. Pait hits her with the shield again. She’s pissed. She casts true strike. She makes 2 crits. Annnnd, Cliffhanger.
Pait is clever, and disengages before she hits him more. Keltayna does NOT want Skeet to help her with anything, threatens her with the sword when she tries to offer assistance. She maybe doesn’t want the witch to be close enough to let anyone get a “sample”. Bonk makes like a clumsy orc, and gets in her way as she is walking as far around us as she can get. He offers her a GG ale coupon. She cuts the coupon in half, “step away from me” She returns the sword, then casts a dimension door. Lady Decabera was watching, and ready to act as back up for Kel, she dimension doored as soon as she noticed Pait had seen her. Gelid was watching Kel, she DD’d back to her rooms, and put the bag with the doll into a lockbox under her bed. Decabera DD’d in shortly after Kel got there, helped her undress, and treat wounds. Decabera is the first person she’s let touch her. Decabera used some healing spells. Gelid thought he saw black wings for a second on Decabera. Gelid is going to hire some goons to watch over Skeet as she’s getting a tutorial on making voodoo dolls. After watching Keltayna, and the other ladies. He’s thought he noticed black wings a couple times on Evinie and Verasia, not Dominia. Watching Keltayna, She and Decabera plane-shift out of her room Skeet left some greater teleport scrolls with us, lets make a raid. Everyone get ready to go. Sunash thinks that it’s a trap, maybe we shouldn’t head in… Gozzar has found out that Keltayna has resisted worshiping Asmodeus, they are very powerful. The father is hot-tempered, but politically savvy. THey are 2nd family in Korvosa. They align often with the queen. As we’re trying to decide what to do, Skeet comes back with a reay-to-activate doll. Skeet has blindness/deafness… and hideous laughter.

0134 Pait's trip to the castle

Pait enters through the service gate, the guards are impressed, Sabina doesn’t invite many to practice. Brought to the first above ground level, into a store room/extra food prep. through another kitchen room, into a spiral stair, big enough for 2 to walk up comfortably. up to the top level. there are more stairs up to a tower. these seem to be a main route for staff. Led into a large glass-roofed room, guards training up here with Sabina. The walls are lined with arms and armor. She is in street clothes, going to go get geared up, to the north east. Comes back in red studded leather, with a rapier. Do some fencing. She is quite good at fencing, lots of specialization, lots of fighter levels. She can give us advise, Keayleyana is hot-tempered, Decabera is the dangerous one, she carries out the business. One other thing. Keltayna is a red mantis, and quite skilled with weapons other than her sabre. Sabina learned Pait’s style with the rapier and buckler, she’s been careful not to injure him, As Pait and Sabina finish, “Attenn-Tion!” a number of people come in, including a woman in red silks, and wearing a distinctive headpiece and circlet. Very red hair, 4 women following, and 5 guards. the women directly flanking her seem to match the description of Keltayna and Decabera Speak to the queen briefly, she needs Sabina to go with her. Keltanya shoots Pait a nasty glare as she leaves with the queen. Pait spends part of the rest of the day training with the other castle guards, learning their methods and tactics. Get some names, hand out some coupons,

0132-0133 Collecting on some Favors
Gelid using his "charms" again

Now that Gelid’s girl is out of debt (to others)
he can start to ask her about personalities in the castle, and the doll.
The lady that is the nicest of the L-I-W is her mistress, Verasia (they are all nice to the staff)
Evine is nice to her people, she isn’t playing cruel politics.
Dekabra, and Keltiana are the dangerous ones.
Kayltanya is good with a blade, and politics, barely a "lady"
Decabbara is just cruel
Kayltanya is the queen bee of the group.
Gelid tells Shauna that he’s looking for a stolen family heirloom, that has made it’s way to the castle. He asks her to keep and eye out for it, or someone who might have inadvertently bought stolen property.
She hasn’t seen it, but will begin looking, and will tell the other staff to watch.
He tells her that he’ll pay 500gp for info.
She’ll definitely have the staff look for it.
Bonk and Pait do some partying,
The guards who watch the service entrance might know the schedules of the power players.
Lady Verasia and Evenie have been in and out of the castle a lot, they’ve been out for the last two days, on an errand.
They know that Kayltanya is in charge of the pack, she’s not a tipper, has some warrior tendancies. She was in a incident 3 weeks ago where a guard lost 3 fingers from his right hand, for brushing against her cloak. we get that guard’s name, and now He’s ‘Lefty’
Sunash can fix that with regeneration.
we also get some shift schedule info, and how likely we can get by the different guards.
Next day mid-late afternoon, shauna sends a message to Gelid. Calls him to meet in a tavern.
Gozzar goes with him.
She arrives after them, seems rushed, looks around, finds Gelid.
She has info, but is worried for the person who gave her the info.
She heard a dress maid saw it with Kaltanya, and was beaten for it.
Kayltanya has a rep for being hard on staff, and holding grudges.
takes offense at the smallest slight. the last dressmaid was scarred on each cheek for damage to Kayltanya’s dress that was no fault of her own.
He will help out the maid, since she seems to be in trouble.
What does she know of Kayltanya?
She’s from Cheliax originally, second daughter to one of the highest nobles in Korvosa, Waidon Endrin. Her father is worse than her, so she had no choice about coming to korvosa.
He is very high up in Korvosan nobility. It’s rumored that they are descended from devils.
Never seen her show any magic abilities.
Kay goes down to the dungeon and spars with th guards there every day.
The only one that Kay shows deference to is the Queen. And that is gudging at times.
The queen has a fondness for Red, particularly red silk.
it’s unusual for her to not be wearing read.
She will buy all the red cloth she can.
The best way to get to the queen as a merchant selling silk.
Her schedule has opened up, so she’s got time to meet.
Gelid is going to buy 2 bolts of the absolute finest red silk, and present it to the queen, and explain that he has a religious duty to seek revenge against Kay, and has no interest in the court, and that he will try to work with courtesy with the court.
We’d like to do this quiet-like, and we’d consider the matter done if we could get the doll.
We will not be doing anything against the crown.
This could be used by the queen for diplomatic gain, since we are agents of Magnimar, and Kayltanya has potentially screwed up relations.


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